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Google Express becomes an all-new Google Shopping in big revamp

Google is giving its Shopping destination a revamp and introducing a universal cart across its platform of services, including Search, Shopping, Images, and even YouTube. The search company announced today an entirely redesigned and now personalized Google Shopping experience where shoppers can discover and compare products, then checkout instantly using their Google account. As a result, the Google Express app will become the new Google Shopping app as the standalone “Express” brand is merge...
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Walmart announces next-day delivery on 200K+ items in select markets

This month, Amazon announced it’s investing $800 million in its warehouses and delivery infrastructure in order to double the speed of Prime shipping by reducing it to only one day. Now Walmart is following suit with a one-day shipping announcement of its own. The rival retailer says it will begin to offer free, NextDay delivery on select Walmart .com orders over $35 — without a membership fee. This offer will initially be available to customers only in Phoenix and Las Vegas beginning on Tuesd...
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A global point of view: online luxury retail

How digital will change luxury retail? What are the key online luxury retail trends in the West and Asia Pacific? My colleague Michelle Beeson and I shared our point of views.
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Is Ultra-Fast Shipping A Game Changer In Retail?

On Amazon’s earnings call a few days ago, its CFO mentioned that its “core free two-day offer [was] morphing into — or evolving into a free one-day offer.” The CFO also said that Amazon plans to invest $800M just in Q2 to make faster shipping happen. Retailers and journalists quickly jumped on the news to […]
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Amazon’s one-two punch: How traditional retailers can fight back

Aaron Rinberg Contributor Aaron Rinberg is an associate with Battery Ventures in Herzliya, Israel. Scott Tobin Contributor Scott Tobin is a general partner with Battery Ventures in Herzliya, Israel. If you think physical retail is dead, you couldn’t be more wrong. Despite the explosion in e-commerce, we’re still buying plenty of stuff in offline stores. In 2017, U.S. retail sales totaled $3.49 trillion, of whic...
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African e-commerce startup Jumia’s shares open at $14.50 in NYSE IPO

Pan-African e-commerce company Jumia listed on the New York Stock Exchange today, with shares beginning trading at $14.50 under ticker symbol JMIA. This comes four weeks after CEO Sacha Poignonnec confirmed the IPO to TechCrunch and Jumia filed SEC documents. With the public offering, Jumia becomes the first startup from Africa to list on a major global exchange. In an updated SEC filing, Jumia indicated it is offering 13,500,000 ADR shares, for an opening price spread of $13 to $16 per share, r...
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Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brand Growth Will Boost Social Ad Spending

In recent years, a wave of so-called digitally native direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups have burst onto the scene and have grown in popularity. Consumers are increasingly purchasing products and services such as mattresses, shoes, razors, and groceries from the over 400 DTC firms now in operation. Forrester forecasts that online spend by DTC enthusiasts will grow […]
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China’s grocery delivery battle heats up with Meituan’s entry

Fast, affordable food delivery service has been life-changing for many working Chinese, but some still prefer to whip up their own meals. These people may not have the time to pick up fresh ingredients from brick-and-mortar stores, so China’s startups and large companies are trying to make home-cooked meals more effortless for busy workers by sending vegetables and meats to apartment doors. The fresh grocery sector in China recorded 4.93 trillion yuan ($730 billion) in total sales last year, gro...
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The State Of Retailing Online 2019: Omnichannel, Personalization, And Marketing

We’ve just published this year’s edition of “The State Of Retailing Online 2019: Omnichannel, Marketing, and Personalization,” a report we conduct annually with the National Retail Federation (NRF). This research summarizes how retailers and digital business professionals are thinking about and investing in their stores and online businesses. In this year’s study, we focused on […]
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Brands: Protect Yourselves From The Gray Market

With online sales representing over 20% of sales in most physical good categories and the ability to buy unauthorized goods from anywhere in the world, the gray market is more present than ever. However, brands are not monitoring their online goods, allowing for any good to be available for sale on the internet, including marketplaces. […]
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What’s Going On With Online Grocery

Last week, IRI hosted its fourth annual Growth Summit in Denver (where some hapless attendees were snowed in by an unfortunate blizzard on the second day). For anyone not familiar with IRI, it is one of the world’s largest analytics firms. Among a slew of other assets, it has proprietary data from checkout registers, which […]
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The French And UK Customer Experience Index Results Are In!

Each year, based on a survey of your customers, Forrester releases results of its Customer Experience Index (CX Index™). The methodology measures how well a brand’s customer experience strengthens the loyalty of its customers and ultimately drives business growth. The French CX Index and UK Retail CX Index results are in! Key highlights from the […]
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The French & UK Customer Experience Index Results Are In!

Each year, based on a survey of your customers, Forrester releases results of its Customer Experience (CX) Index. The methodology measures how well a brand’s customer experience strengthens the loyalty of its customers and ultimately drives business growth. The French CX Index and UK Retail CX Index results are in! Key highlights from the research […]
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African e-commerce startup Jumia files for IPO on NYSE

Pan-African e-commerce company Jumia filed for an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange today per SEC documents and confirmation from CEO Sacha Poignonnec to TechCrunch. The valuation, share price, and timeline for public stock sales will be determined over the coming weeks for the Nigeria headquartered company. With a smooth filing process, Jumia will become the first African tech startup to list on a major global exchange. Poignonnec would not pinpoint a date for the actual IPO, but noted the min...
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Nigeria’s drops consumer e-commerce, pivots to e-procurement

Nigerian startup is dropping consumer online retail and pivoting to B2B e-procurement with Gloopro as its new name. The Lagos based venture has called it quits on e-commerce grocery services, shifting to a product that supplies large and medium corporates with everything from desks to toilet paper. Gloopro’s new platform will generate revenues on a monthly fee structure and a percentage on goods delivered, according to Gloopro CEO D. O. Olusanya. Gloopro, which raised around $1 million i...
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Goliath’s Challenge: DTC Startups Get Personal

In this battle between direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups — cast as the proverbial David — and their large, established brand opponents, victory is not about size or stature; it’s about skillful weaponry. In fact, if one looks at DTC startups’ long-term growth numbers, a scorecard tally suggests that today’s Goliaths will continue to dominate consumer retail […]
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New Retail Isn’t The Future — It’s The Present

The future of retail is already here: Alibaba’s New Retail is reshaping the retail landscape in China and beyond., Tencent, and traditional retailers like Starbucks and Walmart are all jumping on the bandwagon. My latest report, New Retail Is Transforming Commerce, shows retailers what they can learn from early adopters and how they can […]
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Retailers: Extend Omnichannel Capabilities To The Customer, Not Just Operations

Omnichannel investments, including in-store pickup and endless aisle, continue to be top strategic investment for digital business professionals at retail organizations. Forrester predicts that digital touchpoints will influence 55% of total European retail sales by 2022, so a retailer’s digital presence continues to play a significant role in influencing consumer purchase decisions, both online and […]
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Brands: Here Is The Size Of Your Digital Commerce Prize

Consumer-facing brands know that there is proverbial “gold” in generating direct sales through digital commerce — but the big question is the size of the prize. Where will brands place their digital commerce bets, and what will each yield in terms of digital sales, profitability, and customer relationships? The sales opportunity across different digital commerce touchpoints, […]
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Keep Experimenting To Apply The Best Digital Technology For Your Store Environment

Retailers are slowly moving beyond omnichannel fulfillment capabilities in stores to invest in digital store technologies that empower store associates, improve customers’ engagement, and enhance store operations. There is no single formula for great execution on digital store technologies, and the varied performance of the retailers assessed shows that many are still figuring out the […]
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Luxury Retail 2018: What A Difference A Year Can Make

Luxury brands have gone from relative inertia over digital strategies to a flurry of activity, including technology upgrades, partnerships, and even acquisitions. Back in the summer of 2017, we warned that luxury brands were out of time when it came to improving their digital customer experiences and internal operations. Digitally mature and savvy luxury consumers […]
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Forrester Online Survey: Organize To Deliver And Manage Application Transformation

Every company faces a central dilemma: how to resolve the standardization and differentiation of its business apps to win, serve, and retain customers. That’s why we are still getting a lot of questions about this report. We have been wondering how much the move to cloud, mobile, and embedded machine learning or artificial intelligence will […]
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Africa’s agtech wave gets $10 million richer as Twiga Foods raises more capital

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Nigerian data analytics company Terragon acquires Asian mobile ad firm Bizense Africa Roundup: Local VC funds surge, Naspers ramps up and fintech diversifies Kenya’s Twiga Foods has raised $10 million from investors led by the   International Finance Corporation  to add processed food and f...
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Highlights Of Another Record-Smashing Singles’ Day

I was in Shanghai last weekend to witness the largest 11.11 ever in history. Alibaba breaks another record with 2018 GMV reaching RMB213.5 billion ($30.8 billion), 27% higher than last year’s RMB168.3 billion ($25.3 billion). I’m excited to share some of the event highlights here: Stay tuned for the post-event report on Singles’ Day 2018.
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What To Expect On Singles’ Day 2018

Singles’ Day, the world’s largest online shopping festival, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. There’s no doubt that we will see another record-smashing year, although gross merchandise volume (GMV) will no longer be the highlight. Singles’ Day has always been Alibaba’s testbed for new business models and technologies, and this year is no exception. AI and […]
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Predictions 2019: Retailers Must Invest In Digital To Navigate Change And Foster Loyalty

Digital is the rocket fuel for retail’s growth. But that growth requires retailers and brands to keep up — and step up — how quickly they evolve in terms of people, processes, products, and more. On top of all that, in 2019 we’ll see factors such as global economies, trade barriers, rising wages, and marketplaces pack a […]
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Forrester Retail Wave: European Retailers Are Raising The Bar For Mobile App Experiences

My colleague Alex Causey and I have now finished the second European Retail Wave. This year we  evaluated the functionality and usability of six European retailer’s mobile apps. For retailers with a pan-European presence we selected one European market in which to evaluate the retailer’s app [by selecting that market as the location within the app […]
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UK to probe fairness of personalized pricing practices in online retail

The UK government has announced an investigation into personalized pricing practices in online retail following growing concerns that vulnerable consumers are at risk of price discrimination through the use of  ecommerce technologies that vary prices for products such as cars, holidays and household goods via the use of personal data points. The Competition Markets Authority (CMA) will also be involved in the research, which was announced yesterday. The government-commissioned research is inten...
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To Thrive In Retail, Obsess About Your Customers And Invest In Your Associates

Forrester’s CX Index research shows that, year on year, retail performance is still not reaching levels of “excellence.” Instead retailer performance clusters around the “okay” level. There are of course bright sparks, with retailers like John Lewis out performing peers but even they are only reaching “good.” So what is holding retailers back from reaching […]
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Why Consumer Brands Need To Keep An Eye On Their eCommerce Channel

by Shailendra Nagarajan, Senior Product Marketing Manager at DataWeave The online retail marketplace is a hugely competitive ecosystem. It is saturated with competing eCommerce retailers, brands and sellers, all fighting for consumer interest and investment. For brands, such an environment poses unique challenges. How can they ensure that their products and overall brand identity are being perceived well on all eCommerce sites? How can they determine whether their products are being sold at the...
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