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Norton Motorcycles Pensioners Should Get Their Money Back

Some Good News The Norton Motorcycles pensioners should receive some good news here soon. Some documents recently came out that make it sound like they will be repaid the money that they lost in the pensions schemes. In some UK Companies House publicly available documents, it was stated that there should be enough money to go around to pay back the pensioners.  According to RideApart, there should be enough value in the company to pay all of its creditors, and then there will still be about $6,...
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Double H: Herb Becker’s supercharged Norton drag bike

History has a strange habit of repeating itself. Exactly ten years ago, give or take a few days, we featured a twin-engined Norton called ‘Double Trouble.’ And now we have an even more incredible Norton, following the same format, called ‘Double H.’ It looks vintage but it’s a recent build, and uses mostly Commando rather than Atlas engine parts. It’s also supercharged, because nothing succeeds like excess. ‘Double H’ is the work of Herb Becker, a Norton racebike guru who lives in Ontario...
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Former Norton Boss Stuart Garner Must Pay Back £14M

It’s About the Pensions So, the verdict is in on the Norton pensions scheme that Norton’s ex-CEO Stuart Garner was the trustee of. The Pensions Ombudsman ruled he was ‘dishonest’ and because of this dishonesty, he will have to pay back £14 million (roughly $17 million), according to Visordown. There was an investigation into the pensions scheme, and it found that instead of releasing the money of the Commando 2012 Pension Scheme, the Donington MC Pension Scheme and the Dominator 2012 Pension Sc...
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MV Agusta Seeks Distributor for Indian Market

A New Distributor Could Mean a New Era for MV Agusta In the past, MV Agusta has used the distribution partner Kinetic to get its bikes distributed in India. Recently, there have been rumors that the companies would break ties. In a new video, the CEO of MV Agusta Timur Sardarov confirmed these rumors while answering various customer questions. He said that “there were constant misinterpretations of the contract.”  This means MV Agusta is looking for a new distribution partner in India.  Kinetic...
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Norton Motorcycles Interim CEO John Russell Talks the Future

A New Chapter for Norton In a recent interview with Superbike, interim CEO of Norton Motorcycles, John Russell, talked about the future of Norton. While the conversation ranges across many things, there’s one thing that’s certain, Russell wants to make customers happy with Norton again.  One of the first topics that caught my eye is that previously Norton only made about one motorcycle a week. Russell said that number would go up considerably. He also said that while the company would like to m...
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Could the TVS Apache RR 310 Birth a BMW G 310 RR

Another BMW Made by TVS? TVS has been in the news a lot lately due to the fact that it bought Norton Motorcycles, but the Indian motorcycle manufacturer has been in the big leagues for quite some time. The company has a partnership with BMW to produce the BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS. Now that could expand to another 310 motorcycle called the G 310 RR.  All this comes because TVS has an Apache RR 310 of its own. That motorcycle would make a lot of sense to use as a base for a G 310 RR motorcycle fo...
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Former Harley-Davidson and Land Rover Boss Announced as Interim CEO of Norton

The New Norton Begins to Emerge Stuart Garner ran Norton Motorcycles into the ground, opening the door for TVS Motors to buy the company and start rebuilding. One of the company’s first moves was to appoint John Russell, formerly of Harley-Davidson and Land Rover, to the Interim CEO position with the brand.  According to MoreBikes, Sudarshan Venu, the joint managing director of TVS Motor Company said, “Norton will continue to retain its distinctive identity with dedicated and specific business ...
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Norton Motorcycles will have a plant in India, eventually - Report

TVS Motor Company has no immediate plan to manufacture Norton bikes in India....
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TVS Says Rebuilding Norton’s Brand Is Biggest Priority

Restore the Brand to its Former Glory It’s no secret that Norton Motorcycles has been in dire straights for quite a while now. After the company entered into administration TVS was able to purchase the brand. The Indian company has said the British brand’s production will stay in Britain. In a recent interview with Motorcycle News, TVS Motor Company’s Joint Managing Director, Sudarshan Venu, said that TVS wants to focus on rebuilding the company.  “The most important thing for us is to build on...
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TVS Motors Won’t Move Norton Motorcycles Manufacturing to India

Manufacturing in the UK Still TVS Motors recently purchased Norton Motorcycles, and there was a lot of speculation about what would happen to the UK facilities and if Norton bikes would be made outside of the UK. Well, according to Car and Bike, TVS Motors doesn’t plan to move any Norton Motorcycles manufacturing to India.  The TVS Motor Joint Managing Director Sudarshan Venu said that Norton bikes will continue to be made in the UK. The same design and assembly team will be retained. TVS wants...
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TVS Motors Bought Norton Motorcycles

The Indian Company Takes Over the British Brand In a £16million (roughly $20 million) cash deal, Norton Motorcycles became a TVS Motors brand. According to Motorcycle News, the Indian giant’s offer was selected by BDO—the company overseeing the administration of Norton. Both BDO and Indian confirmed the deal. Actually a subsidiary of TVS Motors owns Norton. The subsidiary of TVS will need “to work closely with customers in building the success and pre-eminence of Norton” and the employees of N...
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TVS Motor Company acquires Norton Motorcycles for INR 153 crore - IAB Report

TVS Motor Company, one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in India, has...
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TVS Motor snaps up British brand Norton Motorcycles

India's third-largest motorbike manufacturer TVS Motor has sealed a $20 million deal to buy British brand Norton Motorcycles as part of a distressed sale.
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TVS Motor reaches deal to buy British brand Norton Motorcycles - sources

India's third-largest motorbike manufacturer TVS Motor has agreed a deal to buy British brand Norton Motorcycles as part of a distressed sale, sources told Reuters.
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331 Parties Have Expressed Interest in Norton Motorcycles

29 Formal Offers Were Received It’s no secret that Norton Motorcycles has money issues. The company owes millions of dollars to various creditors. It essentially went bankrupt and now UK administrators are helping the company through that process. It is quite likely that the company will be bought by either another company or a single investor. According to a report by the UK government on Norton Motorcycles, there were 331 interested parties. Of those parties, only 169 filed the necessary NDAs...
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Could TVS Motors Buy Norton Motorcycles?

Someone Will Buy Norton Eventually The tragic story of Norton Motorcycles and all of the people wrapped up in the company’s issues has been a focal point of motorcycle news for a while now. The company appears to have been horribly mismanaged and has entered administration as of January. Not surprisingly, interested buyers are taking a look at the iconic company despite its millions in debt.  According to a new report by Bloomberg, TVS Motors, the third-largest motorcycle manufacturer in India,...
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TVS in talks with Norton Motorcycles to acquire it - Report

TVS, one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers in India, is in talks with...
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Norton Motorcycles Owes Something Like $35 Million

It’s at Least This Much It’s no secret that Norton Motorcycles is in some deep trouble. The company entered administration (basically bankruptcy) due to the fact that it couldn’t pay some of its debts. Then there’s a whole pensions scam that happened and is currently being investigated. The company appears to be completely mismanaged and involved in some horribly fraudulent activities. Norton Motorcycles owed tons of money, and the publication SuperBike did a deep dive into what was actually ow...
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UK Pensions Regulator Begins Investigating Norton Motorcycles CEO

Seeking Justice The Pensions Regulator in the UK is now investigating Stuart Garner about what has been called a “pension liberations scam,” by UK Member of Parliament Stephen Timms. The question was brought up of why the Pensions Regulator hadn’t investigated the Norton Motorcycles’ CEO and the situation regarding the dispute about pensions. According to The Guardian, that’s exactly what’s happening now.  There’s been a lot of news lately about Norton Motorcycles. The company essentially went ...
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Questions Raised Over Norton Motorcycles Pensions Scheme

This is Far From Over The Norton Motorcycles collapse is a sad state of affairs. Now MPs from the Work and Pensions Committee have written to The Pensions Regulator (TPR) about what happened. In a letter to the regulator, the committee says the following, according to MoreBikes: “The arrangement began in 2012. Could The Pensions Regulator have acted before May 2019, some seven years later?” The committee also made inquiries into when the TPR actually became aware of the conflict of interest in ...
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Petition Calls for Government Questioning of Norton’s Boss

Stuart Garner Is In Trouble I’ve reported on the downfall of Norton Motorcycles. It sounds like the company was horribly mismanaged and there was some shady dealings going on. The company entered administration and the whole mess is still being sorted out. There’s also a pension issue and lawsuit going on, that has Stuart Garner, the company’s CEO at the center of it. Now a petition has been set up calling for Garner to be questioned by the government over his conduct.  The petition was set up ...
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The Norton Factory Is Officially Closed and Its Owner Failed to Appear for a Hearing

The Doors Are Closed Production stopped at Norton Motorcycles. The company was still technically in operation despite the fact that it had entered administration not long ago. Well, now, according to Leicestershire Live, the factory is no longer in operation and concrete blocks have been placed at the entrances to the bike headquarters in Castle Donington, Leicestershire. All this comes after the company failed to pay some of its debts. It appears as though the company was seriously mismanaged ...
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Administrator’s Report Doesn’t Look Good for Norton Motorcycles

The Details are Coming Out I reported not long ago about the fact that Norton Motorcycles went into administration. Well, now the administrators, BDO, have a report about the state of the company. And things look less than good. According to MoreBikes, the report outlines several issues. The report issued by BDO is based around the company’s last published results which include numbers up to March 2018. While the report is quite long, MoreBikes points out a couple of interesting parts. First is...
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Norton Motorcycles: What Happened to All Their Money?

Norton Made £6.7 Million, So What Happened? I’m not one with inside knowledge of Norton Motorcycles, but I will say that it seems like things should have worked, at least from what was out there in the news. But the company entered administration. According to MoreBikes, the company’s sales resulted in £6.7 million last year. The company also had dealings with the Chinese company Zhongshen, Japan (an export deal), a British government grant, and money from Santander. All of this stuff happened ...
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Norton Motorcycles: 122 years of speed for famous brand

Administration may mark the end of decades of success and struggles for Norton motorcycles.
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IoM TT manufacturer Norton Motorcycles goes into administration

Norton Motorcycles has been placed into administration, plunging its road-racing activities into serious doubt for the 2020 season
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Norton Motorcycles goes into administration

The famous British motorbike brand was reportedly struggling to pay a £300,000 tax bill.
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The Norton Superlight SS has a Supercharged 650 Twin

Nothing Like a Superfast Norton Fresh off the news that Norton Motorcycles has a new mystery investor, the company has now revealed a new motorcycle. The Superlight SS with a new frame and a more powerful engine. The bike gets a supercharged engine and should be super fast.  Norton’s Superlight SS is a standard Superlight with carbon fiber everywhere and a supercharger on the engine. It’s a simple-sounding formula, but one that was probably pretty tough to pull off. The company replaced the alu...
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Bucephalus: A Norton Commando 850 from FCR Original

The Commando is one of the all-time greats of the motorcycle industry. In Britain, its status is iconic: even people with no interest in motorcycling know of it, or know someone who used to own one. Seventies-era Nortons can be temperamental though—troublesome to own and expensive to repair. So we’re always pleased to see one that has been rescued from the scrapheap and restored. Or even better, resto-modded with tasteful upgrades. This gorgeous 850 Mk 3 with a hint of street tracker style...
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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 28 April, 2019

Each week, we scour the internet to bring you the juiciest five motorcycles that we haven’t already featured. Today we’ve got a Yamaha SR500 street tracker from Milan, a BMW R nineT from Belgium, and a vintage Norton from Luxembourg. Plus Steve McQueen’s Husky, and a Bōsōzoku-inspired contraption from the lads at CROIG. Yamaha SR500 by Deus Milano The crew at Deus Milano put the blame for this project squarely on Marco Belli’s shoulders. Marco’s a highly decorated flat track racer, that r...
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