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Best CBD products for travelers

Cannabidiol, or CBD , is said to relax your body, ease stress, and reduce inflammation and aches. All of which are problems that come up while traveling. So you have to ask, is it worth it to have some travel-ready CBD when you’re on the road? The answer is yes — if you know what to get. While CBD isn’t legal in every state, it can be found in shops or shipped to the vast majority of homes in the US. There are some dud brands out there, however, thanks to CBD’s sheer popularity and lack of reg...
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Amsterdam's beer and shot tradition

The beer and a shot , also known as a boilermaker, is a classic dive bar order in bars around the US. It’s straight and to the point: one part beer (usually cheap lager) and one part spirit (usually whiskey, but the options are endless). It’s such a natural combination that it’d be hard to say someone “invented” it. It’s more than likely the combo just came about naturally — but there’s a good chance it came about first in the Netherlands. The bar De Drie Fleschjes (“The Three Little Bottles”)...
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How to do Amsterdam like a local

Amsterdam is a city with a tourism problem. Fewer than one million people live there, and nearly 20 million are expected to visit by the end of 2018. That number only seems to be going up, and despite the money it brings in, locals are getting sick of the neverending flood of people from the UK, the US, and elsewhere. It’s easy to understand why: Amsterdam is often treated like an adult Disneyland with plenty of legal weed, drinking, and prostitution. Overindulgence isn’t the real Amsterdam, ...
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