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Hal Holbrook's image erroneously used in "Abuse in the Boy Scouts" class-action ad

I'm SURE this law firm didn't mean to use award-winning actor Hal Holbrook's image to be the poster boy of an abusive Scoutmaster. Yes, this is a real ad for a real class-action campaign for Boy Scout survivors to get compensation for being abused. I got this image directly from a trusted blogger pal (who wishes to remain anonymous). I messaged him, "someone young maybe didn't know it was a famous actor???" and he joked back, "Maybe they googled 'pervy looking old guy.'" (Readers, do you know w...
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This soulful song won NPR's 2020 Tiny Desk Contest: 'Green Tea Ice Cream' by Linda Diaz

It's easy to understand why singer/songwriter Linda Diaz's deeply soulful "Green Tea Ice Cream" won NPR's 2020 Tiny Desk Contest: Diaz is a singer and songwriter from New York City, and her winning entry, "Green Tea Ice Cream," has a powerful message and euphoric sound. To me, Diaz's song is about slowing down and trying to find moments to enjoy life. Hearing her sing the line, "you should be living out your dreams / but you're tearing at the seams" seemed particularly poignant this year as w...
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Census Confirms Plan To Rush Count Amid Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Policy Push

Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham announced Monday evening that the Bureau was officially speeding up its plans for the 2020 census, putting it on a counting timeline that the Bureau’s own experts said earlier this year was impossible due to the pandemic. The Bureau now says that it will be aim to deliver the data for apportionment — the process of deciding how many House seats each state gets — by the end of the year, which was the original deadline before the coronavirus outbreak hit...
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How Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Census Power Grab Throws Rural States Under The Bus

Democratic-leaning parts of the country are not the only losers in President Trump’s anti-immigrant scheme to hijack the census. His administration’s recent moves to speed up the count appear aimed at making sure Trump is still president when the Bureau’s most important task — providing the data that decides how many House seats each state gets — is finished.  In doing so, Trump is also throwing under the bus rural parts of the country, census experts and demographers tell TPM. The gambit...
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Autonomous vehicle reporting data is driving AV innovation right off the road

Grace Strickland Contributor Share on Twitter Grace Strickland is an attorney with more than six years of experience representing technology clients in cutting-edge industries, including autonomous transportation. John McNelis Contributor Share on Twitter John McNelis is an intellectual property partner and leader of the autonomous transportation a...
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MIT Economists on the Impact of COVID-19 on Labor Markets

The Hamilton Project essay The Nature of Work after the COVID Crisis: Too Few Low-Wage Jobs is authored by MIT economists David Autor and Elisabeth Reynolds.  The essay covers four shifts being accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and their impact on labor markets.  And, according to the authors, all four potentially have significant, negative consequences for low wage workers, economic inequality and overall employment.  The four are: 1.  Telepresence: The essay points out that the shift to rem...
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James Baldwin Talks About Racism in America & Civil Rights Activism on The Dick Cavett Show (1969)

There are many reasons, some quite literal, that it can be painful to talk about racism in the U.S. For one thing, it often seems that writers like W.E.B. Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, or James Baldwin, have already confronted questions of racial violence without hedging or equivocation. Yet each time racist violence happens, there seems to be a decorous need in politics and media to pretend to be surprised by what's right in front of us, to pretend to have discovered...
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Facebook to depose before Committee on Data Protection Bill on Aug 10

Facebook is scheduled to depose before the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Personal Data Protection Bill during the Committee’s next meeting on August 10, as per the Lok Sabha website. The social media giant will be accompanied by representatives from the law firm Luthra & Luthra, industry body ASSOCHAM, and a Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Centre. We had earlier reported that the meeting would take place on August 10. Screenshot from the Lok Sabha website. During the previous meeting on July 27, t...
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HHS’ Last-Minute Order To Hospitals On COVID Data Created Weeks Of Chaos

Leslie Porth, a senior vice president at the Missouri Hospital Association, began a statewide conference call on July 15 with an apology.  Just two days earlier, the Trump administration had sent a letter to hospital administrators, telling them that by the 15th, they would need to stop submitting COVID-19 data to the CDC’s National Health Safety Network — a years-old survey backed by some of the government’s top epidemiologists. Instead, they were told to begin sending it to Tel...
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"It's hard to believe that the hole President Trump dug for himself could get deeper, but it has."

Exclaims NPR in "2020 Electoral Map Ratings: Trump Slides, Biden Advantage Expands Over 270 Votes."And yet it's still not reassurance enough — even this unfathomably deep abyss! — after what happened in 2016. The hole is so deep that Biden is expected to win 297 electoral votes. That's 27 more than are needed to win. You have to imagine Florida going for Trump to see a way for him to get out of that hole. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Progressive American Christianity fosters racism

Theologian and priest Kelly Brown Douglas begins her book, What’s Faith Got To Do With It, with this question: if Christianity has been used for centuries to oppress black people, “Was there not something wrong with Christianity itself?” In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, many Christian leaders took to the streets in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist groups. Other, mostly conservative and evangelical, Christian groups immediately criticized the protests. Recently, sever...
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NPR talks to Tomine

Adrian Tomine's New Memoir: 'The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Cartoonist' Andrew Limbong All Things Considered July 25, 2020 ...
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Trump Admin Moves To Speed Up 2020 Census Count, Raising Alarms About Accuracy

The Census Bureau is preparing to wind down certain decennial census operations a month earlier than planned, NPR reported Thursday, amid growing signs that the White House is pushing for a rushed count at the risk of undermining the decennial census’ accuracy. After the coronavirus outbreak scrambled the launch of the census this spring, the Bureau had reworked its operational timeline to give itself until the end of October to finish its data collection activities. To accommodate the need f...
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How Many People in the U.S. Are Hospitalized With COVID-19? Who Knows?

This story first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. In mid-July, the Trump administration instructed hospitals to change the way they reported data on their coronavirus patients, promising the new approach would provide better, more up-to-the-minute information about the virus’s toll and allow resources and supplies to be quickly dispatched across the country...
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First Circuit panel reverses death sentence of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Roughly five years after a jury handed down a death sentence to the Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev back in May 2015, today a First Circuit panel reversed the sentence while affirming his convictions.  This local NPR piece provides the basics and some context: A federal appeals court has overturned the death sentence of admitted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, saying the trial judge didn't do enough to ensure an unbiased jury. The First Circuit Court of Appeals Friday ordered...
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'Massive undercount' feared as Census Bureau reportedly moves to end in-person count early

The coronavirus pandemic has already made it hard to conduct a proper census count. It's reportedly about to get harder.The Census Bureau is moving to end its in-person interviews on Sept. 30, a month earlier than its previous Oct. 31 deadline, anonymous bureau employees tell NPR. The decision is raising fears among census takers that a "massive undercount" is imminent, especially in communities with low self-response rates.About 4 in 10 houses still haven't responded to the 2020 Census,...
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Misinformation On COVID Is Proving To Be Highly Contagious

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — As the world races to find a vaccine and a treatment for COVID-19, there is seemingly no antidote in sight for the burgeoning outbreak of coronavirus conspiracy theories, hoaxes, anti-mask myths and sham cures. The phenomenon, unfolding largely on social media, escalated this week when President Donald Trump retweeted a false video about an anti-malaria drug being a cure for the virus and it was revealed that Russian intelligence is spreading disinformation about the cris...
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Scientists Solve Mystery of the Origin of Stonehenge Megaliths

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: Researchers have announced that they have solved a centuries-long mystery surrounding the origin of most of the large stones that make up the outer ring of Stonehenge, in an article published to the journal Science Advances on Wednesday. Using geochemical data, researchers have determined that 50 of the 52 large stones, sarsen megaliths, originated from the West Woods in Wiltshire, England, some 15 miles from where the prehistoric monument stands. Th...
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NPR reviews Tomine's new book

Cartoonist Adrian Tomine's Self-Deprecating, Self-Aware Humor Shines In Memoir Ilana Masad July 25, 2020 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Notable criminal justice reform discussion in draft 2020 Democratic Party Platform

As reported in this NPR piece, "Democrats met remotely Monday afternoon to approve a lengthy policy platform that seeks to balance the interests of the Democratic Party's more moderate and liberal factions."  Here is a bit more about the meeting and its product: The virtual meeting came three weeks ahead of what will be one of the strangest party conventions in U.S. history: No delegates and few Democratic dignitaries will travel to Milwaukee to nominate former Vice President Joe Biden to be th...
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Parliamentary Committee focusses on exemptions for govt agency under Data Protection Bill

After a four-month-long pandemic-induced hiatus and a false start, the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Personal Data Protection Bill convened on July 27. The two-and-a-half-hour meeting, that saw attendance from 18 of the 30 MPs, largely focussed on Sections 35 and 36 of the Bill, the ones that allow the central government to exempt any government agency from any or all provisions of the Bill, four sources, on the condition of anonymity, who were present at the meeting told MediaNama. The n...
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NPR, and Andrew Aydin, remember John Lewis

'March' Comic's Creator Remembers Late Rep. John Lewis Ari Shapiro July 20, 2020 All Things Considered '...
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Monday round-up

The Supreme Court’s Friday night decision to deny emergency relief to a Nevada church that challenged the state’s coronavirus restrictions generated strong reactions over the weekend. In a story for SCOTUSblog (which was first published at Howe on the Court), Amy Howe explains the church’s challenge to a state policy that limits church gatherings to 50 people while allowing other facilities – including bars and casinos – to operate at 50% of their capacity. Chief Justice John Roberts sided with ...
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Truth, injustice, and the American chocolate bar, in this week’s dubious tabloids

You’ll need to bring your umbrella and your sunscreen to this week’s tabloids, which run hot and cold with the facts. The ’National Enquirer’ addresses billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s lieutenant in its latest cover story: “Why Monster Maxwell Was Denied Bail!” Under an “EXCLUSIVE!” banner, the cover tantalizes readers: “Only the JUDGE knows and now YOU do too!” But when, breathless with anticipation, you turn to the “Explosive Special Report” to discover the “shocking reason” Ghislaine M...
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NPR’s Planet Money Podcast Is Reaching Gen Z Through Chaotic TikTok Videos

Odds are most Gen Zers don't scroll endlessly through TikTok to learn about financial terms or the structure of the American economy. That changes, though, when a 20-something-year-old uses chicken nuggets to explain negative marginal benefit and refers to a pause in the stock market as a "chill session." Through lo-fi graphics, unconventional metaphors and...
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The top 9 movies on Netflix this week, from 'Fatal Affair' to 'The Old Guard'

"The Old Guard" was dethroned this week by another Netflix movie, "Fatal Affair." Netflix introduced daily top lists of the most popular titles on the streaming service in February. Streaming search engine Reelgood keeps track of the lists and provides Business Insider with a rundown of the week's most popular movies on Netflix every Friday. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Netflix's "The Old Guard" continues to be a hit with audiences, but it was dethroned this week in the...
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NPR's 'Only a Game': 1969 Masters Champion George Archer and a 50-Year Secret

Embed from Getty Images window.gie=window.gie||function(c){(gie.q=gie.q||[]).push(c)};gie(function(){gie.widgets.load({id:'3aIcs-QASdxupgPYYsyTrw',sig:'bJhlwS0NGijjiXfr4kvemmXbW0dzJajRJCwc0xIn05o=',w:'594px',h:'399px',items:'515182618',caption: true ,tld:'com',is360: false })}); FROM "ONLY A GAME" LAST DECEMBER, here's a revealing story about George Archer, the 1969 Masters champion. Archer stood 6 feet 6 inches. I remember him as a good putter.An excerpt:[George Archer's] pro career spanned f...
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Wonya Lucas Named President, CEO of Crown Media Family Networks

Crown Media Family Networks, the parent company of cable channels Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama, has named Wonya Lucas as its new president and CEO. Most recently the president and CEO of Public Broadcasting Atlanta, overseeing its NPR and PBS outlets, Lucas’ attention will now be focused on growing Crown Media’s […]
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NPR’s Broken Business Model

For decades, the P in NPR stood for “public,” as in publicly supported, noncommercial radio and digital news. Yet with its growing dependence on corporate advertising, NPR has found itself on equally troubled footing as its for-profit competitors, all of them reliant on the same pool of advertising dollars that have dried up during the coronavirus pandemic. – Washington Post
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