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'Invasion' of polar bears in Russian Arctic over

An "invasion" of aggressive polar bears in inhabited areas of Arctic Russia has come to an end, officials said Tuesday, ten days after the animals came to the area looking for food. Officials in the remote northeastern Novaya Zemlya archipelago declared a state of emergency last week after 52 bears were seen entering homes and public buildings. Local authorities appealed for help from Moscow to tackle the "unprecedented" situation on the archipelago, where Russia has bases for military personn...
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Quick Hits: Polar Bears invade Russian Town

Residents terrified as dozens of polar bears invade Russian town A remote archipelago in northern Russia has declared a state of emergency after an invasion of polar bears has sparked fear among residents. Novaya Zemlya, located in the Arctic Ocean, has been swarmed with polar bears since December. The region’s largest settlement, Belushya Guba, has reported more than 50 polar bear sightings. Local administrators say that the polar bears have attacked people and entered buildings and that pa...
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Polar bears invade small island in northern Russia, causing an emergency warning

Islands in northern Russia faced a crisis last weekend after a group of polar bears invaded the region. Officials in Novaya Zemlya issued an emergency warning for the small town of Belushya Guba, leaving residents scared to venture outside of their homes. Photos of polar bears invading garbage heaps surfaced over the weekend, while school officials say they have spotted the animals near buildings and homes in the area. Authorities claim they have seen polar bears enter the town in the past but ...
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This is probably the very real and very grim reason why polar bears have invaded a Russian island

Stories careening around the web over the past few days have sounded the alarm about an "invasion" of polar bears on an archipelago at the northern reaches of Russia. But for all the sensationalist headlines, there's a likely explanation.The local Russian government declared state of emergency for the Novaya Zemlya territory on Saturday because of "the mass invasion of polar bears in residential areas," according to the region's governor. Russian news agency TASS reported at least 52 pol...
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Polar Bears Have Invaded a Russian Outpost, and They’re Hungry

Bears on the Novaya Zemlya island chain halted a seasonal migration to congregate near a military outpost, in a possible omen of climate change.
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Polar bears besiege Russian islands

We tend to think of polar bears as beautiful but elusive animals that very few of us will be lucky enough to ever see in person. But for the people of Novaya Zemlya islands, a remote Arctic archipelago in Russia, polar bears are not mysterious enough these days. Dozens of bears have besieged the islands, which are home to just 3,000 people. Belushya Guba, the archipelago’s main settlement, has declared a state of emergency after spotting 52 bears and reporting incidents of bears chasing peop...
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Russian islands declare emergency after mass invasion of polar bears

Experts deployed to remove dozens of hungry bears besieging Novaya ZemlyaRussian environmental authorities have deployed a team of specialists to a remote Arctic region to sedate and remove dozens of hungry polar bears that have besieged the people living there.The move came after officials in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, with a population of about 3,000 people, appealed for help.“There’s never been such a mass invasion of polar bears,” said Zhigansha Musin, the head of the local administratio...
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Russian Authorities Declare State of Emergency After 'Mass Invasion' of Polar Bears in Remote Settlement

Russian authorities have declared a state of emergency in the remote, sparsely populated Novaya Zemlya islands in the Arctic Ocean, the BBC reported this weekend, after “dozens” of polar bears whose food sources are limited due to climate change started rooting through homes and other buildings near the settlement of…Read more...
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Russian Arctic archipelago sounds alarm over aggressive polar bears

A Russian Arctic archipelago on Saturday declared an emergency situation over an "invasion" of dozens of aggressive polar bears that have entered homes and public buildings. Russia's northeastern Novaya Zemlya archipelago, which has a population of around 3,000 people, has appealed for help to tackle "a mass invasion of polar bears into inhabited areas," regional authorities said in a statement. Russian authorities have so far refused permission to shoot the bears but are sending a commission ...
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20 Rare Snapchat Geofilters That Most People Will Never See

In addition to satisfying your wanderlust and exposing you to new foods and cultures, one of the fun perks of travel nowadays is getting to check out new geofilters on Snapchat. These designed overlays — which anyone can create and submit — are always exclusive to the regions they appear in. This means that you'll only have access to them while you're in that particular geographical area, which, for the hardest to reach spots around the globe, isn't easy.That's why we reached out to Snap...
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Audubon Goes Over the Climate Alarmist Edge

The society’s misleading claims about a climate crisis in the Arctic must be correctedBy Robert W. Endlich Figure 1: Cover of the January-February 2016 Issue of Audubon Magazine. AmmoLand Gun News United States -( The January-February 2016 issue of Audubon Magazine (Figure 1) proclaims “Arctic on the Edge: As global warming opens our most critical bird habitat, the world is closing in.” In reality, the magazine’s writers and editors have gone over the edge, with wildly misle...
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Underwater Nuclear Explosions: How Deep Is The Ocean, How High The Sky?

A guest post by Joseph Friedlander  Article Summary:  This is a longer article collecting and discussing data on underwater nuclear explosions and what they tell us of the physics of what happens when nuclear fire meets water from the inside. It is a follow up article to which was the discussion of underwater launch for the Wang Bullet one-shot nuclear space launch system and researches the physics of underwater exp...
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Novaya Zemlya: From nuke testing to lead-zinc mining in Russian Arctic

A Rosatom-owned mining company will start production of lead and zinc ores on the southern part of Novaya Zemlya where the Soviet Union detonated seven giant underground nuclear explosions. Novaya Zemlya in the Russian Arctic is likely the largest closed off area in the world. [Link to media]
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