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Video from Blue Origin's spaceship shows William Shatner gazing at Earth: 'No description can equal this'

William Shatner gazes at Earth from the window of Blue Origin's New Shepard capsule, October 13, 2021. Blue Origin William Shatner flew to the edge of space aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket on Wednesday. New video from the spaceship shows the 90-year-old "Star Trek" actor gazing in awe at Earth below. Shatner seemed to experienced the "overview effect" - a profound sense of awe, fragility, and humanity. New video from inside Blue Origin's spaceship shows 90-year-old acto...
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Rude Tweet at Trump From the Stratosphere Is Quite Poignant

The Autonomous Space Agency Network (ASAN), an independent advocate of DIY space exploration, has a message for Donald Trump and they’ve launched a weather balloon into the stratosphere to send it: “@realDonaldTrump LOOK AT THAT, YOU SON OF A BITCH.” It’s honestly not as confrontational as it seems at first glance.Read more...
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