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Entertainment world reacts: Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger dies from coronavirus

Celebrities and musicians took to social media to remember Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, a Montclair native who died from coronavirus.          [Author:]
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Coronavirus: Adam Schlesinger of NJ's Fountains of Wayne dies

Adam Schlesinger of New Jersey pop-rockers Fountains of Wayne has died of coronavirus complications.          [Author:]
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Adam Schlesinger of NJ's Fountains of Wayne dies from coronavirus complications

Adam Schlesinger of New Jersey pop-rock band Fountains of Wayne has died of coronavirus complications.          [Author:]
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New Jersey high school baseball coach, 30, dies from coronavirus complications

Ben Luderer was 30 years old and a prominent player on a high school team that went 33-0 and was crowned national champions by many organizations.         [Author:]
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'If you think too much, you cry': Nurse shares what it's like to care for the sickest coronavirus patients

Van Dyk, a critical care nurse who works in New Jersey's hot zone, cares for coronavirus patients on ventilators. These patients can't have visitors.         [Author:]
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Coronavirus: 3 migrant children in US custody in New York test positive

Three migrant children in U.S. government custody in New York test positive for coronavirus, officials said.         [Author:]
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Coronavirus: Three migrant children in U.S. custody in New York test positive

Three migrant children in U.S. government custody in New York test positive for coronavirus, officials said.         [Author:]
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Doctors skip big wedding, delay honeymoon to fight coronavirus a thousand miles apart

A pair of doctors planned a lavish Pakistani wedding with 400 guests, but coronavirus got in the way. Now they're 1,000 miles apart, helping patients.         [Author:]
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'Top Chef Masters' star Floyd Cardoz dies of coronavirus at 59; Padma Lakshmi, others mourn

Floyd Cardoz, the pioneering chef who made his mark at Tabla in Manhattan, died after returning from India. Padma Lakshmi reacted to the news.         [Author:]
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Chef Floyd Cardoz, former 'Top Chef Masters' star, dies of coronavirus at 59

Floyd Cardoz, the pioneering chef who made his mark at Tabla in Manhattan, died after returning from India where he co-owned two restaurants.          [Author:]
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Mets' Noah Syndergaard to have Tommy John surgery Thursday, expected back in 2021

The New York Mets' upcoming season took a major hit, as Noah Syndergaard will have Tommy John surgery Thursday.         [Author:]
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Coronavirus canceled her chemotherapy. Should cancer patients still go to appointments?

Chemotherapy treatments are being postponed because doctors fear their patients' suppressed immune systems can't fend off coronavirus.         [Author:]
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Stay home, trust science: Everything Hollywood and 'Contagion' taught us about pandemics before coronavirus

Long before there was a coronvirus pandemic, Hollywood was rehearsing it with films like "Contagion," "The Ten Commandments" and "Outbreak."          [Author:]
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Times Square is open — but mostly empty — as coronavirus fears grip US: 'This is crazy, right?'

People have gathered in Times Square for a century. Even now, in the middle of a global coronavirus pandemic, the place retains its magnetic pull.         [Author:]
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Coronavirus forces online learning, but what if you can't afford the internet?

Teachers and education advocates worry the closures could magnify a technology gap that already puts some students at a disadvantage.         [Author:]
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Need to relax while you're stuck at home? Try our 'Work from Home Relax and Chill' playlist

We've created a playlist to help you relax. Call it 'Spotify and chill.'          [Author:]
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Negative COVID-19 test for New York Mets employee Donovan Mitchell Sr., whose NBA son is positive

Donovan Mitchell Sr., father of Utah Jazz player Donovan Mitchell and a New York Mets employee, tests negative for coronavirus.         [Author:]
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Joe Giudice of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' shares update on the coronavirus outbreak in Italy

Joe Giudice of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' is experiencing the Italy coronavirus lockdown firsthand.          [Author:]
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After spray sanitizer burns at least 4 kids amid coronavirus scare, 7-Eleven owner charged

Prosecutors say that about 14 spray sanitizers had been sold from a New Jersey 7-Eleven. Five had been returned as of Tuesday night.         [Author:]
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Smart bathrooms have been around since the 1980s. But do they help against coronavirus?

Touchless sinks and self-flushing toilets have been seen in public restrooms since the 1980s. Now, with coronavirus, they're about to get their trial by fire         [Author:]
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Princeton tells students to stay home after spring break amid coronavirus outbreak; classes to go virtual

Princeton University has asked students to stay home after spring break as New Jersey reported its sixth coronavirus case; classes will go online.         [Author:]
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Cory Booker endorses Joe Biden as Democratic candidate for president

Booker follows in the footsteps of other former Democratic candidates in endorsing Biden such as Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris.         [Author:]
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New York Jets' Quinnen Williams arrested trying to board a flight with a gun at LaGuardia Airport

New York Jets defensive lineman Quinnen Williams was arrested Thursday night after attempting to board a plane with a gun, according to authorities.         [Author:]
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Think you have coronavirus? Call first! Here's what to expect at the doctor's office.

Think you have coronavirus? Primary care doctors are at the medical system's front door. Here's what to expect at your doctor's office.         [Author:]
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He murdered three women and was after a fourth. These women outsmarted a serial killer

Khalil Wheeler-Weaver murdered three women and plotted to kill more, but police never arrested him. Until his prospective victims got involved.         [Author:]
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Oscars 2020 Quiz: How do you gain Hollywood's rarest honor without being nominated?

On Feb. 9, five Oscar-winning actors are up to achieve one of the rarest distinctions in Hollywood history.          [Author:]
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Mega Millions winning numbers: Tickets in 4 states worth $1 million or more

No one won the Mega Millions on Friday, but multiple players are holding valuable tickets.         [Author:]
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Her family tried to poison her during the Holocaust. Today, she tells her story

Frances Malkin was 4 when her family took refuge. After decades of silence, she shares her survival story in her adopted country, America.         [Author:]
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NJ patient doesn't have deadly coronavirus, hospital says

Hackensack University Medical Center said a patient was evaluated and is not infected with the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China.         [Author:]
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NJ patient being evaluated for deadly coronavirus

A patient in New Jersey was being evaluated Thursday night for possible infection with the coronavirus.         [Author:]
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