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Will A Death Note Season 2 Ever Happen? Here's What We Know

The "Death Note" obsession is never ending. Since premiering in 2006, this anime series has remained one of the most popular, spawning a number of video games, live-action films, spin-off novels and more. But the saga has yet to give the fans what they really want: a second season.The thrilling series dives headfirst into dark territory, telling the story of a high school student who becomes the owner of a supernatural notebook called, you guessed it, the Death Note. Pretty much giving away its ...
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Pretty Boy Detective Club English Dub Comes to Funimation Tomorrow

The Pretty Boy Detective Club English dub is upon us and is officially making its debut on the anime streaming service Funimation. According to Funimation, the first episode of the Pretty Boy Detective Club English dub will be arriving on the streamer on May 29. The anime series hails from studio SHAFT and is part of a collaborative effort between Funimation, Aniplex of America, and Bang Zoom! Entertainment. RELATED: Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song English Dub Coming to Funimation This Week Here is t...
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Bakemonogatari Manga Achieves 2.4 Million Sales, Ougimonogatari Coming

The Bakemonogatari manga, which adapts the Monogatari series, has achieved the staggering milestone of 2.4 million sales, news that will hardly startle diehard fans of the series considering the franchise’s overall popularity and many unique females. News of this achievement spread online and it is said that publisher Kodansha announced it due to “240” being […]
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Top 10 Nisio Isin Characters with the Coolest Names

Famed novelist and writer Nisio Isin (most known for his work on the Monogatari light novels) has served as the subject of this new ranking, tasking voters with determining which of his characters have the “coolest” names and unsurprisingly causing Monogatari to comprise the majority of the list. The ranking: 1. Senjogahara Hitagi (Monogatari) 2. […]
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“Zaregoto Series” – Anime Announced

According to the official website, an anime adaptation of Nisio Isin’s novel work, 「Zaregoto Series」, has been greenlit for production. [Source]
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“Owarimonogatari” – Volume 3 Anime Announced

According to a push notification from the Koyomimonogatari mobile app, an anime adaptation of the third volume for Nisio Isin’s 「Owarimonogatari」 light novel series has been green-lit for production.
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