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Sotsugyou XX Densha Rife With Sexy Opportunities

Those devoting their time to the Sotsugyou XX Densha series will be curious as to what happens in the imminent fourth episode considering the happenings that took place in the third episode, with the male protagonist having the chance to breed two women at once. The PV implies that even more sex on the train […]
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Knight of Erin Willingly Making Love With Any Capable Male

Knight of Erin, an erotic RPG from a few years back, is being adapted into an erotic animation, promising plenty of luscious sex scenes as the story follows the titular Erin as she acquires strength by copulating with any and all potent males. The promiscuous Erin can be seen getting into all sorts of mischief […]
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Dagon Ball Super -Lost Episode- Thoroughly Breeds a Pretty Green Alien Girl

Another of Dragon Ball’s heroines has been subjected to nonstop sex by way of eroge, specifically pretty green alien girl Chirai from Dragon Ball Super as Dagon Ball Super -Lost Episode- thrusts the woman into all sorts of erotic situations. Yamamoto Doujinshi’s latest eroge has deviated from the norm by offering an actual RPG experience, […]
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Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous A** From MotsuToys the Biggest Onahole Ever

MotsuToys may have just the treasured onahole for collectors to purchase for use or merely posterity as the aptly titled “Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous A**” is considered one of the largest onaholes in the world, sure to easily seduce those obsessed with the female buttocks. MotsuToys has assumed the role of exclusive seller for sex toy […]
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Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa & Jessie Simultaneously Penetrated in Erotic Parody

The Final Fantasy VII remake has still proven inspirational to erotic creators as yet another animation of the 3D sort has attracted attention, the shamelessly sexual work featuring the notable Tifa Lockhart and Jessie as they are both stimulated by males at the same time, with Tifa perhaps receiving too much of the spotlight. While […]
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Azur Lane’s New Event PV Overflowing With Sexy Boats

Azur Lane has ushered in its latest event with a stylish PV exhibiting all the new shipgirls hopeless gacha addicts are hoping to acquire, additionally teasing a myriad of marvelous bikinis, the obligatory dose of sex appeal that will keep players coming back week after week. The PV for new event “Setsuna Miru Kochou no […]
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Atelier Ryza 2 Early Purchase Summer Outfits Definitely Scorching

Atelier worshipers excited for the Atelier Ryza 2 sequel can possibly quench their urges by observing the brief glimpse at the special summer outfits that will be granted to those that purchase the title early. Koei Tecmo has been sharing illustrations on Twitter of each tantalizing summer costume that will be given to those that […]
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Azur Lane Bremerton Cosplay by Benmomo Close to Perfection

Lovely Chinese cosplayer Benmomo has capitalized on the slowly approaching last days of summer to cosplay her quite revealing take on Azur Lane‘s busty short twin-tailed shipgirl Bremerton, particularly the maiden’s tennis outfit that will have onlookers wishing she would instead slap their balls. The gallery of the nearly perfect representation of the voluptuous shipgirl:
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Oba-sans Saga Makes Love to Several Older Women

Individuals with a perverse fixation for older women may find Oba-sans Saga to be particularly enchanting, as the erotic RPG has players assuming the role of a male who breeds with a ceaseless amount of women old enough to be his grandmother. The rather short experience has players controlling a hero as they slay monsters […]
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Cosplayer Azami Will Induce Uncontrollable Lust in Any Male

The supple Azami is an attractive Twitter cosplayer dedicated to supplying males with a ceaseless salvo of sultry photos, many of which involve her dressing up as either anime characters or alluring females from games, though her refusal to go fully nude may prove to be unsatisfactory for those that require more. The extremely minimal […]
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Extreme! Orgasm Training! Warps a Girl’s Body & Mind With Machines

A lone girl makes a horrible sacrifice in Extreme! Orgasm Training! as she is brutally trained by machines so that she can gain power to fight the demons who are causing chaos across the land, such a humorous scenario that enthusiasts of the medium were likely expecting. Desiring to become a hunter to fight the […]
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Monster Musume no Oishasan Caring For Large-Breasted Cyclops Girls

A bashful and clumsy cyclops girl has served as the main focus in monster girl medical series Monster Musume no Oishasan as the female seems poorly accustomed to her current occupation, the sweet girl’s clumsiness often leading to her unintentionally showing off her large feminine attributes. Omake:
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Tongue Fetish Ero-Anime Muramata-san no Himitsu Plays With a New Girl

Muramata-san no Himitsu has seemingly run out of ideas already as the second episode has shifted away from the main two-tongued heroine, with a part of the episode being dedicated to a normal-tongued female who has sex for the pleasure of watchers. Mostly vanilla sexual fetishes are present in the episode, though watchers might be […]
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Lewd Life-Sized Iyapan Mashumo Cushions Glare With Contempt

Perverts who have ever wanted to push an anime girl’s buttocks close to their face will have the opportunity through these Mashumo Cushions, as they contain art of the girls from Iya na Kao Sarenagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai as they stare at the buyer with judging eyes – the girls can be used like objects […]
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Hana Uzaki Cosplay by Hana Bunny Has an Accident

The frequently annoying but still ridiculously attractive Hana Uzaki from Uzaki-chan was Asobitai! has been portrayed by notable cosplayer Hana Bunny, who not only shares the anime girl’s name but also her incredible body proportions. The voluptuous Hana Uzaki as presented by the equally bombastic Hana Bunny, who can be seen having a bit of […]
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Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan’s Promiscuity Breeds Powerful Enemies

Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan has been preoccupied with plot for its latest broadcast, sadly devouring a lot of air time that could have been for sexier moments as the show delves into a ruthless battle where an undressed Peter Grill manages to fend off a strong foe using a makeshift weapon. Omake:
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Dokyuu Hentai HxEros Gropes Breasts & Tears Clothes

Naughty incidents are simply unavoidable in Dokyuu Hentai HxEros as the erotic show’s 10th broadcast has the male protagonist fondling a girl whilst playing a VR game, the lucky male being lusted after by more and more women as he also experiences childhood flashbacks. Omake:
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Oujo & Onna Kishi W Dogehin Roshutsu Revolting in More Ways Than One

Oujo & Onna Kishi W Dogehin Roshutsu’s pitiful quality of art and animation may have already piqued come its second episode as the PV has the princess and her female knight humiliated in front of all their citizens, the fetishes on display perhaps being less preferred amongst perverts (or possibly despised solely due to the […]
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Shironeko-chan Ero-Figure a Ferocious Kitten

Matarou‘s illustrations are apparently too gorgeous for figurine producers to pass up as another has been made into a savory collectible, with the cute catgirl Shironeko-chan bound to ease the hearts of any individual when she curls up in their laps nude come March. Shironeko-chan can be pre-ordered now.
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Krone the Assassin’s Mission Slays Bandits in Revenge

Female assassin eroge Krone the Assassin’s Mission ~The Teddy Bear Payment~ has been translated into English for foreigners unable to comprehend Japanese, bound to appeal to lovers of RPGs as the title also differentiates itself by implementing stealth mechanics. A little girl whose family was gruesomely murdered by bandits trekked to the assassin’s guild requesting […]
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Unveils Pathetically Short Bathing Scene

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!‘s main couple has been forced into romantic situations by their friends whilst exploring various attractions around Tottori, their meddling being unappreciated by the two as a lewd bathing scene at last makes its arrival, surely a hotly anticipated moment for some watchers but sadly proving to be pitiful in duration. Omake:
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Saimin Seishidou Mentally Controls a Happily Married Woman

Saimin Seishidou’s main victim from the third episode hasn’t gotten off lightly as her mother is coerced into the sexual depravity come the fourth release, the married woman having sex before her daughter’s eyes, along with at least one other female should watchers not be interested in the two focal ones. The PV implies that […]
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Erotic Illustrator Robutts Has a Lewd, Defining Style

Robutts is another sophisticated artist who is probably immensely recognizable to most connoisseurs of erotic art due to their distinguished style, mostly favoring the concept of giving each girl bountiful breasts and bottoms. Much like other artists, Robutts is motivated by succulent maidens present in mediums such as anime and games, though they also sketch […]
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SEQUEL Awake’s Monster Girls Hunt the Protagonist for Semen

SEQUEL Awake is an erotic RPG that will appeal to those who prefer their turn-based battles to have a bit more sexiness, as the title has players protecting the male protagonist as he is sought after by female monsters for his mana-granting semen. Thrown into the world with amnesia (a classic scenario seen often in […]
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Shea Haulia Bunny Girl Figure About to Slip Out

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou’s rambunctious bunny girl Shea Haulia has squeezed into a different outfit for this new figurine, tossing away her normal clothes and instead slipping into some better-fitting (in one sense, at least) bunny girl attire that is barely able to contain her massive bust – buyers can coax Shea into popping […]
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Iroha ni Hoero Ero-Manga Can’t Stop Squirting & Bathing

The ejaculating girl horns have made a return in Iroha ni Hoero as the male protagonist is welcomed home with an unpleasant bukkake, a fetish that will be pleasing to at least some individuals; sexiness of a more normal sort is also present as the protagonist walks in on a girl showering. The lucky Daiou […]
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ErolynChanFight Vanquishes Monsters for Justice

Another sidescrolling action game has consumers leading a novice adventurer on a journey to vanquish evil beasts as ErolynChanFight‘s main heroine can be humiliated by said foes, though any experienced eroge veteran was likely already expecting such a feature. Like most eroge that aren’t visual novels, ErolynChanFight’s plot is paper thin as players control Erolyn, […]
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Natsu ga Owaru made’s Schoolgirl Gets Wet in More Ways Than One

The conniving sensei of Natsu ga Owaru made has continued to abuse his power as he further breeds his schoolgirl victim, this time making her do it in the shower and even right within view of her lover, a humorous staple common in erotic anime. The PV for the second episode implies that her lover […]
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Devilish Koakuma Riasu Ero-Figure Lifts up Her Skirt

Figure enthusiasts whose collections are growing short on sexy devil girls can even things out thanks to the enticing Koakuma Riasu, a cute little devil girl figurine who is based on an illustration by Sayu Ayuma and is boldly lifting her skirt – buyers can take advantage of Koakuma Riasu’s vulnerable position in November. Koakuma […]
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Zhen Lu’s Shamelessly Raunchy Artwork Focuses on the Fate/Grand Order Girls

Zhen Lu‘s hotblooded passion for the females of Fate/Grand Order is made apparent through their copious amount of artwork, many of which naturally has the women undressed and doing lewd things that addicts of the smartphone game likely fantasize about frequently. Avid fanatics of Fate/Grand Order art may feel motivated to add Zhen Lu’s perverse […]
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