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How Epic’s war with Apple and Google could backfire

Fortnite creator makes a calculated, but perilous, gamble.
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Carlos on safety first, Russia-style

Who cares about safety when you are first? The post Carlos on safety first, Russia-style appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Horrific AI surveillance experiment uses convicted felons as human guinea pigs

When a convicted felon in the US completes their court-mandated sentence(s) they’re considered a free citizen with limited rights. Felons can only vote in two states, they cannot legally own a firearm, and they may not serve on a jury. Otherwise the articles of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights apply to those who’ve done their time the same as those who’ve never been criminally convicted. One of the biggest impediments to felons reintegrating into society is recidivism – according to a ...
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Merchants of despair

When imprisonment becomes a business, the profit motive rears its head at the expense of the good of the prisoners. Three recent books deal with the murky workings of the prison-industrial complex in South Africa The post Merchants of despair appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Why aren’t more consumers adopting smart home tech?

To many, smart home technology still feels unaffordable and complicated to set up. Why is that? And what are smart tech companies like Wyze doing to overcome those concerns? Scott Wilson, the senior director of product marketing at Wyze Labs, weighs in.
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The Real Word: Key takeaways from Brad Inman’s keynote speech

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they'll discuss the Inman founder's Connect Now speech as well as new behaviors emerging as buyers search for homes and how to use Instagram's new TikTok-like feature.
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PureAgent CRM reduces automation dependency, ups ante on live tours

Small in size but big on sales help, Onjax's PureAgent CRM has launched after a three-year renovation of tools and tech, and for the most part, it was worth the wait.
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Kamala Harris’ abysmal record on justice issues

This summer’s police-abuse protests have brought the country to a “teachable moment.” Use-of-force incidents have garnered sporadic attention over the years, but George Floyd’s death — captured on video, as a Minneapolis officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes – has led many Americans to conclude the nation has a systemic policing problem. These editorial pages often have highlighted the underlying causes — from law-enforcement unions that protect bad officers to a criminal-justi...
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David Lacey shouldn’t be criminalized for defending his castle: John Phillips

It has been said that a man’s home is his castle — which may be true in a metaphorical sense, but our homes are not nearly so secure. For protection, castles have moats with alligators, drawbridges and soldiers on horseback. In modern-day California, our stucco suburban “castles” are protected by ADT alarm stickers and comfort animals. If things really go sideways, it’s up to you to protect yourself, your family and your castle. That’s exactly what happened to David Lacey, husband of Los Angeles...
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California’s crusade against the gig economy and Prop. 22

Reasonable people can disagree whether the business model of Uber, Lyft and other transportation services is a model of flexible part-time work or cruelly exploits non-employee workers. Their drivers, often using their own vehicles, are paid by the ride, giving rise to the term “gig economy.” Uber, et al, contend that they give drivers opportunities to voluntarily supplement their incomes by working whenever it suits them. It’s not uncommon for someone to simultaneously drive for both Uber and L...
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Nailed it! How to create DIY listing videos like a pro

Learn just how easy and effective it can be for an agent to create a solid property video without using all the gear and editing software or accumulating the sky-high fees of hiring a professional videographer here.
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Fearmongering isn’t the basis of sound policy

The union that represents LAPD officers informed Mayor Eric Garcetti that the police will not help him enforce his orders to shut off the water and power to houses where parties are held. Garcetti said last week he is cracking down on people who have these prohibited gatherings. Of course, the mayor is one person. His ability to enforce anything depends on his ability to order someone to enforce it. He can order the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to turn off the utilities, because the...
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Newsom sticks to his guns despite nascent recall effort

Give Gov. Gavin Newsom credit for being gutsy about trying to shepherd almost 40 million Californians through the coronavirus crisis of disease and economic disaster. He knows there’s an active drive to recall him; he sees rallies resisting his orders; he’s seen demonstrators chain themselves to his fence, and he knows that out of so many Californians, at least one-eighth, or 5 million, are likely infuriated with his beach closings, school closures and other attempts to spur behavior that might ...
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The Surface Duo has arrived, and it’s a preview of a new era for Microsoft

Microsoft is releasing a phone, and it isn't running Windows
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Greed has an insatiable thirst

The water department says even water tankers are not immune to the selfish acts of Covidpreneurs The post Greed has an insatiable thirst appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Towards a people’s economics of education

Reopening of schools seems to be less about the teachers, parents and students and more about desperate attempts to rescue our failing and unsustainable capitalist economy The post Towards a people’s economics of education appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Reject Proposition 19, a cynical special interest money grab

California counties should implement the good part of Proposition 19; the voters should handle the bad part by turning down the ballot measure this November. Portability — taking your property tax bill with you when you move from one California county to another — rightly protects people from enormous spikes in taxes. Property owners are protected from dramatic tax increases by Proposition 13, passed in 1978, limiting increases to 2 percent a year. Portability would apply that limit even for mos...
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The myopia of the Black Lives Matter movement: John Stossel

Black Lives Matter protests led many people to want to do something useful to reduce racial injustice. Racial justice groups are being flooded with money. Big companies made multimillion-dollar donations. “Bad idea,” says Black radio host Larry Elder. “It is condescending… and not helpful. I urge white people to chill. Stop helping us, because you’re making things worse!” Making things worse, he says, because it supports the activists’ claim that “Blacks are victims of racism. (But) if racism we...
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California’s tech failures strike again

While marking time as lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom wrote a book about how technology could transform government. “I want to make government as smart as Google,” Newsom told an interviewer after the book, “Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square and Reinvent Government,” was published in 2013. While technology “is flattening major institutions” and transforming how Americans shop, communicate, research and keep abreast of current events, Newsom said “Government as an institution is not pre...
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The robots occupying our sidewalks

Haben Girma Contributor Share on Twitter Haben Girma is an internationally acclaimed disability justice lawyer and the author of the memoir, "Haben: The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law." The robot, shaped like a large cooler on wheels, zipped along somewhere ahead of me. My left hand clasped the smooth leather harness of my German shepherd guide dog. “Mylo, forward.” The speed of his four short legs complemented the ...
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State rules cause a nursing shortage

As the coronavirus stresses the state’s healthcare system, news reports have spotlighted a growing problem: a shortage of nurses and other medical workers. Hospitals haven’t reached a crisis yet, according to health officials quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, but they are “very, very concerned” because of increased demand and current workers who are exhausted and sick. The shortage is acute in specialized medical fields. This situation was preventable. Even before anyone had heard of COVID-...
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Presidents aren’t kings, stop the abuse of executive power

Dissatisfied with the pace of congressional negotiations over COVID-19 relief, President Trump took executive action over the weekend, signing orders on payroll taxes and unemployment benefits. In doing so, the president has indulged in what he and Republicans long disliked in President Obama: executive overreach. As is often the case with such instances, what’s at issue isn’t necessarily the policy matter at hand. Trump’s orders extending enhanced unemployment benefits of $400 per week and defe...
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Saved by literature and love

“The library was a refuge I could run to when violence ripped at the very fabric of our existence and threatened to extinguish life itself,” writes Dr Barbara Boswell. The post Saved by literature and love appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Eusebius McKaiser: Dear ANC superfans, let’s talk

ANC superfans are so vested in a romantic vision of a political party with a great past that they struggle to accept the realities of what this party has become. The post Eusebius McKaiser: Dear ANC superfans, let’s talk appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Critique of Herman Mashaba is unwarranted

If the former mayor was capable of accomplishing all that he did under two oppressive regimes, his potential in an independent party is almost unimaginable, writes Angelo Ryan. The post Critique of Herman Mashaba is unwarranted appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Does the housing ladder still work?

The idea is that most people begin their homeownership journey with a starter home and make their way up to more expensive housing. But is that theory still valid — especially now during a pandemic?
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Making sense of the headlines: Homeownership rates in 2020

Looking for a little clarity on this week's news? Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner dives deeper into the latest U.S. homeownership rates and what they mean.
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Paediatricans call for schools to reopen

The benefits of attending school outweigh the risks and public schools should be allowed to reopen for all learners The post Paediatricans call for schools to reopen appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Effective and professional government communication is essential to democracy

Spelling and factual mistakes cause irreparable damage to department credibility The post Effective and professional government communication is essential to democracy appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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It’s time to pass the baton

My generation of men often have trouble seceding control and power, and we only sometimes accept ideas from others that are better than ours.
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