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The Classiest Makeup Looks For Women Over 50

As the world has finally come to understand, representation matters, and that truth fully extends to the world of beauty. Our differences are what makes each one of us beautiful, inside and out… so let’s celebrate them!?  If you’re new to makeup, or haven’t experimented in a while, fear not! We’re here to help. Worried about overdoing it? Classy makeup for older women is well within reach.  Most makeup brands only primarily market to young adult women. Social media can further emphas...
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Does Age Matter When you Decide to Have a Baby?

You might be wondering does age matter when it comes to having a baby? Not so long ago, it was typical for a woman to marry and start a family shortly after graduation. Of course, life expectancy was shorter than it is today. For a woman to bear her babies before the age of 30 was the norm. In the 21st century, many if not most females of childbearing age opt to begin their families later in life. Today, it’s not unusual for a woman to start a family at age 30, 35 or even 40. Are there added he...
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Researchers Wonder: What Even Is the Biological Reason for Women to Stay Alive Past Menopause?

In the perpetual struggle for women over 40 to maintain their relevance in the eyes of this hellish society, a trio of helpful researchers at a university in Liverpool have performed a study that asks: Why do women even biologically stay alive after menopause? Like, post-breeding age, why don’t we just kick rocks, my ladies?Read more...
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IVF hope for older women as fertility doctors apply to change 'batteries' in eggs

Britain could become the first country to licence a groundbreaking new IVF technique which rejuvenates older eggs by replacing their 'batteries' [Author: Sarah Knapton]
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Hollywood ignores older women, says Isabella Rossellini

Former face of Lancôme, who is returning to cinema screens in Enemy, says "there are no roles for older people" [Author: Harriet Marsh] [Link to media]
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