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‘Ted’ TV Series Coming to Peacock for More R-Rated Teddy Bear Action

Ted, the movie where Mark Wahlberg hangs out with a teddy bear who sounds a lot like Peter Griffin, is becoming a TV series over at Peacock. Seth MacFarlane, who directed, co-wrote, and voice acted in Ted and Ted 2, is on board to executive produce the series through his Fuzzy Door company. It’s the second TV series Peacock has landed from McFarlane’s Fuzzy Door – earlier this year they ordered The End is Nye, a Fuzzy Door show hosted by Bill Nye. I didn’t know this until now, but Ted is app...
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Peacock Orders Ted TV Series, Seth MacFarlane in Negotiations to Voice

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s foul-mouthed teddy bear is coming back as Peacock has ordered a television series based on Ted from UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group, and MRC Television. MacFarlane is not yet confirmed to voice the character in the upcoming show, but is said to be “in negotiations” at this point. He will executive produce the program along with Erica Huggins for Fuzzy Door. RELATED: Gordon Green, McBride & MacFarlane Team for Smokey and the Bandit Series The live-a...
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The Soft Power Of Brands

“Soft power.” It is a weird combination of ideas, right? How can a power be soft? And yet, soft power can be credited with the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the Arab Spring, and the allure that the United States still holds for many people around the world. For a business, soft power rests in its brand. That illusive, intangible something that makes people want to buy a product or service more than the alternatives. In the late 1980s, Joseph S. Nye, Jr. developed the concept of “soft power” ...
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Porsche Taps Science Guy To Explain The Taycan Electric Sports Sedan

The charismatic bow tie enthusiast, Bill Nye (science guy), has been inspiring younger generations since, well, since my generation was a younger generation. His interesting delivery style and an uncanny ability to make the science seem both palatable and interesting at the same time is the key to his success. If you need something high tech and science-y explained in a way that an average Joe like me can understand it, Nye is your — well, he's your guy. It only seems natural, then, that Porsch...
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Why Bombay Sapphire Is Finally Getting Into the Competitive RTD Cocktail Category

The 1990s kids who grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy during its five-season run will easily recall his fun to replicate kitchen experiments, including creating carbon dioxide from vinegar and baking soda and making rock candy crystals with sugar and boiling water. As it turns out, Nye, now 65, is still tinkering in...
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TV Bits: ‘Luther’ Movie, Bill Nye Series on Peacock, ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 7, Samara Weaving-Led Playboy Bunny Series, & More

In this edition of TV Bits: Idris Elba confirms a Luther movie will start shooting this year. Samara Weaving to star as a Playboy Bunny in Sony Picture TV’s Down the Rabbit Hole. Bill Nye to host The End is Nye on Peacock. Writing on Rick and Morty season 7 has begun. And more. It’s been 10 years since the hit BBC crime drama Luther debuted, with star Idris Elba returning to the part of the emotionally impulsive detective every few years for a new season, most recently donning the coat fo...
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Bill Nye to Host Peacock Science Series, Brannon Braga and Seth MacFarlane to Produce (EXCLUSIVE)

Peacock has ordered a new series hosted by world-famous science educator Bill Nye, Variety has learned exclusively. Each episode of the show, titled “The End is Nye,” dives into the myths and realities of both natural and unnatural threats, from viruses to volcanoes, asteroids to authoritarianism, and climate change to chemical warfare. The show offers a […]
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Thousands attend non-socially distanced NYE parties in New Zealand

Party-goers in Miami also welcomed in the new year at a socially distanced event, held at one of the cities newest outdoor Covid secure venues - Space Park
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Comment on baked brie with balsamic red onions by Maro

I made this for NYE and it was SOOOOO good! I found that my large red onion was larger than necessary, and I left some of the balsamic onions out (i think i could have left even more out). I already had puff pastry on hand so i used that (just one) and it works great if you don’t want to make the dough or already have puff around. I also added what Greeks refer to as “mavro sesame” (but is really nigella/black caraway) and that made me super happy as well
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This Week in Apps: Apple bans party app, China loses 39K iOS games, TikTok births a ‘Ratatousical’

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry is as hot as ever, with  204 billion total downloads and $120 billion in global consumer spend in 2019. Not including Chinese third-party app stores, iOS and Android users in 2020 130 billion apps and spent a record $112 billion. In 2019, people spent three hours and 40 minutes per day using apps, rivaling TV. Due to COVID-...
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Amanda Holden's fans spot cheeky detail in racy NYE photo

Amanda Holden left social media users speechless on NYE when she shared one of her most...
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Vanilla Ice, Beach Boys' Appearances at NYE Mar-a-Lago Event Prompt Jokes and Criticism

The 1990s rapper and 1960s surf music stars played an exclusive party at the president's resort.
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Off-the-hook NYE fireworks display in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is known for its elaborate fireworks and exuberant NYE celebrations, but this year's event was out of control. Imagine how time-consuming this was to engineer and how difficult to orchestrate.Image: Screengra
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Anderson and Andy review hilarious moments from past NYE shows

Anderson and Andy Cohen preview CNN New Year's Eve Live, where the two will ring in the new year together for the fourth time in Times Square.
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Pope Francis will not lead NYE masses due to sciatic pain

Pope Francis will not lead the Vatican's New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebrations due to sciatic pain, the Vatican said in a statement on Thursday.
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Geri Horner shares sad family news ahead of NYE

Geri Horner shared the sad news that her beloved pet dog Daddy had died on Wednesday....
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Comment on gramercy tavern’s gingerbread by Amy

Please DO NOT butter a Bundt pan. I generously buttered a Bundt pan the first time I made this and some stuck. So the next time I even more generously buttered the pan and even more stuck! Turns out, the proteins in the butter lead to sticking. I will use vegetable shortening when I try again for NYE as the Christmas cake was ruined.
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Vybe Together promotes NYE parties on TikTok amid COVID-19 - Business Insider

A TikTok promoting "secret gatherings" in NYC with crowds of people indoors without wearing masks had been viewed nearly 11,000 times.
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Comment on vanilla custard slices by Selin

In reply to deb. My package is 14 oz. Since it’s only 3 oz. less dough, I’m thinking I’ll just try rolling it slightly more thinly? (Planning to do zakuski+pelmeni for NYE and thought this would be a great end to the evening! Happy New Year and thanks!)
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Virtual New Year’s Eve: How To Watch Streaming Celebrations Across The Country

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15 New Year’s Eve Fashion Picks Under $75 to Bring In the New Year In Style

Faux leather, faux fur, metallics, and more: these clothes, shoes, and accessories under $75 are perfect for New Year's Eve.
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All the NYE and NYD opening times for major supermarkets in Essex - Essex Live

All the NYE and NYD opening times for major supermarkets in Essex   Essex Live
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What to wear and how to decorate for a sparkly New Year’s Eve 2020

Shine as bright as the NYE ball with these picks for what to wear, how to decorate and even how to eat and drink in glitz and glam.
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Best 2020 Holiday Travel Destinations for Private Aviation with Minimal COVID Restrictions 

The 2020 Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s holiday travel season is going to be one unlike any we’ve seen in our own lifetimes. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to limit travel options, demand for open holiday destinations remains high. Recently, we’ve seen a trend of operators coming to us for trip support questions without a destination in mind. “Where can I go with minimal restrictions?” With some destinations offering limited capacity due to COVID, we recommend making your reservatio...
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Tom Hanks and Bill Nye Are Annoyed By People Who Aren’t Wearing Masks in Public

Everyone, please wear a mask when you go out into the world. I know it’s inconvenient. I know you’d rather not. But it’s just common sense. And more than that, it’s necessary. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Instead, listen to America’s dad, Tom Hanks. Hanks was one of the first prominent figures to catch the coronavirus, and he’s fed-up with people shunning masks. And if the guy who played Sully isn’t enough to convince you, maybe you’ll listen to Bill Nye. He’s a science guy, after...
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Bill Nye Shows How Face Masks Actually Protect You–and Why You Should Wear Them

Like many Americans of my generation, I grew up having things explained to me by Bill Nye. Flight, magnets, simple machines, volcanoes: there seemed to be nothing he and his team of young lieutenants couldn't break down in a clear, humorous, and wholly non-boring manner. He didn't ask us to come to him, but met us where we already were: watching television. The zenith of the popularity of his PBS series Bill Nye the Science Guy passed a quarter-century ago, and the world has changed a bi...
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NASA astronaut Leland Melvin told Bill Nye that a police officer came close to ending his career before it even started

Leland Melvin — a Black astronaut, engineer, and NFL football player — recently hosted NASA TV's coverage of the first crewed rocket launch by SpaceX on May 30. Before the launch, Melvin juxtaposed the mission with the police killing of George Floyd. "America, let's get our crap together, this is unsatisfactory. We gotta stop this," he said. Bill Nye later interviewed Melvin after the launch about his life, career, and struggles with racism. Melvin revealed that, as a new high-school graduate,...
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These are the 15 European health startups investors think will blow up during the coronavirus pandemic

Health startups are in the spotlight as governments around the world struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Investors are eyeing disruptive firms, with investment in European health startups up 40% year on year in 2020. We asked eight of Europe's top VC investors to pick out the 15 health tech startups they thought were ones to watch in 2020.  Click here for more BI Prime stories. Health startups that might speed up a medical breakthrough or can make communications easier between clini...
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Jordana – “Sway”

Later this month, Jordana Nye will release a new version of Classical Notions Of Happiness, the debut album that she self-released last year. The 19-year-old Nye, born in Maryland and based in Wichita, records simply as Jordana, and her sound is a sharply dreamy form of bedroom-pop that can take a lot of different forms. More »
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Governments are turning to tech as the coronavirus rages. We asked 5 startups how they were helping to fight the pandemic.

European healthtech startups have seen a surge in demand as the coronavirus outbreak continues to take its toll throughout the region.  Unicorn healthcare firm Babylon and blood-testing company Thriva, two of the UK's most prominent health startups, met Boris Johnson to discuss strategy in a Westminster meeting on Tuesday. British healthtech firms produce a combined annual turnover of £24 billion ($28 billion), according to the Association of British Healthtech Industries.  Business Insider as...
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