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A Little Laughing Gas Can Help Treat Depression, Small Study Finds

A dose of laughing gas may just help some people with hard-to-treat depression, suggests a new, small clinical trial published Wednesday. The study found that people who inhaled nitrous oxide reported improvements in their depression symptoms afterward. It also found that people felt similar improvements with a…Read more...
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A Switch in How Hospitals Use Anesthesia Could Have Huge Climate Benefits

Right before surgery, the climate crisis is probably the last thing on your mind. If you’re under general anesthesia, you actually might not be thinking about much of anything at all. But anesthetics—especially the generalized kind—can have a pretty big impact on the climate. A new study in the journal Regional…Read more...
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Researchers Accidentally Got High on Laughing Gas From Penguin Poop

When studying penguins, there’s a surprise you’ve gotta watch out for: the laughing gas produced by their poop.Read more...
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Industrial Waste From Ants Emits Potent Greenhouse Gas

New research shows that garbage piles produced by leaf-cutter ants emit significant amounts of nitrous oxide—a potent greenhouse gas.Read more...
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The modern marvel of medicine

The art and science of general anaesthesia remains a relative mystery to the general public. In an age where instant access to information is the norm through smartphones and tablets, the critically important role of these lynchpin clinicians in so many facets of hospital medicine goes unpublished and unnoticed. It is usually the surgeon or emergency physician, so often popularised through television or film media, who fulfils the public’s desire for medical heroes. Yet, astonishing techniques a...
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Laughing gas for labor pain?

by Claudia Boyd-Barrett posted in Mom Stories Have you tried or considered using laughing gas for pain relief during labor? If so, you may be part of a growing trend. According to NPR, a small but expanding number of hospitals in the United States are offering nitrous oxide (the official name for laughing gas) to... Read more » Want to get the full story? Click on the headline above. And thanks for reading the BabyCenter Blog.
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These Practical Uses for a Whipping Siphon Go Way Beyond Whipped Cream

Whipping siphons tools that seem best for fancy restaurant chefs. I appreciate everything you can do with them, but I’m not topping my weeknight dinner with a smoked salmon espuma. I’m interested in how it can help me speed things up, particularly infusions. Here’s are some clever ways you can put one to use at home.Read more...
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Crack down on sources of laughing gas, says Government drug adviser

Retailers and industry need to be better informed about abuse of potentially deadly nitrous oxide - or "hippy crack" - says the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs [Author: David Barrett] [Link to media]
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