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Young viewers watching public service broadcasters less, say Ofcom

Netflix and YouTube provide the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 with tough competition, says Ofcom report.
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Opinion: What is Public Service on Commercial Radio?

Audio Content Fund independent funding panel member David Lloyd writes about public service broadcasting and the Audio Content Fund. “Just as on the BBC, not all public service content has to be devoted to a cause – it’s simply high-quality, memorable content, that makes me do, think, feel or understand something. Those who work hard in commercial radio can become understandably a little sensitive when they’re judged not to be providing any public service, simply because they don’t have a BBC...
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What Are The Top Challenges Facing Digital News Publications In 2020?

The decline of the printed press is nothing new. I mean, hello, it’s 2020. Are you going to buy a newspaper from your local newsagent or are you going to pick up your phone and scroll through Facebook/find out what’s trending on Twitter? If you’re under the age of 30, I guarantee it’s the latter. In fact, I’d bet my pet Chihuahua on it… …Cue a shameless excuse to include a photo of my pet Chihuahua Boris – cute, isn’t he? Anyway, back to the matter at hand. As a former Journalism student, lesso...
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Five years of Radiocentre’s See Radio Differently

Radiocentre’s Chief Executive Siobhan Kenny looks back on the industry body’s overarching strategy, See Radio Differently. “When I joined the radio industry almost 6 years ago now, one of the first things I wanted to tackle was its image. It was pretty clear that either we stepped up our efforts to tell our own story, or others would quickly seize the narrative and do it for us. It had already started happening. Last week I went to Dublin, a guest of Radio Days Ireland, to present the results...
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Liquidators appointed at Spectrum Radio Limited

Central London based Spectrum Radio has been issued with a Winding Up Order by the High Court of Justice. Spectrum is one of London’s oldest radio stations, having launched in 1989 to provide multiethnic, foreign language programmes originally on 558AM. Today the Spectrum Radio Network offers broadcast services from its premises in Southwark Street and has recently been advertising space available on DAB, and on 1584Khz AM, which is currently used by Love Sport and owned by A Spokesman Said L...
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UK's 5G network well within safety limits, Ofcom tests find

Ofcom testing of the UK's 5G network finds radiation is at a "tiny fraction" of safe levels.
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Free online broadcast engineering training launched

Radio TechCon has released the contents of its Radio Technology Masterclass for free. ‘An Introduction To Broadcast Engineering’ takes users through a virtual masterclass day, with videos covering how to build a studio, what equipment to choose, how central technical areas work, an overview of transmission, and internet and coding for radio stations. Each video is around 20 minutes long. The presentations feature industry experts from the BBC, Global, Bauer, Arqiva and Ofcom among others, and...
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Ofcom receives 51 objections to XS Manchester change

The feedback to Ofcom’s consultation about the proposal to change XS Manchester to Capital XTRA sees 51 objections and two in favour. Of the two welcoming the news, one is a local music company whilst the other simply comments “Since the last rebrand it’s been a dreadful station, put it out of its misery, sooner the better.” But over 50 people took the time to write to Ofcom to help block the move. Some of the comments include: What are you thinking? XS is a brilliant station that I listen t...
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Email address charges branded 'daylight robbery'

Ofcom is asking why broadband firms charge people to keep old email addresses after switching providers.
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Ofcom measured UK's 5G radiation and found that, no, it won't give you cancer

Dangerous levels of EMF: Evidence-based Measurement Findings UK comms regulator Ofcom today published the results of its latest spectrum measurement tests, which tracked electromagnetic field emissions at 16 of the busiest 5G sites.…
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Decent, legal, honest and searchable: C'mon, Ofcom. Let us check up on the ad-slingers ourselves

It's a hard job... why not outsource it? Column Our favourite controller of UK media, Ofcom, is being given new powers to regulate the internet. Or censor it, depending on your preferred spin. It's all a bit fuzzy at the moment: with illegal content, the regulator will watch for the usual monsters of terrorism and child abuse and act swiftly to close them down and keep them down.…
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Brit telcos score £218m licence fee repayment from Ofcom after penny-pinching regulator loses Court of Appeal case

But will you see your phone bills decreasing? Ofcom must repay £218m to the UK's four main mobile network operators (MNOs) after overcharging them for spectrum access, the Court of Appeal ruled today.…
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Brit telcos can keep £218m licence fee repayment from Ofcom after penny-pinching regulator loses Court of Appeal case

But will you see your phone bills decreasing? The UK's four main mobile network operators (MNOs) can keep the £218m Ofcom was set to repay after overcharging them for spectrum access, the Court of Appeal ruled today.…
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Big City Radio fined over licence breaches

A £500 penalty has been imposed on Big City Radio, which broadcasts to Aston in Birmingham, for failing to deliver its Key Commitments relating to the number of hours of original output in 2018. Ofcom asked for recordings of the station’s output and programme schedules from July and August 2018 after receiving two complaints that the station wasn’t broadcasting enough original output each day, as set out in its Key Commitments. The investigation found that there was significantly less original ...
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talkRADIO fined £75,000 for George Galloway comments

National digital station talkRADIO has been fined £75,000 after three complaints about former presenter George Galloway were upheld by Ofcom. The station will also have to broadcast a summary of the regulator’s findings, relating to comments made on air between March and August 2018. The first complaint related to a discussion on the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, while the second and third concerned allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Ofcom ruled last year ...
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UK’s Ofcom, a TRAI-like body, to regulate social media platforms

The UK government wants to make Ofcom, the communications regulator that is akin to India’s TRAI, the regulator of online harms on the internet. UK Digital Secretary Nicky Morgan and Home Secretary Priti Patel announced this on February 12. Given its “experience of overseeing the broadcasting and telecoms sectors”, the British government said that “it […] ...
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UK’s Broadcasting Authority Gets Responsibility For Policing Web And Social Media

It will be the job of Ofcom to “ensur[e] that firms such as Twitter and Facebook comply with a new legal ‘duty of care’ requiring them to protect their users from illegal material. … Under the government’s original proposals, outlined in last year’s online harms white paper, a website that does not fulfil that duty of care would face a fine, its senior managers could be held criminally liable or the regulator could demand access to the site be blocked entirely.” – The Guardian
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Ofcom: Rule change to force UK comms providers to tell you when your contract expires

That's phone, broadband and pay TV Starting from tomorrow, telcos who fail to offer their customers their best deals will find themselves on Ofcom's naughty step, potentially helping millions of customers in Britain.…
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UK to empower media regulator Ofcom to regulate internet, remove 'harmful' content

The UK government has announced a plan to put media regulator Ofcom in charge of regulating the internet, with a focus on removing illegal content and minimizing “harmful” content. Executives at internet firms may face big fines or prison if they are determined by the government to have failed to protect users from “harmful and illegal content” online. The Office of Communications, aka Ofcom, is the UK government's regulatory and competition authority for broadcasting, telcoms, and postal ind...
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Daily Crunch: Samsung unveils another foldable phone

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on: This is more like it When the Galaxy Fold was finally released to the public after numerous delays, the device came swaddled in warnings. It was a long list, and not exactly a vote of confidence for those who just dropped $2,000 on an unproven device. Announced almost exact...
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Britain Appoints Content Cops for Social Media

Social media is a content minefield, and Britain’s had it. Today, the British government announced it will appoint its media watchdog Ofcom as a regulator for social media content in a bid to rein in platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, among others.Read more...
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Aw, look. The UK is still trying really hard to be the 'safest place to be online in the world'

Ofcom awarded powers to police harmful content on social media – because the pr0n block went so well UK comms watchdog Ofcom is to be handed new powers to police social media's handling of harmful content.…
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UK names its pick for social media ‘harms’ watchdog

The UK government has taken the next step in its grand policymaking challenge to tame the worst excesses of social media by regulating a broad range of online harms — naming the existing communications watchdog, Ofcom, as its preferred pick for enforcing rules around ‘harmful speech’ on platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok in future. Last April the previous Conservative-led government laid out populist but controversial proposals to legislate to lay a duty of care on Internet platf...
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Dame Melanie Dawes appointed Ofcom Chief Executive

The Ofcom Board has confirmed the appointment of Dame Melanie Dawes as its new Chief Executive replacing Sharon White. The body will also appoint a new Chair, replacing Lord Burns. Dame Melanie has been Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government since 2015. She will take up her new position in early March. She has held senior roles across the Civil Service, working in partnership across the public and private sectors. She started her career as an economis...
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Ofcom to be put in charge of regulating internet in UK

Ministers unveil plans to block harmful content, while guaranteeing free speechOfcom will be put in charge of regulating the internet, the government has announced, with a new range of powers intended to protect users from “harmful and illegal content” online.The announcement comes as the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport publishes its response to a consultation over the online harms white paper, unveiled last April. Continue reading...
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Ban on sale of new petrol and diesel cars could be brought forward to 2032, says transport secretary - live news

Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs 10.03am GMT The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has confirmed that it is minded to put Ofcom in charge of policing online platforms. Here is the news release it has just issued, and here is the full document (a response to the consultation on the online harms white paper).And here is my colleague Kevin Rawlinson’s overnight preview story. Related: Ofcom to...
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Regulator Ofcom to have more powers over UK social media

Tech firms will need to ensure that illegal content is quickly removed from their platforms.
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Ofcom set to be given power to police social media in UK

Tech firms will need to ensure that illegal content is quickly removed from their platforms.
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Kelvin Mackenzie wants auction for national licences

Kelvin Mackenzie is calling for analogue national licences to be put up for auction. The DCMS has asked for responses by February 22nd to a consultation, and there is a Radiocentre roundtable on Tuesday with DCMS in attendance. “Boris Johnson’s policy guru Dominic Cummings has never made a secret of wishing there was a centre Right radio or television station in the UK along the lines of the successful Rupert Murdoch owned Fox News. I share that view and always have. The Left have got the BB...
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JACK2 to swap with JACK3 on 107.9 in Oxford

Ofcom has approved a Format change request which will see JACK 3 replace JACK 2 on 107.9FM in Oxford. JACK 2, which currently plays a mix of new and recent chart music for 15-29 years olds, will swap with ‘JACK 3’ playing ‘easy hits for the over 50s.’ The published Format will change from “The station will be the voice for young Oxford through a mix of primarily new and recent chart music with local news, sport and local information, phone-ins, and special local features targeting 15-29s in t...
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