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A Twitch streamer ended his 31-day livestream by breaking the record for the most-subscribed-to personality on the platform

The exact moment on Ludwig's stream when he broke the record Twitch/Ludwig Ludwig Ahgren broke the record for most subscribed to channel on Twitch, with over 269,000 subs. The streamer broadcasted his daily life 24/7 for the past 31 days, becoming an internet sensation. Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the star dethroned by Ahgren, tweeted "records are meant to be broken." See more stories on Insider's business page. Ludwig Ahgren, who goes by his first name on Twitch, is now the most subscr...
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U.S. Capitol Police Were Told Not to Use Most Aggressive Tactics During Jan. 6 Riot: NY Times

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Capitol Police officers were told by their leaders not to use their most aggressive tactics to stop the mob that...
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“You Can Be a Different Person After the Pandemic”

Olga Khazan, writing for the NY Times in an essay adapted from her book Weird, tells us that if we’re not satisfied with our personalities, we can change them. After all, the person who emerges from quarantine doesn’t have to be the same old you. Scientists say that people can change their personalities well into adulthood. And what better time for transformation than now, when no one has seen you for a year, and might have forgotten what you were like in the first place? It was long thought t...
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Katalin Kariko, the Scientist Behind the Groundbreaking mRNA Vaccines

The NY Times has a profile of Dr. Katalin Kariko, who struggled for decades against a system unwilling to consider and fund her ideas about how messenger RNA could be used to instruct cells inside human bodies to “make their own medicines”. Her work has culminated in two highly effective vaccines for Covid-19 and is being extended to produce possible vaccines for HIV, the flu, tuberculosis, and malaria. Now Katalin Kariko, 66, known to colleagues as Kati, has emerged as one of the heroes of Cov...
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Why people become radical extremists and how to help them

A new study features interviews with 24 former extremists on the radicalization process. Financial instability, online propaganda, and reorienting events that caused them to "snap" are leading causes of indoctrination. The research team offers potential solutions, including exposure to diverse ideas during childhood and a tamping down of polarization and media sensationalism.Researchers are continuing to unpack the reasons why extremists stormed the Capitol on January 6. Political scientist Robe...
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NY Times: Boehner lays blame for 'that bloody insurrection' at Trump's feet

Former House Speaker John Boehner said former President Donald Trump "incited that bloody insurrection" at the US Capitol and blamed his false election claims for the GOP losing control of Congress, according to excerpts from his forthcoming book obtained by The New York Times.
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NY Times: Matt Gaetz sought preemptive pardon in final weeks of Trump's presidency

Rep. Matt Gaetz privately sought blanket preemptive pardons for himself and his congressional allies during the final weeks of Donald Trump's presidency, two people familiar with the discussions told The New York Times.
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The 10 Best Deals of April 6, 2021

Tuesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
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New Matt Gaetz Bombshell Report Alleges Drugs, Sex, Money... And Receipts

The NY Times said Gaetz and his friend used Apple Pay and Cash App for drug-fueled sexual encounters in Florida hotels.
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Bombshell Matt Gaetz Report Alleges Drugs, Sex, Money — And *Receipts*

The NY Times said Gaetz and his friend used Apple Pay and Cash App for drug-fueled sexual encounters in Florida hotels.
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Sunday Spring Lunch at Chez Nahem and Gagliostro

It’s been over a year since we’ve entertained people in our home. Before the pandemic we would have frequent, small dinner and holiday parties. Vincent would prepare new adventurous recipes he had found which were always a success. We would clean and straighten the house, bring out our special glasses, dishes, and serving platters and go to the market to buy fresh flowers.   Vincent and I have had two vaccines and our good friends Susan and Claude, also had them. We figured since all of u...
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U.S. Spy Agencies Warn Biden of Possible Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan: NY Times

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. intelligence agencies have told the Biden administration that the Taliban could overrun most of Afghanistan within two...
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Edinburgh TV Festival Taps Fashion Icon Tan France as International Editor, Screen Scotland as Joint Headline Sponsor

The U.K.’s Edinburgh TV Festival has appointed fashion designer Tan France as international editor of its advisory board, while Screen Scotland will be a joint headline sponsor for the event alongside YouTube. France is known as one of the Fab Five in Netflix’s Emmy-winning makeover hit, “Queer Eye.” The NY Times best-selling author and influential […]
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A couple of years ago I posted about the problems faced by the Icelandic language; now Egill Bjarnason writes about it for the NY Times with a focus on streaming TV: Iceland, like much of the world, has embraced Disney’s popular streaming service, Disney+, since it arrived there late last year, with characters from Mickey Mouse to Mulan now available to watch on demand in homes across the country. But there is a problem, the government says: None of the movies or shows are dubbed or subtitled in...
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Daily Distraction: Explore how culture has reshaped pop songs with interactive NYT feature

In a new interactive NY Times piece, "The Culture Warped Pop, For Good," the authors reveal how tech has changed music itself, not just how we listen        [Author: Columbus Alive]
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The Shapira Affair.

Yesterday in this comment Y linked to two sources about a Biblical forgery scandal I’d never heard of, the Shapira affair. Jennifer Schuessler’s NY Times story is a lively account that begins: In 1883, a Jerusalem antiquities dealer named Moses Wilhelm Shapira announced the discovery of a remarkable artifact: 15 manuscript fragments, supposedly discovered in a cave near the Dead Sea. Blackened with a pitchlike substance, their paleo-Hebrew script nearly illegible, they contained what Shapira cl...
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Judge Tosses Laughably Stupid SLAPP Lawsuit The Trump Campaign Filed Against The NY Times (techdirt)

A little over a year ago we wrote about a laughably stupid SLAPP suit that the Trump campaign, represented by Charles Harder, filed against the NY Times. As we noted at the time, the lawsuit appeared to have no intention of succeeding -- it was purely performative nonsense. The lawsuit claimed that an opinion piece by Max Frankel was defamatory because it noted that whether or not there was any explicit collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, it didn't matter, since both sides seemed to...
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Five Quick Links for Monday Afternoon

There Are Days, a poem by Kate Baer. "How they climb and climb and climb and climb." []The pandemic travel pause has given some communities a chance to rethink tourism. "Tourism had become extractive and hurtful, with tourists coming here and taking, taking, taking, taking, without any reciprocation with locals." []Jazz Popcorn Robot []1-in-670 Americans has died of Covid-19 and 1-in-3 has lost someone they loved. This heart-wrenching interactive feature from t...
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Digitally Reading 17th-Century Locked Letters

Using an x-ray technique, MIT researchers have digitally unfolded and read 17th-century letters that had been “letterlocked” by their authors to prevent them from being read in transit. Reading the letters in this way allows close study without actually unfolding and potentially damaging these letters or altering them against further study. This is a fully digital image of one of the unlocked letters: From a NY Times piece about the research: In an interview, Jana Dambrogio, the study’s lead...
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Digitally Reading 17-Century Locked Letters

Using an x-ray technique, MIT researchers have digitally unfolded and read 17th-century letters that had been “letterlocked” by their authors to prevent them from being read in transit. Reading the letters in this way allows close study without actually unfolding and potentially damaging these letters or altering them against further study. This is a fully digital image of one of the unlocked letters: From a NY Times piece about the research: In an interview, Jana Dambrogio, the study’s lead...
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The Gulf Stream, the Cold Blob, and a Potentially Frozen Europe

The NY Times has a fantastic interactive piece about a particularly disturbing aspect of the climate crisis: the evidence that a huge Atlantic circulation pattern is weakening and could collapse, leading to “a monstrous change” in temperature, precipitation, and other chaotic effects across the globe. Now, a spate of studies, including one published last week, suggests this northern portion of the Gulf Stream and the deep ocean currents it’s connected to may be slowing. Pushing the bounds of ...
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Exclusive ‘The Mauritanian’ Featurette: Cast of the Guantanamo Drama Praise Director Kevin Macdonald’s Dedication to Realism

The Mauritanian is a harrowing drama that tells the true story of Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mohamedou Ould Salahi, who was held in the detention camp for 14 years without charge. Despite the years of torture — both physical and mental — Salahi managed to emerge from Guantanamo Bay and write a book about his trials, which has become feature film that is alternately a legal thriller and disturbing prison drama. This approach was steered by director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland), who i...
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CCRKBA Warns: ‘Dems Trying to Turn 2A Rights into Regulated Privilege’

Screen snip from CCRKBA’s new ‘SAVE2A.US’ message to American gun owners. U.S.A. –-( The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms—sister organization to the Second Amendment Foundation and typically operating in its shadow—is launching an aggressive multi-network television advertising effort focusing on Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s H.R. 127, and it could reach millions of people over the next week. For CCRKBA, it does two things. First, it’s an attention-get...
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Inside a Covid ICU, Through a Nurse’s Eyes

A film crew from the NY Times recently spent several days in the Covid-19 ICU in Arizona, at the time one of the hardest hit places in the world. Two of the nurses wore GoPro cameras while working to witness what they did on a daily basis — the 12-hour days, the grief, the care, the constant death. This video is incredible and incredibly difficult to watch — you actually see a patient die on camera, surrounded by nurses and family (virtually). So many Americans have died in hospitals witho...
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The Monday Roundup: HBCU cycling team, ‘King Of Philly’, Heidelberg, and more

Welcome to the week. Here are the most noteworthy items the BikePortland community came across in the past seven days. Black collegiate cycling team: Bike lovers at Saint Augustine’s University knew they wanted to form a cycling team; they didn’t know they’d become the first collegiate team from an HBCU. Heidelberg’s approach gets NY Times treatment: This old German city with 1/6th the population of Portland has an enviable approach to sustainable transportation that elevates walking, trans...
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Bill Gates reveals why he prefers Android over iOS

Speaking to CNBC and NY Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin on the invite-only Clubhouse app (via Android Central), Gates confirmed that...
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Alex Berenson on 'censorship', free speech: 'Times have changed and the NY Times has changed'

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson slammed the mainstream media and Big Tech for its continued endeavoring to censor and...
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CPAC speaker Alex Berenson: What to know about former NY Times reporter, COVID-19 lockdown critic

Author and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson will be among the featured speakers to give a talk at this year’s Conservative...
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‘The Mauritanian’ Trailer: Jodie Foster Plays a Lawyer Defending a Man Accused of Terrorism

In Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, Tom Hanks plays a lawyer tasked with defending a man accused of being an enemy of the United States. In The Mauritanian, it’s Jodie Foster‘s turn to do the same thing – but her client is actually innocent. The film tells the true story of Mohamedou Ould Slahi (Tahar Rahim), who was detained at the Guantánamo Bay detention camp for 14 years without being charged. Shailene Woodley (Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars) co-stars as Foster’s character’s assistant...
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