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[Note air]Anyone can help to avoid the firmware model checking?

I have a Boox note air, and found that this model has another version, Dedao Max. I have got the firmware for the Dedao Max, also is a .upx file, 300M+ bigger size. But when I try to update it in my Boox note air, it said not the right model. I also try the recovery mode and fastboot mode, but Note air doesn't have a rom update feature in it. Anyone has the idea to avoid the model checking while updating or can we fake the .upx file to a note air one?
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Poke 3 Screensavers

I'm having fun getting to grips with the custom screensaver function (it's been a while due to my lack of tech skills). I was wondering whether anyone had a good source of screensavers? Also, I liked the church screensaver from the Poke 2 that the MyDeepGuide review guy had on his. Is that native to the device or available elsewhere? I'd love to have that one as well.
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New models?

Hi. Do you know if for fall or winter Onyx will release new models? Thank you
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Poke 3 partition usage

There was a question of which partitions on the Poke 3 are actually used. This shows you the percentage of partitions that are not zero. (Your recovery partition may differ as I've written and restored it.) Code: #  Name            Size      Filled    Zeroed    Used --  -----------  ------------  ---------  ---------  ------  1  xbl              3670016      2461      1123  68.7%  2  xblbak            3670016      2461      1123  68.7%  3  tz                4194304    ...
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Nova 3 Color - V3.1

The Nova 3 reader does not seem to differentiate between a paragraph break (in Word: 1x enter) and a new section within a chapter (in Word 2x enter). As a result there is no blank line between to scenes within a chapter. Which is often quite confusing. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?
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can you extract a recovery.img from update.upx?

Hi all, I'm having some issues with my device (purchased from onyxboox dot com and not, the details of which are listed here: r/Onyx_Boox thread (permalink: I think the way around my issues will be to flash my device with a recovery.img. Can I get this from an update.upx?
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Boox Note Air Versions?

The Boox pen page ( seems to suggest some note air has the “magnetic symbol” and some doesn’t. Are there different versions of the note air? I wonder if Boox has updated the device to improve the magnetic strength. Anyone has any idea?
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Screen on Oynx boox 3 colour rubbish

I love colour e ink, but annoyed. Had an Onyx Boox 3 colour, sent it back, had two small bright dots, was distracting, The supplier replaced it. Got the replacement and was worse, sent it back, as the supplier believes they have a bad batch, so getting a full refund. So annoyed as it was almost the perfect e book reader and colour added to the experience. Thr beauty is your not locked into one ebook app like how kindle, nook, etc lock you into their apps, and e books. Seems nothing else out ...
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Underclock Poke 2

Hello, how can I underclock my Poke 2 to increase battery life? I have to recharge every 7-8 days with 1-2h daily reading time.
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Rooting the Nova 3 Color: is it locked?

Hi all, I recently purchased a Nova 3 Color from I noticed that there are actually two storefronts to Onyx Boox and that, perhaps I made the wrong choice of the two options. I'm trying to root my device now, following steps at which roughly align to the Max 3 Rooted thread (, modulo TWRP. It appears to me that my device is locked. `fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability` ret...
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Nova 3 Color ugly system font

Does anyone know how to get rid of this (sample attached) system font that, apart from being ugly, is hard to read and sometimes even interferes in books? It looks like some pre-set font and I have no idea how to change it. Attached Thumbnails  
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onyx boox color storage abysmal

I wanted to buy an onyx boox color but effective 20 gb are miserable to download magazines and heavy pdf in 2021. Do you know when the new color model will hit the market? Hope with an sd card
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kaleido 3

Was not announced for June? Maybe I am wrong
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Hello. How about battery life in Note Air with 3.1

Wellington this is my question I think in pourchase this device, Note Air, but want to know how about his battery life :Gracias:
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SSH on Onyx Boox Max

I have a Max 2 and I used to use JuiceSSH on it a lot. However, since the last update to the android version, it can't hold a connection for a few seconds. I thought that subsequent updates might fix it but so far they haven't. I also find that MOSH doesn't work anymore because UDP seems to be largely blocked. If MOSH worked that would help with the flaky SSH connection somewhat. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is anyone else using a different SSH client which works better (though, AFAIC...
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Changing visible/used area in display, Enable SoftKeys

Changing visible area in display (soleved) On some webpages words are too left and for better reading I changed the indent for my Poke 2 from left and right 6 pixels. Code: adb shell wm overscan 6,0,6,0 Source: Enable SoftKeys (not solved) I like to have software keys on the bottom. Movable ball can do things on 2 presses. What is easier? Root device* and use old way with file “build.prop” and add there line Code: qemu.hw...
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Poke 3 (& Poke 2, other Onyx?) screen light

The Poke3 has a screen light composed of two set of LEDs that edge light the screen. That's pretty typical for Eink devices nowadays. Usually one set of LEDs is a warmer color tempearture (reddish) and the other set cooler (bluish). Normally you mix the two together to get the color temperature you want. To give the most utility you make it so either set of LEDs by itself gives a tolerable light in the vicinity of "white". That's where the Poke3 deviates from normal practice. One set of LE...
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Problem With Nova Pro after update and factory reset

So recently after update to Android 9 and update to 3.1 everything worked fine with books and apps, settings etc. After few weeks I decided to do fresh start once again and perforemd factory reset from settings and problems started. Now on every device boot I am asked to configure device and my books dissapear each time. Help me please, what should I do now?
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Onyx Boox Note Air+

Hi all there! I plan to buy a Onyx Boox Note Air+ for near 400$ with cover and want advise from users using that one. Is it quiet reader for the price ? :chinscratch:
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How to force Bluetooth connection to stay on

Hi. How can I force the bluetooth connection to stay on? Even if the screen goes off. Thank you
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Removing the update file in Max Lumi

Greetings, I have just today received my Max Lumi. I updated by way of downloading the file to the root of the storage area. The install went smoothly. Now I would like to delete the file (saved on the mother PC). Is this safe? I did read the manual, but I did not find any information about this. No index in manual. Any tips for new user appreciated.
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Onyx Boox Poke Pro reset password

Hello, I have forgotten my Onyx Boox Poke Pro password. Unfortunately, I did not create an account. How can I reset the ebook?
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USB connection dead

My brand new Nova 3 Color stopped being recognized by a computer over USB link less than 2 weeks after I received it. In addition, it becomes unstable when connected to computer, hanging up or rebooting randomly. I have found other people having reported USB connection problem with Boox devices, has anybody experienced instability as well, has one found a solution? I have tried factory reset and enabling and disabling USB debugging and changing default USB mode in developer options (using thir...
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Poke3 ugly text - fix

The Poke3 (and maybe Poke2?) has "High contrast text" enabled by default. This causes all white text to have a really ugly border. It even causes black text on white to have a ghost border. There is no standard Onyx setting to disable this? The stock Android Settings seemed to previously have had a problem too. The latest software seemed to have fixed this. You can run the stock Android settings: Code: C:\>adb shell am start -n Then Accessibility >...
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Issues copying files

Hi, I bought a Poke 2 and I have problems to copy files with long names on the device. I tried to enable the long path option on Windows but the copying still crashes... How can I solve it?
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How to export contents list (Poke 2) ?

Hello, Is there a way to export a list of all the books on a Poke 2 ? If I connect mine to my PC, I can see the folders ('Books', 'Fonts', 'WifiTransfer'...) but I cannot find a way to export a list of their contents. I tried the usual methods for doing so on Win7 but none works. If anyone has a tip... Thanks to all (Sorry in advance if the answer is already somewhere on this forum, I checked around but could not find it.)
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I replaced the battery in my Note PRO (hint: easy job!)

My Note Pro is 2 years old and the battery needed to be replaced. I had to charge it every night and sometime it would freeze and I had to plug back again. I like my Note Pro but it's a shame that the battery doesn't last more than 2 years. So, I had no choice but to replace the battery. Here's the one I ordered: Its capacity is 6800 mAh compared to 4100 mAh for the original. Same physical size. I used the following Youtube video as a bas...
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Boox Note Air Recovery/System.img

I have a Boox Note Air that’s stuck at the “Starting Up” animation, I can get into recovery fine, and have unpacked update.upx, converted the system.img inside and flashed it/vendor.img without any luck…. Can someone upload the full system.img /anything else needed to restore a Boox Note Air via recovery mode? Thanks!
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Optimization not staying off

I’ve got a Nova 3 on firmware 3.1. I prefer that optimization be disabled on an app unless necessary. After I disable app optimization, the apps are optimized again after reboot. How do I save all optimization permanently?
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Onyx Boox Mira and Mira Pro

Hi, I just saw this. Looks very interesting. I'll let the full video and the resume of the Mira version. I have one question to start: I tought that the next move for onyx was a 2 in 1 or a 13.3 color lumi...they instead release a monitor that cost the same as a reader but do less? (than the Lumi...) They look very cool but I wanted a new Lumi powerfull to replace my Note2... The 23 monitor is sooooo cool! Resume of Mira:
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