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100 years of Bauhaus: Berlin and beyond

As Germany celebrates the centenary of the influential art movement, we tour the cities where it started, flourished and, ultimately, proved too ‘degenerate’ for the NazisUnder a leaden winter sky, the low-rise residential blocks in Berlin’s Hansa Quarter couldn’t be called pretty. Built in the late 1950s to revive a district razed during the second world war, they’re boxy and unadorned. The trees are skeletal, the gardens bare. But when I look up, I see upkeep and pride. Smart furnishings are v...
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Illustration Celebrating Modernist Architecture of Oscar Niemeyer

Illustration Celebrating Modernist Architecture of Oscar Niemeyer abduzeedoMar 13, 2019 Levente Szabo shared a beautiful illustration project celebrating the great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. With a set of colorful and super stylish illustrations Levent captured the modernist work of Oscar with extreme accuracy. Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect, considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture. He was best kno...
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One of These Nights in Rio

I’m getting antsy because it’s 6:30 p.m. and I haven’t accomplished anything yet today. Well, technically, I did—we packed, checked out of the hotel in Florianópolis, took a taxi to the airport, queued at the GOL check-in counter to get boarding passes, weighted our checked baggage at the self-service kiosk and pay for them (it’s 60 reais if you do it yourself but 120 reais if you do it at the counter) then queued again to drop off the two backpacks now properly tagged. We waited at the very cro...
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Too little, too late? The battle to save Tripoli's futuristic fairground

Designed by Brazilian modernist Oscar Niemeyer, Lebanon’s international expo site has been abandoned since civil war broke out in the 1970s“It could collapse at any time,” says the architect and activist Wassim Naghi. The facade of the unfinished, subterranean space museum in Tripoli, Lebanon, is visibly decaying and its steel reinforcements are rusted – but that may not be its biggest problem. “The ageing concrete’s carbonation is invisible,” explains Naghi when we meet in his office in the cen...
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Bolsonaro sworn in as Brazil's president on wave of conservative enthusiasm

Far-right populist invited lawmakers to help country free itself from ‘ideological submission’ in speechJair Bolsonaro’s inauguration: the day progressive Brazil has dreadedJair Bolsonaro has been sworn in as the 42nd president of Brazil, to the delight of passionate supporters, many of whom had travelled to its modernist capital for the event, convinced the far-right populist can rescue their troubled country from virulent corruption, rising violent crime and economic doldrums.Cheered by a crow...
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Lebanese seek to save landmark concrete park from crumbling

Close to the seafront in Lebanon's Tripoli, giant curves of concrete stand testimony to dreams before the civil war, etchings of an exhibition park never finished but already cracking. This month, a rare exhibition is being held at the site designed by legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in a desperate call to save it from ruin. Inside the vast grey grounds of the Tripoli International Fair in northern Lebanon, a palm tree throws its dark silhouette onto a giant concrete dome.
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Southern Hemisphere spring travel

While the northern hemisphere prepares for the shorter days and colder nights of fall, people south of the equator are venturing outdoors to soak up the sun. From South America to Oceania, spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere — and now is the perfect time to visit. Travel south now and you’ll beat the heat — and crowds — of these destinations’ summer months. You’ll also find that most places offer killer travel deals this time of year. Instead of raking leaves and adding layers, come che...
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Oscar Niemeyer Defined Modern Brazil. Now, an Artist Is Rethinking One of His Houses.

Set against the dramatic hills of Rio de Janeiro, Adriana Varejão’s recently renovated home brings the architect’s vision to startling new life.
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Rio Carnival 2018 – Day 1, Samba Schools Parade at the Sambódromo

On Friday, at 9:30 p.m., I was trying to master a new Brazilian trick—applying glitter. “It doesn’t stick, fuck!” Nope, glitter doesn’t stick well when you just took a shower. As we found out the following day, it’s best to be sweaty. Like, as I’m writing this, I have a bunch of stars the guys put around my belly button fourteen hours ago—more on that later… On Friday, at 9:30 p.m., we were probably three of the many, many, many Cariocas and Brazilians getting ready for Carnival. Carnival isn’t ...
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Copan strategy: the wild plan to revamp the ‘coolest building in Latin America’

Once a crime-ridden mess, Oscar Niemeyer’s colossal curving structure has flourished thanks to the efforts of its fabled administrator. But can he push through his last, greatest scheme – the replacement of 72 million tiles?Imagine covering the area of a city postcode in tiles little larger than thumbnails and you get some idea of the latest, greatest and possibly final challenge facing the fabled administrator of São Paulo’s most iconic building.Affonso Celso Prazeres de Oliveira has managed th...
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Oscar Niemeyer's forgotten masterpiece

Construction began on Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer's architectural project in Lebanon in 1967.
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Modern waves brings a new tide to Brazil’s concrete jungle

The colossal Edifício Copan, designed by the celebrated architect Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950s and whose imposing wave shape mirrors the tilde above the “a” in São Paulo, is getting a new breath of life and taking the neighborhood along with it.
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São Paulo Journal: In São Paulo, Iconic Building Helps Revive a Blighted Downtown

A landmark Oscar Niemeyer building, the Edifício Copan, had a troubled start. Now, its transformation has helped draw visitors to an area that was once avoided and feared.
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“How do you storyboard a smile?”

If you’ve been reading my comment threads over the years you’ll likely be familiar with Lee Newham of London-based Designed By Good People. Lee’s been kindly sharing his experience for as long as I can remember, so I thought it’d be interesting to get more of an insight into what makes the man tick. I asked him one question: What influences you? His reply was a nostalgic look at his path to design. — Photo via We’re influenced by everything around us. I grew up in Not...
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In Tripoli, explore Lebanon's forgotten fairground to the future

Designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, an international fairground stands deserted in the coastal city of Tripoli, Lebanon.
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11 Beautiful Things to Do in Spain

Enter your favourite photos of Spain for the chance to win a Canon PowerShot G7 X camera I’m never quite sure whether it’s appropriate to write love letters to a country. But that’s what I’m going to do today with Spain. Spain, you see, was my ugly duckling turned swan. My fresh-out-of-the-lake Mr Darcy after a mish-mash of pride and prejudice. My Rudolph to my normal-nosed reindeer…er, wait…well,  I think you get the idea. Travel to Spain I’ve written before about how so many peop...
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A Love Letter to Spain: Share Photos to Win A Camera

Enter your favourite photos of Spain for the chance to win a Canon PowerShot G7 X camera I’m never quite sure whether it’s appropriate to write love letters to a country. But that’s what I’m going to do today with Spain. Spain, you see, was my ugly duckling turned swan. My fresh-out-of-the-lake Mr Darcy after a mish-mash of pride and prejudice. My Rudolph to my normal-nosed reindeer…er, wait…well,  I think you get the idea. Travel to Spain I’ve written before about how so many peop...
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Justin Bieber's Criminal Past Is OFFICIALLY Biting Him The Ass!

Justin Bieber should probably reconsider his upcoming travel plans. At the end of March, the Love Yourself singer is heading to Brazil as he has gigs lined up in Rio de Janeiro on March 29 and in São Paulo on April 1. However, we're not sure the A-lister is ACTUALLY going to make the Brazil stops on his Purpose World Tour, as a Brazilian judge has granted a request to reopen a criminal case out against the pop star. Eek. Related: Justin Adds Some Huge Animal Tats To His Bod! In case you forgot, ...
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Rio Carnival 2017 – From Boozy Blocos to the Backstage of the Sambódromo

Does glitter eventually washes off? Will I even be able to see Minnie as a cartoon character again and not a hairy thirtysomething Brazilian commuter? Will I forget I have a flower in my hair and shower with it again? After the pre-Carnival weekend blocos, it was business as usual for a few days in Rio de Janeiro. We moved from touristic Copacabana and enjoyed the neighbourhoods between Botafogo and Centro. You couldn’t forget a mega-event was going to happen but it was still a normal workweek. ...
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Curitiba—It’s an Eye! It’s a Museum! It’s the Eye Museum!

“Look! A Banana!” “I’m sorry, Mark, but it’s definitely an eye.” “But it’s yellow…” “Okay, but it’s an eye.” We were afraid we wouldn’t find the museum and that we would get lost in Curitiba’s maze of administrative buildings—Fórum Cível, Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba, Palácio Iguaçu… Turned out that it would have been hard to miss it. Brazilians are fairly litteral: when they nickname a museum the “Museu do Olho”—the “Eye Museum”—it actually looks like a giant eye. This is our third time in ...
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Four side chairs by Joaquim Tenreiro

Sold at Phillips on December 13, 2016: Four side chairs by Joaquim Tenreiro. Sold for $16,250. About Joaquim Tenreiro Joaquim Tenreiro (1906-1992) is the pioneer of modernist Brazilian furniture making. A forerunner in the use of rediscovered raw materials as well as the creator of a new formal language in 20thcentury Brazilian furniture design, he drew on the lessons of past furniture making as a vital source, not only in the mastery of technical and constructive solutions, but also in the...
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My Journey Through The Amazon With The Team Of 'Years Of Living Dangerously'

Over the course of ten days in June 2016, I traveled to the Brazilian Amazon to film an episode for “Years Of Living Dangerously,” the National Geographic documentary series about climate change. You can watch my full story on Wednesday, November 16 th at 10 p.m. ET on the National Geographic Channel. June 1: Cristalino Eco-Lodge, Cristalino State Park, Mato Grosso State, Brazil Today was not my typical workday. It was over 95 degrees, humid, and I was following a man holding a machete tha...
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Mid Century Modern Broyhill Brasilia Nightstand (mountain view)

Selling a small cabinet from the Broyhill Brasilia line. The Broyhill Brasilia line was one of the most iconic lines of mid-century furniture, inspired by Brasilia, Brazil, then a brand-new city designed by Oscar Niemeyer in the mid-50s. Broyhill int [...]
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Yacht-inspired Olympic pavilion by Henning Larsen brings Danish culture to Rio

Located on the famous Ipanema Beach, the 3229-square-foot pavilion hosts a bar, press room, and an exhibition area where visitors can learn about Danish companies and products. A white sail cloth is stretch over aluminium masts that form a large interior space. The upper corners of the structure point upwards to reference Rio's mountaintops, as well as the iconic project of Brazil's most famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer. Related: Renovated Siemens Headquarters in Munich now consumes 90% less ...
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See the Futuristic Architecture of Brazil’s Past

Dmitri Kessel photographed the architecture of Brasília, the new capital of Brazil, for LIFE Magazine
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Inside Lebanon's forgotten fairground of the future

Cool concrete showspace designed by architectural demigod Oscar Niemeyer still stands, deserted in the coastal city of Tripoli.
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Les Miserablues

I wasn't intending to come to the Final, but since I returned home two weeks ago I had kept an eye on the UEFA ticketing website and had been able to get tickets for every game played in the knockout stage whilst I was back at work.I mentioned this at work, and explained that if I got a ticket I would be late for work on Monday.I checked all the details and figured I could stay at the same place in Paris and catch the first Eurostar at 6.30am on the Monday morning.So on Friday 8th I saw that ma...
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Traveling Museum Retrospective Of Venezuelan Modernist Oswaldo Vigas

Oswaldo VIgas, Hieratica IV, 1971. Oil on canvas, 70.7 x 58.9 in. An international traveling museum retrospective of the late Venezuelan artist, Oswaldo Vigas' prolific life's work provides a rare opportunity to view the legacy of a modernist artist who shunned self-promotion. Yet, as his filmmaker son Lorenzo Vigas says, " he had a conviction in his own greatness." To shun promotion for the freedom to make the art that engrossed him, for sixty years, with an unshakeable conviction of gainin...
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Louis Vuitton cruise collection seeks fashion's next dimension in Brazil

Against futuristic backdrop, Nicolas Ghesquière focuses on nostalgic Ipaneman glamour and country’s sporting heritage If challenged on his unconventional buildings, Oscar Niemeyer, architect of the Mac Niteroi art gallery which hovers above Rio de Janeiro like a spaceship, would quote Charles Baudelaire: “strangeness is a necessary ingredient of beauty.” As an aesthetic philosophy, this sums up the Louis Vuitton catwalk collection staged on the snaking ramps of the gallery at sunset on Saturday....
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Story of cities #37: how radical ideas turned Curitiba into Brazil's 'green capital'

As an architect and mayor, Jaime Lerner led the movement that transformed Curitiba into an environmentally friendly ‘laboratory for urban planning’. The secret? ‘We had to work fast to avoid our own bureaucracy’Read more articles in the series hereIn the late 1960s, Brasilia cast a long shadow across Brazil. Built from scratch in just four years, the city was a symbol of modern, rational, functional planning. “President Kubitschek wanted to build a new capital,” architect Oscar Niemeyer said in ...
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