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Alan Selman (1941-2021)

From a 1994 Dagstuhl Workshop. Selman is the one wearing a cap. Alan Selman, one of the early leaders in structural complexity and the co-founder and first chair of what is now the Computational Complexity Conference, passed away this morning. He was one of the true greats in our field both for his research and his service.Selman was a good colleague and a friend. I hosted his sabbatical at the University of Chicago in 1998 which produced a paper with Selman's student and my later ...
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Lots of Deals Coming Atcha from Ulta’s Love Your Skin Event Today

Plenty of stuff on sale today at for the Love Your Skin Event! First off get 50% off the entire Perricone MD Vitamin C Collection! Other items on sale: Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel $14 Boscia Fruit Acid Smoothing Foot Peel $9 Boscia Cryosea Firming Icy-cold Cleanser $15 Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask $17 Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser $14 Eve Lom Be Radiant Discovery Set $40 Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence $12.50 Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta You may also enjoy... Blush H...
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The ACM History Committee call for proposals looks wrong

 In November I (and prob everyone in the ACM) got an email that was a call for proposal from the ACM History committee.   is a pointer to it. One of the passages in it just seems wrong to me:This fellowship program is designed to support research and/or curatorial projects related to ACM's professional and educational activities and/or to ACM's rich institutional history including its organization, SIG activities, and conferences. I will give  examples of history projects that are interesting bu...
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Many of you have heard of Russell Impagliazzo's five worlds from his 1995 classic A personal view of average-case complexity In short Algorithmica: P = NP or something "morally equivalent" like fast probabilistic algorithms for NP. Heuristica: NP problems are hard in the worst case but easy on average.Pessiland: NP problems hard on average but no one-way functions exist. We can easily create hard NP problems, but not hard NP problems where we know the solution. Minicrypt: One-way functions exist...
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Shuffling Around

In the fall of 1983 as a junior at Cornell I took CS 481, Introduction to the Theory of Computing, from Juris Hartmanis. Needless to say this was the course that changed my life and led me down a path that would have me teach a variation of this course myself more than twenty times.For some reason one of the final exam questions is still stuck in my head.Let the permutation of a language L be the set of strings x such that there is a string y in L which is a permutation of the letters in x. For ...
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Researchers create 3D-printed nasal swab for COVID-19 testing

In response to the critical shortage of nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Radiology at University of South Florida (USF) Health in Tampa set out to design, validate and create NP swabs using a point-of-care 3D printer. Results of the first clinical trial of 3D-printed NP swabs for COVID-19 testing are being presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).
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‘Prisoner 913’: The long, zigzagging path to Mandela’s release

A new book draws on the secret archive of NP justice minister Kobie Coetsee to paint a detailed picture of the lead-up to Nelson Mandela’s release. Shaun de Waal spoke to co-author Riaan de Villiers The post ‘Prisoner 913’: The long, zigzagging path to Mandela’s release appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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More thyroid medicines recalled for being too weak. People have reported problems

Testing and customer complaints of medical problems resulted in two lots of NP Thyroid tablets getting recalled by manufacturer Acella Pharmaceuticals.
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Comment on salted peanut butter cookies by NP

I am absolutely obsessed with these cookies. How can something so simple be so addictively good? Thank you!
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Mathematics is not commutative

In my poll of P vs NP and other issues, one of the questions was                              Is factoring in P? One of the most interesting answers was                              I don't really see why it shouldn't be. - Peter Shor Recall that Peter Shor proved Factoring is in Quantum-P which lead to intense interest in Quantum Computing. 1) What if factoring was in P and this was shown before Shor's algorithm? Would Shor or someone else have ever proven factoring in quantum P? Would there ...
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MB CUSTOM RODS - Tiemco Oracle Vintage Baby Trout Fly Reels

It's always amazing what you can find elsewhere in the fly fishing world and if you're not familiar with Tiemco beyond their hooks, well you're missing out.  A few years back they offered some really wonderful yellow glass fly rods and more recently I have been intrigued with the EUFLEX Glass Master fly rods they are showing on their website.I am a pushover for classic-looking click and pawl fly reels and my interest was sparked when Marc Beissler of MB Custom Rods recently began offering the Ti...
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simple but amazing experiences healing dogs from past trauma

Cookie recently had a fear reaction, and we're working on desensitization. I thought I would share our experience with changing fearful behaviour.  Diego Not long after we adopted Diego, we learned he had an extreme fear reaction to anything involving his ears. Neither Allan nor I can remember exactly how we learned this, whether he growled at the vet during an exam, or something else. But I distinctly remember that, when he saw a Q-tip in my hand, Diego showed his teeth for a split-secon...
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NUS teams develop three nasopharyngeal swab designs for COVID-19 testing

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a global surge in demand for nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs, a key element in testing for SARS-CoV-2. Singapore is no exception. Commercially available NP swabs used in COVID-19 test kits are often out of stock due to supply chain disruptions.
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Vidcast on Conferences

Bill and Lance have another socially-distanced vidcast, this time with Lance telling the story of two conferences (ACM Economics and Computation and the Game Theory Congress). As mentioned in the video the Game Theory Congress has been postponed to next year. Also mentioned in the video, for a limited time you can read Lance's book on P v NP on Project Muse. [Author: [email protected] (Lance Fortnow)]
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Idaho Mom Arrested for Protesting Coronavirus Lockdown With Her Kids at Closed Playground

A mother-of-four from Idaho was arrested after she violated the state’s stay-at-home order by staging a protest at a playground that had been closed to the public as part of efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus. 40-year-old Sara Walton Brady and a group of parents gathered at Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park in Meridian Tuesday afternoon (Apr. 21) to participate in a “playdate protest” against Idaho Governor Brad Little’s stay-at-home order. On March 23rd, in response to the coronavirus pa...
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What to do while stuck at home Part I

First of all both the Turing award and Abel Prize announced yesterday. As we start moving from the panic phase of the coronavirus to the boring phase, what kinds of things should you do or not do while stuck at home for the next two weeks to eighteen months. First of all still do your job. Teach your online classes. Try to do some research. Meet with your colleagues/students/advisor virtually (best with Zoom or something similar). Submit to conferences. What else? Use the situation for your adva...
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People are going crazy for a browser plug-in that lets you coordinate Netflix watch parties while quarantined — here's how to use it

The coronavirus outbreak has led millions to quarantine inside their homes and work remotely in an effort to stop the spread of the pandemic. A browser extension called Netflix Party, which lets multiple users watch a TV show or movie together, has seen a resurgence in interest in recent weeks. Here's how to install and use Netflix Party, which is only available for use on Google Chrome. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In-person hangouts are no longer possible for millions...
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Theorist Paul R Young passed away

In the early days of theoretical computer science, say 1960-1990 the main tools used were logic. This made sense since, early on: a) Some of the basic notions like DTIME(T(n)), P, NP used Turing Machines in their definitions b) Some of the basic notions like reductions were modeled after similar concepts in computability theory. One of the people who did much work in the interface between Logic and TCS was Paul Young. He passed away in December. Here are some highlights of his work: 1) One of th...
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Should nurse practitioners complete medical residencies?

About three months ago, something awful happened. The oncology nurse practitioner (NP) whom I trained for the past two years in my subspecialty decided to seek employment elsewhere in order to have a more flexible work schedule. My team and I lamented we had a going-away dinner to say thank you for her work. And […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Linux-ready SBCs and mini-PCs run Ryzen Embedded, including new 8-10W R1305G

Sapphire unveiled NP-FP5 and BP-FP5 SBCs with Ryzen V1000 and R1000 SoCs plus a G-series board, and Simply NUC revealed Red Oak (NP-FP5) and Post Oak (BP-FP5) mini-PCs based on the Ryzen SBCs. The NP-FP5 and Red Oak support AMD’s new 8-10W R1305G. At Embedded World, Sapphire Technology announced a pair of 4 x 4-inch […]
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February 11 1990: Mandela’s media conquest

Nelson Mandela’s release from prison was also South Africa’s first ‘media event’. And, despite the NP’s, and the SABC’s, attempt to control the narrative, the force of Madiba’s personality meant that he emerged as a celebrity The post February 11 1990: Mandela’s media conquest appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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16 Brilliant Things to do in Moab, Utah (Adventure + Natural Beauty)

If you are researching tips on what to do in Moab, keep reading because after our 2 week visit we have some great insights to share. With so many cool and fun things to do in Moab, many people stop here when visiting this desert state, mostly due to its proximity to three awesome USA national parks: Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef. Doesn’t that make for a spectacular region on its own. Corona Arch – One of the best things to do in Moab We first came to visit Moab in 2006, but was so ob...
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Harvard-Westlake utilizes size, experience to top Chaminade in Mission League title game

Support our high school sports coverage by becoming a digital subscriber. Subscribe now. ENCINO >> It was obvious the Harvard-Westlake boys basketball team had been there before. The Wolverines won their second straight Mission League title with a wire-to-wire 81-66 win over Chaminade Friday night at Crespi. Seniors Brase Dottin (17 points) and Mason Hooks (16) led the way with help from junior Truman Gettings (16) and sophomore Cameron Thrower (15). Harvard-Westlake’s Trumann Gettings #10...
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Solving complex problems at the speed of light

Many of the most challenging optimization problems encountered in various disciplines of science and engineering, from biology and drug discovery to routing and scheduling can be reduced to NP-complete problems. Researchers developed an algorithm dedicated to solving the well-known NP-complete Ising problem with photonics hardware.
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What would you do if you showed P=NP? I would reread Factor Man by Matt Ginsberg

Lance has often said (and also in this) that if P=NP that would be great for the world: much more efficient ways to build things, science could be done better, etc, and that is much more important than that modern crypto would no longer work. We now have the technology to do private key really well--- like a thumb drive that has a billion bits for 1-time pads. I agree that the world would be better off in some ways, I wonder how much damage would be done in the transition period from public to p...
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Silicon Valley Ethics

Spoiler Alert: This post has details from the final episodes of the HBO television series Silicon Valley A few times I've gotten emails from people claiming they have shown P = NP and asking whether they should keep their algorithm a secret to protect the cryptography out there. My typical response is that they should use their algorithm to mine a few bitcoins and then get back to me. The fictional characters of Pied Piper faced this dilemma when they AI they created "developed a general solutio...
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The Wikipedia Entry on NP-Intermediary Problems lists one of mine! I'm not bragging about it.

I recently needed to look at what NP problems were possibly intermediary (neither in P nor NP-complete). So I went to Wikipedia and found this. They had many problems, though some I had never heard of. Those that I had never heard of should they be on the list? That is, are they natural? That is hard to define rigorously, but I will take you through my train of thought as I read the first few: Factoring Integers. Yes, quite possibly intermediary: If  its NPC then PH collapses, and, at least so...
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12 Coolest Things To Do in North Cascades National Park (For 1st Time Visitors)

A visit to North Cascades National Park will be one shrouded in awe yet also sadness. It’s a land of steep slopes converging into narrow river valleys and mountain ranges blanketed in forest and covered with glaciers and lakes. Washington Pass Overlook There are more glaciers in North Cascades NP than any other USA national park outside of Alaska, including its close neighbor, Glacier National Park. The sadness comes from knowing that all of the 330+ glaciers you have the honor of seeing thr...
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Vegan Sneakers Set To Be Next Plant-Based Craze In 2020

(CNN) — Eco-friendly meatless food products shook up the fast-food industry in 2019. Experts say next year’s game-changing trend in sustainable consumer goods may be plant-based — or “vegan” — athletic shoes. Last week, Reebok, owned by Adidas since 2005, unveiled the design for its first plant-based running shoe, the Floatride GROW, which is expected to hit store shelves in the fall of 2020. The upper part of the shoe is made primarily from eucalyptus. Its soles are made from castor beans and n...
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Why is there no all-encompassing term for a course on Models of Computation?

In my last blog post I asked my readers to leave comments saying what the name of the course that has some of Regular Languages, Context Free Languages  Decideability, P, NP (any maybe other stuff) in it.  I suspected there would be many different names and their were. I was able to put all but 6 into 4 equivalence classes. So that's 10 names. Thats a lot  especially compared to (Introduction to) Algorithms and (Introduction to) Cryptography which I suspect have far fewer names. One commenter po...
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