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Senior Moments: Waiting for a Bobcat fire evacuation order with a frightened kitty

The car was packed. Lark’s kitty carrier, stashed with treats and her favorite Woody Woodpecker toy, was parked by the front door ready for a getaway should someone with a bullhorn go up and down the block ordering us to leave immediately. The Bobcat fire had us in its sights. Having checked off most of the items on my evacuation list, I stopped by the kitchen to get one of the brownies I’d baked earlier and packed in a to-go container. Who doesn’t need brownies in stressful times? I doubted tha...
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Entertainment industry treading water after 6 months of coronavirus restrictions

Entertainment happens in gathering places, which is what officials are trying to discourage to combat the novel coronavirus. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in March, few people could have imagined a world without places to go for entertainment: no amusement parks, no multiplexes for movies, no theaters or festival grounds for concerts, no casinos. But not only did all those venues close, most haven’t reopened. And as we head into fall, no one knows when they will come back. They are part o...
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Alexander: Yorba Linda’s Ricky Castillo has a rough Friday at US Open

The golf monster known as Winged Foot had some nasty surprises for everybody on the course in Friday’s second round of the U.S. Open. Ricky Castillo just got swept up in the maelstrom. Castillo, the golf prodigy from Yorba Linda who won the NCAA’s Mickelson Award last spring as the nation’s top freshman for his pandemic-shortened season at Florida, qualified for the Open by virtue of being the No. 2 player in the World Amateur Golf Ranking. In a season in which coronavirus concerns prevented the...
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‘The Real Murders of Orange County’ tackles true-crime mysteries for TV series

“The Real Murders of Orange County,” a new true-crime show on Oxygen, will debut Nov. 8, the network announced on Saturday. The series will present two episodes every Sunday night that will examine “the most horrific, sinful and salacious cases that rocked Southern California’s wealthy coastal community,” according an Oxygen press release. The premiere on Sunday, Nov. 8 includes two stories that made headlines at the time of the crimes. One focuses on the murder of Jane Carver, a Fountain Valley...
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The Cheesecake Factory is offering $15 lunches, dessert included

The Cheesecake Factory has a sweet weekday lunch special available for online purchases Sept. 21-25. The offer is a lunch entree plus a slice of cheesecake for $15 from opening until 3 p.m., and it works for pickup or delivery by Doordash. Its menu has more than 30 choices for both meals and cheesecake flavors, according to a news release from the Calabasas-based casual restaurant chain. This year’s debut flavor is Chocolate Caramelicious Cheesecake Made With Snickers. To place an order, custome...
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Recipes: Here’s how you elevate a cheese snack into a proper meal

Some evenings I’m in the mood for a cheese-snack dinner. Something decadent, rich with creamy texture and complex flavors. A treat that balances the cheese’s bold personality with a bit of sweetness. On the side, a lightly dressed mixed-green salad augmented with raw vegetables. Perhaps some apple wedges. Easy. My father would have dubbed this menu a cocktail nibble. He would have raised a ruckus. His annoyance with the absence of a traditional meat-and-veg evening meal would no doubt have led t...
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Six months of pandemic photography in the Southern California

One day, this will all be over. Coronavirus will be gone and we’ll get back to normal. But what will we remember? For the past six months, almost every facet of our lives has changed – covered faces, empty shelves, remote learning and drive-thru everything. Our photographers have been working throughout this pandemic to tell the stories of the people of Southern California and record history for our posterity. For our photographers, it’s personal. Normally, when we cover a story we are uninvolve...
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Cop’s call as to whether you get cited for not having a front license plate

Q. I just got a fix-it ticket from the California Highway Patrol on the 73 for not having a front license plate. The front of my car, a 2013 Chrysler 300 SRT, did not have a mount for a front plate. Right after getting the ticket, I saw more than five vehicles without front license plates within a two-mile stretch. I went to my car dealership and it graciously put the plate on. I wasn’t looking forward to defacing my car’s front look. Everyone knows that thousands of cars in our area are driving...
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Why are unemployment checks months late? State audit aims to find out

Out-of-work Southern Californians have been waiting months for unemployment checks to arrive as the coronavirus pandemic rages and employed residents have mistakenly received piles of payments for which they didn’t ask. Now fed-up lawmakers have demanded an emergency audit of the state agency that handles those claims, the Employment Development Department. The respective chair and vice chair of California’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee, Assemblyman Rudy Salas, D-Bakersfield; and state Sen....
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Is it safe to eat squirrel-bitten avocados?

Q: We have a large avocado tree that used to have great fruit but now, as the trees in our tract have gotten bigger, we have squirrels that seem to delight in taking bites out of many of the avocados. Is it safe to use these avocados if we cut around the bite marks? Is there something we can put in the tree to scare them away or keep them out of the tree? A: To answer your first question: Yes, it is safe to eat the avocados that have been bitten into if you cut out the damaged parts. Of course, ...
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Vietnamese American felon facing deportation gets backing from activists, elected leaders

Tin Nguyen arrived from Vietnam as a boy, in 1979, with hope for a better future in a new country. But his refugee story took a bad turn. As the only Vietnamese kid in his grade school classes, he was bullied. As a teen, he joined gangs and, as an adult, he committed crimes. Nguyen ended up doing 20 years for murder and robbery. But Nguyen turned his life around in prison. And, last year, after his sentence was commuted, he was given a chance at freedom. That’s when he was picked up for deportat...
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Investigation: Gymnasts, parents recount abuse by coaches at Azarian Gymnastics

The sleepless nights were interrupted only by nightmares. “I couldn’t sleep at night I was so scared of Vanessa,” said gymnast Ashton Woodbury, referring to Vanessa Gonzalez, her former coach at Azarian U.S. Gymnastics Training Center, a world renown Orange County club. It was the balance beam that Woodbury dreaded most. It was on the beam where Gonzalez, gymnasts said, left her mark. “I had a mental block on the beam,” Woodbury said. “And Vanessa on the beam she would smack you (on your legs) i...
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Disneyland-area cities ratchet up pressure on Newsom to reopen California theme parks

Leaders from Disneyland-area cities ratcheted up the pressure on Gov. Gavin Newsom to reopen California theme parks after more than six months of coronavirus closures that have led to thousands of lost jobs and closed businesses. The mayors of Anaheim, Buena Park and Garden Grove called on Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday, Sept. 16 to issue COVID-19 guidelines that would allow Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and other California theme parks to safely reopen. Sign up for our Park Life newsletter an...
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Google doodle honors Orange County’s Felicitas Mendez

Google’s logo doodle on Tuesday honors an Orange County woman who helped lead the fight to end segregation in California schools. In the drawing that appeared on Google’s homepage Sept. 15, a smiling Felicitas Mendez is shown watching a crowd of happy children of all races walk into a school. Her three children, led by her husband Gonzalo, are among them. That image would have been pure fantasy in the early 1940s, when her children were barred from entering a “white” school in Westminster becaus...
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CDC: Almost all of the US kids and teens who've died from COVID-19 were Hispanic or Black

A child looks up at his mother during a double funeral service for Lola Simmons-Jones and her daughter Lashaye Antoinette Allen, who both died of coronavirus, at the Denley Drive Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas on July 30, 2020. Bryan Smith/AFP via Getty Images According to a new CDC report, roughly 0.03% of coronavirus cases in kids and teens under 21 have been fatal so far — very few deaths.  But overwhelmingly, the deaths have been people of color.   It's another stark indica...
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Faster transition to electric vehicles needed, Lung Association says

Even before the current outbreak of wildfires, the greater Los Angeles area perennially experienced the worst air pollution in the nation. The sprawling, automobile-centric region feeds smog into a geographic basin that often locks in the dirty air. The car and truck traffic also contribute to climate change, a primary contributor to the trend of ever-worsening wildfires and their impact on air quality. While the state has led the country in aggressively regulating emissions — and sells more ele...
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Largest U.S. theme parks report no COVID-19 outbreaks since reopening

There have been no reports of COVID-19 outbreaks at the 20 largest amusement parks in the United States as California theme parks continue to await reopening guidelines from the state after six months of coronavirus closures. No COVID-19 outbreaks have been reported at Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Legoland and Cedar Fair parks in Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia and Michigan, according to state health agencies and theme park officials. ...
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Pregnant women with COVID-19 at higher risk for severe illness, health experts say

Pregnant women infected with the novel coronavirus stand a higher risk of becoming severely ill, according to health care professionals who have been monitoring COVID-19’s adverse impacts on expectant mothers and their infants. Thousands of pregnant women across Southern California have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in the past six months. And while two women with preexisting health conditions have died from the virus, medical professionals say most have recovered from their illnesse...
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California Republicans: Give a call to your GOP cousins in swing states

In 33 years of interviewing California politicians, would-be or incumbent, as they seek the newspaper’s endorsement for office, I sometimes will ask who they themselves are supporting for president. Sometimes. As an aside. Usually, it’s obvious. I didn’t have to ask the late Rep. Carlos Moorhead, one of a tiny handful of House members who wouldn’t vote to impeach President Nixon even after the “smoking gun” Oval Office tape was played, if he still liked Tricky Dick. Of course he did. I never had...
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Pricey lumber a challenge for homebuilding’s rebound

A clown slides on the ground Saturday night at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The park opened its 26th Fright Fest Saturday with a total of 13 mazes and scare-zones.(photo by Andy Holzman) Seattle Mariners’ Dee Gordon, left, scores from first without a throw to Los Angeles Angels catcher Jose Briceno on a RBI double by Mitch Haniger during the third inning of a baseball game in Anaheim, Calif., Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds ...
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‘Behind the 8-ball:’ Many Southern California nursing homes hit hard by coronavirus had prior issues

Evangelina Gonzalez survived the coronavirus. But she found herself lonely and confused inside her nursing home. The 98-year-old, who has dementia, had fallen a couple of times at Monterey Palms Health Care Center in the Coachella Valley, her son said. After contracting the virus last spring, she was placed in an isolation wing for six weeks. “I’ll try to call her and she’s just like, ‘Where are you, where are you? I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m in pain,’” said Gustavo “Sky” Gonzalez of Cathedral ...
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Smoke advisory extended across Southern California

Unhealthy conditions from the wildfire ash blanketing Southern California have extended a smoke advisory in the region until at least Sunday. As massive wildfires – including the Bobcat fire near the San Gabriel Valley and the El Dorado fire in the Inland Empire – continue to burn, residents across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties were advised to continue to limit outdoor activities, according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Early Saturday morning, t...
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In L.A. County, don’t expect elementary schools to reopen before November

Parents and educators of elementary students in Los Angeles County should not expect their schools to reopen before November at the earliest. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer had indicated during a briefing with school leaders on Thursday, Sept. 10, that it would take at least that long before K-6 campuses could apply for waivers to reopen to the general student population amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to one administrator who attended the briefing. The county had announce...
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How to help – or at least not hinder – firefighters as they battle wildfires and try to save homes

It’s not even the height of wildfire season, but resources are spread thin as firefighters battle multiple, massive fires around California, including some in our backyards. More than 20 million acres – a modern-day record – have burned in the state so far in 2020. And the worst, likely, is yet to come. While there often are summer wildfires, the state’s most destructive blazes typically occur in the fall. But the dry vegetation already prevalent in the region heightens the risk that fires will ...
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Bellator 246: Juan Archuleta grateful for another title shot

Any title fight is a welcome fight. To lose and get another shot, in another weight class and less than a year later, amid a pandemic? Juan Archuleta knows a blessing when he sees one. Nearly 12 months after his featherweight championship hopes were derailed, Archuleta sees gold within his reach again when he takes on undefeated Patchy Mix for the vacant bantamweight title at Bellator 246 on Saturday in Uncasville, Connecticut. “I’m 100 percent grateful that Bellator believes in me and was able ...
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QB Miller Moss will graduate from Alemany after transferring back from Mater Dei

Support our high school sports coverage by becoming a digital subscriber. Subscribe now. Miller Moss is back at Alemany High, but don’t get too excited Warrior fans, he won’t be playing football. Moss transferred back to Alemany to finish the distance learning fall semester. The four-star quarterback – committed to USC – transferred to Santa Ana Mater Dei in June in pursuit of top-notch high school football competition and a mythical national championship, but when CIF announced the season wou...
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Eileen Wood’s Opulent ‘Dead to Me’ Mansion Is One of Beverly Hills’ Oldest Houses

“Dead to Me” sure gives good real estate! Though set seaside in Orange County’s Laguna Beach, the sophomore series is shot entirely in Los Angeles and showcases the city beautifully. From the picturesque Cape Cod Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) calls home to the modern pad occupied by Steve Wood (James Marsden), each locale featured is […]
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Eileen’s Opulent ‘Dead to Me’ Mansion Is One of Beverly Hills’ Oldest Houses

“Dead to Me” sure gives good real estate! Though set seaside in Orange County’s Laguna Beach, the sophomore series is shot entirely in Los Angeles and showcases the city beautifully. From the picturesque Cape Cod Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) calls home to the modern pad occupied by Steve Wood (James Marsden), each locale featured is […]
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Honk wouldn’t bicycle on a freeway, but sometimes you legally can

Q. A small group of us annually ride our bikes from Rancho Mission Viejo to Oceanside, going through Camp Pendleton. We have lunch and then take the Amtrak train back – a fun day. Some of the guys do not like riding through the Marine base, because there are no designated bike lanes, etc., so they want to ride along the I-5 Freeway. Please comment on the rules associated with riding bikes along this stretch of the I-5, an option that looks scary to me. My bike-riding friends and I are looking fo...
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YouTuber Eva Gutowski Checks Out of Encino Starter House

These days, finding a decent Los Angeles home for less than a million dollars can be a daunting task. But never fear, Eva Gutowski is here with good news: the successful YouTuber and Orange County native has put her main residence on the market for a (relatively) paltry $989,000. And this isn’t some tired old […]
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