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I went onboard the largest container ship to ever use an East Coast port and found a visual representation of American spending during the pandemic

Touring the Port of New York and New Jersey.Thomas Pallini/Insider The CMA CGM Marco Polo is the largest container ship to ever call the US East Coast. With a maximum capacity of 16,022 TEUs, Marco Polo is a visual representation of how much Americans purchased during the pandemic.  Larger ships are able to call the Port of New York and New Jersey thanks to recent infrastructure improvements.  Ocean shipping has been thrust into the limelight during the shipping crisis as the public now rea...
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I went on board the largest container ship to ever use an East Coast port and found a visual representation of American spending during the pandemic

Touring the Port of New York and New Jersey.Thomas Pallini/Insider The CMA CGM Marco Polo is the largest container ship to ever call the US East Coast. The Marco Polo is a visual representation of how much Americans purchased during the pandemic. Larger ships can call the Port of New York and New Jersey thanks to new infrastructure improvements. Ocean shipping has been thrust into the limelight during the shipping crisis as the public realizes the critical role of container ships in keeping...
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A 3-foot-long mammoth tusk hidden on the ocean floor could offer clues about the ancient creatures

Members of the science team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute observe the mammoth tusk.Darrin Schultz © 2021 MBARI Scientists discovered a 3-foot-long mammoth tusk roughly 10,000 feet below the ocean's surface. The deep sea is ideal for preserving remains, though mammoth fossils rarely wind up there. The tusk belongs to a young female mammoth. Scientists are using it for clues about how she lived. To the untrained eye, it may have looked like a giant wood log. In reality, sc...
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Goldman Sachs Says Global Oil Reserves Release 'A Drop in the Ocean'

By Florence TanSINGAPORE (Reuters) - A coordinated release from government oil reserves led by the United States may add about 70 million to 80...
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Electric-vehicle startup Fisker revealed its $37,500 SUV with a rotating screen — check out the Ocean

The 2023 Fisker Ocean.Fisker Fisker revealed the production version of its first electric vehicle on Wednesday.  The Ocean SUV will start at $37,499 and offer up to 350 miles in more expensive trims, Fisker says.  Unique features include a solar roof and a touchscreen that rotates 90 degrees.  Electric-vehicle startup Fisker unveiled the production version of its first model on Wednesday. Meet the Ocean SUV. Fisker brought an early version of the Ocean to the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020...
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Fisker Still Very Much Alive, Shows Ocean SUV in L.A.

Fisker seems to have many lives, and the small brand led off the L.A. Auto Show’s main media day with the debut of its Ocean SUV. The Ocean uses a solar roof to provide electricity for its battery-powered motor, has a system that distributes the right amount of torque to each wheel to maintain traction, […] The post Fisker Still Very Much Alive, Shows Ocean SUV in L.A. appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Air Cargo Is Suddenly Affordable Relative To Ocean Shipping

AskWaves explains how the gap between air and ocean freight transport has narrowed during the pandemic. From the report: The air rate from China to the U.S. West Coast during the first week of November was about $14 per kilogram, double what it was a year ago, according to the Freightos Air Index. Shipping by air to the East Coast cost about $13, also twice as much as in 2020. [...] Air is usually the mode of last resort, limited to perishables and high-value goods with margins that can cover th...
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European Investment Fund, others commit $68M of Ocean 14 Capital’s $171M inaugural impact fund

In Luxembourg, the European Investment Fund, Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker, Builders Initiative and Minderoo Foundation approved commitments totaling €60 million (about $68 million) to become cornerstone investors in Ocean 14 Capital’s inaugural fund, the first large investment fund to focus exclusively on the blue economy. EIF approved a commitment of €35 million to the fund, while Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker is allocating €15 million. Builders Initiative and Minderoo Foundation will commit €10 milli...
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Sea Sculptures of the Underwater Museum

Around the world are a few unusual sculpture museums. In order to gain entry to the museums, you must first put on your swimming gear and grab a snorkel or dive tank. This is because the museums are under the sea. Art Works or Artificial Reefs? The creator of the underwater museums, Jason de Caires Taylor, designs his sculptures with the intention of forming artificial reefs for sea life. The statues are made with PH neutral casting cement, which means that they will not poison the water or...
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Ticket To Paradise: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)2022 is about as loaded down as any year has been in recent memory as far as big, highly-anticipated movies go. With so many movies delayed over the last couple of years, coupled with everything that has also been produced in that time, it's a delightful traffic jam for cinephiles, and it is hard to keep up with everything coming...
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A Fascinating 3D Animation Shows the Depths of the Ocean

Deep sea exploration and the science of oceanography began 150 years ago when British survey ship HMS Challenger set off from Portsmouth with 181 miles of rope. The Royal Society tasked the expedition, among other things, with “investigat[ing] the physical conditions of the deep sea… in regard to depth, temperature circulation, specific gravity and penetration of light.” It was the first such voyage of its kind. To accomplish its objectives, Challenger swapped all but two of its guns for...
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Oceans have become polluted with approximately 26,000 tons of PPE during pandemic, new report claims

The Ocean Cleanup workers empty plastic onto the deck of one of their vessels. The Ocean Cleanup One hundred and ninety-three countries have created eight million tons of waste during the pandemic. According to a new study, 25,900 tons of "pandemic-associated plastic waste" seeped into the oceans. The long-term effects of this are currently unknown. A report published on Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states that 193 countries have created eight milli...
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Carbon offset is greenwashing, critics say

A marine conservation funding facility wants carbon trading to finance restoration and protection of the oceans and marine biodiversity The post Carbon offset is greenwashing, critics say appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The 19 best Neil Gaiman books, according to Goodreads reviewers - from graphic novels to fantastical short story collections

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Neil Gaiman is a best-selling and award-winning English author. He has written short story collections, fantasy books, and a graphic novel series. Goodreads reviewers love "American Gods" and "Coraline" the most. Neil Gaiman is an influential storyteller who has won numerous awards for his work - from the Hugo and Nebula Awards to the 2013 British National Book of the Year Award- and was the first author to ...
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Upcoming Brad Pitt Movies To Keep On Your Radar

Brad Pitt has had a long, storied career in Hollywood, dating back to his "Sexiest Man Alive" days in the '90s when he was starring in movies like "Interview With the Vampire." These days, he's still fresh off an Oscar win for "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood." The man has stayed busy for several decades, consistently churning out incredible work, both as a producer and actor. Luckily, his career is arguably going better than ever, and he's got several big movies on the way over the next couple of...
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10 Deadpool Comic Storylines We'd Love To See In Deadpool 3

The debate's as old as time: will the MCU ever make a film that truly feels different? Many mostly regress towards the mean, at least stylistically. But as Phase 4 has expanded into the realms of animation or Chloe Zhao's intimate aesthetics, the question of what a Marvel movie can look or feel like has been renewed. How fitting, then, that "Deadpool 3" has entered the chat. The forthcoming Ryan Reynolds picture written by the Molyneux sisters of "Bob's Burgers" fame is in a unique position. On ...
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The 14 Greatest Heist Movies Of The 21st Century

As the past two decades have proved, the heist movie genre is as broad as they come. Real crimes can inspire fascinating biographical films, while current events allow filmmakers to explore relevant issues through perspectives of various criminals. Other heist films don't aim for plausibility at all, and many cross over with other genres, such as comedy, action, or science fiction.Just look at how popular franchises have incorporated heists into existing mythologies. "The Fast and the Furious" f...
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The Squid Game Reference That Made Our Heads Explode

"Squid Game," writer/director Hwang Dong-Hyuk's devilishly clever smash-hit Netflix series, has been compared to plenty of other projects because of its premise – the most frequent of which are probably "Battle Royale" and "The Hunger Games," two movies that also use the twisted "cram people together and gamify them killing each other" structure. Interestingly, the show itself does not contain many overt references to other pieces of pop culture. But there is one reference in the show's sixth ep...
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D-Wave Announces New Hardware, Compiler, and Plans For Quantum Computing

On Tuesday, D-Wave released its roadmap for upcoming processors and software for its quantum annealers. The company is also announcing that it's going to be developing its own gate-based hardware, which it will offer in parallel with the quantum annealer. Ars Technica's John Timmer talked with company CEO Alan Baratz to understand all the announcements. An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from the report: The simplest part of the announcement to understand is what's happening with D-Wave's qua...
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After Conquering The Land Serica Explores The Ocean’s Depths With The 5303 Dive Watch

Can a microbrand impress with only one release under its belt? Based on essentially one release, the Parisian brand Serica greatly impressed many of the Fratello team members (myself included).  The Serica 4512 won me over with its charming presence characterized by some very distinct choices that set it apart from the stream of new […] Visit After Conquering The Land Serica Explores The Ocean’s Depths With The 5303 Dive Watch to read the full article.
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Michael Gandolfini On Playing A Young Tony Soprano: 'Everyone Trusted Me'

"The Many Saints of Newark," creator David Chase's movie prequel to "The Sopranos" TV series, is ringing in the month of October in theaters and on HBO Max. The film's young star, Michael Gandolfini, is the son of the late James Gandolfini, and he takes over the iconic role of Tony Soprano that his father originated.Playing such a famous character — and having your parent's shadow hang over you — comes with a lot of pressure. Michael was only 8 years old when "The Sopranos" aired its finale in 2...
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Apple Wins Bidding War For George Clooney-Brad Pitt Thriller From Spider-Man Director

Three days ago, it was announced that Jon Watts of Marvel Studios' Spider-Man trilogy was set to write and direct an original movie, with Oscar-winners George Clooney and Brad Pitt set to reunite from their "Ocean's" thieving days. A bidding war between studios and streamers saw Sony, Lionsgate, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Annapurna, Universal, MGM, and Warner Bros. among the hopeful to land the project. Now Deadline is reporting that Apple Studios has won the bid, and while exact figures aren't for...
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Photos: How Facebook and Google use sonar ships, gigantic underwater plows, and divers to lay thousands of miles of undersea internet cables around the globe

Specialised vessels like this one are used to lay thousands of miles of internet cable along the seafloor. Alcatel submarine networks Google and Facebook are invested in dozens of subsea internet cable projects around the world. Laying these cables takes months of preparation, and specialized vessels take them out to sea. Once laid, the cables can ferry huge quantities of internet data around the globe. See more stories on Insider's business page. Google and Facebook have both laid...
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Crews Aim to Recover Plane That Ditched in Ocean off Hawaii

Crews will use a barge outfitted with a crane to try to recover a cargo plane that ditched into the ocean off Honolulu.
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Apple Wins Rights to George Clooney & Brad Pitt Thriller

Following an intense bidding war against multiple major competitors including Netflix, Amazon, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures, Deadline brings word that Apple Studios has successfully won the rights to Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts’ high-profile project. The deal also reportedly includes a theatrical release component. The untitled thriller film is set to reunite Oscar winners George Clooney and Brad Pitt after 13 years since The Coen Brothers’ 2008 black comedy crime pic B...
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The 15 Best Angelina Jolie Movies Ranked

While Angelina Jolie's personal life has always been intertwined with her onscreen persona (she's the daughter of Jon Voight and has married three of her co-stars -- Jonny Lee Miller, Billy Bob Thornton, and Brad Pitt), she has worked hard to prove that she's more than just a pretty face. To say that has succeeded would be an understatement. Over the course of her 26-year career, Jolie has chosen projects that span many genres: action thrillers, prestige biopics, and more. She has won an Oscar, ...
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George Clooney and Brad Pitt to Reunite in Jon Watts’ Untitled Thriller

It has been 13 years since Oscar winners George Clooney and Brad Pitt had last shared the big screen together with The Coen Brothers’ 2008 black comedy crime pic Burn After Reading, and now it looks like the acclaimed duo have finally found their next project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney and Pitt are currently attached for the leading roles in Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts’ forthcoming untitled thriller film. The outlet notes that the project has triggered one of thi...
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Hollywood Bidding War: Studios and Streamers Circling George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jon Watts Film

Start your engines. Hollywood players are falling over themselves in the hopes of landing a new movie package featuring the “Ocean’s 11” team of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, who will reunite under the watchful eye of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” director Jon Watts. According to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news, the package has drawn […]
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10 hotels in South Florida with gorgeous rooftop pools and lively bars

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Tripadvisor South Florida's warm, tropical climate makes it a top vacation destination. From West Palm Beach to Miami, South Florida hotels have incredible rooftops to soak up the sun. Some hotel rooftop bars, restaurants, and pools are open to the public in addition to guests. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky South Florida is known for its dazzling beaches but also its lively nightlife. And bec...
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26 of the best beach houses on Airbnb in the US where the sand is just steps away

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Airbnb Beach vacations are always top of mind for a relaxing, warm-weather getaway. Many Airbnbs are found along the best beaches in the US, with direct beachfront or private access. From Malibu to Cape Cod, these are the best beach homes on Airbnb, from $100 to $650 per night. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Airbnbs with beachfront access continue to rank among the most searched for filters on the...
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