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Kepler Pro -- top half of the touchscreen appears to have stopped working

Any advice on trouble-shooting this? I've tried rebooting, but that doesn't seem to help. Bottom half of the touchscreen appears to be still working, but I'm finding that it's very difficult to navigate without the top half. The reader is about 2.5 years old, so would be well out of warranty.
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Onyx Boox Max 2 Pro has backlight?

Hi. Does Onyx Boox Max 2 Pro have backlight? Sorry for my silly question but I've been searching information about this and I haven't found it. I'm searching for a 13" ereader with light so I can use in the dark. Thanks.
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Onyx Boox C67 battery model

Does anybody know exact battery model for this reader or compatible equivalent? Thanks,
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Note S Reportedly Discontinued

Allegedly, the Note S has been discontinued because of "lackluster sales."
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Exporting documents with notes

Hi Forum, As I find it the best apps for making notes in documents are Boox's own/default reader and the note app. But there may be better aps available for this. So, either using the default app or another. What are the options for getting these documents exported and shared?
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M96C Plus sources?

So since Onyx a while ago made their Github private I think, does anyone have sources around here? Thanks!
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Is Booxtor still around?

So he seems to not have been around for a while, has anything happened?
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Note plus: shades of gray in apps are killing my eyes

I finally decided to fork for a Note Plus. Coming from a Sony DPT-S1 its almost miraculous to see a functioning web browser (as fast as my phone), and the google app store. I quickly installed and configured some of the apps I use daily: gmail, feedly classic and pocket. But once the initial excitement wore off, I quickly realized all three apps render a lot of their text in all kinds of colors which are not solid black, colors that show up as different shades of gray on the note plus. And all...
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Taskbar always on top

Is there any way, to pin the taskbar on top? e.g.: Reading a kindle book, the taskbar hides. To return to "desktop", I will have to close the opened book and then close kindle. Always by hitting the return-hardware-button. That is annoying...
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Sound control - Note

I am completely not finding any options to control the volume and speaker settings. Anyone Note savvy than I, who could enlighten me :-)
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Note taking app & split screen

For users of the Max/Note/Nova — does the handwriting app support split screen? That is, can I have the handwriting app open on the left and another app, say Termux, open on the right? Thanks!
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Onyx Boox Max 2 – Character Encoding of exported Annotations

Hi Guys, I am having troubles to find out which Character Encoding the Boox Max 2 uses for annotations saved as .txt-files. I tried out some of the more common styles like UTF-8, but I always get strange looking additional characters in between every paragraph. Maybe somebody had this problem and solved it. Greetings Simon
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How to tell difference between each onyx?

I’m interested in buying an android 7.8 device. Saw the new one at CES, but can’t tell what all he different models are. Onyx Boox Nova ships this month, but Onyx Boox Nova Pro in April, what’s the difference? Is there a spreadsheet or cheat sheet or anything to explain this?
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Boox Nova Pro?

Has anyone heard of the Nova Pro? I asked about the Nova's availability in the UK. They said... "The Nova will not be available in the UK but the Nova Pro will in early 2019 on EU Amazon." I thought they meant the Nova Plus - and I expressed my disappointment, because I really want a front light. They said... "The Nova Pro has a front light and better than the Nova. If you can wait, wait for it." So... errr....? I can't find any information about the Pro onli...
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Boox Note Pro

It seems like a Boox Note Plus with front light and 4 GB RAM. Boox Note Pro will release in April 2019.
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Which Rotation App?

I need a rotation app for the Max 2 but there are so many different ones called "Rotation Control" made by different devs that I don't know which one is the best. What is the recommended rotation app for the Max 2?
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MAX 2 versus MAX 2 Pro

Hi, I am about to buy me a MAX 2. Now I have seen the PRO Version with 4GB RAM. Has anyone compared these two MAXes regarding speed? I think 4GB RAM should speed up everything a lot. If not, let me know... Thank you for help! tom
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Boox Poke Pro - first impressions...

After my latest question on this board, someone asked me for my impressions about the Poke Pro. I realize that most users of this board choose Boox for its larger devices, but since I already wrote that review, I thought I might post it here as well... I got my Boox Poke Pro on Monday, so this really are just my impressions after a few days of use. This Boox is not my first (I also had the i62HD, and a very bad experience with the T68), but over the last few years I used an (epub) e-reader ...
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SketchBook (autodesk) on OnyxBoox Note

Hi everyone, I'm considering getting me an OnyxBoox Note 10 ans was wondering if anyone has tried to install the Autodesk SketchBook app on one of those. Edit: or a similar digital artwork/sketchpad app I just wanted to know if the app works at all, and if the Wacom pressure is working in the app. Or maybe (if there are any artists in the audience) you could recommend another device Thanks
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Wireless Monitor Option

Hello Everyone, I no longer have an ONYX, but I now have a hacked DPT-RP1 so I was forced to find an alternative to the HDMI monitor input. I had previously used VNCViewer but the delay was too severe. Then I discovered 'Spacedesk' Spacedesk essentially turns any android tablet into a wireless monitor WITH touch. (similar to iDisplay and Splashtop I believe) Mirror or extended desktop are both options. MUCH vaster than the VNC method, and possibly as fast, if not faster, than the HDMI inp...
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Screenshot Function for Note

I sent Onyx an email by way of their feedback form in the Settings area on the device asking them to include the screenshot function as an option after a long press of the power button. Received a reply not too long ago saying that they would be implementing that function in the 2.1 update. :2thumbsup This is great news on a couple of fronts: first, that they will be providing this much needed function; second, that they are continuing to work on updates for this device. Of course, there was ...
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Boox C67ML Carta+, problems

I am an experienced user of ebook devices, I used over the years and fully satisfied, Kindles, Kobo, Pocket book Touch Lux 3 (626). Because I am now reading many files non DRM EPUB, and I need to extract all my highlights + notes in HTML, TXT file, and because I like the app Moon Reader+ pro, wich i think is the best to this, I decided to purchase the Onix C67M, wich is running under OS Android 4.2.2. I installed in the unit only the app Moon reader Pro, wich i use on a regular Android tablet ...
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OneNote Handwriting Latency in Firmware 2.0.1?

I'm considering getting a BOOX Note, primarily as a note-taking device. I do all of my note taking in one-note, and I've read that with the earlier firmware versions the latency between writing and the stroke appearing on the screen in 3rd party apps is far too long to be usable. Has anyone tested this with the latest firmware that's been released? Is there any way to sync the factory note app w/ OneNote?
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Onyx Max2Pro Issues

There a troubles of it's own with a Max2Pro since it have a different firmware. So i would like to open a new thread to this. I've had troubles installing the wrong Max2 firmware on my Max2Pro so i think we need this new thread/section.
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New firmware for Max2Pro

Today Onyx has released their first (?) Max2Pro firmware update 2.0.1
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Note+ or the upcoming Nova with pen

I'm uncertain to buy right now a Note Plus or wait for the release of the new Nova equipped witn the writing pen An influencing factor I'm not able to evaluate is the screen resolution differences between the two The Nova has a 300 dpi resolution while the Note uses 226 dpi it looks like the Nova pixel is about 25% finer than the other So would you kindly tell me, based on your experience, if that makes a relevant difference for the reading quality
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Thinking of Buying a Note

There are a couple of issues I want to make sure are not issues before I continue. First of all, can I get a built-in dictionary with AZW files? Any other file types that don't allow for these? Second, how are the batteries for these tablets? Even my Kindle only lasts 7 hours of non-stop reading, so I'm worried these will serve me less than that. How are the styluses? Is it easy to annotate with them? Is it easy to export annotations?
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Send library to Poke-Pro using calibre column (genres) to create library folders

Hi there, I recently bought a poke-pro and I am wondering if there is any way to directly send my calibre library to the device using a column from calibre to automatically create folders or 'bookshelves' on the device, rather as the 'kindle collections' plugin does? If anyone out there has any idea how to achieve this I'd be very grateful. No idea how to code myself and whether or not this would be a difficult thing to do. Thanks in advance.
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Microsoft Teams on Note

Hi all, Anyone with experience using the Microsoft Teams on their Note or other Boox device? I just ordered the Note, so unfortunately I am not able to make my own experiences just yet. But a fair bit of the collaborative work I participate in uses Teams, so it would be wonderful to know that I could look forward to handle this on the Note.
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Sell Onyx Boox Note Lite

Hello, I'm selling a week-old Onyx Boox Note Lite. Be aware that this model does not have note taking capabilities and does not come with a stylus. Otherwise it's the same as the standard Note. I don't have the original box anymore, however it's only been used for a few hours and is without any scratches or dents. Comes with a power adapter and cord, and also an original Onyx light-gray case. The reason I'm selling is that I can't get used to the lack of a backlight. You might be different. $...
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