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Necromancer Kuroeru Ero-Figure Raising More Than the Dead

The abundant fetish for delicious dark elves has brought about the creation of another elf-themed ero-figure, this time with the luscious Kuroero from doujinshi “Kuro no Riman to Shireizukai Kuroeru” finally getting a chance to shine when she arrives in December – that is if she isn’t impeded by amorous men and beasts. Kuroeru can […]
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Chiyo Cosplay by Hane Ame Embraces the Summer Heat

Hane Ame has prepared for the ensuing summer heat wave as her latest cosplay has her dressing up as Chiyo from manga Ane Naru Mono, making use of a bunny girl outfit, kimono and a white see-through dress and possibly boosting the temperature of fans far more deftly than the heat. The many seductive forms […]
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Insert Your Torpedo into This Samejima Urara Ero-Figure

Samejima Urara, an original girl designed by artist Uodenim, has had her beautiful body reproduced in figure form, with the woman wearing quite the tiny little outfit while also giving buyers the opportunity to insert torpedoes into her lower crevice – Samejima Urara can get her holes filled this July. Samejima Urara can be pre-ordered […]
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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga Motto Tayu Tayu Slightly Naughtier

The “motto tayu tayu” version of Nande Koko ni Sensei ga‘s 7th episode has done little to alter its absurd censorship, shrinking some obstructions and even removing a few, but it seems those infatuated with the show will need to resort to the BDs for the full lewd action. Omake:
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Sonico China Dress Figure Offers Sizable Buns

Figure collectors in desperate need of more Sonico in their lives can feel relieved by purchasing this impending figurine of the Nitroplus mascot donning a China dress, the girl offering not only some fried rice but gigantic meat buns in addition – Sonico can provide the best service in October. Sonico can be pre-ordered now.
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Granblue Fantasy: Versus Pantsu Service Is Lacking

Perverts and lovers of panchira have meticulously combed footage of the soon coming Granblue Fantasy: Versus fighting game for pantsu, with their findings so far, unfortunately, turning out to be rather unsatisfactory. The footage that was specifically looked over was a recent pro match, with observers trying to get a glimpse underneath the skirt of […]
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Lusciously Flat Shiika Elf Ero-Figure

Elf enthusiasts will be delighted at the sight of this pristine elf ero-figure (designed by Takahiro Tsurusaki) as it depicts a deliciously flat iteration of the fantasy race, perfect to use in a rape scene when she arrives in August by those who like to “play” with their figures. Shiika can be pre-ordered now.
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Kono Utau Shoujo YU-NO Dangerous Pantsu Anime

Trouble-laden time travel series Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO has offered more sexy service scenes as the protagonist is thrust into not only an enviable moment but also a dangerous one, a situation that some brave watchers might consider to be worth the risk. Omake:
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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga Naughty Nipple Sucking Anime

A more spunky and energetic teacher has shown off her mature beauty in the latest Nande Koko ni Sensei ga as some innocent cuddling has transitioned into lewd nipple sucking; some exhibitionist content is also present and will surely be showered with praise. Omake:
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Seductive Rukysama a Hypnotic Goddess

Cosplayer and raunchy Twitter deviant Rukysama has been garnering notoriety on Twitter as she consistently provides both invigorating photographs and videos of herself dressed in tempting attire, converting male passersby into loyal fans with likely just a glance. Those curious can observe some of her luscious content and inevitably become mesmerized by her attractiveness:
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Ao-chan Benkyou ga Dekinai Loses a Bikini at the Beach

Things have gotten rather heated as the latest broadcast of the adorably shy Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai has doled out the obligatory beach episode, naturally bringing the main couple of the show closer together while also entertaining viewers with the classic wardrobe mishap. Omake:
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Things Are Wedged into Crevices in AT-X’s Nande Koko ni Sensei ga

Fans of Nande Koko ni Sensei ga have attained the privilege of watching the sexy sensei series in its less censored AT-X version, as things get wedged into unexpected places and the occasional glimpse at breasts makes an appearance that will have observers labeling it as a worthwhile watch. Omake:
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Ming Ming Kizami A Total Tease Queen

Otaku and perverts who prefer ogling real women will find Ming Ming Kizami to be a new priority as her Twitter account is naturally laden with an abundance of tantalizing photos, with cosplay and scantily clad attire seeming to be her main focus in providing followers with seductive content. Ming Ming Kizami may be considered […]
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Stockings Day Worships the Beautiful Black Legwear

Japan has worshiped the delightful article of women’s clothing that is stockings with the arrival of Stockings Day, illustrations and photos of women in stockings naturally overflowing from Twitter and bound to be positively received by those tired of the constant political nonsense that so commonly populates the platform. Tasteful imagery of stockings via both […]
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Semi-Transparent Haiume Masoo Ero-Figure Presents Her Pantsu

Artist Yom will likely gain a significant boost to his reputation as a figurine based on one of his illustrations will soon be arriving into the hands of collectors come January 2020, the item depicting the gorgeous Haiume Masoo as she presents her pantsu through semi-transparent tights. Haiume Masoo can be pre-ordered now.
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Engorged Oppai Editing Both Hilarious & Sexy

The “huge breatification mod” (“Kyonyuuka Mod”) fad made popular by a few certain Twitter users has started to pick up speed online (due to mainly one person at least) as a surplus of anime girls Photoshopped to have enlarged breasts and butts has been released, something viewers will likely claim to be either sexy or […]
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Araiya-san Bath Breeding Completely Unstoppable

Araiya-san! Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!? has stuck to what has been effective so far as its latest airing has the protagonist mating with his beloved redhead lover, quenching the weekly needs of some, though others may be curious when the series will perhaps introduce new fetishes or employee new girls for sex segments. […]
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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga Sticking It Between Breasts

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga‘s lasciviousness has no restraint as its 6th broadcast has now involved some “accidental” cleavage service, with other lewd activities including wild bounciness and naughty rubbing, things watchers will no doubt be focusing on rather than the forgettable plot. Omake:
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Tan Goddess Non Magically Transforms into Fate’s BB

Coveted tan goddess Non has taken advantage of the Fate franchise’s supreme popularity by dressing up as the magical BB, naturally working her delightful tan beauty into the cosplay as her signature whilst catering to the expectations of her loyal worshipers. The irresistible Non has made good use of both her outfit and extraordinarily posh environment […]
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Shishunki Sex Does Not Hold Back on Schoolgirls

A cute schoolgirl has plumbed the depths of adulthood as the first episode of Shishunki Sex has her warming up to a boy before eventually being convinced to do all sorts of perverted things, a generic story that watchers will likely disregard anyway considering the sex is usually deemed more important. Shishunki Sex’s PV does […]
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Sayika’s Fate/Grand Order Ero-Art Exudes Eroticism

Erotic artist Sayika has transitioned his lewd craft from Re:Zero to the extremely popular Fate/Grand Order, focusing predominately on the busty and curvaceous Minamoto no Raikou, Tamamo no Mae and Nero Claudius and providing perverts with all the material they would ever desire. Samples of the artist’s bountifully large-breasted masterpieces:
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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga AT-X Even More Soaked

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga‘s AT-X broadcast has continued to elevate the sex appeal of the series as the newest episode shows off a greater portion of the cute teacher’s pantsu, with the hardcore squirting action bound to only have watchers desiring the BDs much more. Omake:
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Cosplayer Bonkuramenn Doling out Plus-Sized Affection

Those obsessed with cosplayers may agree that the stunning Bonkuramenn is worth following as she frequently dresses up scantily clad while imitating numerous anime/eroge characters, her startling size sure to be her most praised aspect as new fans will likely make use of the photos for “research”. The goddess (who is part of the circle […]
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Maria Takayama Oshiri Mouse Pad Having Nun of It

Iya na Kao Sarenagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai’s Maria Takayama, a sexy nun devoted to her faith, has willingly obeyed the plea of onlookers as she offers up her hindquarters via this mouse pad, additionally allowing buyers to remove her tights and pantsu to expose her desirable bottom. The lewd life-sized mouse pad that potential buyers […]
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Orkis & the Succubus Sword Grows Stronger with Sex

A rambunctious sex-laden adventure full of monster-slaying is what enticing RPG Orkis & the Succubus Sword offers, as players work to rescue the main heroine’s sister, though a great deal of sex will be needed in order to achieve this. The game follows the ravishing Orkis as her sister Lelia gets abducted by soldiers while […]
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Angelic Sariel Ero-Figure Blessed with Huge Breasts

Another figurine for one of the irresistible angels of Nanatsu no Bitoku has become available, as the luscious and extremely well-endowed Sariel has come to provide pleasure to those who purchase her – she will offer her services to buyers in October. Sariel can be pre-ordered now.
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Cosplayer Minami Nami Descends from Heaven

Lonely individuals in need of more glamorous photographs featuring gorgeous women may become mesmerized by the works of Minami Nami, who enjoys dabbling in cosplay and also wearing some rather invigorating attire. The impeccable woman’s Twitter account serves as a small tease to onlookers in regards to what her activities usually involve:
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Kyuritizu Ero-Art Gallery Full of Nude Dakimakura Beauties

Anime fans with a passion for dakimakura will appreciate artist Kyuritizu as he tends to focus on perfecting drawn depictions of well-known girls from various mediums invitingly laying on bed sheets, the quality sure to have fans unable to resist the urge to make purchases. More of the fluffy and huggable ero-art:
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Jitaku Keibiin Hardcore Family Bonding Ero-Anime

Family degradation ero-anime Jitaku Keibiin will soon be making a return in the form of a sequel as demonstrated by this new PV, the brutal family debauchery naturally being in high abundance as the fat hikikomori protagonist ravages all the women. The PV has one of the unlucky daughters experiencing the full force of the […]
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Kotegawa Yui Wedding Lingerie Figure Promising a Crazy Night

The desirable Kotegawa Yui of To Love-Ru Darkness can officially become the wife of buyers through this figurine, as it dresses the buxom maiden in some skimpy lingerie and a bridal veil that will surely promise quite the wedding night – buyers can be united with Kotegawa Yui in July of next year. Kotegawa Yui […]
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