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‘Deep Nostalgia’ Can Turn Old Photos of Your Relatives Into Moving Videos

It’s hard to feel connected to someone who’s gone through a static photo. So a company called MyHeritage who provides automatic AI-powered photo enhancements is now offering a new service that can animate people in old photos creating a short video that looks like it was recorded while they posed and prepped for the…Read more...
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The absolutely improved, modern version of the semi-dangerous red water rocket toy I loved so much

I loved that little red water rocket and the associated white pump. Well-made and of extremely hard plastic, I could pump so much pressure into that bottle my 4 year-younger brother would howl on impact. You had to learn, however, to stand far enough away from your target to allow maximum acceleration while maintaining aim. — Read the rest
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Gone too Zune: Remembering the underdog MP3 player that stole my heart

Determined to prove the mainstream world wrong, I made the Zune my one and only. Here’s the story of my brief love affair with a discontinued MP3 player.
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Nostalgia: Frank and Moon Zappa's 'Valley Girl'

Wikipedia: "Valley Girl" was picked up by KROQ-FM, who obtained an acetate disc before release. Zappa praised the station's original programming but feared it would lead to others copying it, adding, "I would hate for it to become another service, freeze-dried to other stations."[2] — Read the rest
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QOTD: Which Muscle Car is the Most Muscular?

Classic muscle cars are legendary, some blend of parts not originally meant to go together. Our question is, of all the muscle cars produced, which is the most muscular?   With muscular being an adjective for vigorously robust, which muscle car would you say was the most well-developed?  One reason why you won’t get an […] The post QOTD: Which Muscle Car is the Most Muscular? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Exorcist II Is a Masterclass in All the Ways a Horror Sequel Can Fly Off the Rails

The Exorcist is legendary. The Exorcist III is fascinating. The dueling fourth parts of the Exorcist saga are odd enough to be interesting, and the Exorcist TV show was criminally underrated. And then somehow there’s Exorcist II: The Heretic, easily one of the most mystifying horror sequels ever made.Read more...
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Replica Car Sales Ruled Okay

Low-volume manufacturers may now sell replicas of cars made at least 25 years ago. At long last, The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has completed regulations to allow specialty car makers to produce and sell completed, turnkey cars. A bill to reduce the requirements and red tape for manufacturers of vehicles was enacted by Congress […] The post Replica Car Sales Ruled Okay appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Most Disappointing Gadgets of 2020

Believe it or not, we actually like a lot of gadgets. This is why it’s always a bummer when one arrives on the scene with the panache of a deflating balloon. There were a few of those products in our list of disappointing gadgets this year. Yet while sometimes gadgets disappoint everyone, there are other times they…Read more...
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New on Medium: A backward look

Will we ever look back nostalgically at 2020, the year of COVID and wildfires, loss and loneliness? That’s the question I ask, and answer, in a new essay for Medium, where I explore ideas that don’t quite fit elsewhere, and where I stand a tiny chance of making those ideas pay. If you’re a Medium member ($5 a month or $50 a year), you can let me know you liked this piece—and the 29 others I’ve published there—by awarding me up to 50 “claps.” Medium magically converts those claps into dollars th...
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Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Focused, Emotional, and Nostalgic in the Best Way

Season three of Cobra Kai is the show’s most confident, nostalgic, and entertaining season yet. The hit Netflix show based in the world of The Karate Kid once again builds on the relationships and characters we know and love from the previous seasons, as well as the movies, but this year it’s much more focused,…Read more...
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The Mandalorian Isn't the Only Star Wars Finale This Month

One of the best Star Wars shows is ending its second season this week. A show filled with heart, passion, and incredible stories that illustrate why the franchise means so much to so many. A show made by Star Wars fans, for Star Wars fans, aiming to gives us the kind of feels the franchise has been delivering since…Read more...
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Robotech's Christmas Episode Is the Perfect Holiday Special for 2020

You don’t need to have seasonal affective disorder to be depressed this holiday season. There’s plenty to be bummed out about, first and foremost that most of us won’t be able to spend time with our friends and family thanks to the pandemic, but then there’s also [gestures at everything]. It sucks, but most Christmas…Read more...
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Spider-Man's Best Cartoons, Ranked

Spider-Man’s rich history transcends comic books—as one of the most popular superheroes of all time, he has swung out of the pages of his Marvel adventures into films, games, and television—and even there, transcended the barriers of live-action and animated formats. The latter of which has perhaps provided some of…Read more...
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Infusing Your Presentations with Wonder

My niece just turned one. And there’s nothing like experiencing the holidays through a child’s eyes. Even in 2020. Watching her eyes widen at the sight of outdoor lights and indoor decorations has brought us all lots of cheer even in the dreariest of years. Which reminds me that one of the most powerful and overlooked human emotions is the sense of wonder. This holiday season I’ve been reading a book written by a painter. You read that right. Scott Erickson is a painter who is using his gifts of...
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In the Super Mario Cartoon's Holiday Episode, the Greatest Gift Is Attempted Murder

Happy holidays, everybody! Now with that out of the way, I need to talk to you about this “Worst Episode Ever” featuring the Super Mario Bros.Read more...
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Remember when the village people — the Village People?! — drank vegetable soup from your cupped hands?

Tala Schlossberg remembers.  Schlossberg is the daughter of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and yet I am not making fun of her. This video is actually really good! The story and the animation are credited to Scholossberg, and it's a funny journey into nostalgia and what we're really missing from pre-COVID times: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Back to the Future's Biggest Questions Are Answered in Doc Brown's DeLorean Owner's Manual

When did Doc Brown meet Marty McFly? What did the inventor do when he first arrived in 1885? How did he find out about the future of the McFly family? Questions like these have fascinated Back to the Future fans for years and soon they’ll have official answers. Leave it to Doc to hide some of his biggest secrets in…Read more...
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Still Flies High, 20 Years Later

Many people believe American audiences won’t go to theaters to see a foreign film. Twenty years ago today though, a movie broke that barrier in a most memorable way.Read more...
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Less Than ZeroLabs Aims to Turn Old Broncos Into EVs

ZeroLabs Automotive is re-engineering 1965-77 Ford Broncos as electric vehicles, with the mantra of “the past we love” and “the future we need”. Net-zero emissions aside, Hawthorne, California’s latest tech start-up, ZeroLabs envisions themselves as the savior of tens of thousands of classic cars that would otherwise be rendered obsolete and left behind. ZeroLabs is […] The post Less Than ZeroLabs Aims to Turn Old Broncos Into EVs appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Net Is Somehow Both Outdated and Prescient

The Net, starring a post-Speed Sandra Bullock, was made in 1995, so it’s a given the technology it depicts will look outdated 25 years later. But some of the broader ideas the film pokes into—amid many, many, many scenes of Bullock’s character being chased around by bad guys—are actually surprisingly insightful.Read more...
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The Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror Movies io9 Rewatched in 2020

Twenty-twenty hasn’t been good for much, but it has been given us bountiful free time— time you hopefully used to finally make good on that statement “Oh, I’d love to watch that but I don’t have time.” Well, in 2020 you did. As a result, many of us revisited and once again fell in love with old favorites, or finally…Read more...
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Ready Player Two Attempts, But Fails, to Reach the Next Level

Sequels are hard; any fan of pop culture can tell you that. A sequel can’t just match the success of the original, it has to expand on and deepen it. Recontextualize the whole thing in new and exciting ways. Very few sequels achieve this and no one would know that better than fans of, or characters in, Ernest Cline’s …Read more...
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On the Visual Thesaurus: How we talk about the past

For my November Visual Thesaurus column I look at our language of nostalgia and retrospect: at the words, old and new, we use when we talk about the past. Words like Before Times[s], retro, oldie, newstalgia, fauxstalgia, and reboot. Full access to “Into the Past” is restricted to subscribers. Here’s a preview:   Before Time(s). This phrase has become shorthand for “the time preceding the COVID-19 pandemic.” In his Word on the Street column for the Wall Street Journal, Ben Zimmer trac...
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People in COVID-19 lockdowns listen to nostalgic music on Spotify

I'm coming a bit late to this one, but Timothy Yu-Cheong Yeung recently analyzed Spotify listening trends, and found that people in COVID-19 lockdowns prefer to listen to the oldies. His paper reporting his findings is here, and there's a good story about it in the Guardian (they created that cool chart, above). — Read the rest
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Revisiting 1994's The Stand Ahead of Its New Adaptation

In a year that feels like Captain Trips has started creeping on the real world, the timing of CBS All Access’ new adaptation of Stephen King’s plague-apocalypse epic feels eerily appropriate. But Josh Boone and Ben Cavell’s take on The Stand has some big cloven hooves to fill: the hit 1994 miniseries.Read more...
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I Miss Videodiscs, the Fragile Garbage That Shaped My Childhood

When I talk about the discs I watched videos on as a kid people assume I mean laser discs, or maybe I’ve confused my decades and mean DVDs, or even video CDs. There’s an assumption that I’ve just misremembered things, but that’s because the capacitance electronic disc, or videodisc (or in my house just “disc”), was a…Read more...
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See How The Star Wars Holiday Special Came to Be in a Brand New Documentary

The Star Wars Holiday Special is one of the most mysterious and intriguing pieces in all of Star Wars history. Released after A New Hope, but before The Empire Strikes Back, the bizarre variety show was unlike anything fans had ever seen or would ever see again. After its release, George Lucas famously tried to erase…Read more...
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The Nickelodeon Documentary Was a Journey for Best Friends

Two friends who grew up watching Nickelodeon together have made what might be the definitive documentary on the legendary channel’s creation. The movie is called The Orange Years, those friends are directors are Scott Barber and Adam Sweeney, and the film is being released November 17. It documents the creation of…Read more...
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Hulu’s Animaniacs Reboot Is Nostalgic for All the Wrong Reasons

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are back—and they’re ready to turn 2020 upside down. Hulu has revived Animaniacs in an era where reboots are at an all-time high, giving these classic meta characters a window into modern cultural satire. But are ‘90s goofs still relevant two decades later? Read more...
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Home Alone's Director Takes Aim at Disney's 'Paint-By-Numbers' Remakes

Disney is getting ready to do a reboot of the classic holiday film Home Alone, but one of the key figures behind it is not on board. Director Chris Columbus is not only speaking out against the remake for Disney+, he says it’s part of a larger problem of the studio doing safe reboots instead of something original.Read more...
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