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One Woman Can Smell Parkinson's Disease Before Symptoms Manifest

"For most of her life, Joy Milne had a superpower that she was totally oblivious to," reports NPR. Long-time Slashdot reader doug141 explains what happened next: Milne's husband's natural odor changed when he was 31. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's at 45. When Joy walked into a Parkinson's support group, she smelled the same odor on everybody. A Parkinson's researcher tested her with blind samples from early stage patients, late-stage patients, and controls... NPR tells the story of that test...
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Hospitals Turn to 3D-Printed Donations for Sorely Needed Supplies in Covid-19 Outbreak

A network of 3D printer-users has stepped in to help hospitals grappling with critical shortages of protective gear and other vital medical supplies during the covid-19 pandemic, NPR reports. It’s the latest unorthodox emergency measure U.S. health workers, who are pleading for equipment, have been increasingly forced…Read more...
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Some Recovered Coronavirus Patients In Wuhan Are Testing Positive Again

NPR is reporting that some Wuhan residents in China who had tested positive earlier and then recovered from the disease are testing positive for the virus a second time. It's raising concerns of a possible second wave of cases, as China prepares to lift quarantine measures to allow residents to leave the epicenter of its outbreak next month. From the report: Based on data from several quarantine facilities in the city, which house patients for further observation after their discharge from hospi...
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Coldplay’s Tiny Desk Concert

Maybe I’m gonna get some guff for this, but I believe that Coldplay is an underrated band. Oh sure they’re popular, but they are also good, better than their reputation suggests. Brian Eno doesn’t work with just anyone after all. Their recent Tiny Desk Concert at NPR bears this out. Backed by a fantastic nine-person choir (who previously performed with the band at a prison-reform benefit), Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and guitarist Jonny Buckland joyously perform a few of their songs (like...
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‘It's a steep road ahead’: Sanders admits it's going to be tough to beat Biden but he won't stop trying

Bernie Sanders is continuing to assess the future of his presidential campaign as he lags behind Joe Biden in delegate count and has to face up to the challenge of running for office during the coronavirus pandemic.Speaking to NPR’s Noel King on Morning Edition, Senator Sanders acknowledged that the path ahead would be challenging: “it's going to be a very steep road.”
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Petra Mayer interviews Gene Yang for NPR

Taking That First Step: Questions For Gene Luen Yang Petra Mayer March 21, 2020 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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How to add new skills to your Alexa-enabled device in 3 different ways

You can add skills to Alexa using the Alexa mobile app, the Amazon site on your computer, or even by voice command to the Alexa-enabled device. Alexa can be taught skills like controlling the lights in your home to playing a certain genre of music to playing a game, and more. Alexa can learn thousands of different skills that can customize your use of a device, leading to more efficiency, accuracy, and enjoyment. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. What would happen if you sa...
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A massive stockpile of 39 million N95 masks is being sold to American hospitals — around 27 million more than the US government's emergency stockpile

The Service Employees International Union said it located 39 million N95 masks and is selling them to hospitals.  That's more than the amount of masks in the national stockpile, which has around 12 million N95 masks and 30 million surgical masks.  The masks are set to be distributed to hospitals in California and New York and will be sold for $5 each.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The Service Employees International Union said it located 39 million N95 masks and will b...
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Watch Margo Price Debut New Song “Someone Else’s Problem” In Recorded-From-Home Tiny Desk Concert

Right now, NPR is doing something cool with its already-cool Tiny Desk Concerts video series. Since nobody can make it to play at the actual tiny desk at the NPR offices in Washington, DC -- since those offices are hopefully closed -- musicians are recording and sending in their own Tiny Desk Concerts at home. More »
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Why is Germany's death rate from coronavirus so low — 0.5%?

NPR explains:"I believe that we are just testing much more than in other countries, and we are detecting our outbreak early," said Christian Drosten, director of the institute of virology at Berlin's Charité hospital...."We have a culture here in Germany that is actually not supporting a centralized diagnostic system," said Drosten, "so Germany does not have a public health laboratory that would restrict other labs from doing the tests. So we had an open market from the beginning."...Only by tes...
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Spotify adds fundraising features and a COVID-19 news hub to address the health crisis

Spotify this morning announced a series of new initiatives to address the COVID-19 health crisis across its platform. The company is launching a financial relief effort for those in the creative community who have been heavily impacted by the virus, which includes the addition of a public donations feature on its website. The company is also working to add a new feature that will allow artists to fundraise directly from their fans via their Spotify artist profile pages. Meanwhile, for listeners,...
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Wednesday round-up

At NPR, Nina Totenberg reports that Monday’s decision in Kahler v. Kansas, in which the justices ruled that the due process clause does not require Kansas to adopt an insanity test that turns on a defendant’s ability to recognize that his crime was morally wrong, “upholds a Kansas law that essentially allows consideration of mental status only at the sentencing phase of a trial.” At Slate (via How Appealing), Carissa Byrne Hessick takes issue with the majority’s assertion that “Kansas did not ab...
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In Wisconsin, we are specifically forbidden to play ultimate frisbee.

From the Wisconsin Emergency Order, issued today:11. Essential Activities. Individuals may leave their home or residence toperform any of the following....c. Outdoor Activity. To engage in outdoor activity, including visiting public and state parks, provided individuals comply with Social Distancing Requirements as defined below. Such activities include, by way of example and without limitation, walking, biking, hiking, or running. Individuals may not engage in team or contact sports such as by ...
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“To err is human. To look at every Indian, and every life, with the same value is divine”: The 1,275-word speech that Narendra Modi should deliver at 8 pm to launch a process of “national healing”

My fellow Indians It is 8 pm.   I know the sight of me at 8 pm strikes fear in your hearts but do not be afraid, my dear countrymen. I have come here today not to scare you, but to make you feel comfortable.   I know these are dark and bleak times. The news is not good from any part of the world, on any channel or in any newspaper. But I want to reassure you, as your humble ‘Pradhan Sevak’, quickly and simply and in as few words as possible, that there is no need for any Indian in any part of...
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On Being Useful

The other day, Ben Folds posted an update on his Facebook page about where he was at, what he was doing, how coronavirus had changed his plans and he ended his note with... "I'm going to make stuff because that’s how I’m useful." Those words have stayed with me through the weekend.  We're a week into the unknown with coronavirus and what seemingly started out as an inconvenience with "social distancing" for some and a full on quarantine for others, is undoubtedly having an effect on many. We lik...
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CULTIVATED: How the cannabis industry is preparing for — and reeling from — the coronavirus pandemic

Welcome to Cultivated, our weekly newsletter where we're bringing you an inside look at the deals, trends, and personalities driving the multibillion-dollar global cannabis boom. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every week. If you want a discount to BI Prime to read our stories, sign up here! Hello Cultivated readers, We hope everyone is staying safe (and sane) out there as we're all hunkered down in our homes. We're going to be away for a bit as we're temporarily switching our focus here...
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Loeffler Says She Would Submit To Senate Ethics Review Over Unloaded Stocks

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) said Friday that she would submit to a review from the Senate Ethics Committee about millions of dollars worth of stocks unloaded from her portfolio right as she received private briefings about the coronavirus pandemic. “I’m happy to answer any and all questions and would submit to whatever review is needed,” she said on CNBC’s “The Exchange,” as she emphasized that her and her husband’s stocks are controlled by third-party managers with whom she has no contact. Ac...
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A bunch of antigay senators sold off millions of stocks prior to coronavirus outbreak

At least three antigay Republican senators and one Democrat sold millions of dollars worth of stock shortly after receiving closed-door briefings about the impending coronavirus crisis. Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, and Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma have all been accused of violating the STOCK Act, a law that bars members of Congress from making financial trades using nonpublic information. Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California is also implicated. Burr is ...
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GOP Sen. Richard Burr's response to coronavirus insider-trading reports ranges from weak denial to 'lol'

Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, responded Thursday night to two damaging reports showing his bifurcated public-private responses to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.First, NPR News reported that Burr had issued a dire warning about the coronavirus at a Feb. 27 private luncheon in North Carolina at the same time he was publicly more upbeat about America's preparedness for a pandemic. Then, ProPublica examined Burr's new financial disclosure form...
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Top GOP senator warned donors, dumped stocks while downplaying virus threat publicly

The Republican head of the Senate Intelligence Committee dumped stocks and warned donors of a looming disaster in February even as the White House played down the coronavirus threat, US media reported Thursday. Senator Richard Burr, who receives almost daily briefings from the US intelligence community on threats to the country, himself wrote on the Fox News website on February 7 that the US government was "better prepared than ever" for the COVID-19 virus, assuring Americans that they were wel...
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Republican stimulus package proposes up to $1,200 for individuals – as it happened

Plan includes aid for small businesses but leaves notable gapsState department warns all Americans to avoid leaving countryTrump sows confusion with claim drug will be ready soonCoronavirus – latest global updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSupport the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 12.02am GMT Related: Coronavirus map of the US: latest cases state by state 11.35pm GMT Richard Burr, the Senate Intelligence chair who sold off stocks in February despite publ...
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Tucker Carlson: Burr Must Explain or Resign Over Stock Dump

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ended his program Thursday night by calling for Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) to resign and face prosecution for insider trading if he can’t provide “an honest explanation” for dumping over $1 million of stock after he discovered the severity of the looming coronavirus pandemic.Shortly before Carlson went to air Thursday night, ProPublica reported that after the Senate Intelligence Committee that Burr chairs began receiving daily briefings, he went on a Feb. 13 selling sp...
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Burr Dumped Up To $1.6 Million Of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness

This article was originally published by ProPublica. ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up for ProPublica’s Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox as soon as they are published. Soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle the coronavirus, the powerful chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, sold off a significant percentage of his stocks, unloading bet...
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Republican stimulus package proposes up to $1,200 for individuals – live

Plan includes aid for small businesses but leaves notable gapsState department warns all Americans to avoid leaving countryTrump sows confusion with claim drug will be ready soonCoronavirus – latest global updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageSupport the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 11.35pm GMT Richard Burr, the Senate Intelligence chair who sold off stocks in February despite public assurances that the coronavirus crisis was overblown, has responded to a report t...
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Your Alexa device can play radio stations — you just need to enable the feature on the Alexa app

Your Alexa speaker can play radio stations if you enable the skill on the Alexa app.  While Alexa is known for its ability to stream pre-recorded music and podcasts, the device also has access to tens of thousands of radio stations. You can also ask your Echo to play some stations without using the app. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices have been heralded as multi-purpose audio devices. Along those lines, they can stream songs, audiobooks and ...
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In secret meeting 3 weeks ago, Intelligence Chairman told rich and powerful people to prepare for pandemic

On Feb. 27 while Trump was telling the public, "It's going to disappear. One day, it's like a miracle. It will disappear," U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was telling a small coterie of his rich constituents in a private meeting that the world was about to get slammed by something "akin to the 1918 pandemic": "There's one thing that I can tell you about this: It is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything that we have seen in recent history," ...
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How to survive social distancing according to science

Social distancing asks us to repress our evolutionary desire for human contact and interaction. Experts worry long periods of the practice will have unforeseen consequences on our mental health. We look at seven ways to help us mitigate social distancing's harmful effects. In response to the COVID-19, government and public health officials have asked us to steer clear of each other. Called "social distancing," the idea is to limit the transmission of the disease by lessening the contact we hav...
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Met Opera Lays Off All Union Employees, Including Musicians and Chorus

Anastasia Tsioulcas of NPR has reported on Twitter that the Met Opera has laid off all of its union employees. This includes all of its musicians and chorus. [Author: Stephi Wild]
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20 podcasts that will make you smarter while you self quarantine at home

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, more people may find themselves looking for entertainment or education while staying inside. Podcasts are a great option for those hoping for escapism, or who just want to use their time inside to learn something new. In the last decade, podcasts became a part of mainstream media, thanks to true crime shows like "Serial" and interview shows like "WTF with Marc Maron." We've compiled 20 podcasts that will teach you a little bit about everything, from polit...
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Comedy-Frauen: Weibliche Stand-up-Comedians, die du kennen solltest

Die Quarantäne-Zeit zieht dich ganz schön runter und jedes Mal, wenn du die Nachrichten siehst, könntest du nur noch heulen. Verständlich! Aber gerade jetzt ist es wichtig, nicht die Hoffnung zu verlieren. Erlaube dir, zwischendurch wenigstens ein paar Minuten glücklich zu sein und zu lachen. Mach das Beste aus der aktuellen Situation und genieß die kleinen Dinge. Zum Beispiel die Videos der folgenden unglaublich witzigen Comedy-Frauen. Stand-up-Comedians gibt es wie Sand am Meer, aber wenn di...
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