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'If you think too much, you cry': Nurse shares what it's like to care for the sickest coronavirus patients

Van Dyk, a critical care nurse who works in New Jersey's hot zone, cares for coronavirus patients on ventilators. These patients can't have visitors.         [Author:]
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Coronavirus: 3 migrant children in US custody in New York test positive

Three migrant children in U.S. government custody in New York test positive for coronavirus, officials said.         [Author:]
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Coronavirus: Three migrant children in U.S. custody in New York test positive

Three migrant children in U.S. government custody in New York test positive for coronavirus, officials said.         [Author:]
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'Top Chef Masters' star Floyd Cardoz dies of coronavirus at 59; Padma Lakshmi, others mourn

Floyd Cardoz, the pioneering chef who made his mark at Tabla in Manhattan, died after returning from India. Padma Lakshmi reacted to the news.         [Author:]
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Stay home, trust science: Everything Hollywood and 'Contagion' taught us about pandemics before coronavirus

Long before there was a coronvirus pandemic, Hollywood was rehearsing it with films like "Contagion," "The Ten Commandments" and "Outbreak."          [Author:]
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Need to relax while you're stuck at home? Try our 'Work from Home Relax and Chill' playlist

We've created a playlist to help you relax. Call it 'Spotify and chill.'          [Author:]
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After spray sanitizer burns at least 4 kids amid coronavirus scare, 7-Eleven owner charged

Prosecutors say that about 14 spray sanitizers had been sold from a New Jersey 7-Eleven. Five had been returned as of Tuesday night.         [Author:]
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Smart bathrooms have been around since the 1980s. But do they help against coronavirus?

Touchless sinks and self-flushing toilets have been seen in public restrooms since the 1980s. Now, with coronavirus, they're about to get their trial by fire         [Author:]
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Previous coronavirus daily briefing updates, March 2-4

Current daily briefings on the coronavirus can be found here. Scroll below to read previous reports, listed in eastern time.Click here for previous briefings on the coronavirus dating back to Feb. 27. The first presumptive positive case of coronavirus in New Jersey has been announced by Gov. Phil Murphy. The male in his 30s has been hospitalized since Tuesday in Bergen County, which is in northern Jersey and encompasses a part of the state just across the Hudson River from Manhattan and the Bron...
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New York Jets' Quinnen Williams arrested trying to board a flight with a gun at LaGuardia Airport

New York Jets defensive lineman Quinnen Williams was arrested Thursday night after attempting to board a plane with a gun, according to authorities.         [Author:]
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How do you talk to children about coronavirus? Stay honest and simple to avoid anxiety.

As health experts throughout the area prepare for the arrival of the coronavirus, how should adults talk about the potential outbreak with children?         [Author: NorthJersey]
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New album offers watershed moment for Ridgewood-rooted indie band Real Estate

Indie band Real Estate, which has New York and New Jersey connections, set to release 'landmark' new album on Friday.          [Author: NorthJersey]
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Yankees starter Luis Severino to miss 2020 season due to Tommy John elbow surgery

The New York Yankees received distressing news Tuesday about Luis Severino. The two-time All-Star starter will need Tommy John elbow surgery.         [Author: NorthJersey]
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NJ Gov. Phil Murphy to undergo surgery for a tumor on his kidney

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy plans to undergo surgery in early March to have a tumor removed from his kidney and is expected to make a full recovery.         [Author: NorthJersey]
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Will these paperback classics be hits at the box office in 2020?

A spate of classic novels, including "Call of the Wild" and "Emma," are coming to the big screen. But will something be lost in translation?          [Author: NorthJersey]
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Revisiting Carlos Beltran, Astros' sign-stealing scheme as more details emerge

The Athletic reported additional details surrounding Carolos Beltran and Astros' sign-stealing, making it clear the Mets made right move to part ways.         [Author: NorthJersey]
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He murdered three women and was after a fourth. These women outsmarted a serial killer

Khalil Wheeler-Weaver murdered three women and plotted to kill more, but police never arrested him. Until his prospective victims got involved.         [Author:]
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Oscars 2020 Quiz: How do you gain Hollywood's rarest honor without being nominated?

On Feb. 9, five Oscar-winning actors are up to achieve one of the rarest distinctions in Hollywood history.          [Author:]
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New Jersey mayor admits getting drunk, taking off his pants and passing out in employee's bed

The mayor of a New Jersey town admitted that he had "too much to drink" when he took off his trousers and crawled into an employee's bed at a party.Mahwah mayor John Roth told that he "did go upstairs to bed" and apologised for his drunken behaviour at staff party after a letter from the "concerned employees of the township of Mahwah" circulated in local reports following the incident.
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Her family tried to poison her during the Holocaust. Today, she tells her story

Frances Malkin was 4 when her family took refuge. After decades of silence, she shares her survival story in her adopted country, America.         [Author:]
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NJ patient doesn't have deadly coronavirus, hospital says

Hackensack University Medical Center said a patient was evaluated and is not infected with the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China.         [Author:]
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Chris Christie sits in as Supreme Court considers whether Bridgegate was actually a crime

"I'm glad he's paying attention," Bridget Anne Kelly said of Christie's decision to come to Washington.         [Author:]
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With classics like 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Gone with the Wind,' 1939 was Hollywood's greatest year

1939 — 80 years ago — is widely considered Hollywood's greatest year, thanks to "Gone with the Wind" and "The Wizard of Oz." What made it so special?          [Author:]
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1939 was Hollywood's Greatest Year — but why?

1939 — 80 years ago — is widely considered Hollywood's greatest year, thanks to "Gone with the Wind" and "The Wizard of Oz." What made it so special?          [Author:]
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'An American hero': Detective Joseph Seals mourned a week after Jersey City shootings

Thousands of police officers and residents mourned Jersey City Detective Joseph Seals at his funeral Tuesday.         [Author:]
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Eighty years later, should 'Gone with the Wind' be gone?

"Gone With the Wind" celebrates its 80th birthday on Dec. 15. Why, in a climate of heightened sensitivity, does it still get a pass?          [Author:]
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Will balloons fly at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2019? Wind forecast casts doubt

If the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are grounded, it would only be the second time since 1971, according to a a report.         [Author:]
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College Achieve

Drone footage of College Achieve Charter School            [Author: NorthJersey]
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Knicks deny claim that they failed to scout Giannis Antetokounmpo

The New York Knicks told Thursday that their European staff scouted Giannis Antetokounmpo multiple times, disputing a claim from his Greek agent in a TNT documentary that they were the only NBA team to neglect to do so. The Knicks said that their European scouts, including Kevin Wilson, did scout Giannis multiple times, disputing the claims made in the TNT documentary. Add this one to the list of James Dolan-era New York Knicks accolades.
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Shaun Weiss, who played goalie Goldberg in 'Mighty Ducks,' charged with public intoxication

Shaun Weiss, an actor best known for his role in "The Mighty Ducks," was arrested on public intoxication charges.            [Author: | The Record]
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