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Abraham puts Roma in Italian Cup quarters after Lecce scare

Milan (AFP) – Tammy Abraham put Roma into an Italian Cup quarter-final with Inter Milan on Thursday, pulling his team out of the mire against second-tier Lecce with the crucial goal and assist in a 3-1 win. England international Abraham put Roma ahead in the 54th minute with a smart turn and low drive which calmed nerves among the smattering of home fans at the Stadio Olimpico, who had already suffered some humbling defeats this season. They had watched their team go behind to Lecce in the 14th...
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The 18 best movies on Hulu that you can stream right now, from 'Nomadland' to 'Deadpool'

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Hulu offers a growing collection of movies to stream.Hulu; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Hulu features a growing collection of movies spanning all genres, including some original films. Standout titles include "Nomadland" which won best picture at the 2021 Oscars. Hulu costs $7 a month for ad-supported streaming, or $13 a month for ad-free streaming. Hulu...
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Everything We Know About The A Quiet Place Spin-Off So Far

The John Krasinski-directed "A Quiet Place" was one of the rare original mid-budget films to hit it big at the box office in the past five years. It was also a captivating director-driven genre movie in which Krasinski used its setting — a world where the planet has been overrun by blind alien creatures that are extremely sensitive to sound — as a springboard for telling a personal story about parents and their relationship with their children. "A Quiet Place Part II," which Krasinski also helme...
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The 15 Best Set Pieces In Brian De Palma Films

Brian De Palma is the undisputed king of the cinematic set piece. He's a technical genius when it comes to filmmaking, and while he's not maintained the consistency of some of his contemporaries, he has proven to be an important influence on later directors including Quentin Tarantino, Terrence Malick, and Noah Baumbach among others. He also has an innate sense of cinematic storytelling, using his technical ability to communicate meaning through the use of creative camerawork and editing.Where D...
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Under The Radar: The Most Underrated Movies, Performances, And Moments Of 2021

(Welcome to Under the Radar, a new column where we spotlight specific movies, shows, trends, performances, or scenes that caught our eye and deserved more attention ... but otherwise flew under the radar. In this edition: a round-up of 2021 as a whole.)Can we talk about how we talk about entertainment for a second?For as long as I'm paid to write about pop culture on the internet, I can promise that you'll never see me describe anything as "overrated." Not only does anyone using it usually come ...
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/Film's Top 10 Movies Of 2021

A year isn't truly over until you've turned in your top 10 list. At least, that's the rule at /Film. And now, we can close the book on 2021.Last week, the /Film editorial staff published their personal top 10 favorite movies of 2021 lists, showcasing what left them bowled over from the year in cinema. And today, after some number-crunching and basic math, those lists have been merged to create an overall top 10 list for the entire site. One list to rule them all, really. Some personal favorites ...
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The Two Nicolas Cages: A Case Study In How To Properly Utilize One Of Our Best Actors

The "memeification" of Nicolas Cage is a digital age phenomenon. Younger generations watch the Oscar-winning Coppola's catalog as "hilarious" YouTube compilation videos featuring titles like "Deadfall," "The Wicker Man," or "Vampire's Kiss." He's become infamous for his extravagant spending habits (he had to return a $276k dinosaur skull for legal reasons), which drives the online theory that he'll take any role for the right price to pay off castle-sized debts. Audiences demand the unrestrained...
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Ethan Anderton's Top 10 Movies Of 2021

The year 2021 was one of the worst of my adult life. On top of all the fresh hell that the world offered very single day, from insurrection to a pandemic that got worse (again), my incredible dad died unexpectedly at the end of January, and the entire year was filled with my family recovering in the aftermath. But others have had it far worse, and I've been fortunate enough to have at least some reprieve from the passing of 24 frames per second. Films, movies, cinema, whatever you want to call i...
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How Calamari Ended Up On Tatooine In The Book Of Boba Fett: An Investigation

This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of "The Book of Boba Fett."Like any story told in the sprawling "Star Wars" universe, "The Book of Boba Fett" has left us with plenty of intriguing details and questions to ponder. Chief among them remains the fascinating tension at the core of this new spin-off series, particularly when it comes to depicting Boba Fett as the ruthless bounty hunter of the original trilogy versus this new "Man with a code" version who clearly has rules, a cons...
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Ben Pearson's Top 10 Movies Of 2021

Since /Film's Chris Evangelista provided a spectacular summary of 2021 in the intro of his list earlier this week (don't forget to read Hoai-Tran Bui's excellent list, too!), I'll spare you my similar reminiscence about another tumultuous year. I'll keep it simple: Thank God for the movies that surprised, inspired, scared, enlightened, and moved us, the ones that served as much-needed beacons which continue to carry us through a period of incredible darkness and uncertainty.Before we begin, I wa...
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Every Ridley Scott Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Since the late 1970s, Ridley Scott has been a more or less constant figure in cinema. From his early achievements in science fiction to his more recent ventures into epic historical filmmaking, he is a director perpetually on the move, making films at the speed of a man half his age. Despite these accomplishments and the outsized impact he's had on multiple genres, he remains one of the most prominent working filmmakers to have never received a best director award at the Oscars.That isn't to say...
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Why Shang-Chi's Big Bad Was So Difficult To Get Right

Easily one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's best standalone films of all time, Destin Daniel Cretton's "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" introduced Xu Wenwu AKA The Mandarin, a character who has been a long towering figure in Marvel comics. Only this time, it was the real Mandarin.The character has appeared in the MCU before, introduced as the main antagonist of "Iron Man 3." Ben Kingsley played an imposter of the terrorist organization head, a man playing a part (much like he does i...
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Next A Quiet Place Movie Will Be Helmed By Pig Director Michael Sarnoski

According to Deadline, the next installment of "A Quiet Place" is in talks to have a new director, and it's none other than "Pig" filmmaker Michael Sarnoski. The critically acclaimed Nicolas Cage-led drama was the director's first feature, and it seems Paramount has wasted no time snapping him up to helm a major project.At the moment, there aren't many details about the third entry into the "A Quiet Place" franchise, including its title. John Krasinski directed the first two films in the series,...
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The Food That Defined Film In 2021

Another year, another banquet of edible screen arrangements that tell stories through taste, textures, temperature, and anything else a Michelin rated chef examines. I return as your always-hungry film critic with an eye for all the delectable ways writers and directors implement food into their productions. Last year I spoiled myself on Gotham breakfast sandwiches and fried Oily Cakes. Betty Gilpin ate an exquisite grilled cheese. There was a lot to digest.This year, we run the gamut of gastro-...
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Apparently, Andrew Garfield Was Not Hot Enough To Hang Out With Talking Lion

Andrew Garfield just reported a crime. Apparently in the year 2008, when chaos clearly reigned supreme, the then 25-year-old actor was denied the titular role in "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" because — and this may sound insane — he wasn't "handsome enough." Believe it or not, someone looked at a headshot of this future heartthrob and against all odds decided he wasn't hot enough to share the screen with a talking lion or sword-wielding mice. Garfield recently told this tragic tale ...
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Nicolas Cage Says Acting Is Like Mixed Martial Arts, Which Explains A Lot

I would argue that there are few actors more entertaining to watch than Nicolas Cage. Frankly, I don't care what movie he's in or how good or bad it is. Just watching him act is pure joy and weirdness, and I love every second of it. Admit it; if "Superman Lives" starring Cage had actually happened, you would have done anything to watch it, no matter how bizarre it was. His acting style is certainly not typical, and that's why we love him so very much. Cage spoke during THR's annual Actor Roundta...
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Superhero Bits: Kevin Smith's Ben Affleck Superman Movie, The Peacemaker Playlist & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.)In this edition of Superhero Bits:Several new "Peacemaker" featurettesWant to see Denzel Washington in the MCU?Kevin Smith on Ben Affleck as Superman"Doctor Strange" director is still game to return to the MC...
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Chris Evangelista's Top 10 Movies Of 2021

2021 already feels like a broken promise. After the nightmare that was 2020, we could be forgiven for hoping something better was on the horizon. But 2021 was a dumpster fire right out of the gate, kicking off immediately with a violent insurrection that threatened to toss the few remaining tattered shreds of American democracy to the wolves. Vaccines offered a glimmer of promise against a deadly pandemic, but variants emerged, while grifters and selfish ghouls who fancy themselves heroes contin...
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Nicolas Cage and wife are expecting their first child

Nicolas Cage and wife Riko Shibata are expecting their first child together, a spokesperson for the American actor confirmed to CNN Friday.
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Nicolas Cage and wife Riko Shibata are expecting their first child together

Nicolas Cage and wife Riko Shibata are expecting their first child together, a spokesperson for the American actor confirmed to CNN Friday.
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Nicolas Cage, 57, and fifth wife Riko Shibata, 27, expecting first child together – details

Nicolas Cage and his new wife Riko Shibata have confirmed the joyous news that they are...
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Nicolas Cage, wife Riko Shibata expecting first child together

Nicolas Cage and wife Riko Shibata are expecting their first child together, Fox News Digital can confirm. #foxnewsdigital #rikoshibata #nicolascage
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Nicolas Cage’s Wife Riko Shibata Pregnant: Actor Is Expecting Baby No. 3

Nicolas Cage is going to be a dad for the third time! He’s expecting another child with wife Riko Shibata, who he married in February 2021. #rikoshibata #nicolascage
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Nicolas Cage comments on Alec Baldwin's deadly 'Rust' shooting: 'Know what the procedure is'

Nicolas Cage commented on the deadly “Rust” shooting and shared his thoughts on an actor’s responsibility to be responsible with firearms on movie sets. #firearms #alecbaldwin #nicolascage #rust
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Nicolas Cage says actors need to know how to use a gun

Asked if firearms should be banned from film sets after the fatal shooting involving Alec Baldwin last year, Cage said they are ‘part of the job profile’ #alecbaldwin #firearms #nicolascage
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Nicolas Cage Responds to 'Rust' Shooting, Says Movie Stars 'Need to Know' How to Shoot a Gun

In The Hollywood Reporter's Actors Roundtable, Cage said that actors 'need to know' how to shoot a gun as part of their training. #nicolascage #rustshooting #moviestars #actorsroundtable
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A. A. Milne's Winnie The Pooh Is Back In The Public Domain, And Disney May Lose Their Exclusivity To The Character

Ah, January: a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and a long list of characters we can now adapt in whatever way we see fit thanks to the public domain. In case you're unfamiliar, "public domain" is a term for a sort of creative free-for-all, the space where titles, works, and characters can live on once their original creators' intellectual property rights have expired. This year, per Rolling Stone, a familiar face is entering the public domain: Winnie-the-Pooh.A.A. Milne's beloved stuffed ...
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Nicolas Cage Says His Dracula In Renfield Is Inspired By Gabriel From The Utterly Bonkers Malignant

James Wan's recent "Malignant" is a big, weird, unapologetically bombastic horror extravaganza. Wan tapped into the same kind of gonzo energy present in films like Brian De Palma's "Raising Cain," and created a great new horror movie villain: Gabriel. If you haven't seen "Malignant" just yet, be warned: here come some spoilers. Gabriel is first presented as a kind of supernatural-adjacent slasher, stalking around and brutally murdering people while main character Madison (Annabelle Wallis) suffe...
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Tales From The Box Office: How Lord Of The Rings Became The Fantasy Franchise To Rule Them All

(Welcome to Tales from the Box Office, our column that examines box office miracles, disasters, and everything in between, as well as what we can learn from them.)The search for box office gold in the pages of classic literature can be a fickle thing. How many "Robin Hood" movies have we seen fail? Remember how badly "Eragon" flopped? Probably not! And that's kind of the point. The further away we get from "The Lord of the Rings," the more it seems like an absolute miracle, especially in the fan...
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Why Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Like Being Called An ‘Actor’

Maybe we should just call him a "National Treasure"?
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