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Sket Dance Creator’s Stop Motion Figure Videos Astound

Shinohara Kenta (who helped animate the Rilakkuma and Kaoru ONA and is the original creator of Sket Dance) has been uploading a series of stop motion videos involving figurines to his Twitter account, enthusing fans of both subjects and boasting a level of quality that will motivate any observer into trying the hobby out for […]
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Miru Tights Now All About Gorgeous Cosplay & Pussy

Miru Tights has included some spicy cosplay action as one of the show’s luscious tights-wearing females has taken pictures of herself posing in several outfits while she revels in the attention on social media, the series making sure to dole out some good closeups on her tights and even showing off some pussy. Omake:
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Miru Tights a Sopping Wet Thrill

Lovers of black tights and stockings have rightfully gotten their fill as the debut episode of ONA Miru Tights has catered to their desires, constantly providing shots of the thin black legwear and even moistening them to heighten viewer arousal. Omake:
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Trail Mix – May 2019

Molly Tuttle is taking the acoustic world by storm. Having only arrived in Nashville in 2015, the 26 year old singer/songwriter has already picked up Instrumentalist of the Year honors from the Americana Music Association and a Song of the Year award from Folk Alliance International. Tuttle’s stunning guitar work and song writing prowess have given her the uncanny ability to appeal to listeners across the acoustic world; bluegrass, country, and folk fans flock to her. This month, Trail Mix...
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Miru Tights Looking Like Pure Fetish Fuel

Miru Tights and its focus on luscious leg-wear has featured in a new PV, providing only a few extra shots in comparison to the first but bound to be highly welcomed by the tights-loving crowd for its “godly” depictions. Tights and feminine leg-wear very clearly play a prominent role in the short anime series that […]
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24 Of The Best Mirrorless Camera Accessories To Add To Your Camera Bag

Mirrorless cameras are lightweight and are continuously evolving to match the performance of your heavier DSLR, so here are the best mirrorless camera accessories to add to your camera bag. Mirrorless cameras have gained huge popularity recently that many photographers have moved from DSLR to mirrorless even for their professional works. There are so many good manufacturers that make good quality accessories for mirrorless cameras in general, apart for the camera manufacturers themselves. So the...
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Miru Tights Net Anime Will Worship Sexy Tights

Fetishists with a fascination for tights and stockings may have at last found an anime relevant to their interests, as the upcoming “Miru Tights” has placed heavy emphasis on the delightful feminine attire and will likely possess all sorts of tights-centric service. Artist Yomu will serve as both illustrator and story-writer, who fittingly also has […]
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The Fuji X-H1: Opinions and Impressions

Still Pond, Fuji X-H1 and XF 35mm ƒ/2 The culture of objects seems obsessed with excess these days. On one of the auto channels I watch, More Doug DeMuro, Doug answered the viewer question "what is the best car?" by proposing the "Bugatti" Chiron (I use the scare quotes because I know what real Bugattis were, and they weren't hypercars for oil sheiks built by Volkswagen). The Chiron is a two-door, two-seat mid-engined "sports" coupé with a 1,479-horsepower V-16 engine. Really? Is it fun on on...
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Your Guide To The Best New York City Salons For Natural Hair & Curls

When you have curly or natural hair, finding a hairstylist or salon you can trust is a lot like hunting for your soul mate. One amazing blind date could land you with someone who knows how to twist and cut your curls, and you live happily ever after in total hair bliss. Or, you spend a few years kissing frogs — and crying — before you end up with the one. Unfortunately, the latter scenario is more common for people with naturally curly and kinky hair.Not all salons and stylists are hip to handl...
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Saint Seiya Goes Forward With Female Saints In “Saintia Shou”

Toei has begun streaming a promotional video for the ONA adaptation of “Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou“. Saint Seiya: Saintia Shou was a spin-off manga of Masami Kurumada’s Saint Saiya telling the story of Athena’s personal guard, the “Saintia”. The story began directly after the Sanctuary arc in the original manga and follows the adventures of the titular […]
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Gift Guide: 16 fantastic computer bags

Give the gift of organization this year. Bags are often ignored but are a critical part of anyone’s mobile gear. They’re the outward representations of our techie styles, and we put far too little thought into where we keep our most prized possessions. Here’s a collection of bags TechCrunch reviewed over the last year. You’ll find waxed canvas bags, camera backpacks, trail-ready commuter bags and bags designed with women in mind.   WP Standard built the leather messenger bag you want At $295 th...
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H.I.G.-backed Grupo Meridional acquires Hospital Metropolitano

Grupo Meridional, a portfolio company of H.I.G. Capital LLC, has acquired Hospital Metropolitano, a private hospital in Brazil. No financial terms were disclosed. PRESS RELEASE RIO DE JANEIRO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–H.I.G. Capital, LLC (“H.I.G.”), a leading global private equity investment firm with $30 billion of equity capital under management, is pleased to announce that its portfolio company, Grupo Meridional (“Meridional” or the “Group”), one of the leading hospital groups in Brazil, has acquired H...
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Photography News: Flickr keeping Creative Commons photos, ONA gets colorful

Flickr has confirmed it's saving all Creative Commons images, ONA has released a new capsule collection in partnership with Passion Passport and 7Artisans has launched a new drone-specific 35mm f/5.6 lens. The post Photography News: Flickr keeping Creative Commons photos, ONA gets colorful appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Bringing the power of cloud to news organizations

As news consumption becomes increasingly digital, local, small and medium-sized news organizations need new tools to thrive. We created the Google News Initiative Cloud Program, to help publishers use Google Cloud to come up with imaginative solutions to business and storytelling. The first phase of the program focused on providing 200,000 free G Suite license to news companies with fewer than 500 employees through this application.  Building on that effort, today we’re opening applications f...
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Photography News of the Week: Announcements from Capture One, ProGrade, and ONA

Phase One has announced support for Fujifilm systems in the latest version of its Capture One software, ProGrade has released new MicroSD cards and new readers, and ONA has teamed up with Japan Camera Hunter to release a new camera bag. The post Photography News of the Week: Announcements from Capture One, ProGrade, and ONA appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Three-Episode Test: Ink's Summer 2018

Welcome (back) to the Three Episode Test, where contributors give you the low-down on what they're watching from the current simulcast season and why. Angels of Death Streaming on Crunchyroll Summer is the season for horror in Japan, which gives those of us in the U.S.A. three more months of Halloween! I knew nothing of Angels of Death going in but found the first three minutes way more atmospheric than the entirety of Calamity of a Zombie Girl (see below). The premise – an am...
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Bag Week 2018: Waxed canvas bags from Filson, Ona, Croots and more

If you’re looking for a good jacket or bag, you have your choice of materials: leather, heavy nylon, waterproof synthetic weaves like Gore-Tex… but for my money (and not a little of it either) the king of them all is waxed canvas. Pliant yet protective, wind and water–resistant but breathable, handsome to start but grows a character of its own, waxed canvas strikes, for me, the perfect balance of attributes. I drape myself in it, and in the case of bags, drape it from myself. The main caveat is ...
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Bag O' Nikons

Over in the Dept. of Stuff You Don't Need is this lovely leather messenger bag from Nikon meant to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company. It's made by Ona, costs a lot, and looks swell as hell, with subtle and tasteful labeling. If you're a "Nikon Man" or a Nikon fan, could be just the thing for your 100th Anniversary D500*. Mike *The D500 refurb is a much better deal, but then why would you be looking for a deal if you're able to drop $400 on a leather messenger bag? Original con...
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ON TOUR Woche 281 Indonesien

Montag 09.04.18Ich war ziemlich frh parat und wollte nicht warten bis Abdullah und Ona nach Daruba fahren. Ihr Sohn Putra fuhr mich bis zur Kreuzung von dort aus kam ich per Motorrad weiter. Der Herr fuhr mich netterweise bis nach Daruba selbst obw
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‘Krypton’ Continues to Deliver Edgy Science Fiction Thrills With “Savage Night”

This week’s Krypton episode, “Savage Night”, is proving that even though the show started rough, it’s determined go out on top. I can definitively say Krypton is miles better now than when it began. In this episode in particular, we got more of Adam being hated by everyone, a new forceful presence coming onto the scene, a cool team-up, retribution, and even a bit of salvation. On the very sad side of the night, though, we had to sit through a really horrific moment featuring little Ona. Why...
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‘Krypton’ Continues to Improve by Upending Expectations in “Civil Wars”

Whether it’s because of actual improvement or simply due to Stockholm Syndrome, Krypton is actually getting more and more entertaining as the weeks go by. This week’s episode, “Civil Wars,” delivered a plot development that has greatly increased my enjoyment of the show, a development I’d hoped would happen but believed it would never come to pass. This week, Adam Strange became the villain. Did Adam Strange get everything wrong? Adam Strange is so single-minded in his purpose to save Supe...
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‘Krypton’ Delivers Its First Truly Good Episode With “The Word of Rao”

Everyone, I can’t believe I’m typing this, but…this week’s Krypton, “The Word of Rao,” was actually good. I’ve been waiting for this day. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a bone to pick. The action might have been surprising and the overall tone has shifted from stagnation all the way to third gear, but it’s not a great show. Not yet. The story this week – saving Lyta, who has been framed by Daron as the fall guy for the botched Rankless round-up, from execution – got quite convoluted. But let’s ...
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Oman's PDO reports significant gas find in Mabrouk field -agency | ZAWYA MENA Edition

Oman's PDO reports significant gas find in Mabrouk field -agency | ZAWYA MENA Edition:"Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) reported a significant gas find in the Mabrouk field with an estimated 4 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of recoverable gas and 112 million barrels of condensates, state news agency ONA reported on Monday.It said PDO, the country's top oil and gas exploration and production company, had been exploring the reservoir located north of its concession area. It gave no further details.The ...
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Ona’s new cylindrical camera bag series is inspired by vintage lens cases

Got a flair for the vintage? Ona's latest series is inspired by vintage lens cases with their spherical shape. The series includes three options, two for lenses and one that can carry a camera or lens. The post Ona’s new cylindrical camera bag series is inspired by vintage lens cases appeared first on Digital Trends.
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News Lab in 2017: working with news organizations to address industry challenges

Editor’s Note: This week we’re looking at the ways the Google News Lab is working with news organizations to build the future of journalism. This is the first in a four-part series.2017 was a critical time for both the news and technology industries. The battle against misinformation, rapidly-changing business models for news organizations and fundamental questions about the relationship between journalism and technology have made Google’s role in supporting quality journalism as important as it...
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Uncovering the Story of the Washingtons' Runaway Slave

Visitors to President George and Martha Washington's home, Mount Vernon, can view the house, their gardens, a slaves' burying ground, and a reconstructed slave cabin. That the Washingtons kept slaves is no secret, but it took nine years of sleuthing for Erica Armstrong Dunbar to uncover the story of one young slave who got away. Ona Judge was 22 years when she fled the Washingtons' home, then in Philadelphia. The Washingtons were persistent in their attempts to reclaim her, by any means necessar...
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Ona launches limited-edition wanderlust-inspired camera bags

Each of the 100 bags in Ona's new limited edition series uses a different pattern, a design inspired by travel and sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico. The series comes from a partnership with Saltfish Surf Co. The post Ona launches limited-edition wanderlust-inspired camera bags appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Nelsonville Fest 2017 lineup (Ween, TMBG, Emmylou Harris, Conor Oberst, Jenny Lewis, more)

The Ohio music festival also includes Rodriguez, Cloud Nothings, Parquet Courts, Big Thief, Jay Som, Margaret Glaspy, Aldous Harding, and more. Continue reading… [Author: Andrew Sacher]
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Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Web Shorts Sexily Emerge

A stunning mini web series has emerged for the sinfully sexy Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai, with the first episode wasting no time to display the anime’s wondrous women in invigorating poses that will possibly be even more arousing come the…
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Sleek and simple Savannah camera bag keeps your gear easy to access

Designed to fit a mirrorless camera and an extra lens, Ona's latest bag is compact and designed for everyday use. With a sleek black leather exterior and padded interior, the bag offers quick access to the essentials. The post Sleek and simple Savannah camera bag keeps your gear easy to access appeared first on Digital Trends.
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