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Are the Himalayas Visible from Northern India for First Time in 30 Years?

Pollution levels in India did drop dramatically in April 2020, but beyond that the story gets a little more hazy.
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Luxury hotels in Rajasthan, India

No place in India exemplifies the spirit of monarchy and the splendor of royalty better than the state of Rajasthan. The very name contains royalty: Raja translates to “king” and sthan refers to “place” in Hindi and other Indian languages. When the British left India, there were about two dozen princely states in the region, which merged into the new Union of India, along with other princedoms around the country. The erstwhile royalty was allowed to retain their properties and was granted an...
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The Ultimate Guide to India’s Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is a popular tourist circuit in Northern India.  In fact, it’s the most popular part of the country for visitors. It encompasses the triangular region between New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, with every city located around 125 miles from the others.  These days, the Golden Triangle receives a bit of a mixed write-up and before I touched down in Delhi, I was fully expecting to be disappointed by my week there.  I’m not a fan of tourist-filled destinations, and I’d read plenty of a...
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Design for Cold Weather in Rich Hues and Lush Textures, from Toast

From our perch here in the US, we’ve long coveted the simple but thoughtful collections of UK-based lifestyle company Toast. First launched out of a barn in Wales, Toast began as a loungewear company before expanding into goods for the home and well-made women’s clothing—now available stateside, too. Their vision is one of simpler but richer living: Each piece in their House & Home shop is borne out of collaborations with artisans around the world; a cultivation of traditional, age-old technique...
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Savoring the Taste of Memories in Northern India

An Indian-born chef explores the foods and culture of Himachal Pradesh, where Punjabi and Tibetan flavors meet.
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Robert Johnson Finally Gets an Obituary in The New York Times 81 Years After His Death

Whether you see it as a good faith effort to correct past mistakes or a bid to distract from more recent fumbles—the New York Times' “Overlooked” obituary series has done its readers a service by recovering the bios of “remarkable people whose deaths… went unreported in The Times.” Most of the profiles are of people who were public figures at the time of their death. Some had achieved international recognition, like Alan Turing, and others were royalty, like Rani, queen of the kingdom of Jhansi...
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Taking a Tour in India: Pros and Cons

Should I travel to India on an organized tour? Or should I travel India independently or solo? We’ve experienced India both ways – the first couple trips on our own and our most recent trip on a small group tour. Recent conversations with our audience, especially solo female travelers, told us a look at the benefits and downsides of small group travel and tours in India was in order. India is one of our favorite countries. At turns it is complicated yet simple, beautiful and tragic. It overwh...
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Northern India Beyond the Golden Triangle: An Experiential Guide

When travelers consider northern India, thoughts run to the Golden Triangle, the popular India tourist circuit of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. While we appreciate the appeal of sights like the Taj Mahal, there is much more to experience in northern India — without the crowds, scams and hustle of being on the tourist path. Golden Temple at dawn, Amritsar. That’s where some of the lesser known places in northern India like Amritsar, Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj, and Shimla come in. These destina...
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Different types of biryani in India

Of all the culinary classics synonymous with the rich food heritage of India, biryani is in a class of its own. Variations on the simple rice, meat, vegetable, and spice dish can be found in every section of India, though it’s not quite known how it became such a staple. One theory traces the origins to Persia (where berian means “fried before cooking”) and the Mughals, who brought the dish to the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century. Another is that it’s an evolution of the plov, or rice ...
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Communal reporting, Islamophobia in Hindi newspapers: Nav Dunia peddles propaganda, brands Muslims as infiltrators

This is just a reflection of how Islamophobia and branding Muslims, goes on in Hindi newspapers in Northern India.This report tells that all 'ghuspaithia' [infiltrators] are Muslim--totally one sided view and peddling the BJP-RSS propaganda.The illustration shows a man who has to 'appear a Muslim'. So this man is shown here wearing a skullcap. He is a Muslim, so he must have a beard and also because the 'Islamic colour' had to be brought, the kurta was painted green.The man shown is poor but st...
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: I’m drinking a piña colada right now in Cuba

All right, don’t roll your eyes at me, but I’m going back to Cuba. Yes, again. I’m sorry. I know it’s excessive. But I just can’t find any other country where you can find $3 piña coladas everywhere you go, made with fresh pineapple and coconut. And rum, of course. They’re hideously fattening, but I refuse to think about that. Vacation calories don’t count. They’re free. The odd thing about Cuba is that, due to the U.S. trade embargo, they can’t get many things, including fake pina colada mix. T...
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How to plan your Ideal Trip to North India

This is a guest post by Rebecca Siggers. Vacations coming up? Want to explore the incredible sights of India? Then why not consider a visit to the North of India! From the foothills of the Himalayas, sacred pilgrimage sights, famous cities, and – of course – the delicious food, the northern region of India is a cultural spectacular. Which states make up North India? While you may not have heard of many of the States that make up North India – Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal ...
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Transportation in India: What the Tuk-tuk?!

Transportation in India – What the Tuk Tuk?! We originally published this post back in 2010, after our first trip to India. We spent 5 weeks backpacking across Northern India. I actually wrote most of this post on a moleskine notepad while traveling on an overnight train from Udaipur to Mumbai. Yes, an actual pen and paper! I was cleaning up some old posts and I stumbled on this one. I thought it would be fun to re-publish, as most of you likely have not read this one. If you’ve visited Ind...
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It’s an Indian dish also called Lonavla Chikki, prepared with jaggery and peanuts. It's a healthy snack enriched with nutrients also known as a winter snack in Northern India. Other than Peanut Chikki it also comes in different varieties such as dry fruit Chikki, coconut Chikki etc.I think it's wort...By: AmidstChaosContinue Reading » [Author: AmidstChaos]
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: I’m back from India and I’m glad I don’t live there

Oh, gee. So now I have to summarize my trip to India, for those of you who’ve been foolish enough to read my columns about my planned trip there. Well, let’s just say this: I’m home now, and it’s great to sleep in my own bed and listen to our dogs snore underneath it. I’d wanted to experience India for many years, even though — decades ago — I met a famous Indian filmmaker who told me, “Don’t go there. You won’t like it.” I took umbrage at the time, assuming he meant I was too much of a pantywai...
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The Hump

“The hump” was a military aerial supply route from Northern India to China, over and through the Himalayan Mountains, that allied pilots flew during WWII. It was, and is, widely considered to be one of the most harrowing and deadly flights in aviation history. I recall reading one airman’s story of watching two planes explode right in front of him. Twenty of his friends died within minutes of each other. This was on takeoff. The most notable plane that flew the hump, the Curtiss C46 Com...
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Frumpy Middle-aged Mom: I’m still in India. Let’s hope I’m alive

So, I’m in India. At least I hope I’m in India, because I wrote this before I left. If I’m not there, send out a search party. I’m pretty nervous about this trip, because I’m going all by myself. See, I decided that I wanted to go in January, which is now, and none of my friends could get away then to go with me. So I bought the plane ticket and plunked down the entire cost of a package tour with a company called Intrepid Travel, while I still had the money in my hot little hands. Normally, as a...
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Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom: Yes, it’s almost New Year’s Eve. You’ll probably live through it

Yes, my friends, it’s almost New Year’s Eve. Also known as that time of stress for nearly everyone. New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that is designed just to make you drop a ton of money you don’t have, because it’s a week after Christmas, or else feel bad that you’re not out raucously celebrating, dancing on some tabletop somewhere. After being a mom for 16 years, I’m much more likely to look around for a damp rag to clean the tabletop than to do a tango on top of it. If you’re out party...
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A 10-Day Spiti Valley Tour, Himachal Pradesh, India

Radhika shares a 10-day Spiti Valley tour in the heart of Northern India’s Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. Tucked beside Tibet, this region is famous for picturesque villages, ancient monasteries, and the elusive snow leopard.  Northern India’s Spiti Valley is a wonderland. Anyone who has visited this valley in the Himalayas leaves a part of their heart behind. Spiti, in the region of Himachal Pradesh, is known as ‘Middle Land’ as it lies right between India and Tibet. Spiti is also famously kn...
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Vegetarian Delights: Indian Yogurt Kebabs!

Yogurt kebabs? I know this may sound unusual but I promise it is delicious and it's one of the tastiest vegetarian eats ever. I first encountered this at One Table Supper Club at a Hindustani themed dinner and it was so delicious I asked for the recipe. It's from the Lucknow area of Northern India and is remarkably easy but tasty and delivers flavour in spades. If you love delicious, vegetarian Indian cuisine, then this is a pushy recipe Dear Reader!
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India slashes heat-wave death toll with series of low-cost measures

‘Common sense’ policies such as free water and reflective roof paint save lives as temperatures near 50COne morning last week, Mohammad Javed wheeled an air conditioner on to the pavement outside his catering business in Delhi, placed his chair a metre away, sat down and did not move all day. When the machine ran of water, he asked passing boys to fetch a bucket. When he had to give directions to workers in the building across the lane, he shouted. Every few minutes, Javed took a long swig from ...
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India slashes heatwave death toll with series of low-cost measures

‘Common sense’ policies such as free water and reflective roof paint save lives as temperatures near 50COne morning last week, Mohammad Javed wheeled an air conditioner on to the pavement outside his catering business in Delhi, placed his chair a metre away, sat down and did not move all day. When the machine ran out of water, he asked passing boys to fetch a bucket. When he had to give directions to workers in the building across the lane, he shouted. Every few minutes, he took a long swig from...
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‘Critical Situation’ in Northern India as Pre-Monsoon Storms Kill Dozens of People

The latest fatalities follow at least 200 storm-caused deaths in April and May
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A World Of Tea: Teas Across The Globe

Freelance contribution by: Lucy Wyndham In this time of global turmoil, what do so many countries around the world have in common? It might not be your first thought, but many areas of the globe have a taste for tea. In fact, 4.7 million metric tons of the stuff are produced each year globally. A variety of teas are produced, from well-known types like green tea and black tea to lesser-known variety like Lapsang Souchong and the brew most popular in Latin America, Yerba Mate. Here’s a whistle-s...
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Soak in views of the Indian Himalayas at this bamboo-clad hotel villa

Perched high on the mountains of Uttarakhand, India sits The Kumaon, a rustic yet elegant hotel with breathtaking Himalayan views. Boasting floor-to-ceiling mountain views, the hotel designed by Zowa Architects seeks to highlight the natural landscape as much as possible with its minimized footprint and use of locally sourced materials. All hotel structures were designed to harvest rainwater that’s stored in a large holding tank at the bottom of the site, while interstitial spaces between build...
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Heavenly Organics uses honey to foster peace in conflict zones across India

Amit Hooda hopes to eliminate conflict with sustainable honey harvesting. He started Heavenly Organics, a company selling honey with the goal of providing ethical jobs, to foster peace. The company supports almost 600 family farmers in conflict zones across India, selling raw, organic honey they describe as the “cleanest sourced honey you can find.” Hooda discussed with his agronomist father, I.S. Hooda, how he might help people living in conflict zones. His father had spent 35 years building ...
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Carousel: On Not Needing To Be Liked, LSD For Depression, Distraction-Free iPhones, And Black Men Smiling

Hello beautiful! Below is a collection of some of the best and most interesting things I’ve dug up on the internet recently. It’s been a long time since I posted a Carousel, but it’s back with a vengeance! I hope you enjoy reading and watching these… The Secret to Marriage Is Never Getting Married. Because when the law doesn’t bind you as a couple, you have to choose each other every day. And maybe the act of choosing changes a relationship for the better. I’ve taken a pretty long break from s...
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Trekking in Northern India: Day by Day Highs & Lows

While I’ve written several posts about my trekking trip through the Zanskar Valley in northern India, there is still much that I’ve yet to share. This post will give you a day by day account of the trek – including the highs and the lows along with one photo from each day from the time we left Leh until we returned. I think it will provide a better overall explanation of what you can see. On a side note – we never really tracked mileage. We did keep track of daily elevation gain and time on the ...
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The Hilarious Road Signs of Northern India

You’ve got to hand it to the Indians. They know how to use humour to address bad driving habits in a way that I haven’t seen in other countries. I used to drive to Seattle from Vancouver quite often and the first road sign you’d see entering the US was a threat – Litter and it will hurt. I much prefer the use of humour. Certainly the Indian drivers are still crazy – coming up right behind a car and passing on blind corners. Impatience must run in their blood. But I’m impressed at the government...
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What makes people allergic to gluten — and why Caucasians are most at risk

Where does gluten intolerance really come from? It turns out the genes that cause it can be tracked down to northern Europe.    Peter Green , the director of Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, explains the myths surrounding gluten-free diets. Following is a transcript of the video. I’m Peter Green.  I'm the director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. Celiac disease is actually a disease of Caucasians.  The genes that are involved in celiac disease are n...
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