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Best things to do in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese , the mulberry-leaf-shaped southern peninsula of mainland Greece, may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a trip to the cradle of Western civilization. The historical city of Athens and picture-perfect islands of Mykonos and Santorini have arguably established themselves as Greece’s must-gos. But the well-kept secrets of the Peloponnese and the region’s landscape of contrasts will make you feel like you’ve discovered a whole new world. Green valleys an...
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Thurston deputies investigating domestic violence-related homicide in Olympia

A 73-year-old man was arrested Thursday night on suspicion of fatally shooting his wife, the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said.
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The Low Carbon Coast

Recently, the eyes of the world have turned to Olympia, where a battle is underway between the past and the future that ought to settle the future of clean fuels on the US West Coast and in the state of Washington in particular. You see, Washington state has passed a low carbon fuel standard that would have it join itself to the standards already enacted in California, Oregon and British Columbia and under development now for the whole of Canada. The establishment of a clear and steady signal o...
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A sad situation on our city streets

The automatic camera traffic enforcement bill did not make it through Olympia this year. The bill was backed by officials at the city of Seattle, who had two objectives: to make crossing the street safer, and to keep buses out of traffic. At the end of the session the bill finally passed out of the […]
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From vaccines to sex ed and clean energy to plastic straws: Read this list of bills that lived and died in Olympia

This legislative session, Democrats passed a new $52.4 billion two-year state operating budget, funded by a revenue package of more than $830 million in new or higher taxes, and approved a slew of policy bills. But along the way, other proposals stalled.
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Democrats’ late-night tax votes before budget release in Olympia draw scrutiny

Open government advocates, who for years have criticized the general lack of transparency in Olympia surrounding last-minute budget deals, were not thrilled.
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Serena Williams opens up about being the CEO of her tennis team and her daughter Olympia — her 'greatest success by far'

At the Slack Frontiers conference, tennis star Serena Williams spoke about being a member and leading the various teams she's on — in tennis, in venture capital, in tech, and in fashion. Williams also spoke about spending time with her daughter Olympia, who was born last September. Williams just launched Serena Ventures, a VC firm for investing in women, people of color, and young entrepreneurs. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When Serena Williams first started playing te...
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Olympia’s ‘smoke and mirrors’ insurance policy tax hike won’t stop wildfire smoke and flames

Let’s ensure our forests are healthier and that our summer skies are clear by prioritizing the use of existing, broadly-paid state revenues to invest in prevention and forest health — and not rely on another punitive tax.
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Two more key climate-change bills pass in Olympia, head to Inslee’s desk

Gov. Jay Inslee appears to have at least four key climate-change bills headed to his desk. One vaults Washington to the forefront of state-level efforts to develop cleaner energy sources.
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Washington state lawmaker's comments raise ire of nurses

A Washington state lawmaker has angered nurses by commenting in a speech that some nurses may spend a lot of time playing cards in rural hospitals.
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Sabres Goalie Rocky Farr Recalls Memories From Early Buffalo Teams

The Buffalo Sabres made it to the Stanley Cup Final in only their fifth year of existence. When it came to Buffalo’s goaltending in those early years of the franchise, much of the duties fell upon the shoulders of the great Roger Crozier. Enough so that Sabres fans often forget the other goaltenders who helped backstop the team during that time. Within those first five seasons of play there were a total of six different goaltenders to go between the pipes for Buffalo. One of them was Norm “Rocky...
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Bill to allow medical marijuana in school, administered by parents, advances in Olympia

Democratic and Republican lawmakers described the legislation as aimed at students that need medical marijuana for relief from chronic illnesses. The bill would allow marijuana-infused products, but specifically bans smoking pot and products high in the psychoactive chemical THC.
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Washington Gun Rights Activists Prep for April 27, 2019, Rally

Opinion More than 2,500 gun owners turned out for the 2018 March For Our Rights in Olympia, Washington. They'll be back on April 27. (Dave Workman) Washington  – -( Evergreen State gun owners and Second Amendment activists are planning a big April 27 rally on the Capitol steps in Olympia that is shaping up to be bigger than a gathering there in 2018 that drew a crowd of some 2,500. It’s the second annual “March For Our Rights” and the lineup of scheduled speakers include local ...
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American Media puts National Enquirer up for sale

American Media LLC said April 10 that it is exploring strategic options, including a sale, for brands National Enquirer (US and UK editions), Globe and National Examiner. PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK, April 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — American Media, LLC today announced that its Board concluded its strategic operational review of its tabloid business, which began last August, and has resulted in the decision to explore strategic options for its National Enquirer (US and UK editions), Globe and National Ex...
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Letter to the Editor: Palm Sunday

From time to time, the Café publishes Letters to the Editor from our readers.  The opinions expressed are the author’s own and are not an expression of the collective opinion of the Café content team. Before submitting an editorial, please check out our Submissions page for guidelines.     by Peter Snow   Why do we want to perpetuate hatred of Jewish people? Parishes are planning for Palm Sunday services and Good Friday for their lay people to scream out crucify him like at a political rally. T...
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Olympia’s inexcusable indifference to community colleges

Re: “Give all students the tools they need for college or training”: Our state’s community and technical colleges are sinking due to lack of funding and support. The Washington state American Federation of Teachers, and other unions and college administrators, have promoted House Bill 1300. This bill would increase funding over two years for the […]
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Trilobite Ace Jacket Hands-On Review

Introduction Back in Summer, 2018, I was introduced to Czech riding apparel maker, Trilobite. They were a new name to me when I was reviewing their 1860 Ton Up jeans last year despite the fact they have been around since 2012. Having made their mark in Europe over the past few years I’m glad to see they are making strides to get their products into the US market. While their full lineup is not yet available here in the States, there are several pieces available through MotoNation which is curre...
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Proposal in Olympia would allow longer detentions for people in crisis

Supporters say the proposal would give more time for mental-health treatment, but groups including the state’s disability-rights watchdog are objecting. The move would put Washington out of step nationally, as most states require people to see a judge within 72 hours or less.
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Prison officials quiet ban on used books sent by mail draws concern in Olympia

The Washington Department of Corrections last month quietly banned prisoners from receiving used books through the mail. The outcry has drawn attention from state lawmakers and Gov. Jay Inslee.
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Why Washington May Become Tougher Nut to Crack for Anti-Gunners

Washington State has more than 616,000 active concealed pistol licenses, according to new data. (Dave Workman) U.S.A. –-( Two weeks after the legislative death of a controversial, and highly-contested, gun control measure that would have established an extreme training requirement for Washington State concealed pistol licenses, the state Department of Licensing released updated figures on the number of active CPLs in the state, and it is up more than 3,600 over the number in Feb...
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Watch Gun Outfit Play New Song “Teardrops (Classic Hell On Earth)” At Getty Museum

Last year, the cultishly beloved LA-via-Olympia band Gun Outfit performed at the Getty Museum, where they played a new track called "Teardrops (Classic Hell On Earth)." Director Mike Stoltz was on hand to document it, and the band has just released a live performance video highlighting the song. It combines footage from the show with … More »
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5 Necessary Steps For Reaching Success

You're reading 5 Necessary Steps For Reaching Success, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Success is something, everyone tries to reach every day. How much would you like to make this year, the best of your life? Would you like to remember this year, as a breakthrough in your and your family´s life? Of course, you´d like it. But many people don´t know what is necessary to ...
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Thousands Rally For 2A in Oregon; Have Antis Reached Their Limit?

Opinion Thousands of Second Amendment activists gathered at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem Saturday. (Screen snip, YouTube, MaharlikaAWA) Oregon – -( Thousands of Second Amendment activists gathered over the weekend at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, according to KGW, essentially telling Beaver State anti-gunners that enough is enough. Whether their effort will be adequate to derail anti-gun legislation remains to be seen, but this was a significant turnout in a state w...
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House Democrats in Olympia unveil $52.6 billion state budget plan

Washington state House Democrats' 2019-21 operating budget plan would tackle increased K-12 education costs and expand early-childhood learning and Washington's college state need grant.
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Olympia offers Handy versatility in new affordable alloy gravel bike

Olympia’s new aluminum Handy gravel bike mixes roadie wisdom from more than a century of crafting bikes, with the more modern tech, geometry, and durability honed also in the mountain bike realm. We all know the freedom a gravel bike brings where you can pretty much set out on a ride without a destination in […] The post Olympia offers Handy versatility in new affordable alloy gravel bike appeared first on Bikerumor.
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A hot economy continues to bring in new revenue — but Democratic lawmakers say new taxes still needed

Budget season in Olympia began with a healthy revenue forecast and promise of a fight over taxes.
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Legislature sets April 10 as Dolores Huerta Day

OLYMPIA— The Washington Legislature has passed a measure designating April 10 as Dolores Huerta Day. The measure honoring the Mexican-American social activist passed the Senate unanimously Monday as Huerta watched a few feet from the chamber floor. The House passed it on a 62-34 vote earlier this month, and the bill now heads to Gov. […]
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Spring Forward : Notes from Right Now

My excellent friend Knox, a guy not known for his restraint, ordered way to many bulbs for his garden and gave the excess to me. I planted about half of them before our ridiculous second snow arrived. Yesterday, when I went to take the dog out, I noticed my lawn was dotted with bright yellow crocuses, like little golden suns. There should be more of them, but the squirrels must have their share. Daily, I would tuck them back in the ground, daily, I would find them slightly chewed on and rejecte...
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Measure in Olympia would boost broadband’s reach in underserved communities

A measure moving through the state Legislature would create a state broadband office to encourage and coordinate efforts to connect underserved areas. The $25 million in funding is considered just a start, just a drop in the bucket.
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Washingtonians Deserve Real Solutions, Not Bans Offering False Promises

Opinion: Duane Liptak is Executive Vice President of Magpul Industries Corporation, a manufacturer of firearm accessories. Washingtonians Deserve Real Solutions, Not Bans Offering False Promises Washington – -( Lawmakers in Olympia are convinced they’ve found the solution to solving the crime problem. Reducing crime, they seem to agree, is just a matter of reducing the capacity of how many rounds of ammunition can go into a magazine. They just can’t seem to agree on what that n...
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