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Reduce food waste with your new best friend Meal Prep Mate

In a world filled with convenient fast-food wherever you go and a focus on instant gratification, it can be a serious challenge to eat healthily and keep your food waste to a minimum. For many of us, our busy lives cause us to make daily food decisions that fill our diets with highly processed foods, which are often wrapped in single-use packaging. But there is a way you can not only eat healthily, but you can reduce food waste while saving time and money, too. The answer is meal prep. In an ef...
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While the Bear Cam bears hibernate, the Trump admin weighs a big plan to mine their world

When the peak of summer arrives in Alaska and the radiant midnight sun hangs in the northern sky, tens of millions of salmon make their move. They race up rivers, leap over waterfalls, and clog narrow streams with their hefty, five-pound bodies. It is then that Alaska's Bristol Bay — home to the largest run of sockeye salmon on the planet — comes to life. Wolverines, foxes, lynx, and bald eagles descend upon this untrammeled realm. And the most dominant creature of the land, the brown bear,...
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Thursday round-up

Briefly: For The New York Times, Adam Liptak reports that “a group of hip-hop stars, including Chance the Rapper, Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Yo Gotti, Fat Joe and 21 Savage,” filed a brief yesterday “urg[ing] the Supreme Court to hear their fellow rapper’s First Amendment challenge to his conviction” “for threatening police officers — in a song.” At SCOTUS OA, Tonja Jacobi and Matthew Sag predict a 6-3 win for the proponents of the Peace Cross in The American Legion v. American Humanist Associatio...
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The environmental problem with toilet paper and what to use instead

Having access to soft, fluffy toilet paper is one of those modern conveniences that makes life in the 21st century that much easier. But did you know that using this luxury could be doing more damage to the environment than driving a large, gas-guzzling SUV? On average, every American uses three rolls of toilet paper each week (28 pounds per year), meaning that just 4 percent of the world’s population is responsible for 20 percent of total tissue consumption. This is destroying forests and impa...
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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arrive in Cabo After Emergency Landing

Safe and sound and ready for vacation! Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and their friends made it to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Friday, February 15, after an emergency plane landing caused a mild delay. Stars Celebrate Jennifer Aniston’s 50th Birthday Party The former Friends costars were spotted touching down in the tropical location. Aniston, 50, wore a tan hat and gray top, while Cox, 54, sported a white shirt and glasses. Us Weekly confirmed on Friday that the best pals’ plane was...
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The Green New Deal might be a little nutty, but climate change deniers are nuttier

This Green New Deal? It’s green the way the Blarney Stone is — mossy, messy, contaminated from getting kissed too many times by too many people. You have to bend over backwards to even get at it. But you know what? I’ll make out with it nonetheless, and take it to the malt shop, and so will tens of millions of Americans, because, while not a beauty, it’s smart, and even has some good ideas, and because its heart is in the right place. Because we’re sick of a mean and stupid man in the White Hous...
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8 Makeup Remover Wipes For When You Just Can't Even

Photo: Courtesy of Yes to Cucumbers. If there's one product that has survived the test of time, it's the humble makeup remover wipe. It's been there through our most stubborn mascaras and glitter lipsticks — and let's not forget those tired nights when we just couldn't find the energy to wash our face. Products just reach a certain level of recognition when they can 1. Keep our skin on its A-game, and 2. Make our lives easier. Name a better duo, we'll wait.Ahead, we've rounded up the best w...
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New York City bans polystyrene foam starting January 1

New York City has officially become the largest jurisdiction in the United States to ban polystyrene foam food and beverage containers. On January 1st, the city’s new policy went into effect after a five-year lobbying and litigation effort from the plastics industry to upend the city’s environmental initiative. Back in 2013, the City Council authorized the statute that states NYC restaurants, food vendors and stores can’t possess, sell or offer polystyrene foam containers for food and beverages...
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What's the healthiest insulation?

A new report from the NRDC has some surprises.
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Is your Thanksgiving turkey putting your family's health at risk?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of us are planning meals centered around a turkey. But a new report from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and its partners at the Food Animal Concerns Trust says that you could be putting your family’s health at risk by eating turkey because of the way American meats are produced. Just last week, NBC News reported an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant Salmonella that is linked to raw turkey, and it is still spreading. So far, the outbre...
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Court orders EPA to ban pesticide that causes learning disabilities in children

After over a decade of fighting, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has finally scored a victory in securing the ban of the pesticide chlorpyrifos. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a court order to the EPA requiring it to ban the chemical agent, which has harmful neurodevelopmental effects. Longstanding studies have indicated that exposure to chlorpyrifos can lead to increased risk of learning disabilities such as ADHD, developmental delays, and a lower IQ. Related: Unrelea...
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Apeel Sciences procures $70 mln

Santa Barbara, California-based Apeel Sciences, a developer of food-based coatings, has secured $70 million in financing. Viking Global Investors led the round with participation from Andreessen Horowitz, Upfront Ventures and S2G Ventures. In addition to funding, Walter Robb, former co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, will join Apeel’s board of directors. PRESS RELEASE SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA (July 31, 2018)​​— Apeel Sciences, recently honored as a ​WEF Technology Pioneer​ and a ​CNBC Disruptor 50​,...
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Kavanaugh on administrative law and separation of powers

Christopher J. Walker is a law professor at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Administrative law sets the ground rules for how federal agencies regulate and how courts review and constrain such agency action. Administrative law’s importance in our everyday lives has become even more pronounced in recent decades with the rise of regulation and the decline of legislation. To provide just one imperfect snapshot, in 2015 and 2016 federal agencies promulgated more than 7,000 final rule...
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Kavanaugh on administrative law and separation of powers (Corrected)

Christopher J. Walker is a law professor at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Administrative law sets the ground rules for how federal agencies regulate and how courts review and constrain such agency action. Administrative law’s importance in our everyday lives has become even more pronounced in recent decades with the rise of regulation and the decline of legislation. To provide just one imperfect snapshot, in 2015 and 2016 federal agencies promulgated more than 7,000 final rule...
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Heating up in Hawaii – Hot news from sea to shore

With summer heating up and many headed to shorelines and beaches all around the world, we focus on Hawaii which has been surfing up lots of news lately. Just a few days ago, the United States Geological Survey revealed that the Kilauea volcano is undergoing the “largest scale collapse” of its summit in recent history. Lava is still flowing from a fissure in the Leilani Estates area across the island and into Kapoho Bay. The USGS warned that a dominant ocean entry on the south edge of the flow f...
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Michigan adopts most robust lead water rules in US

In the wake of the Flint crisis, Michigan is adopting new lead water rules — the strictest in the U.S., according to Reuters. Lead service lines will have to be replaced, and the lead concentrations allowed in drinking water will be lower than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s standard. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Michigan Senior Policy Advocate Cyndi Roper said in a statement, “There is no safe level of lead in drinking water, so despite some troubling loopholes, these r...
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Washington coal plant to be converted into solar farm

Situated next to what was once the largest coal pit in Washington state, the TransAlta coal plant near the city of Centralia is turning into a source of clean energy. While TransAlta’s 2011 agreement to shut down the coal plant by 2025 will go a long way towards Washington’s goal of reducing carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 – the emissions produced by the Centralia plant represent 10 percent of the state’s total emissions – TransAlta is going even further, converting 1,000 acres of the f...
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Ovie’s Smarterware is like Tupperware that tracks when your food will go bad

We’ve ll been there. You buy $100 worth of groceries, only to have some of it go bad because you forgot about it in the back of the fridge. In fact, the NRDC estimates that Americans end up throwing away 40 percent of the food they bring home. The solution is simple: keep better track of your food and when it’ll go bad. Smart refrigerators from the likes of Samsung and LG have tried to fix this, but most people don’t have the time or money to acquire a new multi-thousand dollar appliance. Enter ...
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Relax. Sustainable Fashion Is Easier Than You Think

Nobody can seem to agree on how to dress sustainably.Some people advocate for organic cotton and Fair Trade fashion, while others criticize how expensive those types of pieces are for most people. Some advocate for only buying vintage, but shouldn’t indie designers also be supported in their efforts to be eco-friendly? Certain experts cheer for the huge ripples that international brands send across the supply chain with seemingly small improvements, while others decry said small improvements as...
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Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston Give Support to Chanel-NRDC Benefit Hosted by Ron Meyer

Chanel and the National Resources Defense Council joined forces for an exclusive party to celebrate Our Majestic Oceans on Saturday, with a starry guest list of environmentalists lending their support for the nonprofit. Notable attendees included Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Barbra Streisand, Josh Brolin, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, Mandy Moore, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, Priyanka Chopra, […]
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California makes huge investment in 'widespread transportation electrification'

Even as the U.S. turns away from clean energy, California continues to charge ahead. Empowering the largest investment in the U.S. by the electric industry to transform a transportation system, the California Public Utilities Commission has approved a collective budget of $738 million for four utility companies to “accelerate widespread transportation electrification.” This move, required by a 2015 clean energy law in California, marks an important step toward developing comprehensive infrastru...
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United Kingdom moves to ban most of its ivory trade

United Kingdom Secretary of the Environment Michael Gove has introduced a bill to Parliament that would ban the purchase, sale, possession for sale and international trade of ivory. Though the bill contains several exceptions for ivory found in museums, musical instruments and some antiques, it would be one of the most comprehensive ivory bans of any country. The United Kingdom is the largest legal ivory exporter and the bill, if passed into law, would certainly put a dent in this lucrative tra...
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The EPA wants to limit what science can be used to create regulations

Just weeks after this year’s March for Science, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt is taking a shot at science — “secret science,” in his words. Pruitt recently proposed a rule that would limit the kinds of research the agency could draw on in crafting regulations. Reuters described the move as “an apparent concession to big business” which has angled for the restrictions for a long time. Pruitt’s proposal would mean the EPA wouldn’t be able to use scientific rese...
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EPA head Scott Pruitt is being investigated by the House of Representatives, Senate, White House, Office of Management and Budget, Government Accountability Office, and EPA Inspector General

EPA head Scott Pruitt has gone on a multi-million dollar luxury item spending spree at taxpayers' expense. With his soundproof booth, bulletproof limousines, and chartered private jets, he seems to think people care who he is and are out to get him, when in truth he's just one of the indistinguishable swamp creatures appointed by Trump to dismantle the federal government's regulatory agencies. His expensive form of ego gratification has become so flagrant that various organizations in the feder...
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United States: States, NRDC, And NWF Sue EPA And Corps On Applicability Date Final Rule - Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Continuing the fight over the Obama-era WOTUS Rule, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., the National Wildlife Federation, and a host of states, including New York and California have brought lawsuits
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EPA ends clean air policy opposed by fossil fuel companies

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is withdrawing a key Clean Air Act provision. They’re reversing the “once-in always-in” policy, which requires power plants to always be classified as a major source of pollution. Under the new change, if a source “limits its potential to emit below major source thresholds,” per the EPA, it can be reclassified as an area source. What’s the impact of all this? According to a statement from Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) clean air director John ...
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Most Americans think they waste less food than their neighbors

A new report by the NRDC examines how much food is being wasted, where it's going, and why. The results aren't pretty.
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Argument preview: Justices to determine how Clean Water Act litigation flows

For decades, the scope of the federal government’s regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act has been a flashpoint for debate. In 2015, the Obama administration promulgated the “Clean Water Rule,” the most recent of several attempts to define the act’s geographic scope. By defining the key statutory term “waters of the United States,” the rule determines, among other issues, which water bodies are subject to the act’s discharge limitations and permitting requirements. Over 100 parties flood...
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Harvey Yields Highest Ozone Pollution, Worsens Air Quality In Texas

GALENA PARK, Texas (AP) — Cindy Sanchez began to feel ill while barbecuing just before Harvey’s torrents started pelting this city just east of Houston, along a corridor with the nation’s highest concentration of petrochemical plants. “I started getting really, really bad headaches,” said Sanchez, a 32-year-old housewife. “I never get headaches.” “My husband’s eyes were burning,” she said. “He actually had a napkin that was wet over his eyes.” The sewage-like stench chased the couple indoors and...
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