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Niger museum is eclectic national ‘mirror’

It has displays covering art, history, dinosaurs, nuclear energy, craftwork and music as well as live animals, for it is also a zoo The post Niger museum is eclectic national ‘mirror’ appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Art, Music, Africa, Diversity, History, Zoo, Dinosaurs, Niger, Openaccess, Sahel, Nuclear Energy, Top Six, National museum of Niger

China Wind Power Up 11%, Solar Power Up 8% and Nuclear Up 5% in 2020

Nuclear Energy generation increased 5% in 2020 over 2019. China’s nuclear energy production was 331 TWh for the first 11 months of 2020. China generated 349 TWh in 2019 and is on track to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: China, Innovation, Nuclear Energy

Electricity and fear: The trouble with nuclear energy

No other power-generating device raises as much concern as the nuclear reactor. Because of this, until recently the future of the entire energy sector has been determined by its past.On the eve of the pandemic, the European energy sector found itself at a crossroads, somewhere between Great Britain, Germany and Poland. Five years ago, across the English Channel, the then Prime Minister David Cameron announced an ambitious program to build 12 new nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 16 G...
Tags: Energy, South Korea, Europe, Japan, Hollywood, Ge, France, China, Germany, Angela Merkel, Russia, Berlin, Environment, US, Sustainability, David Cameron

Cape quakes no concern for Koeberg

Last week’s tremor has anti-nuclear campaigners questioning the safety of Koeberg, although the nuclear facility said the plant is designed to sustain a magnitude-seven earthquake The post Cape quakes no concern for Koeberg appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Business, Earthquake, Cape Town, Tremor, Power Plants, Openaccess, Eskom, Koeberg, Nuclear Energy, Peter Becker, South Africa (country, Promotion Of Access To Information Act, Department Of Minerals And Energy, Bismark Tyobeka, Koeberg Alert Alliance, National Nuclear Regulator

China’s Nuclear Energy is Still Less Expensive Than Solar and Wind

Zheng Mingguang, Chief Engineer, SPIC said that nuclear energy in China is still less expensive than renewable energy. The CAP1400 power generation costs are 6 cents/kilowatt and cogenerated heat is... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: China, Innovation, Nuclear Energy, Zheng Mingguang

Nano diamond batteries have one company all charged-up

Nuclear reactor parts converted to radioactive carbon-14 diamonds produce energy.To keep them safe, the carbon-14 diamonds are encased in a second protective diamond layer.The company predicts batteries for personal devices could last about nine years. We have an insatiable need for energy. When we need to operate something that cannot be simply plugged in, power is going to have to come from a battery, and the battle for a better battery is being fought in labs all over the world. Hold that ...
Tags: Energy, California, Sustainability, Innovation, Invention, Electricity, Battery, Alternative Energy, International Atomic Energy Agency, NDA, Nuclear Energy, NDB, Neel Naicker

U.S. Examines Whether Saudi Nuclear Program Could Lead to Bomb Effort

Intelligence agencies are scrutinizing whether the kingdom’s work with China to develop nuclear expertise is cover to process uranium and move toward development of a weapon.
Tags: News, Obama, Saudi Arabia, China, Nuclear Weapons, National Security Council, State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, Barack, Trump, International Atomic Energy Agency, Schiff, Nuclear Energy, Donald J, Uranium, United States International Relations

When Utility Money Talks

Corruption scandals in Ohio and Illinois reveal an unsavory underside to the politics of energy.
Tags: News, Ohio, Illinois, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Larry, Householder, Madigan, Commonwealth Edison, Entergy Corporation, Nuclear Energy, Bribery and Kickbacks, State Legislatures, Energy and Power, Michael J, Alternative and Renewable Energy, FirstEnergy Corporation

U.A.E. Becomes First Arab Nation to Open a Nuclear Power Plant

The launch is raising concerns about the growing number of nuclear programs in the volatile Middle East.
Tags: News, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Persian Gulf, Nuclear Energy, United States International Relations, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates, Nahyan, Mohamed bin Zayed al- (1961-

Powerful Ohio Republican Is Arrested in $60 Million Corruption Scheme

The House speaker was connected with a conspiracy to enact a $1.3 billion bailout of an energy company, the F.B.I. said.
Tags: News, House, Ohio, Larry, Householder, Nuclear Energy, Bribery and Kickbacks, Politics And Government, State Legislatures, FirstEnergy Corporation, Energy Harbor

Burning Ships in Iran Add to String of Dozens of Explosions and Fires

Iranian officials say that some of the explosions at factories and military facilities, and some forest fires may have been sabotage but blamed weather and accidents for the others.
Tags: News, Arson, Iran, Wildfires, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Energy, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Fires and Firefighters, Defense and Military Forces, Tehran (Iran, Explosions (Accidental, Sabotage (Crime, Natanz (Iran

Iran Is Accused of Hiding Suspected Nuclear Activity

The United States and the big European powers came together to declare they had serious concerns about Tehran’s failure to allow inspectors into two locations.
Tags: News, Iran, United States, Nuclear Weapons, State Department, Tehran, International Atomic Energy Agency, Zarif, Hook, Nuclear Energy, United States Politics and Government, Brian H, United States International Relations, Embargoes and Sanctions, Mohammad Javad

U.S. to Penalize Work at Iranian Facilities in Latest Blow to Nuclear Accord

International workers will no longer be able to keep a watchful eye on the nuclear programs, risking a layer of security that had sought to ensure Iran could not secretly violate a 2015 deal with world powers.
Tags: News, Iran, Nuclear Weapons, State Department, International Atomic Energy Agency, Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, Nuclear Energy, United States Politics and Government, United States International Relations, Embargoes and Sanctions, Iranian Facilities

S. David Freeman, 94, Tireless Advocate for Clean Energy, Dies

A folksy but forceful “Green Cowboy,” he helped shape energy policy in the White House and at local utilities for seven decades.
Tags: News, White House, Global Warming, David Freeman, Freeman, Tennessee Valley Authority, Nuclear Energy, Energy and Power, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Deaths (Obituaries, S. David, Tireless Advocate for Clean Energy Dies

Of nuclear-powered airplanes and the bullet train

A long-forgotten aspect of the nuclear arms race was the costly undertaking by the United States to develop a nuclear-powered aircraft as a strategic bomber. Even before Allied powers defeated Nazi Germany in 1945, both the United States and the Soviet Union were battling for post-war superiority. With the successful detonation of two atomic bombs — bringing the Pacific Theater hostilities to an abrupt halt — the U.S. had a brief period of nuclear superiority over the USSR. That would not last l...
Tags: Congress, California, Opinion, Germany, America, Sport, Soccer, United States, John F Kennedy, Pentagon, Ussr, Los Angeles Times, Trump, Soviet Union, Bakersfield, Palmdale

Chernobyl Wildfires Reignite, Stirring Up Radiation

Wildfires are common in the so-called Zone of Alienation around the abandoned Chernobyl plant. A larger-than-typical fire is stirring up radiation, though levels remain normal in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital.
Tags: News, Russia, Ukraine, Wildfires, Radiation, Chernobyl, Nuclear Energy, Chernobyl (Ukraine, Kyiv (Ukraine

Coming to a Country Near You: A Russian Nuclear Power Plant

A Russian state company is financing and building reactors across the world, reaping for Moscow both profits and geopolitical influence.
Tags: News, Putin, Russia, Moscow, Belarus, Erdogan, Gazprom, Viktor, Westinghouse Electric Co, Orban, Nuclear Energy, Rosatom, Recep Tayyip, Vladimir V, Minsk (Belarus, Chernobyl (Ukraine

Trump’s Chernobyl

Thirty-four years ago in Moscow I watched the government mishandle a disaster. Why does it feel like it was just yesterday?
Tags: News, China, Gorbachev, United States, Epidemics, Moscow, Radiation, Chernobyl, Trump, Nuclear Energy, Cold War Era, USSR (Former Soviet Union, Mikhail S, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, Li Wenliang

Someone just uploaded open-source nuclear power plant blueprints to the web

It sounds like the diabolical scheme of a James Bond villain — it's really not
Tags: News, Trends, James Bond, Emerging Tech, Nuclear Energy

Japan Races to Build New Coal-Burning Power Plants, Despite the Climate Risks

As many as 22 new coal plants—one of the dirtiest power sources—will arise at 17 sites across Japan, just as the world must slash emissions to fight warming.
Tags: Japan, News, Environment, Global Warming, Coal, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Tokyo Electric Power Co, Nuclear Energy, Energy and Power, Koizumi, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011, Suits and Litigation (Civil, Tokyo (Japan, Yokosuka (Japan, Shinjiro, Fukushima (Japan

Ontario Warned of a Nuclear ‘Emergency,’ Then Said Never Mind

Millions were greeted with a screeching alert on their phones. An hour and a half later, another message followed: The alarm “was issued in error.”
Tags: News, Ontario, Ontario Power Generation, Nuclear Energy, Security and Warning Systems, Ontario (Canada, Said Never Mind

The Tragedy of Germany’s Energy Experiment

The country is moving beyond nuclear power. But at what cost?
Tags: News, Germany, Merkel, Angela, Nuclear Energy, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Christian Democratic Union (Germany

Physicists discover how to safely create star power on Earth

A new study from Princeton physicists successfully uses boron powder to control nuclear reactions in plasma.Creating plasma can lead to an unlimited supply of energy.The new method is cheaper and less dangerous than previous approaches. None Humanity's huge appetite for energy has led scientists to attempt harnessing nuclear fusion, the power inherent to the sun and other stars. Now, a new study from Princeton physicists found a method that can aid the safe creation of fusion on Earth, potenti...
Tags: Energy, Astronomy, Space, Star, Physics, Innovation, Universe, Solar Energy, Princeton, PPPL, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory PPPL, Michio Kaku, Nuclear Energy, Lunsford, Robert Lunsford

Japan Wants to Dump Nuclear Plant’s Tainted Water. Fishermen Fear the Worst.

The water from the Fukushima disaster is more radioactive than the authorities have previously publicized, raising doubts about government assurances that it will be made safe.
Tags: Japan, News, Fishing, Fukushima, Commercial, Radiation, Abe, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Tokyo Electric Power Co, Nuclear Energy, Shinzo, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011, Hokkaido (Japan, Kyushu (Japan

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

5,700-year-old chewing gum, pertinent plant discoveries, 2019's biggest innovations and more inspiration from the web 2019 Plant Discoveries Include a Cancer-Fighting Fungus and More 102 plants and eight fungi were officially named by experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in 2019 (roughly 2,000 new species are named worldwide every year). Among the roster of the recently identified are a few additions with remarkable attributes, …
Tags: Art, Science, Design, Medicine, Dna, History, Shows, Basketball, Plants, Archaeology, Botany, Opera, Flowers, Sneakers, Innovations, Linkaboutit

A Nuclear Reactor For The Future

As current nuclear plants grow outdated, researchers, founders, and developers eye the energy source’s inevitable evolution. Most notably, the next generation of nuclear reactors will be smaller—almost 1/100th the size of current models. One specific advancement, named the NuScale reactor, could be grouped in clusters and sealed within some sort of protective container to prevent the spread of nuclear waste should an accident occur. Perhaps …
Tags: Energy, Usa, Design, Tech, Renewable Energy, Nuclear, Linkaboutit, Nuclear Energy, Reactors, NuScale

Pope Francis, in Japan, Warns of ‘Selfish Decisions’ on Nuclear Energy

Making the first visit to the country by a pope in 38 years, Francis called for an end to the nuclear arms race in visits to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Tags: Japan, News, Pope Francis, Nuclear Weapons, Francis, Hiroshima, Roman Catholic Church, Nuclear Energy, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (2011, Christians and Christianity

Iran Steps Further From Nuclear Deal With Move on Centrifuges

The country has been backing away from the agreement it signed with six countries four years ago, after the United States withdrew and imposed economic sanctions.
Tags: News, Iran, United States, Nuclear Weapons, Rouhani, Hassan, Nuclear Energy, Uranium

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