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Codefresh just raised $27 million to help developers release code faster for apps that run on the Google-born cloud computing project Kubernetes

On Monday, the startup Codefresh announced a $27 million funding round led by Red Dot Capital Partners, with participation from Shasta Ventures and other existing investors. Codefresh builds a continuous integration and continuous delivery platform, meaning it helps developers release code faster and more often. Codefresh is specially built for cloud software like Kubernetes, a popular open source cloud computing project created at Google. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. E...
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AWS pulls its Red Hat on with managed OpenShift collab

Plus: AWS tool for defining Kubernetes apps without having to write YAML Amazon Web Services and Red Hat have linked arms to bring managed OpenShift, a Kubernetes service, to the AWS cloud. The service is not yet available, but "currently preparing for an early access program".…
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Marketplaces Are Changing the Way We Do Enterprise IT

In one of my latest reports (Key Criteria for Evaluating Unstructured Data Management), one of the key criteria was the availability of a marketplace. Adding functionalities to your infrastructure quickly, without having to go through a complex purchase, installation, and configuration process is invaluable. App stores in the consumer space changed the way users purchase and consume software and services. The same happened in the public cloud, with almost all cloud providers offering pre-package...
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Red Hat and Microsoft are cozying up some more with Azure Red Hat OpenShift

It won’t be long before Red Hat becomes part of IBM, the result of the $34 billion acquisition last year that is still making its way to completion. For now, Red Hat continues as a stand-alone company, and is if to flex its independence muscles, it announced its second agreement in two days with Microsoft Azure, Redmond’s public cloud infrastructure offering. This one involving running Red Hat OpenShift on Azure. OpenShift is RedHat’s Kubernetes offering. The thinking is that you can st...
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Tetrate nets $12.5 million to bring microservices to the corporate masses

Tetrate, a company bringing commercial services and support to the open source projects –Istio and Envoy — providing network management functions for the microservices that make up modern mobile applications, has launched with $12.5 million in new financing. The company, founded by top engineers at Google who started the Istio project, raised its initial financing from a slew of institutions and big names in enterprise software including Pankaj Patel, Former Chief Development Officer at Cisco...
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Google launches Istio on GKE

Google today announced an update to GKE, the Google Kubernetes Engine, that brings integrated support for the Istio service mesh to service. Istio support is currently in beta. While Istio isn’t yet the household name that Kubernetes has become in recent years, for many enterprises it’s an important building block for building their cloud-native platforms. At its core, Istio is an open-source service mesh that helps you connect, monitor and secure microservices on a variety of platforms — one...
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Red Hat acquires hybrid cloud data management service NooBaa

Red Hat is in the process of being acquired by IBM for a massive $34 billion, but that deal hasn’t closed yet and, in the meantime, Red Hat is still running independently and making its own acquisitions, too. As the company today announced, it has acquired Tel Aviv-based NooBaa, an early-stage startup that helps enterprises manage their data more easily and access their various data providers through a single API. NooBaa’s technology makes it a good fit for Red Hat, which has recently emphasi...
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OpenShift Roadmap: What's Next for Red Hat's Kubernetes Container Platform?

Red Hat is increasingly focusing on its OpenShift container platform for enabling organization to deploy and deliver applications. OpenShift was a dominant topic at the 2018 Red Hat Summit, with a multiple announcements and pronouncements about the Kubernetes platform's future. The next major release of OpenShift is version 3.10 which is set for July. OpenShift 3.11 is currently scheduled for September, with OpenShift 3.12, which will integrate all the CoreOS components set for December.
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Microsoft and Red Hat now offer a jointly managed OpenShift service on Azure

Microsoft and Red Hat are deepening their existing alliance around cloud computing. The two companies will now offer a managed version of OpenShift, Red Hat’s container application platform, on Microsoft Azure. This service will be jointly developed and managed by Microsoft and Red Hat and will be integrated into the overall Azure experience. Red Hat OpenShift on Azure is meant to make it easier for enterprises to create hybrid container solutions that can span their on-premise networks an...
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Red Hat looks beyond Linux

The Red Hat Linux distribution is turning 25 years old this week. What started as one of the earliest Linux distributions is now the most successful open-source company, and its success was a catalyst for others to follow its model. Today’s open-source world is very different from those heady days in the mid-1990s when Linux looked to be challenging Microsoft’s dominance on the desktop, but Red Hat is still going strong. To put all of this into perspective, I sat down with the company’s current ...
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Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 Gains AWS Service Broker Integration

Red Hat released the latest iteration of its container orchestration and management platform on Nov. 16 with the general availability of OpenShift 3.7. Among the new capabilities that have landed in OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 is AWS Service Broker integration, Service catalog, template broker and a preview of Prometheus container monitoring
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Red Hat launches, an online IDE for building container-based applications

 Red Hat is launching today, its first major foray into offering cloud-based developer tools. As the name implies, sits on top of the company’s Kubernetes-based OpenShift container management platform and provides developers with the tools they need to build cloud-native, container-based apps. Read More
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Report: Docker and the Linux container ecosystem

Our library of 1700 research reports is available only to our subscribers. We occasionally release ones for our larger audience to benefit from. This is one such report. If you would like access to our entire library, please subscribe here. Subscribers will have access to our 2017 editorial calendar, archived reports and video coverage from our 2016 and 2017 events. Docker and the Linux container ecosystem by Janakiram MSV: Linux container technology is experiencing tremendous momentum in 2014...
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Microsoft open sources its Azure Container Service Engine and launches deeper Kubernetes integration

 The open source Kubernetes container management project is probably the most popular of the various competing container management services available today. The Cloud Native Compute Foundation, which plays host to the open source side of Kubernetes, is hosting its first Kubernetes conference this week and unsurprisingly, we’ll see quite a bit of container-related news in the next few… Read More
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The death of localhost and the rise of cloud development

 The cloud has become the default for practically every industry, from storage to transportation to communication to retail. But there’s one fundamental space out of which it has yet to take a bite. Ironically, software development — the process of editing, building, debugging and analyzing code that makes everything in the cloud possible — is still primarily done offline. Read More
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Geek Reading February 15, 2016 #1042

Today we have an odd collection of articles. First, Amazon posted resources for migrating Parse applications to AWS. With all of the hype surrounding the shutdown, I am surprised it took this long for them to post something like this. Pinterest talks about their internal deployment system, Teletraan. This is important mainly because they plan on open-sourcing the system later this year. Flowing Data gives us a very interesting visualization about which professions marry which professions. It is...
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I Want To Run Stateful Containers, Too

 Using Amazon for everything feels wrong to me — a bit like the rebels in Star Wars renting a Star Destroyer from Darth Vader rather than recruiting the Millennium Falcon to fight the Empire. “Raaaw, don’t run stateful apps in a container, Raaaw.” That is what currently stands for sound advice in the development/operations world. Read More
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