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The eerie remains of a master and slave frozen in time unearthed in the Roman city of Pompeii

Remains of two men who were killed in 79 AD in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Luigi Spina/Reuters The well-preserved remains of two men have been discovered in the Roman city of Pompeii, near Naples. The two bodies were killed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD which covered the ancient city in volcanic ash and froze it in time. The bodies are thought to be of a wealthy man and a slave and were found in a villa on the outskirts of Pompeii. Massimo Osanna, director of Pompeii Arche...
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De Villiers/LMP/Ludford-Thomas - Brahms, Schumann, and Mozart, 22 March 2019

Royal Festival Hall Brahms: Schicksalslied , op.54 Schumann: Piano Concerto in A minor, op.54 Mozart, Mass in C minor, KV 427/417a Nico de Villiers (piano) Elin Manahan Thomas, Helen Meyerhoff (sopranos) Peter Davoren (tenor) Philip Tebb (bass) Hackney Singers Lewisham Choral Society London Mozart Players Dan Ludford-Thomas (conductor) A strange concert, this, in that, although chorally conceived, it proved strongest in...
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Restoration of gladiator house at Pompeii becomes emblem of site's renaissance after years of neglect

A stone building in Pompeii that was used for training by gladiators has been reopened to the public after a painstaking three-year restoration, becoming an emblem of the renaissance of the ancient site. The House of the Gladiators collapsed eight years ago after days of heavy rain, with many of its precious frescoes damaged or destroyed. At the time it was seen as a symbol of Italy’s neglect for its unrivalled cultural heritage, with Pompeii in particular suffering from years of bad management ...
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Pompeii dig finds intact skeletons of two women and three children huddled together

Archeologists are piecing together the dramatic last moments of two women and three children whose skeletons have been discovered at Pompeii. Caught up in the terrifying eruption of Mt Vesuvius nearly 2,000 years ago, they sought shelter in the inner room of a villa, wedging a piece of furniture – either a bed or a divan - against the door. But their attempts at self-preservation were sadly in vain and all five died as the building was engulfed in volcanic ash and collapsed. The skeletons were d...
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Britten Sinfonia (Voices)/Dougan - 'Easter Voices': works by Mozart, Stravinsky, et al., 28 March 2018

Milton Court Andrea Gabrieli: Maria stabat ad monumentum Stravinsky: Fanfare for a New Theatre Mozart: Missa Brevis in F major, KV 192186f, interspersed with: Stravinsky: Pater Noster and Ave Maria Salonen: Concert étude , for French horn Bruckner: Aequale no.1, for three trombones Gesualdo: Two movements from Tenebrae Responsories for Good Friday Stravinsky: Mass Ben Goldscheider (French horn) Britten Sinfonia Voices Britten Sinfonia Eamonn Dougan (condu...
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Pompeii To Build Contemporary Art Collection

"Pompeii is inviting artists to create sculptural works incorporating archaeological fragments from the ancient Roman site near Naples, which its director-general Massimo Osanna says will show that it is still 'a place of the contemporary'. Osanna hopes to build a permanent collection of new works and open a space to display them."
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