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I noticed the Kon-tiki 7.8" reader on the Onyx website the other day. A version 2 with Android 10 is coming in the next few days. I hadn't seen either version of this reader before and there isn't any commentary about it here, as far as I can see. I gather that it's like the Nova, but without tablet/stylus functionality. Anyone used one of these before with thoughts about it?
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Note 3 pen writes without touching

Hello I just got my new Note 3 and I've bumped into a issue. I've googled to try and find a solution and failed. My pen writes without touching :o Meaning if I dangle the pen about 1 cm above the Note 3 it starts to write. It's quite annoying because I cant separate words when handwriting :o Please help Best
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Boox max original w/ no stylus?

So hit an interesting problem with a family member's original boox max - they've unfortunately lost the stylus, and are having a lot of trouble sourcing a replacement. Boox sent a triangular stylus that doesn't work, and we've also tried bamboo / intuos 3 / surface 3 models. Now the big issue is that it's non-touch, so it's impossible to select menu options without the stylus. I've tried Factory reset through back/power. This now gets stuck at the "select language" screen. Firmware update (i...
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Good solution to get grey background with the default Neo Reader (and other apps too)

So I found a very simple way to make the BG of any app grey for night reading, I wanted to share it if anyone needs. You just need to install an app like twilight, that is supposed to reduce the blue light and reduce the brightness of normal lcd screen. Even if it's not made for e-ink screens, it works surprisingly well to make any white BG grey.
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Your best tips & tricks, Onyx Boox devices

1) Converting text to epub It's usually best to read epub, so whenever you have a long text to read, upload it to Google Docs on your computer, and access Google Docs on your Onyx, and click save as epub, and download the epub, and it's so much easier to work with. (I did it on the Note3) I'll post more when I've got it, but I'd like to hear your tips.
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note - AI reflow - vocal input

Hello, i'm considering dictating to note standard app in AI reflow. Is there a way to increase the number of accepted vocal input languages?
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Onyx BOOX Note S 9.7 stylus not working anymore

Hello. My Onyx Boox Note S 9.7 screen doesn't recognize the stylus anymore, I can only use it with finger touch. I don't know if it is a coincidence, but this happened only a few weeks after I updated the firmware to the latest version (Build number: 2020-07-24_06-35_2.3.1_ddc8bd5) At first I thought the stylus might be broken, but I noticed that when I open a note using the default application, if I put my palm on the writing area or if I touch it with my fingers, the application stops respond...
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Let's root our Max Lumi

**I am not responsible for any damage to your device. Please take care of your actions.** Steps to install: [1] Current firmware version is 3.0. My Max Lumi came with it. Attached bootimage is for version 3.0. [2] Download and install Magisk Manager on Max Lumi. [3] Do you have installed adb and fastboot on your computer? [4] Enable usb debugging on your Max Lumi, plug it into your computer, and run in command line to check connection. Code: adb devices [5] start a bootloader session...
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Getting hold of an Onyx Boox Poke 3 - retailer gone dark?

Hi all, Has anyone else tried to purchase an Onyx Boox Poke 3 recently? I placed an order on the Onyx site, and they clearly handed it off to Ectaco, as it was from them that I got an order "confirmation". I don't think there are any other suppliers in the US, otherwise I'd try them. I placed the order with them at the beginning of December 2020 and at that point their website said delivery was 5-8 days. I followed up 10 days later, and was told they'd be in stock the week after. But nothin...
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Poke screen sensitivity

My new Poke 3 screen seems to be over sensitive. I feel that the touch screen is to sensitive, Im reading and the dictionary appears, or the page moves on. I think the black edge has touch sensitivity. Does anyone have similar issues?
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Using Onyx Book primarily as an e-reading device

Having become extremely frustrated with a Kobo that seems to be gradually deteriorating, I have to consider some other device. The Boox line seems very full-featured albeit at noticeably higher prices. So far the Boox reviews I've seen spend a lot of time on the sketching and note-taking features, the pen, the UI, sundry bells and whistles, and so forth. I have yet to find a review that focuses mostly (or only) on the nuts-’n’-bolts of using a Boox device as an e-reader. If there's someone her...
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Poke 3 touch screen and store

I have just purchased a Boox Poke 3. I have two questions, if anyone can help with. 1. Is it possible to adjust the touch sensitivity? 2. The built in store seems basic and hard to search. Is it that basic? Thank you.
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Text Box Font Size

Hi, I'm trying to add a note to pdf by using text box of the scribble menu of note pro. Is it possible to adjust font size of the text box in neo reader? Thanks.
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Onyx Boox touchscreen weirdness

I have just bought an Onyx Boox Boox Poke 3 and the touchscreen behavior is very strange, doesn't detect my touch precisely. It means I have to touch everything a couple of millimeters right and a bit down than where my target really is. So, on the very left side of the screen nothing happens, and the weirdest things is that the right bezel completely sensitive for touch! Yes, the black one. Insane. Have you heard anything like that? Have you experienced anything similar with the bigger Onyx Boo...
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Create Bookshelf on PC

Hello Everybody, I have a Boox Note Air. I want to create bookshelf on the device library in the form of a folder. It is possible to do it on the device but it takes time. Therefore, I want to create folders on the PC and transfer them to device and see it on the device library, is it possible, if yes how?
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Problem with Note 3 and Work Profile

Hi, when I try to add my google school account and start a "work profile", Note3 refuses to add the new profile. After a few attempts I'm stuck on Device Policy asking for a code, or I get an "no play protect" certificate. I have the play protect on my main google account, but it seems to fail when I'm trying to add a google work profile. Suggestion?
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neoreader default settings

hello, each time i open a new epub on my Nova2 i reduce font size, line spacing and paragraph spacing to minimum allowed from quite high intermediate values. Each book seems to be 5000 pages. Is there a way to set my preferences as default settings?
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Clarify tech specs: Screen on Onyx Boox Note Pro vs Onyx Boox Note 3.

Hi everyone, Looking to compare hardware of Onyx Boox Note Pro vs Onyx Boox Note 3. Obviously Note 3 is newer chip , faster UFS 2.1 storage, 5G wifi , OTG , fingerprint sensor. Can someone confirm the claim that screens are different, meaning: Note Pro: Glass front screen ( E Ink Mobius Carta screen ) Note 3: Plastic front screen ( Eink Mobius Flexible Screen with Flat Cover-Lens ) If so , is note pro screen in theory more fragile than note 3? Sources below:
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Writing with Note 3

Hi, I'm writing this message using the Note3 and an external mechanical keyboard. After some days using the Note 3 I think I'm in love with it. It has a lot of things the M96 only promised to have, and a many are working fine. I tried to use it to read Coursera lessons and watch Coursera videos, and it works great. I could use half screen to read the text lessons, and half to write notes about the lesson, or put a video in full screen with subtitles and watch video-lesson on e-ink. Amazing. ...
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How to transfer files from e-reader to computer without cable?

I have a Max 3 and I find the "Transfer books" app quite handy, but it only works FROM computer TO e-reader. I know I can use app to sync with Gdrive or dropbox but I'd rather transfer directly e-reader to PC. What's the easiest/quickest way to do this without using a cable? I have tried with bluetooth but I am not able to send files from the Max. I really don't understand why the Transfer books app does not allow two-way transfer, is the e-reader some sort of black hole? Any suggestion is ...
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Question about onyx system app (AlreaderX pro?)

Hello, I did see some video review of onyx boox poke 2 color and there seem to be another system app for reading books, I think its called AleraderX Pro, I'd like to test it on my Nova Pro and maybe on Note 2 but cannot find this app exactly can somebody give me some more info and maybe some links to app or to dumped app from onyx?
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Boox Note Battery Replacement

I replaced the stock battery in my Note 10.3 with a replacement battery from Aliexpress. The stock battery is 4100mAhr, the replacement is 6800mAhr(!). Same physical size, but the replacement battery has a tiny circuit board (I assume to help manage the battery charge better - the stock battery had none, probably why the battery crapped out in just over 2 years). Soldering skills are necessary(!), I am not great, but with a bit of liquid flux, I tinned the wires on the motherboard and soldere...
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Sharing screen on Google Chromecast

I see I can connect the Note3 to the Google Chromecast, but I can only share music, not video. I'm missing something?
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Does the Max Lumi have a gyroscope?

I read that the Note Air now has a gyroscope. Does the Max Lumi have a gyroscope as well?
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The dictionary on Onyx Boox

I'm looking to upgrade my Kindle Paperwhite to a bigger screen and a faster and more open system with better organization of books. What I mainly use it for is reading books in several different languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish, mostly). The dictionary is my most used feature, apart from the actual reading itself. I have found this guide for adding stardict files to be used as dictionaries, and it seems that most of my languages are represented:
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First impression of Note3 and some questions

Well, I just received the Note3 yesterday and I played a little with it. It is a big jump from my older M96. A lot of things missing in M96 are now in Note3. The first impression is real real good. Wow. I have some questions about some things I missed, maybe you may have already talked about in the past: a) I did not found a way to export notes in a png or pdf format. How can I export notes? b) I only read ePubs, not pdf. The the ability to annotate ePubs with free-stroke is really great, ...
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Moon+ reader on boox nova 3

My understanding is that u can put the Google play store on the boox nova 3 eink reader. Has anyone used moon+ reader on it? If so how does it run? All the features working? Moon+ seems to be the only reader I've found that has a library view which puts part of the book description right there without having to go clicking each book, which I find totally logical but I guess reader designers don't 😠 which is why I want to keep using that app.
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Change to M92 default settings. PDF reader customization. Is it possible?

Hello! For some reason, the thread of M92 is closed, so I'm gonna ask here. I still actively use M92 and want to change default settings of PDF reader. I like to read in full screen and scroll pages modes. By default, these are turned off, so every time I open another document, I am forced to manually switch them on. Is there a possibility to either install more customizable third-party reader or to make some changes in the settings to make these modes switched on by default? I wonder if somewh...
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Recommend a keyboard? (Nova Pro)

Anyone have a keyboard recommendation for Onyx Boox devices, especially the Nova Pro? I have tried a couple of ZaggKeys models and had severe problems with keystrokes missing or repeating (e.g. "msssingg oor epeaating") on the Nova Pro and other Android devices even though it works fine with my laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad running Linux). What bluetooth keyboards have you used that work well on your Boox? (Or, come to think of it, has anyone checked whether you can plug a USB keyboard in with ...
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Just how much current dare you charge your Onyx with?

With my Note 2, if I put my super Xiaomi charger on it, it can suck up about 2.6 amps (@5v) and speed charge at 120% an hour. However, that is faster than my phone which was designed to be paired with that charger. I swapped the high speed charger for a low speed one to cut the current to 1 amp, it's not like it needs charging quickly anyway. I just don't trust Onyx power electronics... Does anyone know what the ratings are for these devices? As I've had an original Note lose its capability to ...
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