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Weekly Roundup, Friday 18 October, 2019

Looking across the Garonne River to some of the stately buildings lining its banks in Bordeaux. See our new 2020 tour, details below. Good morningIf you had the Monday off this week, I hope you had a lovely long weekend.  It is very different in this country to most others, because there is seldom a national consensus as to which businesses will be open and closed on most “official” holidays.I know when I had a travel company, if we closed on such holidays, we’d find our voicemail full to over...
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The Monday Roundup: Bike lane ROI, SUV insanity, emissions map, and more

This week’s roundup is sponsored by Portland-based personal injury law firm Forum Law Group. Here are the most noteworthy items we came across in the past seven days… Bike lane ROI: A new study published by BMJ found that spending a paltry $1,300 to add bike lanes to New York City streets has the public health equivalent of one more year of life at full health for every resident. That’s an insanely good ROI! Latest on CRC 2.0: The Columbian checked in on the state of a new I-5 bridge over ...
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NY Times: Violent Parody Video Shown at Trump Resort

A graphically violent parody video, shown at a meeting of President Donald Trump's supporters at his Miami resort, depicted a likeness of the president shooting and stabbing his opponents and members of the news media in a church, The New York Times reported Sunday.
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NY Times: Violent parody video shown at Trump resort

WASHINGTON (AP) — The New York Times reports that a graphically violent parody video was shown at a meeting of President Donald Trump’s supporters at his Miami resort. It depicts a likeness of the president shooting and stabbing his opponents and members of the news media in a church. In the video, Trump’s critics and […]
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America’s Unjust Regressive Tax System and How to Fix It

On Monday, I posted a link to David Leonhardt’s NY Times piece, The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You. For the first time on record, the 400 wealthiest Americans last year paid a lower total tax rate — spanning federal, state and local taxes — than any other income group, according to newly released data. That’s a sharp change from the 1950s and 1960s, when the wealthy paid vastly higher tax rates than the middle class or poor. Since then, taxes that hit the wealthiest the hardest — like ...
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Movies, Twitter, basketball, bulldogs (and other things) with NY Times best-selling author Shea Serrano

The Times recently gave Shea a call ahead of his visit to Seattle. In the spirit of his new book "Movies (And Other Things)", this is a series of question about movies (and many other things).
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Humpty Dumpty, the Castle Doctrine, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: Humpty Dumpty and the Castle Doctrine The judge in former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger's murder trial for the shooting of Botham Jean gave the jury instructions on the Castle Doctrine defense, despite the fact that Guyger entered Jean's home and shot him, and wasn't defending her "castle." Her lawyers employed this argument as their primary defense (that it wasn't her home was a "mistake of fact," they said) so the judge h...
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Do Not Erase: Mathematician’s Chalkboards

Jessica Wynne has been taking photos of mathematicians’ blackboards for the past year or so, some of which were featured recently in the NY Times. I love the variety in density, style, color, and tidiness. “I am also fascinated by the process of working on the chalkboard. Despite technological advances, and the creation of computers, this is how the masters choose to work.” In their love of blackboards and chalk, mathematicians are among the last holdouts. In many fields of science and inv...
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The Birth of American Music

I’ve been slowly making my way through various aspects of the NY Times’ ambitious 1619 Project spearheaded up by Nikole Hannah-Jones, including the excellent podcast. In the third episode of the podcast (and in a related article), Times critic Wesley Morris shares an impressionistic and informative timeline of how black music became the sound of America, from the minstrel performers of the 1800s to Motown. Blackness was on the move before my ancestors were legally free to be. It was on the move...
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Will Trump Ever Leave the White House?

In an opinion piece for the NY Times, Thomas Edsall asks the provocative question: How and when will President Trump leave the White House? In the course of attempting to define and then answer the question, he talks with a number of political experts about how a successful impeachment or a 2020 election defeat could play out. When he asked “eminently reasonable scholar” David Leege about it, Leege said: We should not assume that either a 2020 election defeat or impeachment/conviction will remo...
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For a National Journalism Jury

For the last year, I’ve been engaged in a project to aggregate signals of quality in news so platforms and advertisers can recognize and give greater promotion and support to good journalism over crap. I’ve seen that we’re missing a key — the key — signal of quality in journalism. We don’t judge journalism ourselves. Oh, we give each other lots and lots of awards. But we have no systematized way for the public we serve to question or complain about our work and no way to judge journalistic fail...
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Why Bootstrapping is Important

Over the last decade and more, I’ve had the privilege of working with a large number of bootstrapped entrepreneurs. These include self-financed companies and also modestly capitalized startups that operate in a capital-efficient manner applying the principles of bootstrapping. [You can review my Bootstrapping course on LinkedIn to recap these.] For our Seed Capital series of podcasts and blog interviews, I’ve interviewed hundreds of investors, especially micro-VCs and angels who are pla...
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15 Podcasts To Feed Your Mind and Soul

The Wired PR team is always on the lookout for good stories, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise we’re very dedicated podcast listeners, too. In fact, besides helping our clients develop, launch and produce podcasts, listening to them has become among our favorite pastimes.  Here are some of our team’s favorite pods (and they’re as varied as our personalities!):   Beth Cochran, CEO It’s so hard to choose just three. Depending on how I’m feeling or what I need that week, I float between more ...
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The changing nature of influence – from Lil Miquela to Fashion Ambitionist

Lil Miquela, a fake person who on occasion seems (creepily) real Lil Miquela is a fake “person” who seems real. Until the company that created her revealed that she was a virtual influencer last year in a publicity stunt, her 1.6 million followers presumably thought Miquela Sousa was just another teen Instagram star, not an avatar designed specifically to attract follows and likes. She has partnered with brands like Calvin Klein and Prada, and according to the NY Times, more than 80,000 people...
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Journalist Predicts SCOTUS, 'Under Strain,' Will Move Slowly On Abortion

NY Times correspondent Adam Liptak talks about how Trump's two appointees might change the court — including its direction on abortion: "It's not hard to write a decision striking down Roe," he says.
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What’s It Like Living with Perfect Pitch and Synesthesia?

LJ Rich has synesthesia and perfect pitch and wrote about what that feels like for her personally. Now, I’d like you to imagine you’re chatting with your conversation partner. But instead of speaking and hearing the words alone, each syllable they utter has a note, sometimes more than one. They speak in tunes and I can sing back their melody. Once I know them a little bit, I can play along to their words as they speak them, accompanying them on the piano as if they’re singing an operatic recita...
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Morning Docket: 05.23.19

* Is Kirkland really worth twice as much as the next most valuable Biglaw firm? That seems like an inordinately massive gap. [American Lawyer] * Young lawyer went to police station drunk, carrying cocaine. He's no longer a young lawyer. [Legal Cheek] * Michael Avenatti's now charged with stealing from Stormy Daniels. Remember when fighting a partner over whether or not he deserved a share of billables was considered an Avenatti scandal? [Law360] * Lawyers, especially criminal defense and lega...
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Meet Aerospace Engineer Judith Love Cohen

Judith Love Cohen was, at various times in her fascinating life, an engineer who worked on the Pioneer, Apollo, and Hubble missions, an author & publisher of books about women in STEM and environmentalism in the 90s, a ballet dancer with the New York Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company, an advocate for better treatment of women in the workplace, and actor Jack Black’s mother. From an obituary written by her son Neil Siegel after her death in 2016: My mother usually considered her work on the Apol...
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The Persistent Myth of the Empty American Frontier

The author and popular historian David McCullough has a new book out called The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West. I don’t really know where to start with that title (heroic? ideal?) but in her Slate review, Rebecca Onion says that McCullough’s brand of Manifest Destiny-laden American history furthers “the lie that the ‘frontier’ was an empty Eden waiting for American expansion”. This poem embodies another “pioneer attitude” — the idea that the land ...
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New York Times opinion art.

View this post on Instagram "What ‘Good’ Dads Get Away With" Division of labor in the home is one of the most important equity issues of our time. Yet at this rate it will be another 75 years before men do half the work. Illustration by @bonjourameliefontaine for the Sunday Review. #art #illustration #parenting #mothers #fathersA post shared by NY Times Opinion Art (@nytimesopinionart) on May 10, 2019 at 2:57pm PDT Opinion art. The bes...
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Deutsche Bank Is The 'Rosetta Stone' To Unlock Trump Finances, Journalist Says

The German bank was Trump's partner on countless investments at a time when most of Wall Street shied away. As a result, NY Times editor David Enrich says, it has a trove of information about Trump.
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Morning Docket: 05.09.19

* In "dog bites man" news, a majority of young lawyers think being a lawyer sucks. [Daily Business Review] * ICE is now curtailing immigrant access to legal counsel. [NBC News] * Republican Senators call on Attorney General to resign for ignoring congressional subpoenas... oh, wait, that was when Holder did it. [Tampa Bay Times] * The FTC wants a national privacy law and it's absolutely not getting one because that would require a functional government. [NY Times] * R. Kelly paid child suppo...
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Trump tax returns from 1985 to 1994 show $1 billion in losses, according to NY Times

Donald Trump's businesses lost a total of more than $1 billion from 1985 to 1994, according to the New York Times, which said it obtained printouts from Trump's official Internal Revenue Service tax transcripts. The newspaper said Mr Trump posted losses in excess of $250 million in both 1990 and 1991, which appeared to be more than double any other individual US taxpayer in an annual IRS sampling of high-income earners. Mr Trump lost so much money that he was able to avoid paying income ...
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NY Times: Tax documents show Trump businesses lost more than $1B in a decade

President Donald Trump's businesses reported losses of $1.17 billion from 1985 to 1994, The New York Times reported Tuesday, citing information from tax documents from those years.
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The Limitations of Language Apps

For the NY Times, Eric Ravenscraft writes about the limitations of language apps like Duolingo in teaching you how to speak a foreign language. After I accumulated a Duolingo streak in excess of 500 days — a feat that, thanks to the app’s notoriously insistent reminders, has now come to define my self-worth — I found myself in a better place to judge just how much an app alone can really teach you. The short answer is that you can definitely learn some things from an app, but if you want to bec...
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Calling All Adults

If you're a lover of romantic comedy, and you've been complaining about the dearth of rom-coms that have the sophistication, the wordplay and banter, and the substantive subject matter - let alone the laughs - that harken back to the genre's golden age, now is the time for you to do the equivalent of showing up at the ballot box for the next election: Go to your local theater and see Long Shot. I suggest this not because Long Shot is the best romantic comedy ever (it's not), but...
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Learning From Language Apps.

Eric Ravenscraft for the NY Times about his experiences with the language-learning apps Duolingo (“offers a skill tree of lessons that use listening exercises, flashcards, and multiple choice questions to drill you” as well as community features), Memrise (similar, but “also offers a feature called Learn With Locals, which pairs words with videos of native speakers”), and Babbel (“uses conversational examples to demonstrate how to use new words or phrases when speaking with another person” and...
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Meeting Gorbachev

Werner Herzog’s latest film is called Meeting Gorbachev, in which he sits down with former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev for a series of interviews about his life, political career, and his role in ending the Cold War. From a review in the NY Times: The two men appear to like each other immensely — in narration, Herzog calls Gorbachev “one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century” — but Gorbachev can be a cool customer. He sometimes seems guarded in his assessment of what he might have...
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Highlights From ASCAP Expo 2019

ASCAP began its 2019 "I Create Music" Expo with the announcement that total revenues for 2018 topped $1.227 billion, an increase of 7% over the previous year. $1.109 billion in royalties were paid to member songwriters, composers and publishers, up 10% year-over-year. Highlights Atlanta power players including producer Don Cannon (2 Chainz, Lil Uzi Vert, Jeezy), Capitol Music Group SVP of Global Creative Amber Grimes and Tunde Balogun of LVRN, the multi-faceted team behind D.R.A.M., ...
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