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Ryan Gosling Joins Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Film as Ken

Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling (La La Land) is set to star in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film as Ken, according to Deadline. The actor is reportedly in final negotiations to play the Mattel character in the Warner Bros. feature that is being directed by the Oscar-nominated Gerwig (Lady Bird) who co-wrote the screenplay with long-time partner, collaborator, and fellow Oscar nominee Noah Baumbach (Marriage Story). RELATED: Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie-Led Period Drama Babylon Wraps Filming Based on M...
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Ryan Gosling Is The Ken To Margot Robbie's Barbie In Warner Bros.' Live-Action Movie

Prepare your pink plastic shoes and clean out the dream house, because the Margot Robbie "Barbie" movie has found its Ken. According to Deadline, Ryan Gosling is in final negotiations to portray the darling doll that's Barbie's long-time love.  Gerwig's Even Littler Woman "Little Women" director Greta Gerwig is taking on this tale of a very different kind of little woman, based on a script she co-wrote with Noah Baumbach. It's hard to picture a "Barbie" movie that fits with Gerwig's slightly twe...
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New face

I mentioned in this space the other day that “personal distractions” were among the things that had kept me from posting for three weeks. The main one is the fact that I have fallen in love.  The woman in question is Cheril Mulligan, a theater-and-film buff from and lifelong resident of Long Island. We became acquainted through Twitter, on which she tweets under a pseudonym, and “Three on the Aisle,” the theatrical podcast that I do with Peter Marks and Elisabeth Vincentelli. We got to k...
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The 10 Best Margot Robbie Movies Ranked

Be honest: Did you underestimate Margot Robbie at first? The Australian actress first garnered international attention for the trailer to 2013's "The Wolf of Wall Street," a Kanye-scored masterpiece that sold Robbie's character, Naomi Lapagila, as pure eye candy. That got the internet's curiosity. But Martin Scorsese's classic didn't reduce Lapagila to a bombshell trophy wife, thanks largely to Robbie's incendiary performance. With Robbie at the helm, Lapagila was an interesting, dynamic, and fu...
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Adam Sandler's 14 Best Roles Ranked

Adam Sandler has had a fascinating career. Beginning with his star-making role as a cast member on "Saturday Night Live," Sandler's early time in the spotlight was defined by baby talk, sing-songy jokes, and goofy yelling. Early on, Sandler primarily played overgrown and over-privileged man babies with hair-trigger tempers. Many of those performances are very, very funny, but they don't come with a particularly large amount of depth.However, as Sandler has grown as an actor (particularly after l...
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White Noise: The Cast And 6 Other Quick Things To Know About Noah Baumbach’s Netflix Movie

The latest movie from Noah Baumbach and Netflix sounds like quite a doozy.
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I grew up in Portland, and I love it. Here's why I'm never moving back, even though I can work from anywhere.

Portland is home to violent protests, tent cities, killer heat waves, and my parents. (That's me in the striped shirt, with my mother and brothers, from a family photo circa 1983.) Dakarai Akil for Insider It was around the time of the second baby that we started to think about where to settle down. For many years my wife and I had pursued the semi-itinerant lifestyle of freelance workers. Place was a liquid commodity. We changed apartments every year or two. The one consistency was the...
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The 15 Best '90s Comedies Ranked

The '90s were a landmark decade for comedy films. The growth of independent filmmaking allowed unique comedic voices to reach mainstream audiences. "Saturday Night Live" generated a new batch of comedy stars, many of whom made successful screen debuts during the decade and are still active today. The old guard was still around, too, creating characters with more depth and nuance than any parts they played during the '80s. It wasn't just live-action, either; for the first time, adult animated sho...
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André 3000 Joins Noah Baumbach’s White Noise Adaptation

The cachet is off the charts! The prestige is out of control! I am drowning in illustriousness just reading about it — it being Noah Baumbach’s film adaptation of Don DeLillo’s award-winning 1985 breakthrough novel White Noise, tentatively titled Wheat Germ, which stars Baumbach’s Marriage Story star Adam Driver and his longtime partner/collaborator Greta Gerwig. That loud noise you hear in the distance is the predestined avalanche of discourse and, should the involved parties manage not to comp...
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‘Gunpowder Milkshake’ Director Navot Papushado on Taking Inspiration From Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton [Interview]

Gunpowder Milkshake is a movie that lives up to its title. For starters, it looks like sugar, with its candy-like aesthetic – it’s a visual treat from director Navot Papushado and one of the all-time great cinematographers, Michael Seresin. Seresin shot several of filmmaker Alan Parker’s films, including Angel Heart, Midnight Express, and the joyous Bugsy Malone. To say Papushado was excited to work with him is an understatement. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Papushado made an impression wit...
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Greta Gerwig to Direct WB’s Margot Robbie-Led Barbie Movie

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images) It has been two years since we’ve last heard an update regarding Warner Bros. Pictures’ live-action Barbie movie, and now Variety brings word that titular star Margot Robbie has confirmed through a recent interview for British Vogue’s upcoming August 2021 issue that Lady Bird filmmaker Greta Gerwig is indeed officially directing the project. Gerwig and long-time partner and collaborator Noah Baumbach have actually been attached to co-write the screenpla...
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Margot Robbie's Barbie Nabs Director Greta Gerwig, and Now You've Got My Attention

It’s the kind of news that makes you go, “Hmm, well isn’t that interesting?” Margot Robbie’s live-action debut as Barbie has added a dynamic filmmaker behind the camera, as Academy Award nominee Greta Gerwig has signed on to direct the live-action movie she’s also co-writing with Noah Baumbach.Read more...
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Greta Gerwig to Direct ‘Barbie’ With Margot Robbie, Filming to Start in 2022

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Greta Gerwig has officially signed on to direct “Barbie,” the highly-anticipated big-screen take on the iconic Mattel doll’s story, starring Margot Robbie. Gerwig has been on board the Warner Bros. project since 2019, when the actor and filmmaker signed on to co-write the movie’s script with Noah Baumbach. Since then, rumors have swirled […]
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Greta Gerwig to Direct the Margot Robbie ‘Barbie’ Movie, Because Why Not

We have several questions about this project, you probably have several questions about this project, but at least one of those questions can be definitively put to rest now. We’ve known that Margot Robbie would be producing and starring in the Warner Bros. live action Barbie film, a phrase that is still making our heads spin. It’s also been previously announced that no less a pair of talents than Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach wrote the script. Well, somebody must’ve figured that as long as th...
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Jodie Turner-Smith in Talks to Join Netflix’s White Noise Film

(Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty Images) Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen & Slim, Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, Anne Boleyn) is reportedly in talks to join Academy Award-nominated writer and director Noah Baumbach’s (Marriage Story, The Squid and the Whale) drama White Noise for Netflix, according to Deadline. Turner-Smith would star alongside Oscar nominees Adam Driver (Marriage Story, BlacKkKlansmen, Star Wars franchise) and Greta Gerwig (Little Women, Lady Bird, Mistress America) in the fe...
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Jodie Turner-Smith Eyes Noah Baumbach’s ‘White Noise’ Adaptation at Netflix

Jodie Turner-Smith is in talks to join the cast of Netflix’s “White Noise,” director Noah Baumbach’s adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel. Should the deal close, Turner-Smith will act alongside Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver, who boarded the movie earlier this year. Netflix declined to comment. The satirical “White Noise” follows Jack (who will be played […]
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Charles Grodin, Star of ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, ‘Beethoven’, ‘Midnight Run’, and More, Has Died at 86

Charles Grodin, the actor who appeared in the Beethoven films, Midnight Run, The Heartbreak Kid, and The Great Muppet Caper, to name just a few credits, has passed away at the age of 86. Grodin’s son told The New York Times that his father’s cause of death was bone marrow cancer. After starting his career with an uncredited role in Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in the mid-1950s, Grodin dropped out of college to pursue acting, writing, and directing for the stage, appearing in several ...
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Annette Trailer: Adam Driver & Marion Cotillard Star in Musical Drama Film

Annette Trailer: Adam Driver & Marion Cotillard star in musical drama film The official trailer for French filmmaker Leos Carax’s English directorial debut film titled Annette has been released, starring Oscar nominee Adam Driver and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard. The video features our first look at Driver and Cotillard’s characters, providing us a glimpse of the different stages of their relationship from the beginning of their romance to their married life as well as the life-changing arr...
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Uri Singer Nabs Rights to Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Uri Singer has obtained the rights to “Hocus Pocus” by legendary author Kurt Vonnegut. He is developing the 1990 novel as either a film or a limited series. Singer is currently producing a film adaptation of another literary giant, Don DeLillo’s “White Noise,” which Noah Baumbach is directing for Netflix with Adam Driver and Greta […]
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‘Havoc’, the New Gareth Evans Action Movie Starring Tom Hardy, Adds Forest Whitaker to the Cast

Havoc, the new Netflix action movie from The Raid franchise director Gareth Evans, has added Forest Whitaker to its cast. Whitaker joins the previously-announced Tom Hardy in the film, which follows a detective working his way through a criminal underworld to find a politician’s estranged son following a drug deal gone bad. And one can assume that this journey involves battling a lot of people in elaborate, jaw-dropping fight sequences. Deadline has the scoop on Forest Whitaker joining the H...
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UNO Film in the Works at Mattel With Lil Yachty Eyed to Star

UNO film in the works at Mattel with Lil Yachty eyed to star Just three years after making his acting debut with a voice role in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, Grammy nominee Lil Yachty might have found his biggest starring role yet with Mattel’s live-action adaptation of hit card game UNO in the works, according to Deadline. RELATED: Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach to Write Barbie Movie for Warner Bros. if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB = PB || {}; ...
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"I'll be desperately good for the rest of my life": notes on Greta Gerwig's Little Women

I have mixed feelings about the movie, especially given my admiration for Greta Gerwig’s work otherwise. Her earlier movie Frances Ha (2012), cowritten with Noah Baumbach, is one of my all-time favorites, a superbly edited black and white film made with a nothing budget. With Little Women, there’s just something about the sentimental milieu of the 1860s style of Alcott’s writing, the ready emotion of the characters, the “classic” status of this much beloved novel, Margie’s saintlike self-sacrif...
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Noah Baumbach Signs Exclusive Deal With Netflix

Noah Baumbach is sticking with Netflix. The director has already made two movies for the streaming service – The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) and Marriage Story – and he already has a third, White Noise, in the works. And that’s just the beginning, as the filmmaker just signed a deal with Netflix to exclusively write and direct films for Netflix for the next several years. One has to wonder if this is the beginning of a trend – as streaming services grow more and more prominent and pow...
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Noah Baumbach Signs Multi-Year Exclusive Film Deal With Netflix

Following the Oscar-winning success of “Marriage Story,” acclaimed filmmaker Noah Baumbach has singed a multi-year deal to write and direct films for Netflix. Baumbach, an indie stalwart who broke out with the 2005 drama “The Squid and the Whale,”  will exclusively work with the streaming giant in the feature space for the duration of the […]
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Noah Baumbach to Adapt Don DeLillo’s ‘White Noise’, Starring Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver

There are few working filmmakers today who can so perfectly capture that certain type of hyperverbal, self-loathing upper-middle class person, and Noah Baumbach stands proudly within that echelon. The Marriage Story director is about to take on an adaptation of a novel full of those kinds of characters, with frequent collaborators Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver joining him to star in the feature. According to a Production Weekly listing (via Jason Osia on Twitter), Baumbach is set to direct a ...
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White Noise: Adam Driver & Greta Gerwig to Reunite With Noah Baumbach in New Netflix Film

White Noise: Adam Driver & Greta Gerwig to Reunite With Noah Baumbach in New Netflix Film More than a year following the success of Marriage Story, it looks like Oscar nominees Adam Driver and Noah Baumbach have set up their next collaboration with Netflix as Collider (via The Film Stage) reports that Driver is attached for the leading role in Baumbach’s upcoming film adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel White Noise. In addition, fellow Oscar nominee and Baumbach’s long-time partner/collaborator...
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The Margot Robbie ‘Barbie’ Movie Will “Truly Honor the IP,” So We Can All Relax

I don’t know about you, but whenever there’s a movie adapted from some other source material on the way, my one and only thought is: “Will this movie honor the IP?” That’s all that matters. Art be damned, I just want to make sure the intellectual property is being treated like some sort of sacred text! Especially if that property happens to be toys, the most sacrosanct of all things. Thankfully, the Margot Robbie Barbie movie is doing just that, according to Robbie herself. But the actress also...
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Adam Driver-Starring 65 Expands With My Spy’s Chloe Coleman

Adam Driver-starring 65 expands with My Spy’s Chloe Coleman Plot details may be scarce for the project, but the Adam Driver-led sci-fi thriller 65 appears to be be building an ensemble roster of up-and-coming stars as My Spy star Chloe Coleman has joined recently cast Ariana Greenblatt (Love and Monsters), according to Deadline. RELATED: Adam Driver-Led 65 Adds Love and Monsters’ Ariana Greenblatt PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlo...
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Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Inks First-Look TV Deal at Amazon

Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap inks first-look TV deal at Amazon After returning to the world of television in an executive producer and cameo position last year, Margot Robbie is keeping her small screen work alive as her co-founded production banner LuckyChap Entertainment has inked a new first-look TV deal with Amazon Studios, according to Variety. RELATED: Babylon: Margot Robbie in Talks to Replace Emma Stone in Damien Chazelle’s New Film PB = PB || {}...
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Adam Driver-Led 65 Adds Love and Monsters’ Ariana Greenblatt

Adam Driver-led 65 adds Love and Monsters’ Ariana Greenblatt Following her breakout roles in Disney+’s The One and Only Ivan, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and Paramount’s Love and Monsters, Ariana Greenblatt has found another major step forward in the film world as she has signed on to co-star in the Adam Driver-led sci-fi thriller 65, according to Deadline. RELATED: 65: Adam Driver to Lead Sony’s Sci-Fi Thriller From A Quiet Place Scribes PB = PB ...
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