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Higher Education in America

 Higher Education in America U.S.A. –-( Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics at Ohio University Richard Vedder's new book, “Restoring the Promise,” published by the Independent Institute based in Oakland, California, is about the crisis in higher education. He summarizes the three major problems faced by America's colleges and universities. First, our universities “are vastly too expensive, often costing twice as much per student compared with institutions in other indu...
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Researchers find fossil in desk drawer of ancient giant 'lion' that roamed 20 million years ago in Kenya

A giant lion with enormous fangs that roamed the Kenyan savannah more than 20 million years ago was one of the largest ever meat-eating mammals, researchers said on Thursday A team from Ohio University found the lower jaw, teeth and other bones of a new species, Simbakubwa kutokaafrika - Swahili for “big African lion” -  in 2010 in a desk drawer in Nairobi museum.   They calculated the predator would have weighed up to 1,500 kilogrammes and could have fed upon the elephant-like creatures that li...
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Fossils found in museum drawer in Kenya belong to gigantic carnivore

Paleontologists at Ohio University have discovered a new species of meat-eating mammal larger than any big cat stalking the world today. Larger than a polar bear, with a skull as large as that of a rhinoceros and enormous piercing canine teeth, this massive carnivore would have been an intimidating part of the eastern African ecosystems occupied by early apes and monkeys.
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Acetaminophen can limit positive empathy for others, study shows

A new study by an Ohio University faculty member showed that acetaminophen limited positive empathy a person has for others while taking it.
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OHIO study: Acetaminophen can reduce positive empathy for others

A new study by an Ohio University faculty member showed that acetaminophen limited positive empathy a person has for others while taking it.
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Blackwell joins SMS Assist

SMS Assist said March 21 that it hired Graham Blackwell as chief strategy and revenue officer. Blackwell most recently was an executive vice president with Bain Capital’s North American Private Equity Team. SMS Assist raised $150 million from Goldman Sachs Investment Partners in 2016. PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SMS Assist announced today the hiring of Graham Blackwell as chief strategy and revenue officer. A deeply experienced operating executive, Blackwell will lead SMS Assist’s stra...
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Rukwa Rift Basin Project names new Cretaceous mammal from East African Rift System

Ohio University researchers announced a new species of mammal from the Age of Dinosaurs, representing the most complete mammal from the Cretaceous Period of continental Africa, and providing tantalizing insights into the past diversity of mammals on the planet.
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OHIO study: Information literacy can combat 'fake news'

It's not difficult to verify whether a new piece of information is accurate; however, most people don't take that step before sharing it on social media, regardless of age, social class or gender, a new Ohio University study has found.
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Fewer hospital programs address opioid abuse, Ohio University study finds

The damage done to America's health by the opioid epidemic is well-recognized and enormous, with drug overdose death rates helping to drive down US life expectancy in recent years. Yet as the problem has worsened, American hospitals collectively have seen a loss of programs dealing with substance abuse.
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Family files lawsuit in death of fraternity pledge at Ohio University

The parents of a dead fraternity pledge have filed a lawsuit against the fraternity, alleging their son died last fall as a result of extensive hazing.
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Exceptional new titanosaur from middle Cretaceous Tanzania: Mnyamawamtuka

An exceptional sauropod dinosaur specimen from the middle Cretaceous of Tanzania represents a unique species and provides new insights into sauropod evolution, according to a study published Feb. 13, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Eric Gorscak of Midwestern University, Illinois, and Patrick O'Connor of Ohio University, USA.
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Ralph Drollinger Responds to Allegations He is a Christian Nationalist

Ralph Drollinger really doesn’t like being called a Christian nationalist. He is back with a rebuttal to another Katherine Stewart NY Times op-ed and has a response to my recent posts on his ministry. He gets a few things wrong in his reply which I want to unpack. First, Drollinger takes on Fred Clark for a brief statement in one of Clark’s Patheos blog postings. Clark wrote: Ralph Drollinger of “Capitol Ministries” says he’s not a Christian nationalist. (Warren Throckmorton, correctly, disagree...
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Dark tourism destinations

2019 might just be the year of the non-traditional vacation that would take you away from the crowds and make for amazing stories. Everyone knows about Venice, Barcelona, and the beautiful beaches of Thailand, but destinations considered to be taboo could also make for the perfect trip. Dark tourism covers a wide range of locations, including natural disaster sites, ghost towns, battlefields, dungeons, and other macabre spots. Travelers should not treat dark tourism sites like a trip to Disne...
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Fathers, Sons and Airplanes

– Click above to listen Fathers, Sons and Airplanes, by Micah Engber The New Year comes twice a year for me. Of course there’s this time of year, the first day of January for the year we all know. But there’s also first day of Tishrei, the Jewish New Year called Rosh Hashanah. While there’s a joy to the Jewish New Year it’s more of a time of self-examination and repentance, a ten day process that ends with the holiday of Yom Kippur. So I started to write this just as Yom Kippur, the Jewish Da...
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Forecasters may be looking in wrong place when predicting tornadoes, Ohio research shows

Weather forecasters may be looking in the wrong place when working to issue tornado warnings, new research led by Ohio University has demonstrated.
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Algae ‘blooms’ in automotive industry

Mazda is investing in it. Honda is using it for R&D and potential byproducts. Algenol, AlgaEnergy and others grow and develop it. Euglena began producing it for biojet fuel at its new biofuel refinery plant in Japan. The U.S. government has a whole R&D department that is looking at this stuff. The list goes on. So why is algae living it up lately? It’s all about research and getting further down the path step by step with each discovery. The vroom-vroom Let’s start with the cars. Back in 2009...
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Why The Perfect Red-State Democrat Lost

Taylor Sappington is exactly the kind of candidate his party should want in Ohio. But he couldn’t get union support. Taylor Sappington heard the call like so many other Democrats in the year after Nov. 8, 2016. He had seen Donald Trump coming, homing in on his little town of Nelsonville, Ohio, in the state’s impoverished Appalachian southeast. The town of 5,300 people had voted for Barack Obama twice by large margins. Trump was Nelsonville’s pick in 2016, though it was more by default than a...
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People who are afraid to draw their blood over-estimate the risk of fainting

A new study by Ohio University faculty members showed that people who are afraid to have their blood drawn believe more people faint or have other symptoms than what statistics show actually occurs.
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Ohio University study: Fear leads people to think donating blood will make others faint

A new study showed that people who are afraid to have their blood drawn believe more people faint or have other symptoms than what statistics show actually occurs.
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The Importance Of Record Keeping In A Band

If you're a fortunate enough musician that you're actually seeing some revenue from your music, chances are you'll have to pay taxes, and deal with a good number of other financial issues involved with running the small business that is your band.   _________________________ In this recent post from MusicThinkTank, Robert Lanterman explains why it's so important for bands be organized about their bookkeeping. "There may come a point where financial advice or the help of an account...
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Family acceptance of LGBT individual's sexuality linked to lower stress

Ohio University Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Peggy Zoccola has determined that those who identify as LGBT and have come out to their family carry less stress hormones than those who have not come out, which may ultimately benefit their health.
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Family acceptance of LGBT identity linked to reduced stress

Ohio University Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Peggy Zoccola has determined that those who identify as LGBT and have come out to their family carry less stress hormones than those who have not come out, which may ultimately benefit their health.
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Morning Headlines: Ohio Absentee Ballot Requests Soar, Testa Gives $15M Gift to Akron Children's

Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, October 17: Ohio absentee ballot requests soar; Testa gives $15M gift to Akron Children's; WOW Air ends service in Cleveland; Ohio Democratic candidates for Congress out-fundraising Republican incumbents; Southwest Ohio congressional candidates spar at forum; Ohio University student charged with making false claims; Sears to close three stores in NE Ohio; Routine drill at Akron Zoo turns into panic; New report shows benefits for city that hosts NFL ...
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India’s Birthing Project

Amid its fight against a surging demographic, India has taken up the responsibilities of a depleting community — the Parsis — nestled in the middle of its diverse cultural smorgasbord. Article by Bharbi Hazarika / The Post Copyright Megan Knapp The 4-year-old government-mandated Jiyo Parsi scheme has so far resulted in the wails of 160 Parsi babies enlivening a few Indian households, but several more nests still remain barren and quiet. For 35-year-old Parsi Farnaz Chavda, however, her...
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Ducks Prospects Making Push for Roster Spot

Giovanni Fiore recently got sent back to the San Diego Gulls meaning he’s unlikely to make the Anaheim Ducks opening night roster. It was a different story for Fiore last season as he earned a spot on the Ducks’ roster out of the preseason. This was a bit of a surprise to many Ducks’ fans who might have expected a more high-profile name like Sam Steel or Max Jones to make the team out of training camp, but it was Fiore who earned his spot on the roster instead. A new season brings new opportunit...
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Four weeks. 12 sexual assaults reported. And Ohio University students are ‘fed up’

It started with a bedsheet and a tweet. Ohio University students take action after several reports of sexual assaults on campus since school started.            [Author: Cincinnati Enquirer]
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Freshman student forgets professor's name, mistakenly submits paper with awkward nickname

Ohio University freshman Zoey Oxley used "Professor whats his nuts" as a placeholder for her professor's actual name on an essay draft. Then she accidentally submitted that draft.            [Author: Cincinnati Enquirer]
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#492 John Belcher Shares Where Small Businesses Can be Effectively Advertising Online for Less Money than on Google Adwords or Facebook

Overview On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about where small businesses can be effectively advertising online for less money than on Google Adwords or Facebook. Then, in the digital world, our ethics are being challenged every day. We’ll talk about how to get our “analog ethics” back into today’s “digital age ethics”. Plus, we share a new solution for answering questions from your social media followers quickly and easily. Also, the UPS Store just released its “Insi...
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Morning Headlines: Ohio EPA Approves Wind Turbine Project; Kasich Signs Payday Lending Bill

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, July 31: Ohio EPA approves wind turbine project; Gov. Kasich signs payday lending bill; Cultivator license awarded to Eastlake med pot business; Canton pushes Market Square project forward; Baldwin Wallace strips theater building namesakes amid allegations; Ohio University drops ban on spontaneous protests; Three charged in Cleveland construction site scam; Ohio EPA approves wind turbine project A massive wind turbine project in Lake Erie is getting a...
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Roth joins MidOcean Partners

MidOcean Partners said July 25 that Eric Roth has joined as a managing director. He was previously an MD and head of the consumer retail group at Lazard. Also, David Kieselstein, currently an executive board member, was named chairman of the MidOcean executive board. Steve Miller, who was previously chairman, will continue as a member of MidOcean’s executive board and Matt Rubel has joined MidOcean’s executive board as chairman of the consumer group. PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MidOce...
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