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Gartner: Q3 smartphone sales down 5.7% to 366M, stemming Covid-19 declines earlier this year

As we head into the all-important holiday sales period, new numbers from Gartner point to some recovery for the smartphone market as vendors roll out a raft of new 5G handsets. Q3 smartphone figures published today showed that smartphone unit sales declined 5.7% globally over the same period last year to 366 million units. Yes, it’s a drop, but it is still a clear improvement on the first half of this year, when sales slumped by 20% in each quarter, due largely to the effects of Covid-19 on spen...
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How China’s Realme sold 50 million phones in just over 2 years

Starting a new phone brand in 2018 might seem too late in an already crowded market, but Sky Li was convinced that consumers between 18-25 years old were largely under-served — they needed something that was both affordable and cool. A few months after Li founded Realme in May that year, the smartphone company organized a product launch at a college campus in India, the world’s second-largest smartphone market. It brought its own production crew, built a makeshift stage and invited local rappers...
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The Oppo X 2021 Rollable Concept Phone Looks Like It Stretches Reality

When it comes to delivering a big-screen experience in a package that still fits in a purse or pocket, rollable phones might be an even better solution than foldable handsets like the Samsung’s Galaxy ZFold2. However, with its new Oppo X 2021 concept, it looks like Oppo has figured out a way to turn a mind-bending…Read more...
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China’s smartphone giant Oppo ratchets up AR push

Tech companies around the world are still identifying the “next big thing” enabled by 5G connections. Some, such as Oppo, are betting it will be augmented reality. The Chinese smartphone firm showcased its progress in AR at a Tuesday event swarmed by hundreds of reporters, analysts, and partners in Shenzhen. Green strobe light, the color of its brand, beamed as vice president Liu Chang unveiled the Oppo AR Glass 2021, a lightweight headset slightly chunkier than regular glasses. Still in the ...
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Oppo Is Jumping On the Smart Glasses Bandwagon, and They Don't Look Terrible

Plenty of big-name tech giants have tried their hand at augmented reality headsets or smart glasses. Most have failed. That’s not stopping Oppo, however, which announced at its Oppo Inno Day conference today that it plans to release its own pair of smart glasses next year.Read more...
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Oppo’s rollable smartphone concept shows the future isn’t only foldable

Oppo has shown off a concept phone with a rollable screen, which extends out from 6.7-inches to 7.4-inches using a specially developed motor.
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Smartphone shipments dip in China for Q3, led by Huawei decline

China was the first major global smartphone markets to rebound from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stringent lockdown measures were able to help the country recover from the virus relatively quickly during the first wave, as sales started to return well ahead of other areas. In Q3, however, things have taken begun to decline again. New numbers from Canalys point to an 8% drop between quarters — and a 15% drop, year-over-year. The firm chalks much of the slow down to longtime market lea...
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Samsung beats Xiaomi to reclaim No. 1 spot in Indian smartphone market

Xiaomi, which has led the Indian smartphone market for three consecutive years, has ceded ground to its long-rival Samsung in the world’s second largest market, according to a new report. According to estimates from marketing research firm Counterpoint, Samsung commanded 24% of the Indian smartphone market in the quarter that ended in September this year, ahead of Xiaomi’s 23% share. (For context: during Q3 2019, Samsung assumed 20% of the smartphone market in India while Xiaomi captured 26%....
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Smartphone shipments rebound to an all-time high in India

Smartphone shipments reached an all-time high in India in the quarter that ended in September this year as the world’s second largest handset market remained fully open during the period after initial lockdowns due to the coronavirus, according to a new report. About 50 million smartphones shipped in India in Q3 2020, a new quarterly record for the country where about 17.3 million smartphone units shipped in Q2 (during two-thirds of the period much of the country was under lockdown) and 33.5 mil...
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OnePlus Co-Founder Reportedly Quits to Build a Startup

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has left the company to work on a new venture, according to a report by TechCrunch.Read more...
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The Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G is technologically tempting, but struggles with pricing

The Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G has all the right technical ingredients to tempt us into looking closely at it, but the price puts it up against some strong competition.
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OPPO's ColorOS 11 hits beta, but swerves EU audience over GDPR compliance concerns

Update to give your phone a 3-fingered gesture (to translate words. What did you think we meant?) Android manufacturers often lean towards custom UIs in a bid to distinguish themselves from the competition. Among that camp is Chinese smartphone vendor OPPO, which today introduced the latest update to its Color OS platform.…
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Oppo brings Android 11 goodness to its latest version of ColorOS

Oppo has announced ColorOS 11, the latest version of its smartphone user interface, and one of the first to be built over Google's Android 11 operating system.
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More Chinese phones could lose US apps under Trump’s Clean Network

Over a third of the world’s smartphone sales come from Chinese vendors Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. These manufacturers have thrived not only because they offer value-for-money handsets thanks to China’s supply chains, but they also enjoy a relatively open mobile ecosystem, in which consumers in most countries can freely access the likes of Google, Instagram and WhatsApp. That openness is under attack as the great U.S.-China tech divide inches closer to reality, which can cause harm on both sides. T...
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More Chinese phone makers could lose US apps under Trump’s Clean Network

Over a third of the world’s smartphone sales come from Chinese vendors Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. These manufacturers have thrived not only because they offer value-for-money handsets thanks to China’s supply chains, but they also enjoy a relatively open mobile ecosystem, in which consumers in most countries can freely access the likes of Google, Instagram and WhatsApp. That openness is under attack as the great U.S.-China tech divide inches closer to reality, which can cause harm on both sides. T...
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Apple’s partners and Samsung apply for India’s $6.6 billion local smartphone production program

South Korean giant Samsung, Apple’s contract manufacturing partners Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron, and Indian smartphone vendors Micromax and Lava among others have applied for India’s $6.6 billion incentive program aimed at boosting the local smartphone manufacturing, New Delhi said on Saturday. The scheme, called Production-Linked Incentive Scheme, will offer a range of incentives to companies including a 6% financial incentive on additional sales of goods produced locally over five years, ...
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It’s not an Apple Watch, it’s an Oppo Watch

Behold, the Opple Watch. Many have borrowed heavily from Apple’s wearable, but few, if any, have done so as brazenly as Oppo. Sure Fitbit received some guff for the squircle hardware design of its Versa line, but it’s not useful to get too hung up on those vague similarities — there are, notably, relatively few geometrical options for hardware makers looking to move outside the traditional circle watch face. But based on the press material, the Oppo Watch is — to put it gently — a dead ringe...
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The Oppo Watch charges its way to a day’s worth of battery life in 15 minutes

The design looks familiar, but the battery tech is all-new
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Apple begins assembling iPhone 11 in India

Apple’s contract manufacturing partner Foxconn has started to assemble the current generation of iPhone units — the iPhone 11 lineup — in its plant near southern city of Chennai, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. A small batch of locally manufactured iPhone 11 units has already shipped to retail stores, but the production yield is currently limited, the person said, requesting anonymity as matters are private. Apple, in general, has ambitions to scale up its local production ...
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India smartphone shipments slashed in half in Q2 2020

Even the world’s second largest smartphone market isn’t immune to Covid-19. Smartphone shipments in India fell 48% in the second quarter compared with the same period a year ago, the most drastic drop one of the rare growing markets has seen in a decade, research firm Canalys reported Friday evening. About 17.3 million smartphone units shipped in Q2 2020, down from 33 million in Q2 2019, and 33.5 million in Q1 2020, the research firm said. You can blame coronavirus for it. New Delhi ordered a ...
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Oppo Says Its New Power Brick Could Charge Your Phone in 13 Minutes

Phone charging speeds have gotten pretty good over the last few years, but today, Oppo may have revealed what might be the fastest smartphone power brick in the world.Read more...
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One of the world's biggest smartphone makers says it's invented a way to fully charge your phone in just 20 minutes

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo, the fifth largest phone vendor in the world, just announced tech that it says can fully charge a smartphone in 20 minutes. If the company's claims are accurate, its tech would provide charging speeds that are considerably faster than those offered by popular device makers like Apple and Samsung. Oppo also says its charging tech has safety measures built-in, such as over-voltage protection and additional temperature sensors.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for ...
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The tech to fully charge your phone in just 20 minutes is here

Need to charge your phone fast? Oppo's newest phone-charging tech is for you
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‘Evangelion: It Can (Not) Be True’ CG Short

Evangelion: It Can (Not) Be True is a CG short directed by Somei Sun to mark the release of Oppo’s new limited-edition Ace2 EVA smartphone. Check it out below – The short re-imagines some of the most impressionable and iconic scenes from the original animated films and does a commendable job in re-creating them in CG. A full length, high quality CG or live-action film as such would certainly generate enormous interest for the huge Evangelion fanbase out there; perhaps we might still see ...
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Chinese smartphone behemoth Vivo is building a 32-story tower wrapped in gardens for its new headquarters in China's booming tech district. Take a look inside.

Chinese smartphone giant Vivo has shelled out $182 million for land to build a 32-story high-rise headquarters. The tower will feature spiraling exterior gardens and will house 5,800 workers when it's expected to be completed in 2025. Vivo's new headquarters will sit in the Chinese district of Shenzhen, a booming tech sector that is also home to Huawei and ZTE. TikTok's parent company, Bytedance, also recently splurged on land in the district. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories...
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Oppo cancels live online phone launch in India amid calls to boycott Chinese goods

China's Oppo cancelled the live online launch of its flagship smartphone in India on Wednesday after a border clash between the two countries that has renewed calls from local Indian trader groups to shun Chinese products.
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Global smartwatch shipments grew 12%, in spite of…everything

Wearables have proven to be a surprisingly resilient category amid the global COVID-19-fueled shutdown. As noted earlier this month, shipment growth slowed — but didn’t stop — in Q1, even as many potential customers have far fewer steps to track. And according to new numbers from Canalys out today, smartwatches in particular continued to grow in spite of it all. Wearable growth slowed — but not stopped — by pandemic Overall, the category grew 12% year-over-year for Q1, up to 14.3 millio...
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China Roundup: SoftBank leads Didi’s $500M round and Meituan crosses $100B valuation

Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch’s China Roundup, a digest of recent events shaping the Chinese tech landscape and what they mean to people in the rest of the world. Last week, we had a barrage of news ranging from SoftBank’s latest bet on China’s autonomous driving sector to Chinese apps making waves in the U.S. (not TikTok). China tech abroad The other Chinese apps trending in America TikTok isn’t the only app with a Chinese background that’s making waves in the U.S. A brand new short...
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Global smartphone sales plummeted 20% in Q1, thanks to COVID-19

More dismal numbers confirm what we already knew: Q1 2020 was real rough for an already struggling smartphone category. Gartner’s latest report puts the global market at a 20.2% slide versus the same time last year, thanks in large part to fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Every single one of the global top-five manufactures saw large declines for the quarter, save for Xiaomi, which saw a slight uptick of 1.4%. The Chinese handset maker got a surprise bump, courtesy of international sales....
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Nokia plant in Tamil Nadu shut after 42 people test positive for COVID-19: Report

Nokia suspended operations at its manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu last week, after some people at the facility tested positive for the coronavirus, Reuters reported. While the company did not disclose the number of people who tested positive, the report pegged the number to be around 42. The factory had started operations in a restricted […] ...
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