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Seaside Adventures in Sydney

G’day friends! I was in Sydney, Australia in January with my brother and we had an amazing time! It was my second visit to this vibrant city and I got to explore some areas I didn’t see my first time around. Sydney is so full of life with so much to do and see and eat and plenty of water views, great beaches, and good eats! My brother Nate and I haven’t traveled together in over a decade due to family and work obligations, and time had flown by way too fast, so we decided to visit our ex pat Aus...
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Best things to do and see in Xi’an

Visitors from China and around the world pass through the ancient city of Xi’an on their way to the Terracotta Army in the nearby Lintong District. While the Terracotta Army is indeed a marvel, many visitors don’t realize the bustling, modern city of 13 million has a lot to offer. With thousands of years of fascinating history and an energetic, contemporary vibe, Xi’an is worth spending a few days exploring before you check out the famous clay warriors. Xi’an was once the most important city...
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Buying cheap tickets to the Vienna State Opera House

Vienna boasts a long list of cultural attractions, but for many opera and ballet lovers coming to the city, it’s a performance (or three) at the Vienna’s State Opera (“Wiener Staatsoper”) that really makes the trip. Built in the 1860s in the Neo-Renaissance style, the opera house itself is a treat. It dominates the southern portion of the “Ring” with its ornate facade, statues, and arched windows. And with 300 performances a year, it offers visitors a chance to treat themselves to a different pe...
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Why The Sydney Opera House Has Put Dogs On Staff

No, they aren’t audience engagement personnel, at least not in the usual sense. The Opera House has a couple of very popular places to eat outdoors, and the place is right on the harbor — so there are plenty of brazen seagulls ready to steal your food. Management has finally hit on the right way to keep the greedy fowl at bay. — Time Out Sydney
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My Top 10 Hostels in Sydney in 2019

Updated: 1/9/2019 | January 9th, 2019 Hostels in Sydney are expensive. Since I started visiting the city, I’ve seen hostel prices skyrocket as just the cost of living in Australia has gone up. Even when you factor in the favorable exchange rate right now, it’s just expensive to get a bed here, especially at some of the larger, more upscale hostels. However, with a little planning, you can make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. The cheapest hostels in Sydney are found in the K...
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Jack Zunz, 94, Engineer Who Made Sydney Opera House Happen

When preparing for construction of architect Jørn Utzon’s design, the Opera House’s original lead engineer could not get his structural calculations for the now-famous roof to work out, and he quit; Zunz took over and used then-new computer modeling techniques to solve the engineering puzzle. And when, during the cost-overrun-plagued construction, Utzon got tired of fighting with politicians and walked away from the project, Zunz saw it through to the end. — The Guardian
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New Year's Eve celebrations: Watch the fireworks as London joins world in welcoming 2019

London has welcomed 2019 with a dazzling firework display and the chimes of Big Ben. Some 100,000 ticket-holders lined the banks of the Thames to watch 70,000 projectiles made up of eight tonnes of fireworks fire into the sky from three barges and the London Eye. Edinburgh also put on a spectacular display, with around 75,000 party-goers gathering in the centre of the city to see in 2019.  Below are pictures and details from all the big displays in the major cities around the world. Happy New Ye...
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Great Ideas of Travelling in Sydney

Traveling in Sydney will always become the memorable activity in people’s lives and most of them really wish to come back to this city, since they always get great experiments whenever they travel in Sydney both for a long or short period of time. Enjoying Sydney is a must, for all the visitors around the world, therefore they need a perfect guide for finding the best places to visit in Sydney. Best Places to Visit in Sydney You will surely realize that there are a lot of wonderful places in Syd...
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My Top 10 Hostels in Sydney

Posted: 12/24/2018 | December 24th, 2018 Hostels in Sydney are expensive. Since I started visiting the city, I’ve seen hostel prices skyrocket as just the cost of living in Australia has gone up. Even when you factor in the favorable exchange rate right now, it’s just expensive to get a bed here, especially at some of the larger, more upscale hostels. However, with a little planning, you can make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. The cheapest hostels in Sydney are found in th...
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The Best Neighborhoods in Paris: Where to Stay on Your Visit

Posted: 12/16/2018 | December 16th, 2018 Paris. The city of lights. With 20 arrondissements (neighborhoods) and thousands of hotels, hostels, and apartments, finding the best place to stay in Paris can be a bit of a challenge. What’s the best overall neighboorhood? What’s the cheapest neighboorhood in Paris? Where do all the cool kids stay? Where’s a good spot for families? What’s close the city center? There are a lot of questions. Over the course of dozens of visits to Paris, I’ve stayed all...
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Visit Sydney on a budget (free days out, cheap transport + free home swap accommodation)

Reaching “Down Under”, the red continent Australia, became pleasantly easy and with the right tricks even an inexpensive trip. Especially Sydney, Australia’s largest city, with its famous Harbour and Opera House attracts visitors from all around the world. It is Australia’s most exciting and cosmopolitan city but also the most expensive one to live in. With a great mix of pristine beaches, fascinating sights and natural highlights, tourists just as locals just love Sydney. To enjoy a budget fri...
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Sydney Opera House Worth $6.2 Billion To Australia Annually: Study

A report by Deloitte titled Revaluing Our Icon says that the actual financial contribution of the Opera House to the economy is now $1.2 billion annually —up 44% from the last report, five years ago — with its “social asset value,” a combination of factors such as visitor experience, willingness to pay a premium to attend a performance there, the landmark’s importance in tourist’s decision to visit Australia, etc., at $5 billion. — Australian Financial Review
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Top 10 Wisdom Posts for 2018

With the year drawing to a close, it’s a perfect opportunity to not only thank the wonderful contributors and experts for sharing all their tried and tested knowledge, but to reflect on the wonderful year that’s been. 2018 has certainly provided many a good word of wisdom, but here’s our top 10 to finish off yet another brilliant year! What Would They Know? SophieRose Noble of Grand Pacific Group “In a city famous for its many icons such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, Sydney also hos...
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Mike Sweeney plans Children in Need Extravaganza

BBC Radio Manchester presenter Mike Sweeney is to hold a Children in Need Extravaganza at The Lowry Theatre on Thursday 6 December. Tony spoke to Mike Sweeney on his BBC Radio Manchester show to share memories of his previous visits to Manchester: “I’ve had some fine old times in Manchester in the early 80s, some really good fun. My memories go back to the really early days back at Piccadilly Radio and BBC Saturday morning Breakfast show. “I like Chinese food and always pop into Manchester’s ...
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Explore Sydney on a Budget: 13 Cheap or Free Things to Do

Updated: 11/06/2018 | Novemebr 6th, 2018 As my friends and I drank wine in the shadow of the Opera House, I couldn’t help but be happy – I was back in Sydney for the first time in five years and I was here for over two weeks! “Shall we go somewhere else?” my friends asked. “Sure, let’s get the bill!” I replied. When our check came, I was reminded of something about Sydney I had forgotten: its high prices. Even with a currently weak Australian dollar, Sydney was more expensive than I remembered....
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Graz Restaurants to Fall in Love With

Ah, beautiful Graz. A city that’s worth falling in love with for so many reasons, but it’s the Graz restaurants that will have you falling hard and fast. Here, I round up my favourites, covering simple and fresh food, as well as fancy and cool eats. But also: they show the soul of the city. Graz Restaurants: Where and What to Eat in Graz to Get a Flavour of the City Graz. I think if I had to be a city I’d choose to be Graz. Pretty yet punchy, wearing traditional white Austrian churches with c...
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My 15 Favorite Things to Do in Sydney

Updated: 10/28/2018 | October 28th, 2018 The first time I was in Sydney (all the way back in 2007), I spent most of my days sitting in the botanical gardens, reading a book and looking at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. For so long I had heard about how wonderful and beautiful Sydney was, and there I was experiencing it! Over the years, I’ve been to the city a handful of times, exploring it more and more and getting a local taste through all my wonderful friends there. I’ve been everywhere...
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Police drop terrorism charges against University of New South Wales student

Mohamed Nizamdeen was accused of plot targeting Opera House and former prime minister Malcolm TurnbullPolice have dropped terror charges against Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen, a university student who was accused of an assassination plot targeting Australian politicians.Nizamdeen, a 25-year-old PhD student, was arrested in August and accused of plotting Islamic State-inspired lone-wolf attacks targeting the Opera House, other notable landmarks, and the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. Continue ...
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Sydney Opera House at 45: from inception to icon – in pictures

Since opening its doors in 1973, the Opera House has become a symbol of modern Australia and one of the country’s major tourist destinations. Its home to music, theatre and festivals, and its beloved sails have redefined the view of the city Continue reading...
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More Than 1,000 Protesters Disrupt Projection Of Ads Onto Sydney Opera House

With chants like “Save our sails” and “Our house is not for sale,” the crowd booed and jeered at the promotional images for a horse race that were projected onto the steep white roofs of the building. Some protesters even aimed lights at the Opera House in order to mar the display.
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Morning mail: Nikki Haley resigns, gay students face bans, Opera House protest

Wednesday: The US ambassador to the United Nations has stepped down. Plus: report suggests allowing schools to refuse gay studentsGood morning, this is Helen Sullivan bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Wednesday 10 October. Continue reading...
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Sydney Opera House Tour

We were there when the Opera House was opened in 1973 and had walked around it passed it on a ferry or two to Manly or Watsons's bay or Taronga Zoo or even on the Queen Mary as seen in extra picture but had never been inside. This is a bit of an insi
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Syria displays artifacts retrieved from rebel-held areas

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — An exhibition in Syria’s capital is showcasing hundreds of artifacts that officials say were retrieved from areas formerly held by rebels and from abroad, amid recent gains by the military. Those on display at the capital’s Opera House are just some of the roughly 20,000 artifacts that officials estimate have been […]
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Ads On The Sydney Opera House? It Corrupts A Public Monument

“I find it extraordinary that the state politicians on both sides have somehow decided that this is in the interests of Sydney, New South Wales or Australia to corrupt the way the Opera House works, to corrupt art integrity of the building and to be able to use it in any way a politician wants,” Michael Lynch told ABC radio on Monday. Lynch ran the Opera House from 1998 to 2002.
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Racing NSW asked politicians to consider Everest Cup a public holiday

Revelations the proposal was floated with Luke Foley comes amid heated debate over use of Opera House sails to promote horse raceRacing NSW has asked senior politicians to consider declaring the Everest Cup race day a public holiday in New South Wales, similar to the Melbourne Cup.Guardian Australia has confirmed that Racing NSW recently floated the proposal for a state holiday with the state opposition leader, Labor’s Luke Foley, as a way of further promoting the horse race as NSW’s signature e...
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Unique Sleeps: Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour

In a city like Sydney, where citizens are used to the daily dazzle of sun off the Opera House sails and the spectacle of watching the sun set on the commute home across the Harbour Bridge, it’s hard to make a splash. That’s what makes the Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour so special. Smack bang in the middle of Darling Harbour, the Sofitel was built from the ground up to fill the gap in the luxury downtown market and the locals are lapping it up. On a regular mid-Winter Saturday afternoon, when che...
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Former Sydney Opera House boss attacks 'offensive' ad for 'shoddy horse race'

Michael Lynch says the link between the gambling industry and politicians is corrupting the integrity of the Opera HouseThe former chief executive of the Opera House has described the decision to allow the promotion of a horse race on the sails of the building as “crass, inappropriate and offensive”.“I find it extraordinary that the state politicians on both sides have somehow decided that this is in the interests of Sydney, New South Wales or Australia to corrupt the way the Opera House works, ...
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Opera House racing ad demanded by Alan Jones is ‘a good compromise’, Berejiklian says

Premier says the Everest Cup projection is ‘the right thing for Sydney and for NSW’• The Alan Jones-Opera House row proves Sydney is in thrall to the gambling industryThe New South Wales premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has called for critics of the plan to promote Sydney’s richest horse race, the Everest Cup, on the sails of the Opera House to reserve judgment, saying that the plan was “a good compromise” as critics would see on Tuesday night.The plan to promote the event, which was supported by th...
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The 7 best coffee houses in Vienna

Having been a meeting place for creative types and thinkers (think Sigmund Freud and Gustav Klimt) for centuries, coffee houses are an institution in Vienna. Both locals and visitors go to Viennese coffee houses for the delicious cakes, the peculiar formality of the waiting staff, and the Viennese practice of table-sharing. Yet, because there’s one pretty much on every corner of Vienna’s inner city, you’ll want to choose wisely. Factors like the interior decor, a special house cake, or the qu...
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The Mesmerizing Sydney Photography World

Photography becomes so advance nowadays as well as the Sydney photography since this is an art activity by creating various kinds of images from many point of views. Photography scopes are wide since it includes the science and manufacture worlds and business world for sure. So, there are lots of purposes in photography by producing lots of images, as for hobby and business (film, mass communication, publication, etc) Furthermore, whenever people come to Sydney there are lots of possibilities to...
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