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These Are All of the Other Investigations Donald Trump Faces

There are more than a dozen other investigations and lawsuits looking into Trump and his associates
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Barbara Streisand Receives Intense Criticism Over Michael Jackson Molestation Comments

Jackson's estate has condemned the HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland"
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Protests Erupt After Pittsburgh Police Officer Acquitted in Killing of Unarmed Black Teen

"I hope that man never sleeps at night," slain teenager's mother said
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Robert Kraft Apologizes Amid Prostitution Scandal: ‘I Have Extraordinary Respect for Women’

The Patriots owner said he was 'truly sorry'
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Officials: No Timetable for Reopening the Houston Shipping Channel After Petrochemical Fires

The fire began March 17 and was extinguished but flared again on two occasions
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Parkland Student Who Suffered From Survivor’s Guilt After Mass Shooting Takes Her Own Life

Sydney Aiello's close friend died in last year's massacre
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Protestors Take to the Streets of London Demanding a New Vote on Brexit

The "People's Vote March" ended up at the U.K. Parliament building
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Cruise Ship Off Norway Coast Planning to Evacuate Its 1,300 Passengers

Rescue teams with helicopters and boats have been sent to help
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No One Knows What’s in the Mueller Report. Here’s Why This Republican Is Claiming Vindication Anyway

In truth, Mueller's investigation has already led to a slew of indictments
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Trump Ally Scalise Says President Vindicated by Reports That Mueller Is Recommending No New Indictments

In truth, Mueller's investigation has already led to a slew of indictments
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Family of 3-Year-Old Boy Slain in Christchurch Terrorist Attack Visit Mosque Reopening

Hundreds of people stopped at the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch
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At Least 5 Dead in Extremist Attack at a Somalian Government Building

Somalia's deputy minister of labor and social affairs was killed in his office
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Islamic State Leader Still at Large After IS Loses Its Territory in Iraq and Syria

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the world's most wanted man
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Over 4 Million People Sign Online Petition Imploring the U.K. Government to Cancel Brexit

The record was reached just before midday Saturday
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French ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Continue Demonstrations as Authorities Ban Marching in Certain Areas

Paris police said 31 people have been arrested and 15 protesters were fined
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U.S.-Backed Syrian Forces Declare Victory Over the Islamic State

President Trump declared victory over the Islamic State the day before
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Georgia Senate Passes ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban Bill

(ATLANTA) — Amid protests and a heavy police presence, the Georgia Senate on Friday passed a bill banning almost all abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. The bill, backed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, passed on a 34-18 party-line vote and would be one of the nation’s strictest anti-abortion measures if it becomes…
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FEMA Released Personal Info of 2.3 Million Hurricane and Wildfire Survivors, Watchdog Says

Potentially exposing the victims to identity fraud and theft
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Here Are All of the Indictments, Guilty Pleas and Convictions From Robert Mueller’s Investigation

Since his appointment in May of 2017, Special Counsel Robert Mueller racked up a lengthy record of court wins, but none of them answered some of the central questions the public had about his investigation. Along with a team of experienced prosecutors and attorneys, the former FBI director has indicted, convicted or gotten guilty pleas…
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Special Counsel Robert Mueller Delivers Report on Russia Probe to Justice Department

Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday delivered a long-awaited report to the Department of Justice about his investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign, marking the conclusion of a two-year investigation. Amid speculation that the report would be released soon, Trump has ramped up his criticism…
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R. Kelly’s Overseas Trip to Perform in Dubai Is in Legal Limbo

Kelly's entertainment attorney said any trip to the UAE was off for now
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Couple Seeks a Strict Nanny Who Dresses Up Like Disney Princesses for $52,000

Raising children isn’t the easiest thing in the world, which is why some parents resort to desperate measures to keep their kids in order. A couple in Hertfordshire, England is looking for a part-time nanny for their twin girls with one particular stipulation: that they dress up as a different Disney princess every month. In…
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Charlottesville Police Arrest Suspect After Racist Online Threat Caused Schools to Close

Police in Charlottesville, VA have charged a teenage suspect for making violent threats online targeting students of color at a public high school that lead to a two-day school closure across the district. On Wednesday, police were alerted to threats targeting non-white students at Charlottesville High School made on the messaging board 4chan, according to…
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Over 600 People Have Been Killed by Cyclone Idai Across Southern Africa As Floodwaters Ease

Fears are rising that the waters could yield up many more bodies
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White House Announces End to Islamic State-Controlled Territory in Syria

Controlling territory gave the group room to launch attacks around the world
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European Union Takes Control of Brexit Timeline From Theresa May

The leaders agreed to extend the Brexit date until May 22
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Please Enjoy the Memes While You Wait for the Mueller Report

People are killing time waiting for the Mueller report by making jokes. Whether or not Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to submit his long-anticipated report, people are keeping busy doing what they do best: making memes. In the moments leading up to the public release of his investigation into whether President Donald Trump’s campaign…
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