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Bayeaux Tapestry Now Online!!!

Think of it as an early graphic novel, replete with action. . .  portents . . . slightly kooky characters. . . a dead (defunctus est) king and the English kingdom in dispute. Duke Harold believes that he is the inheritor of the kingdom...  Meanwhile, across the channel, William, Duke of Normandy, says he is the rightful heir (it's a long, complicated story and, remember, it was the winners who commissioned the tapestry.) William is building a navy . . . Tre...
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Getting Domesday done: a new interpretation of William the Conqueror’s survey

A new interpretation of the Domesday survey, the famous survey of England taken on the orders of William the Conqueror in 1086, has emerged from a major study of the survey’s earliest surviving manuscript. It is now clear that the survey was more even more efficient, complex, and sophisticated than previously supposed. The first draft of the survey was made with astonishing speed—in about 100 days—and the information it contained was then checked and reorganised in three further stages, each res...
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Nosowitz on Scots.

Dan Nosowitz of Atlas Obscura has been frequently featured at LH, and so has the Scots language, but now I have a chance to offer you Nosowitz’s How the English Failed to Stamp Out the Scots Language, a nice little introduction to the subject: Scots arrived in what is now Scotland sometime around the sixth century. Before then, Scotland wasn’t called Scotland, and wasn’t unified in any real way, least of all linguistically. It was less a kingdom than an area encompassing several different kingdo...
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History’s Heroic Failures

I like to keep you up to date when I read a book I think is worth your time. I’m now reading Marc Morris’s The Norman Conquest, which is very good. I recommend it. At the simplest level it’s just a good read on a subject of immense historical importance and one with sufficient drama to allow a good writer to keep the reader engaged. But what I really like about it is how Morris approaches a comparatively ancient period with the uncertainty of our knowledge not simply addressed or hinted at but m...
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Epic Airbnbs in trending cities

Airbnb’s most trending destinations for 2019 stretch across the globe. From beach destinations to mountain getaways to urban hubs, they all have one thing in common: There are some epic places to rent in each one. Here’s the lowdown on where to find the best Airbnbs in the most popular destinations on the site. Kaikoura, New Zealand Photo: Sasapee/Shutterstock The small south island town of Kaikoura is a household name nowadays but not for the right reasons. Kaikoura was badly hit by a 7....
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Animal of the month: 8 facts about rabbits

Popular as pets, considered lucky by some, and widely recognised as agricultural nuisances, rabbits are commonplace all over the world. Their cute, fluffy exterior hides the more ingenious characteristics of this burrowing herbivore, including specially-adapted hind legs, extra incisors, and prolific breeding capabilities. Whilst rabbits thrive in most areas, certain species face the common struggle of their specialist habitats being destroyed, and myxomatosis has devastated rabbit populations i...
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Off the Beaten Path — Side Treks and Things To Do Between HOT ROD Power Tour Stops

Were a week away from the start of HOT ROD Power Tour! This is the part where you’re either packed-and-ready to roll or are in a mad-thrash pulling together that one last minute project that’s fighting you — but in any case, we’ve spotted a few extra things for you to do and see along the routes. Did you know the world’s biggest fire hydrant can be found on the route? Or what about a freak gnome-infested cave in the hills of Tennessee? Scroll down for our favorite things to see off the beaten pa...
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Retail magnates the Normans increase stake in 'bland' underperforming The Warehouse

James Pascoe Group owners Anne and David Norman have lifted their stake in The Warehouse but analysts say it does not signal a takeover attempt - at least not yet.The couple has bought 265,539 shares worth $540,707, increasing their... [Author: [email protected]]
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Cefalu and Norman Conquests

The Normans did not only conquer Britain in 1066 but were as far south as Sicily in the 12 Century. KIng Roger ll crops up everywhere here and seems to have been a great builder ... the World Heritage has recognised religious and civic sites in Cefalu Pa
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Daily Deals 12/15/16

US Daily Deals Today’s 12 Days of Deals theme is Gift Grabbing: Stocking Stuffers and More. Great things come in small packages. So whether you’re looking for a knick-knack, thingamabob, doodad, or doohickey, today is the day to finish off your list and stock up on all the best things to fill everyone’s stockings. You might not find twelve drummers drumming, but you’ll definitely discover deals worth a drumroll. In the top Daily Deal, get up to 50% Off on select toys from favorite brand...
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Sicily: Culture and Conquest review – gods, monsters and multiculturalism

British Museum, LondonAncient Sicily may have been a land of tyrants, but this exhibition shows that from the time of its Norman invasion, its culture was remarkably open-minded Related: Golden years: Sicily at the British Museum The Normans, those lean invaders in scaly chain mail who slayed and conquered their way into Britain in the embroidered scenes of the Bayeux tapestry, have a harsh reputation. Even though the English language, laws and politics owe so much to these warriors of Norse ...
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