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Nobel Prize in Chemistry split 3 ways for lithium-ion battery research

From left: Akira Yoshino, Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham and Dr. John Goodenough (Charles Dharapak / Yoshiaki Sakamoto / Kyodo News / Binghamton University) The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three scientists whose work developing lithium-ion batteries made mobile phones, iPads, laptops, and electric cars possible. The three recipients are U.S. engineer John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham of the U.K., and Akira Yoshino of Japan. They will share the 9 million Swedish kronor...
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How the Inventor of Dynamite, Alfred Nobel, Read an Obituary That Called Him “The Merchant of Death” and Made Amends by Creating the Nobel Prize

No one can ever fully predict the consequences of their actions. Still, some warning bells should be hard to ignore. Take Alfred Nobel, for instance, the founder of the Nobel Prize. For most of his life, he had a different reputation—as the inventor of dynamite, one of the most destructive technologies of the age. Though he maintained his motives were pure, Nobel had no shortage of signs telling him his creation might do at least as much harm as good. He persevered and lived to regret it...
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Here’s Why Stephen Hawking Never Won the Nobel Prize in Physics

The answer — unlike quantum mechanics — is relatively straightforward
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Five Questions For … Houston Angel Network Chief Juliana Garaizar

Houston—Juliana Garaizar, managing director of the Houston Angel Network, is used to dealing with big egos and strong personalities in both the investing and tech worlds. “If it’s up to me, I try to work as little as possible with them and be very careful with them,” she says. “If it’s not up to me, I try to make sure the relationship is very fact-based. I try to prevent things from turning into a problem of personalities, rather than a business problem by sticking to the facts.” Garaizar...
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‘Nobel’ Screenwriters Mette M. Bølstad, Stephen Uhlander Win Goteborg’s TV Drama Script Award

Mette M. Bølstad and Stephen Uhlander, the writers of hit Norwegian drama series “Nobel,” have scooped the inaugural Nordic prize for TV drama script at Göteborg Film Festival. The prize, worth SEK 200,000 ($22,840), was given by a jury comprised of Lars Blomgren (managing director at Filmlance in Sweden), Isabelle Péchou (international drama consultant in... Read more »
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America Votes...and the World Trembles | #TheTrumpEffect on Italy

I watched, stunned, from my balcony window as the streets started teeming with protesters, heading over to the American Consulate nearby. I was nervous my car - bearing  Michigan license plates - would be vandalized in a day that left “Fuck America” writ on the Consulate walls. In seemingly a matter of minutes, the compassion that the rest of the world had had for the United States was far less durable than those graffiti marks. Down went the American flags that had been displayed in store...
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Swedish Dynamite blows up a rifle

Swedish Dynamite is a YouTube channel, which had a lot of success lately and spreading. It’s run by “Dynamite Erik” who apart from running his farm is a professional dynamite expert in the northern part of Sweden. History tells us that Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833 – 1896) held no less than 355 different patents, and […] Read More … The post Swedish Dynamite blows up a rifle appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Nobel Panel Condemns Iranian Death Warrant Against Salman Rushdie 27 Years Later

Two members quit the academy in 1989 after it refused to condemn Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini's fatwa
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Monuments to peace: 10 places to make love not war

The winner of 2015 Nobel Peace Prize was revealed today. Chris Leadbeater selects 10 suitable spots to celebrate the announcement [Author: Chris Leadbeater] [Link to media]
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News Wrap: Detroit emerges from bankruptcy

GWEN IFILL: The plunging price of oil fell toward new five-year lows today with no end in sight. It came as the Energy Department reported higher U.S. stockpiles and OPEC projected sharply lower demand. In New York, oil dropped nearly 5 percent to just under $61 a barrel. That’s a 17 percent drop in just two weeks. JUDY WOODRUFF: The oil sell-off dragged down energy stocks and sent the rest of Wall Street sharply lower. The Dow Jones industrial average lost 268 points to close at 17533; the Nasd...
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Malala Yousafzai to Display Bloodstained School Uniform In Nobel Exhibit

This Thursday, the Nobel Peace Center will open the tenth annual Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition, dedicated to the 2014 laureates Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi. As per Malala's request, the exhibition will feature the school uniform she was wearing when a Taliban gunman shot her in the head. Read more...
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Steven Chu warns UK its nuclear plans risk becoming financial drain

Former US energy chief and Nobel physicist says UK plan to build various types of reactors is expensive and time-consumingA leading energy expert has warned that although the British government is right to proceed with new nuclear plants they risk becoming a financial drain unless they can be built on time and on budget.Steven Chu, the former US energy secretary and Nobel prizewinning physicist, believes using a variety of reactor designs as the UK looks poised to do is not the best way to kee...
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