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Primary Arms SLx 3x and 5x Gen III Optics – Review

Primary Arms SLx 3x and 5x Gen III Optics U.S.A. –-( Primary Arms has recently released the highly anticipated Gen III version of their SLx lineup.  Featuring 3x and 5x prismatic optics (similar to the design popularized by the Trijicon ACOG), the SLx series has been a commercial success for Primary Arms.  They're continuing to refine the brand, as evidenced by the updated releases.  Today we're checking out the Gen III SLx 3×32 with ACSS CQB .300 BLK/7.62×39 reticle and the SLx...
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George Floyd protests in California stretch from biggest cities to rural towns

Hundreds of thousands demonstrated over the weekends, well beyond the borders of Los Angeles and the Bay AreaGeorge Floyd killing – latest US updatesSee all our George Floyd coverageCalifornia erupted in protest alongside the rest of the country over the weekend, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.Across the state, protesters marched and chanted, calling for justice for not just George Floyd but all victims of police brutality ...
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Leupold Adds Burnt Bronze Model to VX-3i CDS-ZL Riflescope Line

Leupold Adds Burnt Bronze Model to VX-3i CDS-ZL Riflescope Line U.S.A. –-( Leupold & Stevens, Inc., provider of the world’s most rugged, lightweight, and clear riflescopes and reflex sights, has announced the addition of a burnt bronze model to its award-winning VX-3i line of riflescopes. The VX-3i CDS-ZL 4.5-14×40 will feature a one-inch main tube and the company’s ZeroLock CDS dial. Built for performance, the VX-3i line appeals to hunters and shooters alike. Earlier this year,...
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Africa Roundup: DHL invests in MallforAfrica, Zipline launches in US, Novastar raises $200M

Events in May offered support to the thesis that Africa can incubate tech with global application. Two startups that developed their business models on the continent — MallforAfrica and Zipline — were tapped by international interests. DHL acquired a minority stake in Link Commerce, a turn-key e-commerce company that grew out of — a Nigerian digital-retail startup. Link Commerce offers a white-label solution for doing online-sales in emerging markets. Retailers can p...
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George Floyd - What can I add?

It keeps happening, over and over and over again.  Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, with plenty before, in between, and sadly I fear, more to come.  Why?   I think I know the answer, and its ugly.  The sad but honest reality is that a lot of white Americans are afraid of blacks, especially young black men.  And worse still, and this is the really hard part, in some ways its not even their fault.  White Americans have been conditioned and taught to think this way.   I'm not excusi...
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Grayguns releases Enhanced Leverage System for P-Series DA/SA pistols

Grayguns releases Enhanced Leverage System for P-Series DA/SA pistols U.S.A. –-( The SIG Sauer P-Series traditional double-action platform is one of the most recognizable in the firearms industry. Recently, SIG refreshed the line with the introduction of the Legion models, and Grayguns has great news for fans and owners of all P226, P229 and P228 variations. The Grayguns Enhanced Leverage System (ELS) consists of either straight or hybrid-shaped trigger – both with dual adjustab...
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Car-buying in the coronavirus era is moving online, but traditional dealerships aren't going away any time soon

The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered car dealers' showrooms nationwide and compelled automakers and dealerships to pursue online transactions. The auto industry has experimented with no-dealership deals for years, but progress has been halting, even as some digitally savvy consumers ask why they can't buy cars the same way they buy many other things. Some consumers have discovered that an all-digital transaction is not only possible, but preferable. But Jeremy Anspach, CEO of PureCars, an infor...
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Types of American cheese to try

American cheese is more often the butt of the joke than the centerpiece of a cheeseboard. It conjures thoughts of yellow squares in flimsy plastic — great for burgers and melting on sandwiches like grilled cheeses and tuna melts, terrible for nearly anything else. Instead, people in the United States often defer to European cheesemakers in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Ireland for the fancy stuff. While those imported cheeses have an admirable reputation, homegrown American cheese deserves ...
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GAO-20-424, Wildfire: Information on Forest Service Response, Key Concerns, and Effects of the Chetco Bar Fire, April 29, 2020

The Chetco Bar Fire was first reported in July 2017, burning in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon. Because of the remote, steep terrain, initial Forest Service attempts to fight...
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These are the videos that changed YouTube forever, from 'Lazy Sunday' to 'Baby Shark' (GOOGL, GOOG)

Fifteen years ago, YouTube broke ground when it allowed internet users to upload and share videos in a more efficient way than ever before. YouTube quickly skyrocketed to become the most popular online video platform in the world. Now, more than 500 hours of content are uploaded to the platform every minute. Some videos, however, have had more of an impact than others. These clips went viral and were ingrained into internet culture, setting a precedent for both the immediate and long-term effe...
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Oregon DEQ submits details plans to carry out GHG reductions

In Oregon, the Department of Environmental Quality has submitted detailed information to Gov. Kate Brown on how it plans to carry out her March 10 executive order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state. In all, DEQ submitted a preliminary report on Cap and Reduce programs, and four other work plans regarding clean fuels, other strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, regulations to reduce methane emissions from landfills, and strategies to reduce food waste. Th...
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Trump signs an executive order taking direct aim at social media companies

On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order targeting the legal shield that internet companies rely on to protect them from liability for user-created content. That law, known as Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is essential to large social platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, the kind of companies the president has long accused, without evidence, of engaging in anti-conservative censorship. Trump was joined during the signing by Attorney General William Barr, wh...
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Smartphone user gave consent by website registration to receive texts

Plaintiff sued defendant alleging defendant sent unsolicited text messages that violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Defendant moved for summary judgment. The court granted the motion. It found that plaintiff expressly gave consent by website registration to receive the text messages when she signed up for defendant’s services. This was a significant win for defendant because the TCPA provides for stiff penalties.  Consent by website registration Plaintiff used her...
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DHL acquires stake in Link Commerce developed by MallforAfrica

DHL has acquired a minority stake in Link Commerce, a turn-key e-commerce company that grew out of — a Nigerian digital-retail startup. Link Commerce offers a white-label solution for doing digital-sales in emerging markets. Retailers can plug into the company’s e-commerce platform to create a web-based storefront that manages payments and logistics. With the investment one of the world’s largest delivery services looks to build a broader client-base globally using a busin...
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Chargers hire Pep Hamilton to groom Justin Herbert, but no pressure

Pep Hamilton hasn’t wasted any time getting to know the Chargers’ next face of the franchise and eventual successor to Philip Rivers. This, of course, is Justin Herbert, whom the Chargers drafted with the sixth overall pick in last month’s NFL draft. Perhaps it’s not fair to label a rookie quarterback as a “face of a franchise,” but that’s what many expect from him in the years to come, and Hamilton was hired to guide Herbert to that esteemed status. There’s plenty of pressure on the Chargers’ n...
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Twitter tried to correct Trump's falsehoods about vote by mail, but the platform's first fact-check on the president's tweets was itself misleading

For the first time on Tuesday, Twitter rolled out a feature to flag Trump's tweets about voting by mail as misleading in an effort to provide more context and fact-check them.  The platform added a "get the facts about mail-in ballots" banner below Trump tweets falsely claiming that mail ballots in California will be "substantially fraudulent," "stolen from mailboxes," and sent to non-voters. Twitter's fact-check section contradicted itself by both saying that mail-in ballots are "very rarely ...
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Oregon: 2020 Primary Election Results Are In & Kim Thatcher is the Bright Spot ~VIDEO

Oregon: 2020 Primary Election Results Are In & Kim Thatcher is the Bright Spot Oregon – -( Once again, the Oregon Republicans have unfortunately nominated several candidates who strongly embrace liberal Democrat values. In HD 14, the Republican House nominee is Richard Cunningham who proudly identifies as an anti-gun, Hillary Clinton supporter. His opponent in the race was Alison Rhodes, a strong supporter of gun rights. In House District 20, anti-gun liberal Selma Pierce narrow...
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Reviewing a handful of the latest ugly prison pandemic headlines

I have not done a round-up of stories on the spread of COVID-19 through state and federal prison populations lately, in part because this sad tale has already become just standard bad news.  But some recent headlines and stories from this arena seemed especially worth flagging.  So: From the Anchorage Daily News, "He tested positive for the coronavirus. One day later, a federal prison flew him home to Alaska." From The Guardian, "Pregnant inmates languish in US prisons despite promises of rel...
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Rock & Brews prepare to reopen, minus El Segundo, which falls to bankruptcy

A Rock & Brews restaurant in El Segundo has filed for bankruptcy, but the company’s remaining 20 locations are preparing to be up and running soon with safeguards to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In a May 12 with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California, Rock and Brews LLC, which owns the El Segundo restaurant at 143 Main St., listed estimated assets of $50,000 or less with liabilities of $100,000 to $500,000. The corporation said it will have no funds available for c...
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This Fine Art Portland Wedding Shows You Why You Need a Rainy Day Plan

Oh my heart! This timeless fine art wedding by Bridal Bliss   in Portland, Oregon captured by Sweetlife Photography is one we can’t get enough of. Pampering their guests + florals were two top priorities for Karine and Jack, which just happens to be the perfect recipe for a gorgeous wedding day if you ask us! Karine + Jack are true blue. View full post
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Produce-buying incentive program a win-win for Oregon consumers and farmers

A national program that offers financial incentives so that low-income consumers can purchase more fruits and vegetables has shown great success in Oregon, according to a recent Oregon State University study.
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A rare two-faced cat named Biscuits and Gravy was born in Oregon

Biscuits and Gravy, or Biscuit for short, eats and breathes from two separate mouths and noses. It's known as a Janus cat, after the Roman god.
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Orphaned baby deer bottle-fed by sheriff's deputy finds new home

An Oregon sheriff's deputy bottle-fed a fawn that was left on its own for several days.         [Author: Storyful]
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Kitten born with two faces dies days after internet fame

A two-faced kitten that was born with a rare condition has died after capturing the attention of thousands of adoring fans.The kitten, named Biscuits and Gravy by owners Kyla and BJ King, was born on 20 May in Oregon. He lived to be nearly four days old, said the Kings on a Facebook page dedicated to his progress.
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Kitten born with two faces dies in Oregon

Biscuits and Gravy, the kitten with two faces, has died days after capturing the hearts of animal lovers all over the world.
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IRS has distributed 152 million COVID-19 relief payments worth $258 billion

There are a lot of footprints on many U.S. beaches this Memorial Day weekend as folks seek seashores after weeks of staying home due to the coronavirus. (Photo by Wendy Wei via Pexels) This Memorial Day long weekend is a big one for numbers. As most states have relaxed at least some COVID-19 stay home orders, Americans are taking advantage of more openings to celebrate this unofficial start of summer. They are, naturally, heading to spots that offer traditional seasonal activities. There'...
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1 Arrested, Teenager Injured In Modesto Shooting

MODESTO (CBS13) – One person was arrested following a shooting that injured a teenager on Friday night, the Modesto Police Department said on Sunday. Modesto police said the male victim, 19, suffered serious injuries in the shooting but is expected to survive. Laru Cobbs, 21, was arrested after investigators were led to the suspect’s house, the department said. Cobbs faces weapons charges and a charge of attempted murder, but a motive in the shooting has not yet been uncovered, authorities said....
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Meet Biscuits and Gravy, the kitten born with two faces

An Oregon family got quite the surprise when one of their farm cats gave birth to a litter of six kittens, including a kitten with two faces they've named Biscuits and Gravy.
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Calibre - Title fixes

I have over 100 books that I want to alter the titles. For some reason, I did this - for example, for my Clive Cussler Books: "Oregon Files 14 - Final Option" - or - "NUMA Files 14 - Nighthawk". I want to change these to: "Final Option [Oregon Files 14]" and "Nighthawk [NUMA Files 14]". I know - I have the series column - and I am good with that but I would like to change my titles to this format. I have tried numerous search and replace methods, including trying to use regular expressions but ...
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Alexander: ‘The Last Dance’ wasn’t the last chapter for Chicago Bulls

Winners write history, right? And for the last five weeks, thanks to hunger for anything resembling fresh sports material, we got to witness a classic example: ESPN’s 10-part documentary on the 1990s Chicago Bulls’ dynasty as seen primarily through Michael Jordan’s eyes and with his approval. But what of the players and coaches who had to pick up the pieces after the big top came down and the headliners scattered? The 1998-99 Bulls had what turned out to be an impossible task, complicated furthe...
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