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Puerto Rico virtual experiences

If a trip to Puerto Rico was on your spring break itinerary, those plans were probably derailed thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. Even though you can’t visit Puerto Rico in person, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a virtual trip. It’s no replacement for the real thing, but it might be just enough to tide you over until travel is safe again. Discover Puerto Rico is launching a virtual Puerto Rican cultural experience this weekend, March 27-29, bringing the island’s traditions right ...
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10 Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - At the heart of Puerto Rico is the capital city of San Juan. It’s a lively, colorful city. The most populated part of the island, it’s the business and economic center, but also the historic home to Puerto Rico’s history. San Juan was initially founded in the 16th century by Spanish colonists. The city, and the island of Puerto Rico, wasn’t incorporated to be part of the United States until after the Spanish-Am...
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Caribbean Bookings Are Up, One Year After Two Massive Hurricanes Rolled Through The Region

Virtuoso reports growth in winter bookings in the Caribbean. With 70 percent of the islands unaffected by last year's busy hurricane season, and 90 percent of room inventory open in impacted regions, the islands are coming back. For a closer look at the Caribbean, Virtuoso gathered industry leaders at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas, nearly one year after Hurricanes Irma and Maria became the first consecutive Category 5 storms to hit the region in a decade, to discuss the rebound and re...
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Airbnb Worries Some In Old San Juan About 'Break Up Of Community'

Some residents are pushing for more regulation of Airbnb. When people buy entire buildings and rent them out on the site, they argue it changes the neighborhood's historic character.
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The Caribbean – Relaxation and Action All Combined

Pure relaxation! Photo by Unknown / Public Domain For Americans and Europeans alike, the Caribbean is usually one of those destinations considered for special getaways, like honeymoons and milestone birthdays. And rightly so, since it is such an amazing region. With almost thirty countries being part of the Caribbean, there are a wide variety of islands to visit, all with their own characteristics. Some of the islands are easier to get to than others; in many cases with direct flights from majo...
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The Daily Edit – Entreprenuer Magazine: Andy Isaacson

Entrepreneur Magazine Creative Director:  Paul Scirecalabrisotto Photography Director:  Judith Puckett-Rinella Photographer:   Andy Isaacson Heidi: How many days were on location? Andy: I was in Puerto Rico for 4 days. What was the most challenging obstacle during the shoot? The fact that much of the compelling action in the story (the actual hurricane relief and recovery work that the subject of the story was involved in) had already taken place several weeks before I arrived! So I rea...
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‘Like Going Back in Time’: Puerto Ricans Put Survival Skills to Use

Using generators, rationing, and even bonfires, Puerto Ricans have had to get creative to survive weeks without power or regular water and food after Hurricane Maria.
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'We Feel Forgotten': In Storm-Battered Home Of Musical Hit, Help Comes 'Despacito'

Many houses in the Old San Juan neighborhood of La Perla flooded or collapsed completely, leaving people homeless and sleeping in the ruins.(Image credit: Angel Valentin for NPR)
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Hurricane Maria: category 5 storm batters Caribbean – live

One death as hurricane hits islands still grappling with aftermath of IrmaCaribbean faces fresh devastation as category 5 Hurricane Maria hitsDominica’s prime minister charts ‘merciless’ Maria on social mediaIf you’ve been affected by the storm you can share your story here 10.30pm BST Reporter Daniel Cassady provided this update from San Juan earlier this afternoon as Maria continued to edge closer:The capital city of Puerto Rico seemed calm this afternoon. In the morning, there was a sense...
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23 Puerto Rican foods

The food in Puerto Rico is a lot like its people—bold, enticing and varied. Moderation does not exist where rice, beans and pork are involved. Guests will be hard-pressed to leave a Puerto Rican event without at least two meals crammed between paper plates and enveloped by aluminum foil. After all, food that good is worth having again at midnight and for lunch the next day. Puerto Rican cuisine is a blend of native and foreign influences. Some ingredients predate Spanish settlement, such as yu...
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How to road trip Puerto Rico

Photo: Amos Bar-Zeev It may be relatively small in size, but Puerto Rico has more than its fair share of attractions — beaches, rainforests, caves, bioluminescent lagoons, ancient towns, and its own stellar music and cuisine, to start. But it’s precisely because of its size that the island offers something else to travelers: prime road trip potential. Rent a car and hit the road for a week with this awesome seven-day itinerary. Editor’s note: These spots are all taken directly from travelstok...
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Ballerinas In Puerto Rico Reflect The Beauty Of Latin America's Dance Scene

Vianca E. Palacios @viancaepalacios #OZR_Dance | # A post shared by Omar Z. Robles (@omarzrobles) on Feb 18, 2017 at 2:41pm PST Three years ago, Omar Robles began photographing ballerinas, asking professional dancers to leave the confines of their performance halls and step out onto the streets of their cities. His series from Cuba, in particular, caught the attention of the internet in 2016, showcasing an aspect of the country’s creative culture that has long been celebrated by l...
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Off Broadway Review: ‘Tell Hector I Miss Him’

Life, in all its messy glory, overflows the stage of the Atlantic Theater Company in this dynamically staged production of “Tell Hector I Miss Him.” Paola Lazaro’s animated ensemble piece unearths the volatile residents of a close-knit community living underground in Old San Juan, and a vibrant acting company — directed by David Mendizabal and... Read more »
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7 Reasons Why Everyone is Visiting Puerto Rico

While 2017 has already sprung upon us and everyone is fine-tuning their bucket lists for the new year, I had to make an article about why Puerto Rico should be near the top, because it's one of the easiest travel destinations I've been to recently. So much goes into perfecting a vacation, and when it comes to first-time travelers, backpackers, or fashionistas, Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for all of the above and more. Here's why... 1. It's more affordable to fly there than ever ...
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Fighting Blind: A Green Beret's Story of Extraordinary Courage

By Ivan Castro and Jim DeFelice     A Simple Man   I was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, and lived the first few years of my life in the New York City area, but if you ask me, I'll tell you I'm Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico is where I mostly grew up. It's where the best memories of my childhood are. I have a lot of family there, and friends, and while it's changed in the thirty years since I last called it home, it's a place that remains close to my heart. Both my mom, Juana Gloria Dones, and my dad, ...
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Dark Star: Puerto Rico Reels From 3-Day Blackout

Puerto Rico has emerged bewildered from a three-night national blackout, which affected 1.5 million customers, left 250,000 without water service, and prompted estimates of close to $1 billion in immediate economic losses, along with incalculable future repercussions. Sleep cooled by air conditioning or electric fans in tropical temps of 80-plus degrees Fahrenheit became a sudden luxury over the weekend in this Caribbean country, now known as much for its debt crisis as for its salsa music. Fo...
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20 gorgeous images of Puerto Rico

AMERICANS SO OFTEN FORGET there’s an absolutely beautiful Caribbean island that’s super close and that they can travel to with zero need for a passport. Puerto Rico is stunning, and it’s not just the beaches — it’s the rainforest and the varied scenery, but also the people, the architecture, and the culture. A few years back I was lucky enough to spend a day and a half in Puerto Rico. And in that short period of time, I was able to visit a colonial fort, have a piña colada at the place that inv...
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Visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico Like A Local

If you want to see Puerto Rico, chances are you're going to start in San Juan--specifically, Old San Juan. Old San Juan is only seven blocks from the port, and every week, 28,000 visitors come off the cruise ships to see the restored 465-year-old neighborhood that was considered one of the crown jewels of the Spanish empire. But you need to get beyond Old San Juan, beyond the brochures, and beyond the guide books to really see it how it was meant to be seen. Founded in 1521 by Juan Ponce de Leon...
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Meet The Women Going Back To Puerto Rico Despite The Debt Crisis

Would you move home to a place that’s sinking under the weight of a $72 billion debt?For Puerto Ricans, there’s no easy answer.An average of 230 people leave the island every day due to the lack of economic opportunities tied to the debt crisis, according to data published by the Puerto Rico Statistics Institute. Gov. Alejandro García Padilla has called the situation the “worst economic and humanitarian crisis” in the commonwealth’s history.The government is facing its biggest challenge yet — b...
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Puerto Rico is a top vacation spot

RESORTS, BEACHES, OLD SAN JUAN — these Puerto Rican mainstays are enough in themselves to make the “island of enchantment” one of the top vacation spots anywhere. But there’s also a family-friendly, something-for-everyone aspect to Puerto Rico that most travelers don’t see when they first step off the plane. Within the capital and all around the island, you’ll find a place full of history, flavor, and that special island quality that keeps people coming back. It’s found in the sleepy surf town o...
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A Puerto Rico Wedding Anchored in Old-World Glamour

You might remember this couple from their stylish engagement session set in NYC, and today we’re headed to Old San Juan for the destination wedding that followed. Maria Lugo designed a cultural celebration infused with a dose of old-world glam, and as for the photos we can’t stop staring at? They’re all thanks to the incredible Greg Finck (P.S. he just launched a new must-see website!) Follow me to The Vault to get this party officially started. Share this gorgeous gallery on ...
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12 foods you’ll get addicted to in Puerto Rico

1. Mofongo Mashed plantains, pork cracklings, and garlic combine to create a creamy, comfort food flavor bomb. A heaping plate of mofongo is especially filling when topped with steak, chicken, or fresh-from-the-ocean shrimp. There are endless variations and everybody thinks their favorite spot serves the best version. Trying them all would take a lifetime. Photo: viviandngugyen 2. Piña Colada The first piña colada was concocted behind a San Juan bar (although enthusiasts debate if it was at...
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Zika Outbreak 2016: Virus Hits Debt-Stricken Puerto Rico Amid US Soccer Team Arrival

With dozens of storefronts shuttered, bearing signs that read “se vende” — “for sale” — the marks of Puerto Rico’s ongoing debt crisis are made visible throughout the main city of Old San Juan. As the cash-strapped U.S. territory missed most of another debt payment earlier this month, it has had to contend with another crisis: namely, the Zika virus.
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18 of the world’s best cities for millennials

Photo: Ralph Arvesen 1. Austin, USA There are just so many opportunities in Austin for tech-inclined, entrepreneur-minded millennials. The cost of living is lower than the national average (not to mention, way lower than that of San Francisco), small-business loans are easier to come by, and about 17.5% of the population is between the ages of 25 and 35, according to research done by Nerdwallet. And you don’t have to go it alone, TSU’s Small Business Development Network has an entire list...
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When the Photography Gods Don’t Smile Upon You

If I were a more professional photographer, my travels would be very different. I’d do a lot more research beforehand, scoping out the best places to take the shots I wanted. I’d wake up before sunrise on a regular basis (the horror!) and plan my days around the sunsets. And in case of bad weather and bad light, I’d be completely sidelines, unless there was something inside I would want to photograph. I’d be prepared to spend long stretches of time simply waiting for conditions to be perfect be...
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Puerto Rico Seriously Has It All

Now that I’ve settled down in New York after five years of travel, one of my goals is to travel more within the U.S. I have a lot of cities I want to visit this year: Austin, Nashville, Portland. But the biggest goal of all? Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was a priority for late February. Or sometime in March. After growing up in New England, that’s been the most frustrating time of year, when you’ve been dealing with winter for months and months and just can’t take it anymore. I started planning — b...
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Should you add San Juan to your travel wish list?

Quick travel guide to San Juan, Puerto Rico Located on the north-eastern coast of Puerto Rico, San Juan is the capital and largest city on this fascinating Caribbean island. Given it’s prime location in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, it’s no surprise that Puerto Rico is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean.  Aside from its many sandy beaches, San Juan is a city rich with history and culture. It’s a Latin American city with Spanish-based culture mixed with African ...
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Escape to Sailing Enchantment

ABOARD THE ms WESTERDAM...This cruise I've decided I will finally learn how to lose a few pounds, eat sensibly and still imbibe in total luxury and adventure. Because of consistent impeccable service with all the amenities, HOLLAND AMERICA has one of the highest repeat/return visitor percentages in the overall hospitality industry. Guests come back year after year for another rich kaleidoscope of intellectual tours, tantalizing cutting-edge entertainment and world-class gastronomy. As we weigh ...
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Where to Stay in San Juan: San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

Condado Beach Puerto Rico is full of every kind of lodging, from airbnbs to huge all inclusive resorts and everything in between. While in San Juan, we stayed at a couple different hotels. My favorite was the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. It is located in the Condado neighborhood which was walkable, and full of trendy restaurants, coffee shops, and some local joints thrown in. I really liked how we were part of a neighborhood and not isolated in our own world like you can feel i...
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Sunday Spotlight: A Bohemian Guesthouse That’s Worth The Visit

Take a look inside this top-rated international guesthouse that will make you want to book a trip to Puerto Rico, immediately. The first thing I noticed was the close attention to detail…the light that cast shadows down every corridor, the accenting decor to make each room its own… The Dreamcatcher Guesthouse is a hideaway nestled amongst the oceanfront houses of Ocean Park, a community 10 minutes east of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. I first came across it while scrolling through listings on...
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