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We walked 6.6 miles in New Glarus Woods State Park today.

Brilliant green after yesterday's rain:  Does this fungus suggest the presence of sponge mushrooms nearby? Ramps:  [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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How to Make Crispy Shallots in Your Air Fryer

I use my little air fryer quite a bit, especially now that it’s getting warm and I am avoiding my oven at all costs. It’s very versatile—I can make an entire bacon-and-egg breakfast in the thing—but I depend on it for firing off last minute accoutrement and finishing touches, from crunchy capers, to roasted garlic, to …Read more...
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Will Putting an Onion in the Freezer Keep You From Crying?

I can appreciate a good cry, but I do not enjoy it when my eyes get stingy and weepy just because I want to eat an onion. Usually, I wear a pair of cheap lab safety goggles to shield my precious sight orbs, but there’s more than one way to tame an onion. Popping onions in the freezer can decrease the volatility of…Read more...
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Use a Pair of Cheap Safety Goggles Instead of 'Onion Goggles'

Onions are used in nearly every type of cuisine, which makes them pretty much impossible to avoid in the kitchen. I’d never want to avoid eating an onion but, as we all know, chopping them at once can lead to stinging, weeping eyes and—if you happened to put on mascara “just to feel pretty”—dark streaks and smudges…Read more...
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Air Fry Your Scallions for the Perfect Garnish

Scallions are a complete steal. They’re flavorful, versatile, and cheap. You can usually snag a bunch for under a dollar, they keep for a very long time, and you can grow more scallions from the scraps. I like them raw (try one dipped in salt alongside a rich, creamy cheese), but I’m currently all about the air fried…Read more...
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Facebook's nudity-spotting AI mistook a photo of some onions for 'sexually suggestive' content

Getty A Canadian garden center had its Facebook ad for onion seeds taken down by the platform on Monday. Facebook said the ad was removed for breaking its rules on "products with overtly sexual positioning." Facebook's head of comms in Canada said the post had been restored on Wednesday, and that it had been initially removed by the platform's automated moderation systems. "We use automated technology to keep nudity off our apps. But sometimes it doesn't know a walla walla onion from a, w...
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This Four-Ingredient Onion Gravy Makes Any Dish Cozier

People love to talk about “sweater weather,” but—to me—the changing leaves and dropping temperatures mark the beginning of gravy weather. Much like a sweater, gravy makes everything it enrobes feel a little warmer and cozier, and both sweaters and gravies are better when they’re on the thick side. That’s where the…Read more...
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Transform Pearl Onions Into Savory Charred Orbs

As you may or may not know, Portland, Oregon—the city where I live—is currently in rough shape. I’m not going to list all of our ailments here, but the most pressing issue at this exact moment is the air, which is bad. I’ve been trying to stay in my apartment to avoid it, which means I haven’t been able to go to the…Read more...
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1,469 people in the US and Canada have been sickened by a salmonella outbreak linked to onions produced by Thomson International

1,469 salmonella infections have been connected to California-grown onions. Shutterstock 1,469 individuals have reported Salmonella Newport illnesses linked to onions produced by California-based Thomson International, Inc. On August 1, Thomson International, Inc issued a voluntary recall of onions sold across all 50 states in major grocery stores including Walmart, Kroger, and Trader Joe's. In the US, 1,012 illnesses have been reported along with 136 hospitalizations. In Canada, 457 illne...
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Salmonella Cases Linked to Onions Increase to Nearly 900

Grocery chains, including Publix and Giant Eagle, have recalled onions supplied by Thomson International and products that may contain the onions.
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Throw Out Your Onions, FDA Says

Do you have an onion in your kitchen? Yep, me too. Pop quiz: What farm or distributor did that onion come from? If you can’t answer that question, you should probably throw it out. Read more...
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Red Onions Linked to Salmonella Outbreak, Officials Say

More than 500 cases and at least 75 hospitalizations have been reported in the United States and Canada, the health authorities said.
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Kellogg's is releasing Green Onion-flavored Chex, and the commercial is absolutely bonkers

In 2004, the Kellogg's Corporation in Korea decided to hold a promotional contest where people could vote for the new "President of Chex." As The Takeout explains: The two candidates were the delicious chocolate “Chekkie,” and the hideously green “Chaka.” Chekkie promised that if they won, they would find a way to add even more chocolate to Chocolate Chex, while Chaka promised to imbue the cereal with stinky green onions. One thing the adults at Kellogg’s were sure of was that kids hate, hat...
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Make a Better, Faster Onion Dip With Burnt Onions

Onion dip is mayhaps my favorite dip, but caramelizing onions is both annoying and boring. Since I am already always a little bit annoyed and loathe being bored, I am now all about the burnt-onion lifestyle, and have taken to replacing caramelized onions with scorched ones when making onion dips.Read more...
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Shallots Are the Perfect Single-Person Onion Alternative

Cooking as a “single person” is really about mastering portion control and learning how to scale. A single onion may not seem like too much onion, but a single-person portion of a recipe rarely calls for an entire onion. Enter the shallot, which is naturally the size of about half an onion (or less) and is much better…Read more...
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Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables: Food Waste of the Pandemic

With restaurants, hotels and schools closed, many of the nation’s largest farms are destroying millions of pounds of fresh goods that they can no longer sell.
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Behold the Simple Comfort of a Butter-Baked Onion

Onions are an assertive ingredient, usually used to bring either aggressive astringency or deep, developed umami to a dish. A baked onion, however, does neither, and it still manages to be one of my favorite onions. Butter-baked onions are soft and sweet, with a brothy savoriness that reads almost like French onion…Read more...
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Lentils, Rice, Caramelized Onions and a Dinner to Remember

Adapted from a Middle Eastern mujadara, this streamlined take falls somewhere between a soup and a stew.
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my onions are sown!

I always look forward so much to the first day of planting seeds. For me, that’s TODAY, February 5!! Seeds in the onion family are my the first vegetable to go in. I planted nine 6-packs. I like to grow a lot of onions for myself and I also plant some to give some to...
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How to Peel Pearl Onions and Keep Them Whole

You can buy pearl onions in several forms: raw and in a bag, peeled and frozen, or peeled and pickled in a jar. All have their uses. Purchasing them raw and unpeeled gives you the most freedom, but you have to peel them, and peeling a tiny onion is not at all like peeling a big onion.Read more...
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Top Burgers With McDonald's-Style Diced Onions Like a Genius

Though I love McDonald’s, I would never recommend them as “the place you should go to enjoy a good burger.” McDonald’s is a thing—a thing that is not quite food—unto itself. (You are not eating chicken, you are eating McNuggets.) But there are a few things they do correctly, and one of those things is dicing the…Read more...
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You're Probably Overcooking Your Garlic

Once upon a time, it became common practice to add onions and garlic to a hot pan at the same time. I think it had something to do with “letting flavors mingle,” but I’m not sure. Though they are both alliums, the two cook at dramatically different rates, and adding them together results in bitter, acrid bits of…Read more...
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Your Hot Dog Needs Two Types of Onions

There are few things more boringly pedantic than condiment policing. Put ketchup on your baby, I don’t give a damn. I don’t know if you know this about food, but different people from different places season, dress, and sauce things differently, and this is good, actually.Read more...
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Leave Onion Roots Intact for Easier Slicing and Dicing

By now, I could chop an onion in my sleep: slice it in half, trim off the stem and root, peel, and slice away. In all my years of onion prep, it never occurred to me to shake things up, but skipping just one of those steps—removing the root—has changed my heavily onion-based repertoire for the better. Read more...
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You Need Crispy Fried Onions Year Round

Crispy fried onions are a holiday icon, but their savory, allium-y crunch can bring one joy all year. Even if you’re not a year-round casserole cook, these salty strips of fried goodness can elevate almost any meal, from salad to snack mix.Read more...
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Identical pun in French language / L’oignon fait la farce?

THE ORIGINAL? Quick Star Chef Burger –  2000 “L’oignon fait sa force” Source : Club des DA Agency : Young & Rubicam (FR) LESS ORIGINAL Burger-King Crispy Onions –   2019 “L’oignon fait sa force” Source : Affichage Agency : Buzzman Paris (France) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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Micro-resolutions: Learning the ideal way to chop onions, once and for all

Humans are not good at keeping their resolutions. We’re asking ourselves to change hardened habits, and few of us have the discipline to follow through. We here at The Takeout propose to, well, lower the bar to a manageable level: We’re dubbing it micro-resolutions. It’s not as ambitious as losing 30 pounds, earning a…Read more...
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Winter Comfort Vegetables | Saute Parsnip Casserole Dish

I'd like to share my mother-in-law's recipe on how to cook parsnips, a family favorite winter vegetable Parsnip Casserole with Bacon.
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You're Not Cooking With Scallions Enough

I’m keen on green onions. The lazy—and the wise—man’s onion, scallions are versatile, dirt cheap and easy to deal with, and they should be a staple in everyone’s kitchen, beyond their typical use a garnish. Read more...
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I’ll Be Out in the Garden, De-stressing

Health — professional, physical, spiritual or mental — requires constant attention. And soil, it turns out, is an antidepressant.
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