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Coachella 2019: How the festival survived and thrived to reach its 20th year

As the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival marks its 20th anniversary this weekend, it’s easy to forget what a rare and unexpected surprise the very first fest was in 1999. First of all, most of you weren’t there – only 20,000 or so fans “filled” the Empire Polo Field to hear artists such as the Chemical Brothers and Beck, Rage Against the Machine and Tool. Second, those few who were there had never seen anything like it. Crisp green grass instead of asphalt or dirt. Reasonable prices at the ...
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Sale - Kindle Oasis Cover from Oberon

Just saw this: As part of their Weekly Surprise Sale, the Oberon cover for Oasis 2 (one style, three colors) is now $62.90, down from $74.00, making this cheaper than the Amazon premium leather cover.
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DD "Oasis" AR-15 Upper Receiver 10.5" 7.62x39 - $144.95

DD "Oasis" AR-15 Pistol Upper Receiver 10.5" 7.62x39 4150 CMV 1-10T Heavy Barrel 10" KeyMod Handguard - $144.95
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JD Sports buys Oasis singer's fashion brand

Pretty Green, the fashion brand founded by Liam Gallagher, has been rescued from administration by JD Sports. JD Sports will keep the flagship store in Manchester open, but 11 other stores and 33 concessions in House of Fraser will close, putting 97 jobs at risk. Pretty Green called in administrators last week. "Challenging" retail conditions and House of Fraser's fall into administration were blamed for the fashion chain's problems. Pretty Green was owed more than £500,000 when House ...
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Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green fashion brand bought by JD Sports

Pretty Green, started by the Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, has been bought from administrators.
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Oasis singer's fashion chain calls in the administrators

Pretty Green, which has 13 stores across the UK, will continue trading until further notice.
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The Good and the Bad of the Old Aircraft Experience on American (Trip Report)

It’s been a long, cold, rainy winter (by Southern California standards), so I was thrilled at the prospect of joining some of my old America West friends at our annual spring training game in Phoenix. While the wind and cool weather kept it from being a shorts day, it was still well worth the trip. This ended up being a nostalgic ride on some older aircraft. On the return, it was a pleasant memory. On the way out? Not so much. I was going to use a friend’s buddy pass to get out to Phoeni...
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Amazon just unveiled an all-new Kindle

Amazon on Wednesday rolled out an updated version of its Kindle e-reader, giving the entry-level version of the tablet a small price bump and adding a front light to it -- making this the first Kindle with a front light you can get your hands on for less than $100.At that price, it no doubt sounds like quite a steal, though there are a few key points to be aware of. This $89.99 version of the device includes the screen saver ads you'll have to accept, unless you want to pay more for a versio...
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PaperWhite 4 screen light

Hi everyone, Does anyone know if it's possible to completely turn off the light with the latest Paperwhite version? I know that it is possible with the Oasis 1 and possibly the Oasis 2. Thanks
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Flying as a Gold Elite on American Isn’t Anything Special (Trip Report)

As you know, last month was the annual American Leadership Conference, and once again I was invited as a member of the media. This would be my first flights since being gifted entry-level Gold elite status through May 15 (along with everyone and their mother, apparently), and I was looking forward to seeing the difference between that and traveling as a peon. As any Gold elite already knows, it really wasn’t much different. It certainly hasn’t made me any more interested in actually earning st...
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Content Item not Available

On my Oasis 1 I have a book that shows in the content 2 times but is not available if I try to open it. I am sure this has been asked here before but I cannot find a way to get it cleaned up other than a total reset of the device. Does anyone have a better fix?
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Best live music venues in Belfast

Fiddled trad tunes hang in the air across Belfast, but the city is actually home to great clubs hosting everything indie folk to old-school London punk bands. Most are concentrated in the highly walkable, central part of town — known as the Cathedral Quarter — so you can step dance, grind, and mosh your way satisfaction even if you only have a day or two. There’s also a strong population of college students, meaning you’re likely to find something going on every night of the week across town....
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Does the Oasis track books read?

One of my favorite features about the Kobos is that is automatically tracks what books I've finished vs. what I am in the middle of reading vs. books unread - and I can filter by that status. I read a lot, so this is great to help me track what I've read and what I've started reading but got sidetracked from. However, I am considering buying an Oasis because my second Kobo reader just died (just like the first) within 18 months of buying it and Kobo customer service is complete crap, so I am l...
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Good Idea to Get Kindle Oasis 2?

I'm VERY eager to get a Kindle Oasis 2 but worried about the battery. Considering that it's been more than a year since it was released, should I hold on to my 25% trade-in discount until May 31, 2019 (the expiration of the discount) for a new Oasis with better battery or is the KO 2's battery not as bad as people say it is?
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In Praise of Oasis 2

I complain about the battery life on my Oasis 2, but as I've looked at buying a new ereader I've come to realize just how great this device is. It has a fairly large screen which is beautiful. The lighting system, although it does not include comfort light, is nearly perfect. The inverting of text to white on black is so nice when reading at night so that the screen doesn't become an interrogation light as my wife sleeps. It's light weight. It's waterproof, I read in the tub sometimes,...
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Best weed dispensaries in the US

Recreational cannabis is legal in 10 states, and a number of states like New York and New Jersey are in the process of legalizing. And it’s not just for the locals — cannabis tourism has shifted from something you did once while in Amsterdam to something you can do without leaving the US. For people new to the idea of legal weed, the novelty of being able to stroll into a business and walk out with a bag of marijuana will be cool the first couple of times you do it no matter which shop you go...
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Kohima in 24 hours- Places to visit

Engulfed by hills, Kohima is a bustling city nestled in the north eastern part of India and is known for its popular Hornbill festival. The city which is the capital of the state of Nagaland was also pivotal during the Second World War as it was witness to the English- Japanese treaty. Presently Kohima doesn’t portray any glimpses of the colonial times and has all the characteristics of a modern city. However, it has a few attractions apart from the Hornbill festival and the beautiful interi...
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Forma build quality ? Plus Oasis question

Hi there ! So I want to trade my old Sony reader for something larger in the 7-8" area. I see a few options here... 1. Kobo Forma, but I read about how cheap it's made, lifted screens allow dust inside, rotten rubber casing.... Melts in the heal. So compared to the Oasis build it's kinda of a bummer to shed out 300 bucks+ for this one. Convince me otherwise ? 2. Oasis, I think it's pretty cool - But there's no way to lock the orientation ? Are they serious ? What if I lay on my side to rea...
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Manchester City: I stopped counting Chelsea: 0 - What the hell was that!!

Mother of god. This time last week I was watching a lioness chew the middle out of a still bleeding zebra and it was less gruesome than this. Someone’s just lobbed their membership card at Rudiger and I was so jet lagged this morning that I went all the way to the north of England and back without any make up on. Oh and I’ve smashed the screen on my phone.  I’m going to approach this abomination in Manchester in the style of Sarri. Instead of making sense and producing a coherent narrati...
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brand social purpose

Sometimes we marketers can climb so far up the brand ladder from functional benefits to emotional benefits to social benefits, we can lose touch with why people are buying our products in the first place. There is power in purpose-driven brands. And yet, when every piece of marketing attempts to communicate some kind of social purpose, social purpose can start to lose its meaning, particularly when purpose is left to the agency. A British soft drink brand called Oasis recently mocked the curr...
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Coachella history: See photos of all the festival’s headliners from the first 10 years

Just months after the disaster of Woodstock ’99, a brand-new festival launched. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival started in October 1999 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio. And it lost money. But it paved the way for the rise of the mega festival in the United States. This year, Coachella will celebrate its 20th year with twin weekends April 12-14 and April 17-19, with headliners Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and Ariana Grande. More Coachella photos See photos from the festival’s...
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Dennis McCarthy: With LAUSD strike, class size issues and kids who need to learn, these boomers are ready to help

Welcome back, teachers. I’m glad you held out. You deserve everything you walked the line for, especially smaller class sizes. It’s ridiculous what your bosses are asking you to do. If Plato was teaching today with 40 kids in his class, that Aristotle kid would have gotten lost. Not even Socrates could handle that load. So, how is it we expect teachers today with 40 to 45 students in their classrooms to create a level learning field for kids with almost nothing in common but their age? Some got ...
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Weezer Release Surprise Covers Album The Teal Album

Weezer have just dropped a surprise covers album, The Teal Album, including renditions of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)," "Billie Jean," "Mr. Blue Sky," and of course, "Africa." Frontman Rivers Cuomo has previously performed live covers of R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion," the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Today,” Oasis' “Champagne Supernova,” and Pixies' “Where Is … More »
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Cerave Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum Review & Swatches

Cerave Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum ($18.99) is a new ceramide and hyaluronic acid that a few weeks ago that sounded very exciting. As we all know, hyaluronic acid has become the gold standard in drugstore skincare releases lately (as well as a across the board in many mid and high-range skincare launches) and why shouldn’t it be? It’s a great way to hydrate skin as it plumps it while helping to retain moisture. Considering what a trusted brand Cerave is and how they always pack their...
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koreader on KOA2, which filemanager start?

I finally got around to putting koreader on my Oasis 2. On my Voyage, all the filemanager start choices seemed about the same (as near as I can recall). On my KOA2, the top entry resulted in the start message at the bottom of the screen and the device remained unresponsive for quite some time and I had to reboot via power button. Which filemanager start works with the KOA2? koreader
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Oasis 1 internal battery, three years in

I bought an Oasis in May of 2016, and had an unfortunate warranty replacement four months later when I dropped it in the road and a car ran over it. The refurbished replacement has now been running for over two and a half years with heavy use every single day and God knows how many partial charges from 40-60% or thereabouts, and its warranty is running out: the internal battery seemed to be growing much worse (and *drastically* worse after the update to 5.10.2), with charging case charges showin...
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Kobo Forma vs Kindle Oasis 2. Limitations on connectivity?

Hello, I was really happy with my PW2, but it has been stolen, so I'm about to buy a new one. I spend 2 hours reading every day, so I don't mind spending a little bit more and improving my reading experience. I liked the portability of PW2, but from comments in internet I've decided to buy a bigger screen. I own a Kindle DX myself, but I find it too heavy. However, Oasis 2 and Kobo Forma seem to be much lighter and more compact. I was about to buy an Oasis 2, when I saw in a video on Youtube ...
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Oasis 2 Battery

The Oasis 2 battery is worse than my 11 inch iPad battery. Sometimes I read on iPad during day to save battery on kindle. Is there anyway to see if something is wrong with my kindle battery or if this is just the downside to oasis 2? I read kindle oasis at night with light set at 1, had it for year and battery has always been this bad, I love the device but poor battery makes we not want to use it.
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AWZ(3) vs KFX

Hello folks Ive been a Calibre user for years and used EPUB until now. Got myself an Oasis, and thought ill better covert some 5k book to mobi (some are already in movie and epub format). Have read read loads and loads of MOBI vs AWZ vs AWZ3 vs KFX - jee , I am more confused than I was when I started. I want to have the best possible option, not too bothered about size etc. Also thought of getting rid of all the other formats, as I doubt Ill ever use an iPad again to read, after the Oasis ...
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What to Expect in 2019: HR Trends

By Rieva Lesonsky Most of us small business owners start the new year with mixed emotions. We’re hopeful and optimistic about growing our businesses, yet with anxious about all the challenges we know we’ll face. To find out what lies ahead, I’ve collected a number of tips, predictions and advice from people in the know. We’ll be exploring general consumer, financial and economic trends, as well as what to expect in the fields of marketing, technology, retail, HR and money. We also have contribut...
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