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In Venezuela, dystopian fiction hits close to home

There’s a certain absurdity that comes with trying to explain — in calm, simple, and objective words — a life that has become too strange to be real. At least, that’s how I feel when talking about my home country, Venezuela, where a small bottle of water has become more expensive than a barrel of gasoline, law enforcement officials are afraid to enter prisons that are ruled by criminal gangs and the minimum wage is less than five American dollars per month. Sometimes, when I try to put facts and...
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America, flaws and all, is still a land of opportunity

In last week’s debate, and throughout the time since he won the Democratic nomination, former Vice President Joe Biden has called America systemically racist. Many other leaders in academics and business have used the same phrase. The danger with that characteristic is that if a system is racist, then the essential elements of that system are unworthy of acceptance.  Labeling a person racist cuts off further conversation with that person. Labeling a system racist points us away from attempting i...
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Could 2020 be the last hurrah of the national GOP?

If anyone wanted to pinpoint the last hurrah of the California Republican Party, the focus would have to be on November 1994, when the GOP’s Pete Wilson was reelected governor and the anti-illegal immigrant Proposition 187 passed by a 2-1 vote as a centerpiece of his campaign. Since then, the state GOP has won a top-of-the-ticket statewide office only once, when Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor in the 2003 recall election that ousted Democrat Gray Davis on the strength of his movie musclema...
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The left wants to cancel Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein has been a fixture of California politics for 60 years, beginning with an appointment to the state’s then-separate parole board for women. To put that in context, her political career began seven years before Gov. Gavin Newsom was born. From the parole board, Feinstein moved to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors (city council), to two unsuccessful runs for mayor, to acting mayor when Mayor George Moscone was assassinated in 1978, to two mayoral terms on her own, to an unsucces...
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Why Keller Williams must go public

This year, four of the largest real estate companies — Zillow, Compass, Redfin and Realogy — collectively raised a staggering $1.87 billion. For now, Keller is outside looking in.
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The Dodger: Political Cartoons

In this file photo, Maria Navarro of Lake Elsinore takes a rest on a palm tree that fell over from erosion at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 during high tides. (Photo by Paul Bersebach, Orange County Register/SCNG) At least 6 trees were recently removed along Broadway west of Cherry in Long Beach. Only stumps and no parking signs remain. Long Beach January 23, 2018. Photo by Brittany Murray, Press Telegram/SCNG Sound The gallery will resume in seconds...
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Stop the misuse of public funds on campaigns

In August, the Fair Political Practices Commission imposed one of the largest fines in its history against Los Angeles County for using taxpayer funds to advocate for a ballot measure it had placed on the ballot. Measure H was a massive sales tax increase, ostensibly for homeless programs. That same illegal behavior resulted in a lawsuit by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. The $1.3 million fine imposed by the FPPC against a local government entity for campaign finance disclosure and repo...
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Review of KiloVault® RES-Q™ Portable Emergency Power Unit

I finally received my RES-Q today and it was all I hoped it would be. Lets start from the top. The packaging was perfect. It had the best packaging I have ever seen. The foam was very thick and even if the box was damaged it would have taken a ridiculous amount of damage to… Read More » Review of KiloVault® RES-Q™ Portable Emergency Power Unit
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Treating the causes of homelessness with fresh solutions

It could be said that California and one of its most famous attractions, Disneyland, were both known as a “Magic Kingdom.” Now, due to the rampant mismanagement of our state at every level, none more visibly prominent than our homeless crisis, it feels like a “tragic kingdom” for many. Even as homelessness declined in most states between 2018 and 2019, California’s homeless population exploded by an alarming 16 percent. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, that figure has risen by an additi...
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California’s vague new financial regulation law

Assembly Bill 1864 didn’t get much media or public attention as it zipped through both houses of the Legislature on the last day of the 2020 session. Superficially, it appeared merely to reconfigure the state’s financial regulatory agencies into a new entity called the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. However, those in California’s vast financial industry were paying lots of attention because the bill creates an entirely new regulatory regime with broad powers, including fines ...
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California’s Where’s My Ballot? app is down for the count

Without having any idea whether it works — California government doesn’t do tech well — I have been fascinated by the idea, at least, of the state’s much-touted Where’s My Ballot? app for this election season. I mean, when it comes to some trinket that I have ordered online, I am bombarded by offers to track its progress at every  turn. I can see when it was shipped, and when it got on the plane, buckled up and had a midflight martini and microwaved chicken lunch. I can follow as it lolls about ...
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An embarrassing week for American politics: Doug McIntyre

There are mistakes and then there is Jeffrey Toobin, the CNN and The New Yorker magazine legal analyst who has raised the bar on career cratering blunders. In case you missed it, Toobin was participating in an “election simulation” dry run with New Yorker magazine colleagues. Apparently, he thought he had muted his computer microphone and camera. Epic fail. Instead, video of a pantsless Toobin were streamed to his co-workers and now the esteemed legal know-it-all has become a meme, a punchline a...
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Don’t waste a vote on Trump or Biden, cast a vote for liberty

I can comfortably project that my former law school friend and moot court colleague at Syracuse Law School, Joe Biden, will carry the presidential vote in California. Given that, I say that if your non-Biden vote is not cast for the Republican this year, it would be far more impactful if you are so tired of the crazy divisions and angst in today’s American politics. A vote for President Trump, whether you like it or not, believe it or not, happens to be the proverbial wasted vote this time. So, ...
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California needs a better election system

On April 28, the Election Integrity Project California notified Secretary of State Alex Padilla that its analysis of the state’s official voter registration file found more than 458,000 registered voters who were going to be mailed a ballot even though they had likely died or moved. None of these registered voters had voted or updated their registration since November 2008 or earlier, and 178,000 had never voted, yet all remained classified as “active” voters. EIPCa’s data analysts also found th...
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Prop. 23 plays politics with patients’ lives

Politics is a cynical business. You can’t help but be a bit cynical when you see how laws are really made. It is frequently based on power politics, special-interest influence and pettiness, not the sanitized, romanticized versions of democracy or how a bill becomes a law described in grade school social studies textbooks. But even for a cynic like me, who has covered California politics for about 20 years, Proposition 23 is among the worst examples I have seen of putting politics over people’s ...
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In terms of future-telling failures, this is a Major One

Bushiri knows how to pull a crowd. Ace knows a ponzi scheme. Paddy Harper predicts that a new prophet may profit at Luthuli House The post In terms of future-telling failures, this is a Major One appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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No mention of Africa when it comes to US foreign policy

During pre-election debates in the United States, very little has been said on how they view one of the world’s largest markets — which, in turn, is determined to come into its own The post No mention of Africa when it comes to US foreign policy appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Vote for Prop. 25 to replace unjust money bail with a system based on safety

As a police officer patrolling the streets of Los Angeles, I made split-second decisions every day based on risk. Yet after we arrested someone, the decision to keep them in jail or send them home awaiting trial didn’t hinge on risk but rather on their wealth. Our cash bail system wastes critical resources by incarcerating people pretrial who aren’t likely to reoffend, while letting high-risk individuals pay for release. Thankfully, we have a chance to end money bail this November by voting Yes ...
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Caring for your solar equipment

There are some easy things you can do to care for your solar equipment to get the longest life out of them as possible. I will list things in order from easy to most difficult. Keep them indoors. Unless they say they are rated for the outdoors keep solar equipment indoors. Solar panels that are… Read More » Caring for your solar equipment
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World of vaccines is a ‘fiendishly’ complex one

It is important that Africa, along with other regions of the Global South, builds its own vaccine-manufacturing capacity The post World of vaccines is a ‘fiendishly’ complex one appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Feature: Have you heard Radio Silence?

Kaylee Golding speaks up about a new podcast from Radio Silence. “Radio Silence is a podcast created, presented and produced by the founders of the #RadioSilence movement; myself, Pulama Kaufman and Sara Hebil-Motiea. It’s a movement that aims to bring attention to the diversity gap in the UK radio industry by being transparent and informative. The podcast will carry on this mission through facilitating honest conversations between myself and minority groups within the radio industry. The con...
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Reports focus on need for humane immigration detention policies

The nation’s immigration policies are the source of contentious disagreements as we head toward a national election, but there should be one area of broad agreement among all Americans. Our country should deal with undocumented immigrants and refugees as humanely as possible as their judicial cases make their way through the system. Unfortunately, two recent news stories suggest that federal immigration policies are falling short of that reasonable standard. First, a Los Angeles Times investigat...
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George Gascón for Los Angeles County district attorney

Earlier this year, ahead of the March primary, this editorial board endorsed George Gascón to serve as Los Angeles County’s district attorney. The world has certainly changed since we issued that endorsement, but the core reasoning of why we endorsed Gascón over incumbent Jackie Lacey still holds. At the time, we noted that Lacey’s approach to criminal justice reform was mostly out of step with Los Angeles County residents. Inconsistent with the county, Lacey opposed Propositions 47 and 57, oppo...
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California shouldn’t reverse course on criminal justice reforms

Proposition 20, the Criminal Sentencing, Parole, and DNA Collection Initiative, is one of the most contentious items on the statewide ballot because it would undo significant criminal justice system reforms passed by California voters in recent years at the very moment that many other states are finally starting to make needed reforms. Although the initiative deals with topics like police power and incarceration rates, it was placed on the ballot before the national conversation on racial injust...
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Editorial: A failure of leadership in Nigeria

For as long as there has been an independent Nigeria, its government has been killing its people. The post Editorial: A failure of leadership in Nigeria appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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A big battery is a great solar energy experience

A big battery makes a great solar energy experience. This past week there hasn’t been enough sun to put out my solar panel. I didn’t stress or worry though. I have enough stored up for my needs for several weeks. This is not to brag, but rather to say that solar panel works great when… Read More » A big battery is a great solar energy experience
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Proposition 22 pits the future against its enemies

SACRAMENTO – More than two decades ago, Virginia Postrel published a prescient book with a wonderful title: “The Future and Its Enemies.” The technological revolution that has led to “greater wealth, health, opportunity and choice than at any time in history,” she argued, has resulted in “a chorus of intellectuals and politicians (that) loudly laments our condition.” Sadly, the future’s enemies use government to fight inevitable innovation and progress. These critics bemoan the economic insecuri...
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Work-at-home crowd prefers to relocate to places with lower taxes, less regulation

When people can work wherever they want, where do they choose to live? And perhaps more importantly, where do they choose to leave? Traditionally, decisions about where to live have been closely tied to decisions about where to work. If you got a job in Phoenix, you head to Phoenix. COVID-19-related workplace disruptions caused many companies to move all or part of their operations temporarily online. As the pandemic has dragged on, many of these virtual workplace arrangements have become perman...
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People want to protect their data privacy, but most don't have a clear understanding of what that means

Mistrust in data privacy systems stems from a lack of understanding and misaligned expectations. Laurence Dutton/Getty Images Many people who want to keep their data private don't have a clear understanding of what differential privacy means — a technique widely adopted by companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft to protect everyone's personal data. Differential privacy disguises individuals' information by introducing random errors to make it difficult to determine or use someone's ide...
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The Real Word: Hidden seller costs every agent should disclose

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they'll discuss why agents need to disclose all costs to sellers, how buyers are using Airbnb rentals and the best branded gifts.
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