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Unbelievably Perky Miyamoto Musashi Figure

Fate/Grand Order’s Miyamoto Musashi has been feeling the full effects of the winter cold as this new Phat figurine depicts the girl with some rather perky nipples, surely making the collectible a must-buy due to such subtle sexiness. Miyamoto Musashi will slash her way onto shelves this November.
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Artist Slugbox A Lover Of Large Breasts

Art-lovers in need of more perverted illustrations depicting anime and game girls in the nude can potentially adore the works of Slugbox, whose creations feature that and also equips (most of) the charming maidens with gargantuan breasts. Slugbox’s superbly well-endowed women:
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Artist Creayus Completely Enamored With C.C.

Creayus has become aware of Code Geass character C.C. and her remarkable beauty, prompting the artist to sketch up mostly depictions of only his emerald-haired queen (though unfortunately of the non-nude variety so as to preserve her fictional purity). Creayus has drawn the lovely C.C. in all sorts of positions, in addition to an assortment […]
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Compile Heart Site Sexily Teases Potential Moero Chronicle Title

Compile Heart have launched another countdown page implying the impending announcement of a new title, naturally making sure to provide salacious imagery to lure fans into checking back every day. Due to the site’s link possessing “moe-chro”, theorists have assumed that the announcement may involve a new Moero Chronicle game – visitors can also click […]
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Favors Pink-Haired Girl Bathing

A new precious pink-haired maiden has graced Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken and given watchers another potential waifu character to fall in love with; the episode naturally making her even more worthy as it also depicts her nude in a bathing scene. Omake:
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Mature Build Training Plays With An Older Woman

An erotic animation entitled “Mature Build Training” for delectable wife Iori Rinko of Gundam Build Fighters has become purchasable, allowing those with a distinct taste for anime mothers to indulge in her older mature beauty. The simple title involves the well-endowed Iori Rinko participating in an AV recording, with players being able to choose from […]
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Beautiful Bowsette Pleasurably Rides In Ero-Animation

Animator Namamo Nanase has tried their hand at popular fan-created Peach and Bowser meld Bowsette, depicting the girl in an erotic situation and further fueling the sexual fantasies of the character’s massive fanbase. The shamelessly sexy animation:
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Tiny Evil PV Has Quite The Doll

Those in need of more petite beauties may admire Tiny Evil’s 3rd episode, as the ero-anime’s PV has detailed another supernatural happening as a doll ends up transforming into a real human girl (and immediately lusts for sexual bonding). The cute and sexy PV: Omake: Tiny Evil’s 3rd episode comes out January 25th.
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Nipple-Laden Fai Fai Nude Filters Sate The Lust

The creator of the nude filter how-to video detailing the process behind nudifying Endro’s Fai Fai has now uploaded nipple-laden versions on his blog, hopefully sating the lusts of those not merely entertained by nudity obscured by lights. The many fully-nude depictions of fabulous Fai Fai:
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Fantasizes About Beach Bikinis

Hectic rocom series Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai has hit watchers with another deluge of wacky antics, additionally providing some depictions of its main girls in bikinis and predictably bringing up the topic of one character’s flat chest… Omake:
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Domestic na Kanojo Bathes Together

Love triangle anime Domestic na Kanojo has run into the classic anime complications as the girl the protagonist slept with has now transferred into his school, the episode also offering a brief bathing scene for some rather necessary service. Omake:
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Gender-Swapped Freddy Krueger Sexily Invading Dreams

Cosplayer Usagi has taken upon herself a rather unorthodox version of Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger as a young and sexy lass. The sexy Freddy is ready to get unsuspecting dreamers when they’re at their most vulnerable. More of the dream-invading cosplay:
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Gotoubun no Hanayome Quite A Comedic Handful

Gotoubun no Hanayome‘s comedic antics have continued as the show’s eccentric girls attempt to find ways to avoid the protagonist’s tutoring, with the episode focusing mostly on one girl whilst doling out a modicum of cute and sexy visuals along the way. Omake:
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Pastel Memories Boasts The Sexiest ED

Pastel Memories has earned praise for its 2nd episode due to it possessing shot-for-shot references to Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?, though its unbelievably sexy ending sequence has been a way hotter subject due to all the bikini-clad girls and erotic visuals. Omake:
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Fate/Grand Order BB Cosplay Tropical Indeed

While a large chunk of the world is embraced by the chilliness of winter, cosplayer Saku has made herself comfortable in a tropical environment and gave her fans a look at her bikini cosplay of Fate/Grand Order’s BB. More of BB’s summer version:
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Huge Oppai Image Editing The Definition Of Lewd

Some edited images have been gaining a small amount of attention online as they depict scenes from the IdolMaster anime and such but with the girls altered to have gigantic breasts, a humorous concept that has caused a few other individuals to give it a try themselves. The doctored IdolMaster images, which users have been […]
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Erotic Endro Nude Filter Guide Strips Fai Fai

A new guide of sorts has emerged from an artist well-known for transforming anime scenes into nude iterations, with this new contribution instructing in the process of stripping the adorable Fai Fai of the recently debuted Endro (the video, unfortunately, containing no nipples due to being on NicoNico Douga). The thorough video, taking viewers through […]
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Artist Mappaninatta Enamored With Large Oppai

Artist “Mappaninatta” has always been obsessed with enormous oppai and with the emergence of ship-girl mobile game Azur Lane he got a new passion. Now he almost exclusively draws well-endowed naval anime babes for the perverse enjoyment of all. More of the artist’s oppai gallery:    
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Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi PV Loves All The Women

Both older women and schoolgirls have been equally ravaged as demonstrated by the PV of the upcoming Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi, simultaneously appeasing two different preferences and looking likely to appeal to many with such a decision. The rambunctious PV: Omake:
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Kantai Collection Agano Cosplay By Atsuki Smiles Serenely

Cosplayer Atsuki has transformed herself into Kantai Collection‘s energetic and cute light cruiser Agano. Boasting her signature charming smile, Atsuki does her best to show off all the best features of both the ship-girl and her body. More of the oddly charming cosplay:
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Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake PV Rides In The Park At Night

Cheating wife ero-anime Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake has already divulged a PV for its 2nd episode, detailing a sexual encounter happening at a park during the night and naturally making use of all the usual fun things that typically appear at parks. The rather naughty PV: Omake: May 31st will be when Tsuma […]
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Hinata Amagaki Apron Ero-Figure Cooking Up Some Sexiness

Twintailed beauty Hinata Amagaki of ero-manga Koikano x Aikano has obtained a 2nd erotic figurine for collectors to buy up, this time providing an alternate colored version that can still be stripped of its apron to reveal the maiden’s nude body – Hinata Amagaki can come into the possession of collectors this July. Hinata Amagaki […]
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Divine Illya Cosplay By Mike Quite The Furry Pussy

Titular magical girl Illya of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya has been imitated once again, with cosplayer Mike donning the superb cat-girl outfit Illya wore during a BD special and exuding such a scintillating allure that onlookers may feel overwhelmed. The wonderful outfit that will have observers wishing to see more skin:
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Fate/Grand Order Ishtar Ero-Cosplay Features Legendary Legs

An ero-cosplayer took on the role of Fate/Grand Order‘s goddess Ishtar, boldly presenting some truly fabulous legs amongst other equally attractive body parts. Luckily, that’s not the only thing the cosplayer shows off as she gradually also loses layers of her clothing:
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Cherished Goddess The Ultimate In Flat Surfaces

Pettanko enthusiasts in need of more flat surfaces to worship need look no further as this delightful goddess has come to their rescue, with her various kinky outfits sure to also satisfy should her cutting board chest not prove adequate. More goddesses.
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Video Collection -Takao Type- Tries All Sorts Of Sexy Things

Kantai Collection fans wishing more erotic content of the animated variety existed for the series need look no further as “Video Collection -Takao Type-” has arrived, boasting tantalizing voices in addition to elevate the sexiness to incomprehensible levels. The delightful package comes with a multitude of sex-centric videos starring both Takao and Atago as they […]
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Sword Maiden Cosplay By Hane Ame Can See Again

Goblin Slayer‘s Sword Maiden has entranced a lot of people with her beauty and luscious design. Now, popular cosplayer Hane Ame has portrayed the character with an elaborate and beautiful costume of her own. More of the Sword Maiden cosplay to marvel at:
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Kanpeki Ojou-sama PV Does It on a Train

The enticing main girl who will be receiving the brunt of the sexual acts in extensively titled ero-anime “Kanpeki Ojou-sama no Watakushi ga Dogeza de Mazo Ochisuru Choroin na Wakenai Desu wa” has shown interest in several kinks, from bondage to train sex – fetishes that seem to have been getting little attention lately. The […]
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Azur Lane Taihou Cosplay By Jill Sexily Accurate

Cosplayer Jill has released a brand new set portraying the sexy Taihou from ship-girl mobile game Azur Lane. Jill’s cosplay is on point as it always is and pulls out all the stops to portray this sexy ship as best as she can. More of the incredibly alluring Taihou cosplay:
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Fair-Skinned Goddess Delightfully Large

The fair white skin of this fever-inducing goddess will surely have males intrigued, though her enticing outfits and sizable bosom (and the complete exposure of said mammaries) will no doubt prove to be equal attention-grabbing points of interest. More goddesses.
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