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How to Cook Chicken Necks

When eating an animal, it’s important to eat as much of that animal as possible, and more often that not those “unusual” pieces are some of the most flavorful. This is true of the pig face, and it’s true of the chicken neck.Read more...
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KY eats – Chi Kei Ngao Chap, Macao

Good old fashion beef noodle is one of the must-try dishes in Macao or Hong Kong, and if you’re at Taipa area in Macao (where all the fancy big new casinos are), Chi Kei Ngao Chap is perhaps one of those places to check out. Chi Kei Ngao Chap, Broadway Macao Chi Kei is located at Broadway Food Street, a small street with some 40 different eateries across the road from Galaxy Macao, which itself is a huge establishment with way too many casinos & luxury hotels right next to The Venetian. Do use ...
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Care for a Deer Heart Salad?

I went to Yard with a friend who told me the chef Nye Smith was famous for his offal at St John’s in London, so I wasn’t surprised to see game and fish on the menu (pigeon, deer heart salad, rabbit, and whole dorade cooked in salt). The gnocchi starter in a doe ragout was so good I considered ordering it again as a main dish. For a former industrial space near Père Lachaise, it’s surprisingly small, seating maybe 20-25 people. With an open kitchen, it quickly gets very noisy. I look forward to ...
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The changing UK diet: how Britons ditched offal and came to love yoghurt

Bananas overtake apples and oranges as the fresh fruit of choice, while potato consumption has more than halved over the past four decades, figures show [Author: Emily Gosden]
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