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Education nonprofit Edraak ignored a student data leak for two months

Edraak, an online education nonprofit, exposed the private information of thousands of students after uploading student data to an unprotected cloud storage server, apparently by mistake. The nonprofit, founded by Jordan’s Queen Rania and headquartered in the kingdom’s capital, was set up in 2013 to promote education across the Arab region. The organization works with several partners, including the British Council and edX, a consortium set up by Harvard, Stanford and MIT. In February, researche...
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Lend a hand: How 7 agents keep giving back to their communities

Amid everything else they do for their own businesses and families, these agents have found ways to continually help their communities through socially-distant outdoor events, food drives, and more.
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Online Education: How It Could Benefit Students and Society

In the past, traditional colleges were favored by almost everyone. These academic institutions were considered by many as the more prestigious option, compared to online colleges. But things have changed drastically as of late.
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Chinese online education app Zuoyebang raises $1.6 billion from investors including Alibaba

The rivalry between China’s top online learning apps has become even more intense this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest company to score a significant funding round is Zuoyebang, which announced today (link in Chinese) that it has raised a $1.6 billion Series E+ from investors including Alibaba Group. Other participants included returning investors Tiger Global Management, SoftBank Vision Fund, Sequoia Capital China and FountainVest Partners. Zuoyebang’s latest announcement c...
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Our 9 Best Virtual Learning Tips From 2020

For many of us, what began in mid-March as a two-week “remote learning” nightmare slowly but steadily morphed into a months-long experiment in keeping our children progressing in school while staying at home. Sometimes I like to think back on those early weeks—how naive we were; how hard we thought those first days…Read more...
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Brainly raises $80M as its platform for crowdsourced homework help balloons to 350M users

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a major upswing in virtual learning — where some schools have gone (and stayed) remote, and others have incorporated significantly stronger online components, in order to help communities maintain more social distancing. That has in turn led to a surge in the usage of tools to help home learners do their work better, and today, one of them is announcing a growth round that speaks to the opportunity in that market. Brainly, a startup from Poland that has built a p...
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EdTech boom continues as IntellectoKids raises $3M from Allrise Capital and others

The rush to capitalize on the shift to online learning, post-pandemic, continues. IntellectoKids, a developer of educational apps for children aged 3 to 7 years, has raised $3 million in a Series A financing led by US-based Allrise Capital and other investors, including Genesis Investments. The platform offers parents of preschool children ‘gamified’ educational content and structured lessons available on mobile devices. The startup will now launch a Classroom feature with learning tracks in fiv...
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Filing: Online learning marketplace Udemy is raising up to $100M at a $3.32B valuation

Online education has been one of the hotspots in the tech world this year, as people turn to e-learning tools to fill in the gaps variously arising from closed schools, closed offices, social distancing, and more time on our hands at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And that is giving a big bump to education startups, which are raising money to capitalise on the growth opportunity. In one of the latest developments, Udemy — which provides a marketplace currently numbering some 130,000 vide...
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Online learning marketplace Udemy is raising up to $100M at a $3.32B valuation

Online education has been one of the hotspots in the tech world this year, as people turn to e-learning tools to fill in the gaps variously arising from closed schools, closed offices, social distancing and more time on our hands at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And that is giving a big bump to education startups, which are raising money to capitalise on the growth opportunity. In one of the latest developments, Udemy — which provides a marketplace currently numbering some 130,000 video...
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Kiddle Is a (Mostly) Safe Search Engine for Kids

Releasing my son slowly but surely onto the internet is not something I have enjoyed as a parent. But the kid is in fourth grade, and not only does he have to research topics for school projects once in a while, he also needs to learn how to search for information online—a thing he will do probably daily for the…Read more...
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Is a Master's Degree Still Worth the Cost?

Going back to school for a master’s degree during an economic downturn can make sense—why not upgrade your skills if you’re already underemployed? Well, there’s a downside right now, too: remote learning can be unfulfilling and graduate degrees are still expensive. You’ll always want to do the math before you enroll.Read more...
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US based online education sites booming in India US based online education platforms like Udemy, EdX, Coursera and Udacity are striking gold in what they consider as their biggest overseas market, India. This can be attributed to the COVID related shutdowns and the big surge in online learning. These platforms are also concentrating on professional courses more, which is a surefire attraction to people thinking about learning online The post US bas...
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How to address inequality exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Darrell M. West Contributor Share on Twitter Darrell M. West is Vice President and Director of Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution. John R. Allen Contributor John R. Allen is President of The Brookings Institution. The novel coronavirus has accelerated the use of many digital technologies. Forced in the spring to close their doors, most K-12 schools and universitie...
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Freshworks (re-)launches its CRM service

Freshworks, the customer and employee engagement company that offers a range of products, from call center and customer support software to HR tools and marketing automation services, today announced the launch of its newest product: Freshworks CRM. The new service, which the company built on top of its new Freshworks Neo platform, is meant to give sales and marketing teams all of the tools they need to get a better view of their customers — with a bit of machine learning thrown in for better pr...
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Brighteye Ventures’ Alex Latsis talks European edtech funding in 2020

Brighteye Ventures, the European edtech venture capital firm, recently announced the $54 million first close of its second fund, bringing total assets under management above $112 million. Out of the new fund, the 2017-founded VC will invest in 15-20 companies over the next three years at the seed and Series A stage, writing checks up to $5 million. Described as a thesis-driven fund investing in startups that “enhance learning” within the context of automation and other new technologies, coupled ...
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With $2.7M in fresh funding, Sora hopes to bring virtual high school to the mainstream

Long before the coronavirus, Sora, a startup run by a team of Atlanta entrepreneurs, was toying with the idea of live, virtual high school. The program would focus on student autonomy and organize its curriculum around projects that learners wanted to work on, such as finding ways to reduce the impact of climate change on the world. Students and teachers would use Zoom and Slack to communicate with each other, with standups everyday to pulse-check progress. The pandemic has both undermined and u...
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The Spectrum Equity-backed video education platform Kajabi has already hit $60 million in ARR

Kajabi may not be an American household name, but users of the web hosting and video tech platform are now being seen in a lot of American households. The company, initially bootstrapped and profitable since its launch, raised a minority investment from Spectrum Equity Partners last November, but that was merely icing on the cake for a business that had seen its user adoption surge. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed that adoption even higher as work-from-home gigs yield to work-from-home side hus...
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Take a 'Schoolcation' With Your Family

This pandemic has been full of tough moments, but some nice walks, too. I try to hold on to those nice walks, but for parents who are staring down the barrel of an entire school year of remote learning, the silver linings can seem pretty damn dim. Enter, the “Schoolcation.”Read more...
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Keep Your Kid's Schoolwork Organized With This Checklist

There are a lot of challenges for kids learning remotely, whether on a hybrid or full-time schedule this year. But one of the biggest is keeping track of exactly what needs to be done each day, in each of their subjects, and across a slew of apps and online programs. With some kids, it may be like starting fresh every…Read more...
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Let Your Kids Bike in Place While They Zoom

At Lifehacker, we already encouraged you to create your own $120 DIY version of a Peloton-style exercise bike (and our health editor tried out the set-up long enough to give it her stamp of approval). But if your little kid already has a bike with training wheels, you can create a similar version for them without…Read more...
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Zoom’s earliest investors are betting millions on a better Zoom for schools

Zoom was never created to be a consumer product. Nonetheless, the video-conferencing company’s accessibility made it the answer to every social situation threatened by the pandemic, from happy hours to meetings. Months later, we’re realizing that force-feeding social experiences into an enterprise software company isn’t a perfect solution. Zoom School is a perfect example of what’s not working: Remote education is a hot mess for students, teachers and parents. Instructors, who could once enga...
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So... How's School Going?

I took my son to a doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was an appointment with a new doctor, a specialist we’d never seen before, and the nurse took a moment to pause and look me straight in the eyes. “So,” she said. “How’s school going?”Read more...
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User-generated e-learning site Kahoot acquires Actimo for up to $33M to double down on corporate sector

Norwegian company Kahoot originally made its name with a platform the lets educators and students create and share game-based online learning lessons, in the process building up a huge public catalogue of gamified lessons created by its community. Today the startup — now valued at over $2 billion — is announcing an acquisition to give a boost to another segment of its business: corporate customers. Kahoot has acquired Danish startup Actimo, which provides a platform for businesses to train and e...
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With coronavirus on campus, college freshmen face a disorienting orientation

Addison Cross is a college freshman at Texas A&M who's learning the ropes as she navigates her first year at school.
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How to Pay for an Online Certificate Program

For many Americans, the pandemic has sparked an interest in career growth—particularly ways they might improve future job stability. Money reports there has been a huge uptick in enrollment for online learning platforms like Coursera since March, and many are looking to boost their skills through certificate programs.Read more...
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Kids Need Workspace Ergonomics, Too

Adults aren’t the only ones slumped in front of a computer screen for hours at a time anymore; with the increase in time kids are spending learning from home this school year, often with Chromebooks or other laptops, it’s important to make sure they are set up in the best ergonomic position possible. Starting good…Read more...
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The Best Online Tutoring Options for Kids

Parents are shouldering extra responsibilities again this fall, with many school-aged students on a partial or fully remote schedule. Whether you’re relearning eighth-grade history to help your child or need some extra help with your college-level calculous, there are lots of apps and websites that will give you an…Read more...
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Give Your Kid a Stress Ball to Squeeze During Virtual Class

Sometimes the best hacks are the tiniest ones; a thing so helpful and obvious in hindsight that you really should have thought of it yourself. And maybe you did (good for you!). But if you, like me, had not yet thought to hand your child a stress ball when they log into their classroom Zoom meetings, now is the time…Read more...
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How to Get the Most Out of a Virtual College Course

Colleges from the Ivy League to two-year schools have moved all or some of their instruction online this year. (Eh, you know why). This can feel extra unfair for students who’d been looking forward to, say, living in a dorm or asking for help from the cutie sitting next to them instead of, like, their dads.Read more...
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What Teachers Want Parents to Know About This Fall

I have written a lot here over the past several months about how this pandemic has affected our children and, in particular, their learning. As fall approaches, I hope to help parents figure out whether their district is taking enough precautions and how to decide whether to send their children back to school in…Read more...
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