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DJI’s new Osmo action camera has two displays and its cheaper than the GoPro hero 7

Remember the rumored DJI action camera that recently leaked online? It’s real and it has just been announced. DJI has launched Osmo Action, the company’s first action camera, and it could make quite a change in the small camera market.   DJI in a way already announced the Osmo Action six days ago, or better […] The post DJI’s new Osmo action camera has two displays and its cheaper than the GoPro hero 7 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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DJI is out-GoProing GoPro with its own action camera

For a brief time, DJI and GoPro were partners — or at least uncomfortable allies. Way back in 2014, the companies were joined together with the intention of building a drone designed to capture athletes in motion. It must have seemed like a perfect piece of synergy from two players at the top of their respective games. Of course, things didn’t shake out that way. The best laid plans and all that. GoPro went all in on its own drone, but Karma’s launch was wobbly, to say the least. Sixteen days...
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DJI’s waterproof Osmo Action camera to take on GoPro with two LCD screens

DJI is expanding into new territory with the Osmo Action, a waterproof action camera with both front and rear LCD screens and electronic image stabilization. Shooting up to 4K at 60 fps, it could be enough to take on GoPro -- and win. The post DJI’s waterproof Osmo Action camera to take on GoPro with two LCD screens appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Level up your DJI Pocket Osmo videos with these three cinematic Hollywood shots

The DJI Osmo Pocket is tiny, but powerful 3-axis motorized gimbal. With 4K 60fps video capabilities and its small size, it can come in handy in many situations. In this video, Josh Yeo shows you three Hollywood-style cinematic shots that will help you level up your videos with DJI Osmo Pocket. As I mentioned, the […] The post Level up your DJI Pocket Osmo videos with these three cinematic Hollywood shots appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Deal: My Favorite Educational Toy is 30% Off (Lowest Price Ever)

(This article contains affiliate links. I personally have the products and stand by them.) I usually don’t write about deals. By the time I type up an article, the price may have changed. Also, I don’t think you are here because you want more ways to spend money. Finally, there’s almost always literally a deal of some kind going on. So when I write about a deal like today, it has to be for some other reason. The quick reason is that I have been meaning to write about Osmo since it became ...
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Indigo Canada Deals of the Week: 40% Off Books & American Girl + 30% Off Osmo + More

Indigo Canada has released their new deals of the week and there are many great finds such as: 30% off Osmo 40% off dictionaries and language guides 40% off many books 25% off Easter books for kids up to 40% off American Girl up to 60% off sale toys, decor, mugs and much more and more! Click here to begin shopping at Indigo Chapters Canada.
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Online learning startup Skill-Lync promises India’s mechanical engineers a job, or their money back

You might hear stories that TechCrunch favors venture-backed companies, or will only write about startups that have raised from certain VCs. Well, I can tell you that is totally untrue. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Speaking for myself, I really enjoy talking to successful bootstrapped companies. Raising money can be a validation, but it certainly isn’t a measure of success in itself… with more money comes increased responsibilities. That’s an unusual preamble, but it sets the ...
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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – First Impressions

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a fantastic, and affordable product, that can greatly enhance any mobile photography and videography footage. It goes way beyond the stabilization of your phone’s camera. It can pan, follow and help you create interesting effects. The product is also tripod mountable so you can experiment beyond hand holding. This video is my first impressions of the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. Subscribe Transcription was done by which means it’s an AI generated transcript. The t...
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The Marketing Over Coffee Playbook! Buy Now!

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about The Marketing Over Coffee Playbook, What’s In It, Why You Have Got To Get One, and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: ahrefs and LinkedIn The MoC Playbook is now available! Click this link and buy one now! or if you want to learn more check out the landing page Right after talking branding last week – Gilette ad 5:33 We are giving away ahrefs accounts to one listener this week!  Tweet to @ahrefs and @mktgovercoffee ...
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Educational Play Kit Company Osmo Sold to India’s Edtech Firm Byju’s for $120M

Byju’s, an edtech company based in India that claims a $3.6 billion valuation based on its sales success there, announced it has acquired Palo Alto, CA-based learning-through-play firm Osmo for $120 million.Named after the teacher Byju Raveendran, who founded the company in 2011, Byju’s is making its first acquisition in the United States to advance its goals of expanding globally and adding very young children to its user base. The company, which announced the deal Wednesday, had already made ...
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Alternative Income Update: December 2018

It’s past the middle of the month. That means that I am very late in presenting the final numbers on December 2018. Was December even a month? It certainly didn’t feel like it. December always seems to fly by because the last 10 days are a wash with Christmas and New Years. This year we went on our annual vacation to Aruba on the 15th, coming back on the 22nd. On the 26th we started a fairly major home renovation. So as far as productive “work” went, it was literally half a month. Subtrac...
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VC-backed BYJU’S buys Osmo for $120 mln

BYJU’S has acquired Osmo for $120 million. Based in Palo Alto, California, Osmo is a provider of digital games for children. BYJU’S is backed by Naspers, CPPIB, General Atlantic, Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Sofina, Verlinvest, IFC, Aarin Capital, Times Internet and Lightspeed Venture Partners. PRESS RELEASE PALO ALTO, Calif., and BANGALORE, India (Jan. 16, 2019) — Today, Osmo, the award-winning playful learning system for creating healthy screen time experiences, announ...
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Byju’s buys Osmo for $120M to add blended learning to its $4B digital education business

Weeks after it raised a massive $540 million funding round, Indian education unicorn Byju’s is on the M&A path. The company announced today it has snapped up U.S-based Osmo, a startup that develops apps for kids that use offline input, in a deal worth $120 million. Osmo has raised over $30 million from investors that include Mattel, Sesame Workshop, Upfront Ventures, K9 Ventures and Accel. They were offered a cash option but elected for an all-stock payout, Osmo CEO Pramod Sharma told T...
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Osmo Genius Kit for iPad $79.99 (Reg $99.99)

Osmo Genius Kit for iPad $79.99 (Reg $99.99) Amazon has Osmo Genius Kit for iPad for $79.99 (Reg $99.99) with free shipping. Osmo is a magical award-winning game system, it fosters creativity and problem solving skills through hands-on play. The Genius Kit includes 5 fun games and the Osmo game system. Prices in this post were […].Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Ikea Elevated: Kitchen Cabinet Fronts Made of a Surprise Sustainable Material

Who knew bamboo could look this good? Of late, we’ve seen an array of cabinet fronts designed to elevate Ikea kitchens. Ask og Eng’s of Oslo, Norway, are our latest favorites—and among the only to approach the challenge with high-style green design in mind. Like so many small workshops, owners Kristoffer Eng and Kine Ask Stenersen tell us they discovered their corner of the market by creating something for themselves.”When we were renovating the kitchen in our first apartment, we were both very ...
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The DJI Osmo Pocket Feels Like the Camcorder of the Future

We didn’t know what to think about the Osmo Pocket when DJI announced the device earlier this month. It’s basically a tiny drone camera and three-axis gimbal on a stick. There’s a little screen so you can see what you’re filming and some smart features that help you track subjects. It’s not an action cam, the company…Read more...
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The Fashionable Housewife’s Gift Guide for Kids 2018

Its the most wonderful time of the year. That time of the year where my little Target credit card meter gets close to the full side. Where my children break out the toy magazines, notebooks, and calculators. Being a parent in 2018 is extremely hard (especially with all those YouTube gift openings and surprise boxes). I’m here to help you “shut out the noise” and help you pick some truly amazing gifts. (Ryan’s World approval not needed.) 0-6 months old: While this period in a child...
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DJI’s latest gimbal fits in pockets and comes with a powerful 4K camera

DJI knows a thing or two when it comes to building drones, gimbals, and cameras. Whether its consumer tech or professional gadgetry, DJI’s devices are pretty much the most capable and powerful products in the market… so it doesn’t surprise me that the Osmo Pocket, a small, almost toyish gimbal from DJI’s latest lineup, is an insanely feature-packed and potent device. It comes with DJI’s years of experience in creating stabilizers, both for its drones and for professional filming cameras, and als...
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Up close and hands-on with DJI’s Osmo Pocket gimbal

I’ll admit that I’ve warmed up pretty quickly to the Osmo Pocket. The original post from earlier today is pretty skeptical, owing in no small part to the price point. And while I stand by the earlier assessment that $349 is prohibitively expensive for the consumer market the company appears to be going after, I’ve become fairly enamored after a couple of hours with the device. We plan on doing something a bit more thorough with our video team in a couple of weeks, but in the time I spent wit...
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DJI goes pocket size for its latest gimbal

Hand-held gimbals have largely been the realm of pro videographers. But DJI is looking to change things up with an ultra-portable take on its popular Osmo line. The Osmo Pocket is a four-inch-tall version of the drone maker’s camera stabilizer that can either be plugged into an iPhone or utilized as a standalone. At $349 it’s not exactly cheap — in fact, it’s about twice what the Osmo Mobile 2 is currently going for on Amazon. That’s due in part to the inclusion of a one-inch touchscreen tha...
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Three Days in Istanbul with the Moza Mini Mi Gimbal

The Moza Mini Mi is a smartphone gimbal with wireless charging, and some very smooth movement. Find out the good and the bad in my Moza Mini Mi Review. When Gudsen Moza reached out to me to test the Moza Mini Mi smartphone gimbal, I was hesitant at first. I had the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 already, and to be honest I wasn’t using it very much. I also knew I would have my hands on a Zhiyun Smooth 4 soon. I didn’t see much need for another gimbal, and I don’t like the idea of taking offers of equipmen...
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These founders left Google to chase a vision of healthier screen time for their kids — and their flagship product has become a hit in classrooms and homes (GOOGL, GOOG)

Pramod Sharma worked at Google in Sunnyvale, California and noticed when he dropped off his daughter at the company's daycare facility, there were no tech products allowed.  Sharma and his co-founder Jerome Scholler created Osmo in 2013 to create a positive and educational screen time experience for kids.  Osmo's magic lies in its proprietary hardware piece that snaps onto a tablet, using mirrors to connect the movements a child makes on a physical game board with animations on the screen. Osm...
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The Purge series passes off a DJI Osmo as an eye scanner

The Purge is a horror series that takes place in dystopian America of the future, where all crime is made legal once a year. And in this future, it looks like DJI Osmo gimbals will be turned into eye scanners. Someone caught an interesting frame of the series, where a DJI Osmo is being used […] The post The Purge series passes off a DJI Osmo as an eye scanner appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers Kit $39.99 (Reg $79.99)

Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers Kit Have you been looking for deals on Osmo items? Right now Amazon has the Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers Kit (iPad base included) for $39.99! That is down from the normal price of $79.99. It is the lowest it has been on Amazon. Product Details: Includes Osmo iPad base needed to play MindRacers and other Osmo games. Base comes with drawing tool Masterpiece and physics challenge Newton. Comes with MindRacers launchpad, 6 Hot Wheels cars, 32 game tokens, car/token stor...
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Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers Kit For $39.99 Shipped From Amazon After $39 Price Drop

Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers Kit For $39.99 Shipped From Amazon After $39 Price Drop This was selling for $78.51 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon. Includes Osmo iPad base needed to play MindRacers and other Osmo games. Base comes with drawing tool Masterpiece and physics challenge Newton. Comes with MindRacers launchpad, […]
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Osmo Teams Up With Disney to Let Kids Animate Mickey

Augmented reality app maker Osmo has teamed up with Disney for a new line of character-driven animation sets dubbed “Osmo Super Studio.” First in line to be released is “Osmo Super Studio Mickey Mouse & Friends,” which allows kids to draw Mickey Mouse characters and then have them get animated by an iPad. Osmo Super […]
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A Quick Look At The DJI Osmo Mobile 2

DJI is a name that photographers mostly associate with drones. Their quadcopter technology combined with excellent cameras have made them the primary choice for many aerial photographers. They do however produce a number of other products, one of which is the Osmo 2 mobile gimbal. I recently bought one to supplement my video work on a trip around England and would like to share my thoughts with you. What Is A Mobile Gimbal? A gimbal is an electronic stabilizer that uses clever technology to ke...
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Osmo – Creative Kit ONLY $41.99 Shipped (Reg $70)

Osmo – Creative Kit ONLY $41.99 Shipped (Reg $70) Encourage your little one’s creativity with this Osmo – Creative Kit available for ONLY $41.99, down from $70 in Best Buy’s deal of the day 05/07 with FREE Shipping!Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Save30% on Select Osmo Games, Free Shipping Eligible!

Right now on Amazon you can save 30% on select Osmo games ! The Osmo Pizza Co. Game (Base required) is on sale for $27.99 at Amazon right now. That's 30% off the list price of $39.99! Product information: NEW TO OSMO?Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Watch - serene beauty of snowboarding in a forest

In the comments people are wondering if this was shot with a drone. One guy says "Probably not a drone. My guess is a second snowboarder with an DJI Osmo on a stick. My stick goes out 4 feet." However it was done, it's gorgeous.
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