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Whorlton Hall: Hospital abuse missed despite at least 100 official visits

Inspectors, council staff and NHS officials went in twice week on average in the year before Panorama expose.
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Care minister Caroline Dinenage 'deeply sorry' over hospital abuse

Caroline Dinenage MP calls treatment of vulnerable patients in NHS-funded hospital "appalling".
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Colluding drug firms 'cost the NHS millions of pounds'

The competition regulator says that four drugs firms forced the price of an anti-nausea tablet up by 700%.
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Brexit in Berlin: These British Expats Weigh in on the Effects of Britain Leaving the EU

photos: Andrea Lavezzaro.  One thing we can easily agree on: Brexit fucking sucks. The idea to separate from a union like the EU in times of global uncertainty is just… well: a bad one! Especially considering the way it went. Of all the things that have gone wrong in the EU, this is certainly the most tragic one to date. We are still not sure if anything is going to happen. With all the delays it feels like a bit of an irony that Brits can vote for European Parlament this week, not even sure i...
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NHS warning: Drivers wearing lanyards 'risk injury'

NHS staff are warned after a worker's bowel was perforated by keys attached to lanyard in a crash.
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Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio switches from AM to FM

Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio has been granted an FM licence and will start broadcasting on 87.7 this week. The volunteer station has been using 1575AM since gaining a temporary AM broadcasting licence from the Radio Authority in 1997. It will switch to FM at 2pm on 24th May. Simon Daniels, Chairman and Station Engineer said: “This is a major change to SMHR and we, the team of volunteers are absolutely delighted to have been granted the new FM frequency home. With the fantastic help of the ...
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Patients' concerns highlighted in NHS Tayside mental health inquiry report

Patient restraint and illegal drugs on wards are highlighted in the report into NHS Tayside services.
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NHS can beat sepsis, says quadruple amputee

Sepsis survivor Tom Ray wants better awareness and faster diagnosis of the potentially deadly disease.
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Why your life expectancy is much longer than you think

W hen we die is a matter of some personal concern. Ideally it won’t happen tomorrow, but it’s on the cards – particularly the card featuring the bony fella with the sharp gardening implement. In the meantime, our life expectancy matters because life is not cheap. If you’re going to live off your portfolio it needs to be large enough to cover you and your loved ones against the most ironic investing risk of all – longevity risk. Longevity risk for individuals is the danger that you hit the vita...
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When survival is a popularity contest: the heartbreak of crowdfunding healthcare

A growing number of Britons are turning to online fundraising for essential treatment in a desperate, ‘Dickensian’ attempt to get around NHS shortfalls. But does it work?Heather Bellamy’s March appointment at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in King’s Lynn didn’t go well. She had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia five years before, in December 2014; now, her doctor explained gently, she had run out of options on the NHS. Bellamy, 48, would be starting a chemotherapy drug called azacitidine ...
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'Some days I wake up inconsolable': Tessa Jowell's daughter on the first anniversary of her mum's death

It’s barely 9am in the café, she’s not even ordered the quota of one coffee she’s allowed a day, and Jess Mills is, freely and fully, discussing the death of her mother and getting through a year of grief. “Bereavement and loss have become a defining part of my life in the past couple of years,” the daughter of the late Baroness Tessa Jowell begins quietly. “Grief is not something that just happens as a single event in your life. It’s actually more the acquisition of a new relationship that you ...
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NHS 'should not prescribe acne drug'

Patients unable to have sex are calling for the NHS to stop prescribing acne drug Roaccutane.
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NHS 'should not prescribe acne drug'

Patients unable to have sex are calling for the NHS to stop prescribing acne drug Roaccutane.
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Calls for bowel cancer screening to be introduced earlier amid rise in cases in under 50s

Medics are calling for bowel cancer screening to be introduced at the age of 45 after a sharp rise in younger people being diagnosed with the disease. Research has found that while incidence of the disease is falling among older age groups -  who are asked to undergo NHS checks every two years - it is increasing among those below the age of 50. The study of 21 western countries, published by the Lancet, found that in the UK, rates of the disease are rising by 1.8 per cent a year among those unde...
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NHS IT blunder leaves 'a million' at risk of lethal meningitis strain

More than a million people could be at risk from a deadly strain of meningitis due to an NHS IT blunder, it has emerged. A system designed to alert GPs when a patient should be invited for a vaccination was not switched on for years due to fears of “alert fatigue”. It was introduced to help with the distribution of the vaccine MenACWY to the rise of lethal meningococcal meningitis (MenW). But its failure to activate is believed to have caused the death of young people, the Meningitis Research Fo...
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Daimler and BMW-backed Kapten rides into London with anti-Uber ad campaign

Kapten, the French ride-hailing app backed by Daimler and BMW, has today launched in London, coupled with a feisty ad campaign taking a swipe at Uber’s tax arrangements. It follows Kapten (formerly called “Chauffeur Prive”) obtaining a license from TfL, London’s transport regulator, to operate its private-hire vehicle (PHV) service in the U.K. capital city. The company first launched in France in 2012, growing quickly in Paris, and has since expanded to Lisbon and Geneva. Specifically, Kapten’s ...
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NHS England, Biogen reach deal on pricey drug for deadly disorder

NHS England said it reached a "managed access agreement" with Biogen under which it will fund treatment for a limited time and collect data on the drug's effectiveness. NHS England did not disclose the price it will pay for the drug. The rejection came despite a lower British price tag of 450,000 pounds ($573,000) for the first year and Biogen offering an undisclosed discount to the National Health Service.
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ScotRail staff to get mental health first aid training

The NHS-accredited training will help ScotRail employees identify people who may need help and guide them towards support services.
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Heart disease deaths in under 75's going up for the first time in 50 years

Deaths from heart disease among under-75s are on the rise for the first time in 50 years, figures reveal. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity are all playing a role in driving up deaths among younger people, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) said. A new report from the charity said the historic pace of progress in reducing deaths "has slowed to a near standstill", with heart and circulatory disease deaths in people under 75 now on the rise. Millions of people are also li...
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Brain cancer 'pink drink' campaigned for by Tessa Jowell rolled out on NHS in memory of Labour peer

A fluorescent “dye” which helps doctors target brain tumours is being rolled out across the NHS in memory of Tessa Jowell, the Health and Social Care Secretary has announced. Around 2,000 brain cancer patients a year stand to benefit from the “pink drink” solution, which the Labour peer described as the “gold standard” of treatment. The 5-ALA dye makes cancerous cells glow under UltraViolet light, enabling surgeons accurately to target diseased areas. Trials indicate that the whole tumour can be...
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NHS staff shortage: How many doctors and nurses come from abroad?

Could the NHS endanger health services in poorer countries by recruiting overseas?
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The Papers: Tory support 'collapses', and NHS payouts double

Monday's papers feature a number of stories about the troubles facing Theresa May and the Tories.
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Number of public sector pensioners on £100k trebles in seven years

Critics say it’s unfair on younger workers who must fund such generous payouts as well as paying more for their own retirementThe number of people in the public sector’s largest pension schemes retiring on incomes of more than £100,000 has more than tripled in the past seven years, according to figures obtained by a charity promoting intergenerational fairness.Pensions schemes covering the NHS, the civil service and the teaching profession were paying six-figure incomes last year to 375 retirees...
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Nvidia, King's College train robot overlords to spot oddities on radiology scans

It's X-ray men: Rise of the machines – as units deploy AI for NHS GPU near-monopoly Nvidia will be working alongside King's College London to put machine learning algorithms to work on NHS datasets.…
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Scottish papers: Freddie Starr 'found dead' and NHS 'bullying'

Reports that comedian Freddie Starr was found dead in his apartment and NHS bullying claims make the front pages.
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NHS Wales' doctor shortage 'risk to children's health'

Dozens of paediatricians are needed to deliver the right level of care, a doctors' body says.
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NHS accused of 'losing its grip'on cancer screening as checks fall

The NHS is losing its grip on its cancer screening programmes and has allowed failings to go undetected for more than half a decade, watchdogs have warned. The Public Accounts Committee accused health officials over presiding over “woeful” failings which have seen takeup of some checks reach a 21-year-low. Their report found that none of the four main programmes - for bowel, breast and cervical cancers, and abdominal aortic aneurism - is meeting their targets. MPs warned that millions of patient...
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More patients 'forced to travel hours'

NHS figures show 3,155 mental health patients were placed more than 100km from home for treatment.
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Mental health patients increasingly sent 'hundreds of miles' for care

NHS figures show 3,155 mental health patients were placed more than 100km from home for treatment.
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More mental health patients sent 'hundreds of miles' for care

NHS figures show 3,155 mental health patients were placed more than 100km from home for treatment.
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