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Leopoldo Aguilar to Direct Animated Feature ‘Bem & I’ (EXCLUSIVE)

The director of the Quirino Awards-nominated “Cranston Academy: Monster Zone,” Mexico’s Leopoldo Aguilar, will direct “Bem & I.” It will be produced by Mexico’s Espíritu Santo Cine and Pēek Paax animation studio, both of whom backed this year’s Quirino best feature winner, “A Costume for Nicholas.” Mexico’s Espíritu Santo is a recently-founded company devoted to […]
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Hoppe’s Shooters Score Big Wins at USPSA 2 Gun Nationals

Hoppe’s Shooters Score Big Wins at USPSA 2 Gun Nationals U.S.A. –-( Hoppe’s, the No. 1 name in gun care products, congratulates sponsored shooters Todd Jarrett and Nicholas Realuyo on bringing home top wins at the recent USPSA 2 Gun PCC and Pistol MultiGun Nationals, held June 4-6 in Talladega, Alabama. In the inaugural match, Jarrett finished second Overall in the Open Division while fellow teammate Realuyo was named Top Junior. Throughout the three-day match, more than 200 sho...
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Hoppe’s Shooters Score Big Wins at USPSA 2 Gun Nationals

Jarrett Realuyo 2-Gun Nationals 2021. IMG Hoppes U.S.A. -( Hoppe’s, the No. 1 name in gun care products, congratulates sponsored shooters Todd Jarrett and Nicholas Realuyo on bringing home the top win at the recent USPSA 2 Gun PCC and Pistol MultiGun Nationals, held June 4-6 in Talladega, Alabama. In the inaugural match, Jarrett finished second Overall in the Open Division while fellow teammate Realuyo was named Top Junior. Throughout the three-day match, more than 200 shooters t...
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9 heiße Bücher, die du am besten alleine im Schlafzimmer liest

Vor einigen Jahren war gefühlt die ganze Welt von einem literarischen Phänomen besessen. Ich sah reihenweise Mütter im Freibad, die auf ihren Sonnenliegen rumhingen und in dem Buch blätterten, während ihre Kinder im Wasser plantschten. Ich sah, wie manche Leute im Zug oder Bus das Buch hinter anderen Büchern versteckten. Ich selbst lieh mir das Buch in der Bibliothek aus und las es während der Einführungswoche im Studium. Lass mich eins gleich mal klarstellen: Das Buch, von dem ich rede, war we...
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‘A Costume for Nicholas,’ ‘Petit’ Top 4th Quirino Awards

Eduardo Rivero’s debut feature “A Costume for Nicholas,” Bernardita Ojeda’s “Petit Season Two” and Alberto Vázquez’s “Homeless Home” won big at Saturday’s 4th Quirino Awards, which prize animated films and series from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Winners picked up their plaudits at a on-site ceremony held at La Laguna in Spain’s Canary islands. “A […]
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The 18 best romance books to read this summer, according to Goodreads

The perfect beach read is either a or a fun, flirty romance book. Below, you'll find the 18 best romance books of 2020, . Want more reads? Check out our roundup of the best romance books to read in 2021. It's a truth universally acknowledged that the best summer read is either a or a steamy romance novel. And the latter may be preferred for a summer the internet has already christened "hot vaxx summer". If you've spent the last year in isolation watching or reading sexy period ...
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Beethoven & The Heartbreak Kid Star Charles Grodin Dead at 86

(Photo by Kim Kulish/Corbis via Getty Images) Charles Grodin has passed away at the age of 86. Best known for starring in popular films and his comedic acting chops, Grodin starred in The Heartbreak Kid, Beethoven, and Midnight Run during his acting career. His family stated that the cause of death was due to bone marrow cancer and that he passed away in his home in Wilton, Connecticut. Grodin leaves behind two children, a daughter named Marion from his first marriage to Julie Ferguson and a so...
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Charles Grodin, star of ‘Midnight Run’ and ‘Beethoven,’ dies at 86

By Jake Coyle | Associated Press Charles Grodin, the droll, offbeat actor and writer who scored as a caddish newlywed in “The Heartbreak Kid” and later had roles ranging from Robert De Niro’s counterpart in the comic thriller “Midnight Run” to the bedeviled father in the “Beethoven” comedies, has died. He was 86. Grodin died Tuesday at him in Wilton, Connecticut, from bone marrow cancer, his son, Nicholas Grodin, said. Known for his dead-pan style and everyday looks, Grodin also appeared in “Dav...
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Wheelgun Wednesday: Mandatory Montenegrin Gasser Revolvers

Carry iron or be clapped in irons As Crown Prince (and later, King) of Montenegro, Nikola Petrović, or Nicholas I, saw quite a bit of the use of arms in the expansion of his kingdom and furtherance of his rule.  He led the 1862 and 1876 campaigns against the Turks.  These campaigns ultimately resulted in […] Read More … The post Wheelgun Wednesday: Mandatory Montenegrin Gasser Revolvers appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern Will Star in ‘The Son’ from ‘The Father’ Director Florian Zeller

Florian Zeller‘s drama The Father had a surprising presence in the 2021 Oscar nominations, and the film also just walked away with a couple BAFTAs across the pond. Now the filmmaker is lining up his follow-up with an adaptation of his stage play The Son, and Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern will be taking lead roles in the family drama. Variety has word on Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern leading The Son movie cast. Just like The Father, the screenplay will be adapted from the stage play that Florian Z...
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Hugh Jackman & Laura Dern to Star in Florian Zeller’s Drama The Son

Hugh Jackman & Laura Dern to star in Florian Zeller’s drama The Son Coming off from the critical success of Sony Pictures Classics’ The Father, director Florian Zeller is officially setting up his follow-up project with a new film adaptation of another one of his acclaimed stage plays titled The Son. Golden Globe winner Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables) and Oscar winner Laura Dern (Marriage Story) have signed on for the leading roles in the family drama. The project also hails from the award-win...
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Loomis Wildlife Rescue Helps Rehabilitate Hundreds Of Orphaned Fawns Each Year

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Adverse Review: a Solid Michael Mann-esque Crime Drama

Rating: 7/10 Cast: Thomas Ian Nicholas … Ethan (as Thomas Nicholas) Mickey Rourke … Kaden Penelope Ann Miller … Nicole Lou Diamond Phillips … Dr. Cruz Sean Astin … Frankie Kelly Arjen … Mia Matt Ryan … Jake Andrew Keegan … Jan Written and directed by Brian Metcalf Low-budget thrillers carry a certain charm. Sure, the technical aspects may not be up to par with most modern-day productions; and, yeah, the acting never rises beyond B-movie standards, but such traits only add to the flavor. If an...
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Daily Podcast: WB’s 2022 Plans, Killers of the Flower Moon, Columbia Pictures Water Park, and More

On the April 8, 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to discuss the latest film and TV news, including a Columbia Pictures water park, Saw 10 , WB ’s 2022 plans, the new Sony/Netflix deal, Spielberg ’s next movie, Park Chan-wook ’s new TV show, and Killers of the Flower Moon . Opening Banter :    In The News : HT: A Columbia Pictures Water Theme Park is Coming to Thailand with Rides ...
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It pays to be tolerant: Dutch national identity

The roots of Dutch tolerance run deep. Perhaps its sources are to be found in centuries old Calvinist prescriptions, according to which everyone has the right to interpret the Bible in their own way.Or maybe in the economy, since international trade necessitated respect for others."According to our report, there is no such thing as Dutch national identity," announced Máxima, Queen of the Netherlands, in 2007, which delighted some, outraged others, and left others still unimpressed. This expert r...
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Tesla now accepts Bitcoin as payment for cars, Elon Musk says

By Katrina Nicholas | Bloomberg Having stunned the market with its audacious bet on Bitcoin earlier this year, Tesla Inc. will now start accepting the world’s largest electronic currency as payment for its electric cars. Stay on top of the electric car revolution; sign up to our Hyperdrive newsletter here Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Wednesday tweeted that “you can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin” and that paying by Bitcoin will also be available to customers outside the U.S. later this yea...
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'I couldn't help anybody': Colorado witnesses describe terror as shots rang out

Store customers describe heartache of not being able to help some of the victimsReport: 10 killed, including police officer, at Boulder supermarketShoppers and staff have described their terror as they fled for their lives when a gunman opened fire in a Colorado supermarket.Sarah Moonshadow, 42, a customer and resident of Boulder, was in the store with her son, Nicholas, on Monday and recounted scenes of pandemonium as gunfire rang out. Continue reading...
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Quirino Awards Frontrunners Include ‘Nahuel,’ ‘Nicholas,’ ‘Elvis Riboldi’ & ’Petit’

“Nahuel and the Magic Book” and “A Costume for Nicholas” and TV shows “Petit Season 2” and “I, Elvis Riboldi,” are nominated for the 4th Quirino Ibero-American Animation Awards. The Awards will be held in the Spanish Canary Island city of La Laguna, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife over May 27-29. Targeting family audiences, German […]
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Guam delivered on its promise to gift Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene cookies after she falsely said the territory is a foreign country

U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) addresses a news conference on Capitol Hill on February 5, 2021. Sarah Silbiger/Reuters Guan representatives delivered on a promise to gift Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene cookies. They promised to give her cookies after she seemed to not know Guam was a US territory last month. Guam's governor also offered to send her educational resources about the US territory. See more stories on Insider's business page. Guam Rep. Michael San Nic...
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March 9 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

BEGIN SLIDESHOW March 9 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases Welcome to’s March 9 Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD column! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed write-ups of different titles below! Click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon!  if (typeof readAdmiralCookie === "function"){ admiral_status = readAdmiralCookie(); } if (typeof getAdmiral === "function"){ admiral_status = getAdmiral("adm...
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Exclusive Adverse Clip Starring Sean Astin & Thomas Nicholas in the New Crime Thriller

Exclusive Adverse Clip Starring Sean Astin & Thomas Nicholas in the New Crime Thriller has an exclusive clip from the upcoming crime thriller Adverse, featuring Oscar nominee Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Thomas Nicholas (Red Band Society). In the clip, Nicholas’ character Ethan demands money from Astin’s Frankie. Ethan then goes in search of a man named Dante, played by Brian A. Metcalf, to get answers about his sister, Mia’s, whereabouts. You can check out th...
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CS Score Interviews Coming 2 America Composer Jermaine Stegall!

CS Score Interviews Coming 2 America Composer Jermaine Stegall! Ayo, film score junkies! We’ve got some cool soundtracks coming out this month, including Tom Holkenborg’s scores for Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Godzilla vs. Kong, Henry Jackman’s score for Falcon and the Winter Soldier and James Newton Howard’s score for Raya and the Last Dragon. We’ll hit those later this month, but today we’ve got a great treat as CS Score was able to sit down and talk to composer Jermaine Stegall about...
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14 Nonfiction Books to Read in March

March is a big book month, which means I’ve spotted many, many more great books than I can possibly read in a timely manner. Just because I can’t get to everything, doesn’t mean you can’t. Here are 14 nonfiction titles that made it to my wish list. So far, I’ve read only one, but I hope to get to most of them—if not this month, then certainly before too long. Notes: All the following books are coming out this month, according to Edelweiss+. I’ve provided audiobook information when possible. A...
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Adrian Politowski’s L.A.-Based Align Joins ‘Little Nicholas’ as Co-Financier (EXCLUSIVE)

Adrian Politowski’s Align, the L.A. based production and finance company, has come on board to co-finance “Little Nicholas,” a hand-drawn animated feature directed by Amandine Fredon and Benjamin Massoubre. The feature is being produced by Aton Soumache at ON Kids & Family (“The Little Prince”), a Mediawan Group company, and Lilian Eche and Christel Henon […]
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Update on the John MacArthur Went to Memphis the Night of Martin Luther King, Jr’s Murder Story

Recently, Grace to You Executive Director Phil Johnson publicly questioned John MacArthur’s account of his whereabouts and activities on the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered. In the past, Johnson has sharply criticized others, including me, for doing this. Since at least 2007, John MacArthur has claimed that he traveled to Memphis, TN with Charles Evers and John Perkins on the night Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. He said he stood where James Earl Ray shot the fatal bullet. C...
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Father and son from Southern California must pay millions for national drug rehab fraud, judge says

A father-son team must pay $26.7 million in restitution, and do time in federal prison, for fraudulently signing up addicts for health insurance and getting kickbacks from treatment centers in California. Jeffrey White played the dominant role creating the scam, leading his son Nicholas White into a scheme that used fake addresses to buy policies for clients in states where they didn’t actually live, but where Obamacare health care exchanges offered the most generous reimbursements for addiction...
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Comment on morning glory breakfast cake by Nicholas

I made this cake tonight for breakfast tomorrow and I’ve already eaten 1/4 of it! It’s so good–the ideal comfort food to enjoy while snowed in here in Chicago. I made it as written, but baked it an extra ten minutes because the batter seemed really wet. It turned out perfectly. The sides are deeply bronzed and a little crunchy. The pepitas are the secret ingredient. Mine weren’t salted, so I mixed in a little kosher salt before sprinkling them on top. The salt highlighted all the wonderful flavo...
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Ronny Rios has a weighty win, Jo Jo Diaz suffers a draw at Fantasy Springs

It was a pop quiz. Ronny Rios spent 12 rounds popping Oscar Negrete, from hairline to beltline. When it was over and his hand was raised in the middle of the ring at Fantasy Springs Resort, Rios said he would only give himself a C. He did say he’s looking forward to finals. Rios continued to thrive in his personal Chapter 2.  He lost only one of a possible 30 rounds on the judges’ cards, and he threw and landed more punches than the hyperactive Negrete did. It was Rios’ fourth consecutive victor...
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Short Film: State Zero

This is a short sci-fi/horror from director Andree Wallin, released in 2015 and coming in at just under 17 minutes. The short takes many of its cues from I am Legend (the film not the novel) and it is one where the vampirism is, by design, not obvious. So why go down that line – because the IMDb credits list a character as “Vamp”. However the opening starts with some science chicanery as a man (Aaron Vodovoz) comes around, strapped to a chair, air-tubes in his nose. A woman (Kayla Meikle) shows...
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The Rimfire Report: FX Airguns Pocket Chronograph

Welcome to a guest-written edition of The Rimfire Report. This is Nicholas C. helping out Luke C. Today I will share with you a handy little device that fits in your pocket, range bag or ammo can – the FX Airguns Pocket Chronograph. It is like a pocket LabRadar. A Pocket Chronograph In The Palm […] Read More … The post The Rimfire Report: FX Airguns Pocket Chronograph appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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