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OK, I lied

Another Beaujolais post. Ken came home from the grocery store with a new supply of Beaujolais nouveau for the coming week. Good thing. These bottles come from Super U and are sold under the store's brand. We drank the one with the purple peacock feather label (second from the left) on Saturday and it was tasty. I don't know what the peacock feather motif is all about. The grape variety used to make Beaujolais wines is gamay. Nouveau wines from Super U. The one on the right says "No ADDED sulfi...
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What's New in Linux 5.6? WireGuard VPN and USB4

Linux 5.6 "has a bit more changes than I'd like," Linus Torvalds posted on the kernel mailing list, "but they are mostly from davem's networking fixes pulls, and David feels comfy with them. And I looked over the diff, and none of it looks scary..." TechRadar reports that the new changes include support for USB4 and GeForce RTX 2000 series graphics cards with the Nouveau driver: Yes, Turing GPU support has arrived with the open source Nouveau driver, along with the proprietary firmware images, ...
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Best things to do in Brussels

Among Europe’s big cities , Brussels doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Yet Belgium’s capital has prime architecture, public parks, and 19 municipalities, each with its own distinct vibe. These include trendy Ixelles, artsy Saint-Gilles, and the city center with its Grand-Place on the main square, surrounded by opulent buildings. Add to that a unique artistic sense, excellent cuisine, and multilingual conversation — French, Dutch, and German are all official languages, and English i...
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Edward Julius Detmold

Edward Julius Detmold and his twin brother Charles Maurice Detmold were book illustrators active in the “Golden Age” of illustration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Both were interested in natural history and animals, and even in their illustrations for books like Kipling’s The Jungle Book and The Fables of Aesop, their images were more likely to feature animals than people. Both worked in watercolor and ink and were influenced by Japanese Prints, Art Nouveau and the Pre-Raphaeli...
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BANAD Festival – Visit Brussels Art Nouveau and Art Déco Masterpieces

Want to visit Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings in Brussels, Belgium not normally open to the public? The BANAD Festival takes you behind closed tours for guided tours of Brussels most spectacular buildings. Ever since I was young, my top interest when visiting a new place has been architecture. The way buildings look, their style, their colour, the way they are preserved; are what make me say “I like this city.” These things have always been so important to me, when I was a kid, my parents ...
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On Empathy

launch gallery The crimes and misdemeanors language perpetrates against music are many and various, but one offense is more insidious than most, simply for being so insignificant. It’s a preposition. In English, invariably, we listen to a piece of music. Never with a piece of music. That little rut of syntax conceals a speed bump on what seemingly should be a musical express lane: the generation of empathy. Empathy is something music can and ought to steadily, even effortlessly create. Perfo...
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Download Hundreds of Issues of Jugend, Germany’s Pioneering Art Nouveau Magazine (1896-1940)

It’s an ungainly word for English speakers, which is maybe why we do not hear it often: Gleichschaltung. Yet the concept remains central for a clear view of what happened to Germany in the 1930s. In 1933, the nation completely transformed, seemingly overnight, through “a concerted policy of ‘coordination’ (Gleischaltung),” the U.S. Holocaust Museum writes. “Culture, the economy, education, and law all came under Nazi control.” Those artists and organizations that were not purged had their essen...
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18 Pictures of Budapest That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags

Budapest is a city like no other. Shaped by centuries of warfare, the capital city of Hungary has gone through various changes and rebuilds. Today, Budapest is a mishmash of different architectural styles from Roman, Turkish, Baroque, with a little modern Art Nouveau thrown into the mix. This creates an opportunity to take unique and [...] Read the original post 18 Pictures of Budapest That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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My 30 Best Experiences in Belgium

To celebrate my 40th birthday, I’m sharing the 30 best experiences I had in Belgium during my thirties! Last week I shared my 30 favourite travel experience of my 30s and my 30 favourite foodie experiences, to celebrate turning another decade older. (Hello 40!) However, the bulk of my 30s was spent living in Brussels, and Belgium (and becoming Belgian) is a big part of that story. So today, as the final instalment of the series,  I want to celebrate my decade in Belgium by sharing my 30 favo...
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Things to do in Brussels, Belgium: The 12 Best Museums

Continuing our series of things to do in Brussels, we share our 12 favourite museums in Belgium’s capital city. After 11 years of living in Belgium, we’re still shocked when we hear people claim there is nothing to do in Brussels. Even after a decade, we still didn’t have time to explore all of Brussels’ attractions. We do, however, have many favourites; some are well known, some are hidden gems. Although we’ve written about many of our favourite things to do in Brussels over the years, we wa...
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Door of the Month: 30 & 36 Ave. Junot

I found these two gems, one Art Nouveau and the other Art Deco, on an exclusive street in the hills of Montmartre. Ave. Junot, away from the overcrowded touristy part of Montmartre, is a short avenue lined with some beautiful Art Nouveau mansions. It was created between 1910 and 1912 and named after Jean-Andoche Junot, 1771-1813, a high-ranking general in the French army. 30 & 36 Ave. Junot, 75018 Metro: Lamarck-Caulaincourt 36 Ave . Junot Eye Prefer Paris Po...
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La 7ème ligne du tableau périodique est désormais complète

Il va falloir changer les livres de science encore une fois. De nouveaux éléments viennent d’être ajoutés au tableau périodique, complétant la 7 ème ligne de ce tableau. Les éléments 113, 115, 117 et 118 ont fait leur apparition le 30 décembre dernier après qu’une équipe composée de scientifiques du IUPAC et du IUAPAP (deux […]
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Intel Skylake & Broxton Graphics Processors To Start Mandating Binary Blobs

An anonymous reader writes: Intel has often been portrayed as the golden child within the Linux community and by those desiring a fully-free system without tainting their kernel with binary blobs while wanting a fully-supported open-source driver. The Intel Linux graphics driver over the years hasn't required any firmware blobs for acceleration, compared to AMD's open-source driver having many binary-only microcode files and Nouveau also needing blobs — including firmware files that NVIDIA still...
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