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7 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest For Your Business

There are 77.4 million Americans that use Pinterest every month. 90% of these users make purchase decisions based on pins made on this platform. Most pins are used to evaluate options and seek inspiration. It has now become a visual wish list for future purchases. The whopping statistics make Pinterest a viable marketing tool that can equal (or even surpass) the social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram. If you are a business owner, a Pinterest marketing course is what you need to boos...
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VPN Usage For Geospecific Marketing

Marketing has over the years relied more and more on segmentation. This discipline involves putting individuals into different groups of similarities, and then marketing towards the specific group. In theory, this type of marketing ought to yield more sales, as the content is more specifically designed for the consumer. But how can a marketer today build the content and the strategy around these groups when the market they are aiming at are based on geographical location? While a digital market...
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Are You Aware Of These Common Mistakes While Outreaching?

by Prince Kapoor For quite some time now, SEO tops the priority list for most companies. Why not? All of us want to be on the first page on Google, don’t we? Link Building is an invincible part of every SEO strategy. When the topic is link building, ‘outreach’ is the centermost point of discussion. If performed wisely, it can push you on the first line of Google search results. Well, a dream come true! Isn’t it? Since outreach is such an important aspect of link building, you can’t afford to ma...
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8 Tips To Creating Impactful Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have grown to be one of the most popular advertising forms today. Given how comprehensive and creative these short videos are, it’s understandable why solopreneurs and huge corporations alike are allocating more of their marketing budget into this strategy.  But nothing good ever comes easy and if you’re determined to make these videos click and resonate well with your audience, you’ll have to put in the work and exhaust your ideas to the best of your abilities.  Here are ...
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Telling Their Story – The Magic of Customer-Driven Video Content

by Sean Gordon, founder of Whether it be an established Fortune 500 company or a growing upstart business, modern marketing programs are built on the backbone of video marketing campaigns. More often than not, these campaigns excel by capturing the thoughts and journeys of loyal customers as they work with company products in exemplary or innovative fashions. With that said, customer testimonials are hardly a new concept. All the way back to the early days of print advertising, busi...
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VPN Usage For Geospecific Marketing

Marketing has over the years relied more and more on segmentation. This discipline involves putting individuals into different groups of similarities, and then marketing towards the specific group. In theory, this type of marketing ought to yield more sales, as the content is more specifically designed for the consumer. But how can a marketer today build the content and the strategy around these groups when the market they are aiming at are based on geographical location? While a digital market...
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6 Tips For A Successful Popup Ad Campaign

Popups work, they definitely do. Still, many digital marketers are not fully convinced of the benefits that popups yield and take a more cautious approach of not using popup banners. They’re more afraid of losing out on already existing visitors and do not give popup banners a try. Popups are like that lousy kid in the family who is always misunderstood. Without even knowing his intention, he is always seen as someone who’ll never bring good to society.  This is because of the reputation pop...
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Top Strategies To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

SEO, social media, paid ads. Businesses spend so much time, money and effort to get potential customers to visit their site. However, once the visitor is on your site, if they leave without being converted into a customer, it is all essentially useless. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is an extremely important field for businesses, and a vital step in the customer journey. Once a visitor lands on your site, the exact nature of the conversion may vary. Of course, you could convert them into a...
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Neil Patel Review: Learning Marketing Entrepreneurship From The Master

When you’re working at growing your business, you need some role models to follow and great examples to emulate. It’s a hard grind when you’re just at the beginning of the process, so you need a little inspiration. There are few better choices than Neil Patel. Neil Patel is an outstanding, globally revered marketer who can teach you plenty about content marketing, PPC, SEO, and other digital marketing channels to help your business thrive. But you can also learn a huge amount by peeking behind ...
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The app that gives agents an edge with today’s fresh listings

Every month, the top five real estate websites receive over 320 million visitors, but half of those visitors are not looking to buy or sell a home. All of the sites feature the same basic listing photos and information and the same impersonal way to connect with agents — but none are geared toward today’s socially driven, tech-savvy millennials.
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5 Powerful Ways To Use Instagram To Market Your Online Business

Do you want to increase brand visibility while also getting your products seen by a growing number of consumers? If so, Instagram is the ideal place to achieve these goals along with many others. The site boasts of more than one billion active monthly users, which surpasses any other social media network. What’s nice about these large numbers is that most Instagram users are shoppers. If you know how to tailor your content, you can put out a marketing message and appeal to customers without bei...
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How to Reach Your Customers with Online Marketing and Social Media in 2020

Do you think you have done enough to reach out to your clients? Where they spend their time the most? Do you know who they are? Continue Reading
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The Basics of the Follow/Unfollow Method on Instagram

Those who are familiar with Instagram automation strategy would be aware of the process of following and unfollow strategy. In this strategy, you follow the users who are active and… Read more » The post The Basics of the Follow/Unfollow Method on Instagram appeared first on
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How To Buy Instagram Followers In 2019

There are a couple of ways to increase followers count on Instagram. It can be either buy the followers through the company who makes a bunch of fake pages to follow you or in search of followers, following and unfollowing hundreds of accounts. Instagram followers can be bought by you through the companies using Instagram automation. These companies use the best way to buy Instagram followers in 2019 and all you need to do is to sit back and relax. You need not do anything. Just pay for the ser...
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When You Might Need A Marketing Consultant

The most popular method for determining a marketing budget is percentage of sales. And if you’re just starting a business, you could end up spending up to 50% of your sales income on marketing. Even if you’re spending the average of 10%, you’re going to spend a bit. Why couldn’t you just do it all yourself and save money? Sometimes you can. But plenty of times, it’s wiser to just outsource your marketing. Here’s when you should do that. 1. When You Can’t Figure Out Your Strategy Marketing is mor...
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Sowing the Seeds of Success: 3 Elements of Strong B2B Influencer Relationships

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Effective B2B influencer marketing is rooted in building lasting relationships. The premise is simple: When brands invest time, effort, care, and money (when it makes sense) to cultivate partnerships rather than one-time or “on-my-terms” engagements, industry influencers and experts are far more apt to do the same. Oh, and the outcomes of influencer/brand engagements (i.e. reach, engagement, thought leadership, increased share of voice, etc.) are m...
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3 Tips To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Many people do not pay attention to the quality of the blogs but poorly written blogs don’t do much for brand image. To effectively turn your SEO blogs into leads the content you put out, i.e. your blogs, need to be written nicely too. The first thing that pops into a reader’s mind when they read a nicely written page of content is quality. With millions of articles on the internet, there is a majority of them which are poorly written or not up to par. Good quality writing is easily and quickly...
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5 Basic Tips To Master Marketing Messages In 2019

by Jennifer Warren of GoodFirms Content is the cornerstone of online businesses these days. Simply put, content attracts traffic, leads and ultimately conversions. Not surprisingly, every online store out there is trying to make the most of it by crafting copies that compel the readers to take action. So, now the question is: how to make your content so compelling that readers don’t feel the need to look any other way but singularly focus on your business and your business alone. I know, it’s e...
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How to Intertwine Online & Offline Tactics to Cultivate B2B Influencer Relationships

Effective B2B influencer marketing is rooted in brands developing and nurturing relationships —relationships with individuals who have the relevant topical expertise, reach, and resonance to align with the goals of the brand. Of course, those relationships are often cultivated in the digital realm via social media, email, and audio or video conferencing. And that's OK. We've all gone digital. But there’s simply no replacement for face-to-face communication—and B2B marketers may have ...
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Want To Do Business With Baby Boomers? You’ll Find Them On Social Media

by Jonathan Musgrave, owner and chief digital marketer of Steep Digital Marketing Forget those jokes about Baby Boomers and their supposed struggles grasping today’s technology. They may have grown up in a black-and-white TV, rotary-phone era, but most Baby Boomers long ago adapted to the 21st-century digital world. And that includes social media, which they took to with almost as much delight as their children and grandchildren if recent studies on the subject are any indication. As a result, ...
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How To Grow A Business Through YouTube

Social media is one of the best ways of growing your business in the modern era. So many people around the world use platforms like Twitter and Facebook and they offer the perfect way to promote your business and communicate with customers. YouTube is another site that can help with this and here we will look at how to use it for business purposes. The fact that many people with businesses still ignore the potential of YouTube for promoting and growing their brand is mystifying, as more than a ...
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Ryan Bukevicz Passing On Online Marketing Strategies

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs and an internet marketing genius, Ryan Bukevicz developed the idea of Bevo Media, which quickly became the top trending platform for internet marketing. He has achieved recognition and accolades for building the first interactive marketing platform. Even today, Bevo Media’s influence as one of the best management hubs for online marketers remains unparalleled when compared to other similar services. An Early Start. Ryan started building his marketin...
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How to Promote Your B2B Podcast

Over 1/4th of the entire population of the United States listens to podcasts at least monthly. That's over 81 million people. What's more, the most avid listeners log six and a half hours a week of listening time. Eighty percent finish every episode in its entirety. There's enormous potential here for engaging an audience. Think about how long someone might stick with a 1,000 word blog post (like this one). Five minutes? Ten? But they might listen to a 25-30 minute podcast on the s...
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Email vs. Push Notification – Which One’s Better For Your Business Growth?

One of the biggest challenges a marketer experiences is deciding the best digital marketing channel to engage with their users. One must decide which channel to use to reach customer and win their attention. As opposed to traditional way of reaching to customers via email only, there are now more advanced ways to keep in touch with users, one of which is push notification. Push notifications is a message that shows on the top of the browser screen of website and users can opt-in. Email is still...
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Get Your Online Business Noticed with These Tips

Nowadays, no one depends on their job alone as their source of income. Inflation has made the cost of living more expensive, from the food that we eat and the clothes that we wear to the gas that fuels our cars. This makes our salary insufficient to cover our daily expenses, much more so when we have a family to raise. Some take extra work when they have spare time. Others start their own online business to sell stuff. Whether it’s makeup, clothes, or toys, having an online business is also a s...
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Grocery delivery startup Honestbee is running out of money and trying to sell

Honestbee, the online grocery delivery service in Asia, is nearly out of money and trying to offload its business. The company has held early conversations with a number of suitors in Asia, including ride-hailing giants Grab and Go-Jek, over the potential acquisition of part, or all, of its business, according to two industry sources with knowledge of the talks. Founded in 2015, Honestbee works with supermarkets and retailers to deliver goods to customers using its store pickers, delive...
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How Traditional Marketing Can Benefit From A Digital Twist

by Jonathan Musgrave, owner and chief digital marketer for Steep Digital Marketing At one time, marketing meant using such tactics as buying commercial time on TV or radio stations, advertising in a newspaper or magazine, or sending your message through direct mail. All of those remain options today, but they are joined by a plethora of digital alternatives for reaching potential customers or clients, who spend a lot of time hanging out in the digital world. Websites are optimized for sharing c...
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4 Tips To Increase Brand Awareness Via Social Media

There is no denying that social media websites have a positive influence on brands these days. More business owners are trying to increase their brand awareness among target customers through these sites because of the millions of people that use them every day. But how will your post on social media websites stand out from the others? How will you know if your brand is experiencing real growth? Here are a few tricks that can help. 1. Follow the trend. There is always some ongoing trend on so...
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High Cost Of PPC For Legal Searches Makes SEO Attractive To Law Firms

The title says it all. Much like how movie titles seem to already divulge the plot and what’s bound to happen. And yet, despite what could be perceived as a misguided sharing of information, why is it then that people still flock to the cinemas? Why is it that despite having a title like “The Avengers: Endgame”, people are still heading to the movies in droves? It’s simple, really. They crave to know how it all ends. The unraveling of the plot is loads more intriguing that the conclusion. That ...
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Beginners’ Guide To Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is more than just a buzzword. It’s a powerful way to drive traffic to your business. However, there’s a bit of a learning curve that keeps many businesses away from this area of online advertising. What exactly is Search Engine Advertising? Also commonly referred to as paid search, this is how websites get their ads to appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Any time you search for something online, you’re engaging with search engine advertising. It’s a high...
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