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Bug In The Code Glasses

Whether they're staying hydrated for a hack-a-thon or for a Star Trek marathon, the lovable computer nerd in your life will get a kick out of these cheeky glasses. Each one is printed with code that has an error in it—they're sure to enjoy hunting for the glitch, but it's also on the back for us tech mortals. Fun fact: We worked on the design with our own tech department, so feel confident knowing this set is geek-approved. Glasses made in the US and decorated in Ohio. Click to view the lice...
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Ohio lawmaker says legislature must act on medical marijuana

Ohio Rep. Mike Curtin, a Columbus-area Democrat who opposes Issue 3, said state lawmakers must take up the medical marijuana issue if the marijuana legalization measure fails on Nov. 3. Issue 3 would legalize recreational and medical marijuana in Ohio. Click here for more information about the proposal.
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